Coming Home Gay...

Coming Home Gay...

Coming home gay…(Episode 2)

My stay at uncle Donnie’s was finally over. We’d had wild exceptionally sensual sex almost every night. I was sad to have to leave but I was also excited to explore my new found sexual knowledge on a boy my own age. I was sure of my sexuality now. I’m gay!

There was still a lot of summer left and my Boy Scout troop had several trips I was looking forward to. There was a boy 2 years younger than me who I liked buddy-ing with on the outings. His name was Bobby, 15 yrs old, slim like me, about 5’3” and 110 lbs. He had mocha colored skin as smooth as any I’d ever seen. This was the boy I fantasized about when I had my gay spank sessions. He was perfect in every way.

We’d had a few experiences while camping. Late at night when everyone else was asleep and we were awake, we’d wrestle around in the tent and on many occasions had felt each other’s hard on. Until now, I had never really thought about full blown sex with Bobby outside of my spanking fantasies but now I couldn’t stop thinking about the possibilities. The next trip with the Boy Scouts was a week-long trip most of us referred to as summer camp. It was several days away and the longest wait I’ve ever had in my life.

The day of travel finally arrived. We were on our way to summer camp, 7 days & 7 nights in a remote area of the San Bernardino Mountains, alone in a tent every night with the boy of my wildest red hot fantasies. My stomach was tied in knots all the way there.

We arrived at the site, it was a 2 hour hike with all of our gear on our backs to the camp ground. When we got there, we set up our tent as we always did, in the most remote corner of camp. No one seemed to take any notice of it because we had always been the outsiders in the troop. I was glad for this because it made our privacy that much easier. We set up camp and headed for the showers. We always took a shower before dinner. I wondered if I would be able to shower with Bobby without getting an instant hard-on. We got to the showers and undressed, I went into the stalls first, Bobby was always really slow to get in the shower. I began washing, Bobby entered the stall next to me. The stalls were separated by only a few old wooden boards that ran from about knee height to just below chest level. It took only a slight lean in the direction of the next stall to see anything you wanted to see. As I washed I could feel my cock growing. It didn’t help that I repeatedly stroked it with a handful of soft soap. I tried several times to see if Bobby was as excited as I was but he kept his back to me most of the time. He caught me peaking a couple of times and smiled as he looked over his shoulder at me. I was just as happy with the view I had of his gorgeous little brown ass though.

After our shower, we headed to dinner at the camp center. Dinner was long and drawn out, they made announcements, laid out the schedule and went over camp rules. I don’t remember much, I was fixated on the boy I was going to camp with for the next week. I think I might have made him a little uncomfortable looking at him so much but no one else noticed.

Camp dinner was finally over and we headed back to camp. The sun was already below the horizon and it was getting dark fast. It was about a 20 walk back to where we were camped and when we got there it was completely dark. I was so excited!! I knew however that I had to take it slow. If I moved too fast I would surely scare him away. Even though we’d had some feel-up sessions in the past, he had always stopped abruptly and shied away. I had to hold back as much as possible and make sure not to push too hard.

We went into the tent, changed into our pajamas and crawled into our sleeping bags. Neither of us ever slept right away on the camping trips. I laid there in my sleeping bag looking up through the top of the open tent and stared at the stars trying not to think about Bobby’s beautiful body and what I so desperately wanted to do with it. As dark as it was outside, there was a nearly full moon and I could see every perfect feature of Bobby’s adorable face.

Bobby was quieter than usual and I wondered if he was nervous from all of my staring that day. I decided not to try anything that night and rolled over to try to go to sleep. A few moments later I heard Bobby rustling around. I turned over to see what he was doing. He had thrown his sleeping bag open and was laying on top of it with his legs spread open wide, one hand behind his head and the other cupping what was an obvious boner. My heart skipped a beat. I followed suit and threw off the top of my sleeping bag. Not wanting to leave any doubt, I let my hard cock poke straight out so he could see it. I laid there on my side, facing him but not saying anything. He looked down at my hard-on and then back at me and smiled. Instead of the wrestling we had done in the past, I decided to try to move in slowly. I scooted over to him and nestled up against his warm body. He remained silent but we kept eye contact. Again, feeling like I might be rushing him, I began to lay my head down on his shoulder. Before I could get comfortable, he nudged my head with his shoulder as if he wanted me to move, I looked up and said “Tired?”, he shook his head no and rolled my direction. We locked legs and as we did I could feel the heat coming from his crotch. My heart began to pound out of my chest and without even thinking about it, we leaned into the softest most sensual kiss I’d ever dreamed of. We locked lips for a good minute or so. I couldn’t believe it!!! He was doing all of the moving!! We continued to kiss as our hands began to roam. I softly cupped his ass cheek with one hand and pulled gently to help grind our cocks together. We both began to thrust softly into each other, I thought my pants were going to catch fire! I had to see just how far Bobby wanted to go tonight so I moved back and laid flat on my back letting out a long sigh. “Aahhhhh…”. Bobby followed me to my side of the tent, perched himself at my side and went right for the fun bag. He reached down and grabbed my cock through my PJ’s. My head flopped onto my pillow and my eyes rolled back in my head. I reached down and grabbed hold of Bobby’s cock, it was hot like the center of my body. When I took hold, I gently pulled back & forth. He groaned with pleasure and again we began to kiss, this time with a little more fervor. We kissed and groped each other for what seemed like hours (probably a few minutes).

I decided to take the next step and pushed Bobby down on his back, continuing to rub ever so gently on his member. I then found the opening in the front of his PJ pants and worked it open enough to move in. As my hand entered I felt the hot throbbing skin of his perfectly sized cock. I wrapped my hand around his throbbing member, the feeling of skin to skin made me so hot, and I could tell it was working for him as well. I worked my hand back out of his pants but with a firm grasp on his cock brought it out as well. His cock in hand now, I held it firm but gentle in an upright position. For a moment I just gazed at it. It was so beautiful, dark like the rest of his body and the perfect cock head pulsing and growing shinier with every pulse. I began to pump his shaft and he took in a deep breath. He began to breathe heavier as I pumped. I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to try his flavor. I began to move in, I reached his cock and, began to twirl my tongue around the perfect soft purple cock head. It was so hard and so soft at the same time. It obviously set him over the top because almost immediately he blasted loads of his tasty hot cum into my mouth. I continued to swirl my tongue around his cock as he shot his load, adding to the slickness and creating even more heat. His sweet load shot out so many times I lost count. Dripping down my tongue, and all over my lips, my chin and covering my hand, it covered most of my face. I sucked off the rest of the cum from Bobby’s dripping wet cock and licked what I could off of my face.

I sat back up to see Bobby’s face. His mouth was wide open and he was still breathing heavy. I laid back satisfied that I would be able to go further the next time. I rolled onto my side and pulled my sleeping bag over me. Bobby softly asked “do you want me to?”, I turned to him, softly kissed his soft swollen lips and answered, “next time, I’m really tired”. He smiled and rolled over into his sleeping bag. I slept really well that night.

The next day, we went out together to start our merit badge courses. We always took the easiest ones as we were not really interested in them, we just wanted to be able to finish quickly so we could mess around the rest of the day. One of the courses was called outdoor survival. I knew I wanted to take this one but had to convince Bobby. He thought it would be too much work but I explained that one of the requirements was that we had to build a remote campsite at least ¼ mile from anyone else with almost nothing and then spend the night in it. His eyed perked up at the idea and we signed up.

We finished a couple other courses by lunch time and then started out to look for our survival spot. We hiked around on the mountain for a while when we came upon the perfect spot. It was an opening between 2 boulders that were half buried in the hillside. We went right to work, gathering branches and leaves. We covered the top opening with branches until there was just a small opening in front for us to crawl in. We had to get it approved before we could use it so we headed back to camp to get a counselor. When we got back, he was very impressed at our design. He granted immediate approval for us to stay there that night. We were only allowed a single large item each and we both decided to take our sleeping bags. The camp counselor said that’s the item everyone takes.

We went off to dinner, neither of us could wait for dark. When dinner was over we rushed off to the tent to grab our bags and whatever we could carry in our pockets. I took a couple of candles, some matches and my secret bottle of lube! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to use it but I wasn’t going to be without if the opportunity arose.

When we got to the shelter, it was dark, Bobby had brought a flashlight so we could make our way there. We headed inside and laid out the sleeping bags. One of the survival techniques taught in the course is keeping warm in a cold environment and it is said that if you’re ever caught in extreme cold weather with a buddy, to sleep in the same sleeping bag. To go even further, if one or both people are at risk of hypothermia, they suggest the two people strip down because the body temperature skin to skin would keep both people much warmer. This made perfect sense to both of us but not the reason we wanted to share a bag. We explained to the counselor we were going to zip the bags together and share it as one large bag to keep us warmer. He applauded our knowledge of survival skills and headed back to camp leaving Bobby & I to our shelter for the night.

We crawled inside the shelter and climbed into the sleeping bag. We snuggled for a while not saying anything. After a few minutes, I asked, “So, you liked what I did last night then”? He whispered back, “Very much so”. We laid there a few minutes more when Bobby said softly, “I’d like to try it again tonight if you want to”. I raised my head to see his big beautiful smile, then I leaned in and kissed him. Sucking softly on his lower lip, he groaned and pulled away to tell me he was too hot in the sleeping bag. We unzipped it and threw off the top half covering the entire floor of our shelter with a soft pillow like cover. Bobby didn’t waste any time at all reaching for his pants and stripping them off, then his shirt. I followed. We lay there in the buff for a moment taking in the sight of each other’s bodies. Bobby was so sexy, dark skinned all over, no hair anywhere but a small patch circling his hard cock. Perfectly smooth skin and just enough muscle tone to highlight his thin limbs. His ass was absolutely perfect, tiny like mine but perfectly round and begging me to fuck it RAW!!! I moved in closer and pressed my body against his. He hesitated for a moment. “What if the counselor comes back”? I smiled and told him I had surrounded the shelter with dead branches so if anyone approached, we would hear it. He smiled, let a sigh and we began making out. Legs entwined, lips locked, we rocked back & forth rubbing our cocks together. After a few minutes of making out, Bobby pushed me off and propped me up against one side of the shelter. He then sat down in front of me and spread my legs open. Softly sweeping his hands from my knees, down my thighs and coming together at my cock, he took hold with both hands, propped it upright and moved right in. His tongue touched the head of my cock. It was velvety smooth and hot at the same time. He swirled his tongue around the head of my cock and flicked the mushroom shaped rim from my shaft upward. Then leaning in a little further, kissed my purple head, softly sucking on the tip. I hadn’t lit any candles yet but I could make out his smooth ass stuck in the air as he began to take more and more of my cock into his warm soft mouth. I guess I thought I would last longer but the sight of him sucking my cock and the thought of plowing his ass was too much. I warned as softly as I could, “Bobby, I’m going to cum”! He didn’t stop like I thought he would. Instead, he began firmly stroking my shaft a little faster and continued sucking on my tip. I laid back and let the first load shoot into his mouth. I grabbed 2 fists full of sleeping bag as my body shook with pleasure. Bobby didn’t let a single drop lose. He drank from my love stick until I was totally dry. He sat back and asked “How was that”? I smiled still a bit out of breath and said “Perfect, my turn”!

I’d had his cock the night before but I needed to taste it again! I pushed him back on the sleeping back and dove for his beautiful cock. I began stroking his shaft while twirling my tongue around his swollen head, much harder than the night before. I recalled the movies I’d seen at uncle Donnie’s house and moved into position and with one hand firmly stroking his cock, gently sucking on his tip, I reached between his ass cheeks with my free hand and pressed a finger in until I could feel his puckered hole. I gently massaged his hole and he let out a feverish “OOoohhh”!! A moment later, my mouth was full of his hot white juice. I drank the sweet nectar until he relaxed again and there was no more erupting.

We laid there for a while in silence when Bobby spoke, “That was way better than last night”! I rolled on my side next to him and noticed we both still had raging hard-ons. I ran my hand softly from the top of his chest down to his still swollen member and grabbed hold. He arched his back and gave a slight gasp. I wasn’t expecting his reaction but liked it. I looked at him and asked, “do you want to do more”? He hesitated for a moment and said “You mean”? I nodded yes. He said “But we don’t have any…” I put my finger up to his lips to hush him. I leaned in and kisses him softly on the lips. I could taste the cum still on his lips and was sure he could taste it too. I liked it. I leaned over to the pile of clothes next to me and reached into the pocket. I pulled out the bottle of lube my uncle had given me and showed him, smiling from ear to ear. His body relaxed as he exclaimed “oh fuck yes”!

We began to kiss again and I rolled over to straddle him. I began to reach for his cock when he stopped me, “please fuck me first”!

I sat up straight and rolled Bobby over on his tummy under me so that his perfectly tan tight ass faced me just below my rock hard cock. I poured some lube out on my cock and rubbed it around to cover it completely. What was left, dripped down into the crack of Bobby’s perky pooh hole. I added a few more drops to his crack and worked it in using my cock. I ran my cock up & down his crack, working it deeper with each pass until I could feel his hole with my tip. As I pushed gently, Bobby spread his legs a little to allow the best access. I pushed a bit more and felt the head of my cock squeezing into his tight hole. I pressed on and just like my uncles cock when he fucked me a few weeks earlier, I felt a slight pop as my cock head poked past his hole. I paused and heard Bobby grunt in pain. “Oh god, it hurts”! he said. I asked, “do you want me to not?” I felt his tight hole relax just a little and he laid his head back down and said, “No, please don’t stop, I want you to fuck me”. I waited a moment and began again to press my cock into Bobby’s beautiful, tight, hot ass. As I pushed in deeper, Bobby groaned but this time it was more of a pleasure groan. I looked down to see only about a half inch of my cock still outside Bobby’s hole. I pushed in to fill his ass completely. When I reached the hilt I paused, laid myself down on his back and kissed his shoulder. I could feel his ass tighten around my cock shaft every time we moved. He turned his head to the side and whispered, “please fuck me…”. I obliged, I began slowly working my cock out until only my head was left, then slowly back inside of him until I bottomed out again. It was the hottest feeling I’d ever experienced. Again Bobby whispered, “Fuck me, please fuck me hard!”.

I started to fuck my camping buddy faster. I propped myself up and planted my knees into the sleeping bag for traction. I plunged my cock into Bobby’s tight ass harder and faster each time. After a minute, I laid back down on his back and wrapped my arms around his chest, grasped as hard as I could and fucked that tight ass as hard and fast as I could. The friction was so hot I thought for sure I was going to tear Bobby’s ass. His tight hole felt like someone’s fingers wrapped around my cock, gripping it as hard as they could. Bobby yelped, “fuck yes”! “Fuck yes”! “fuck my ass”! I pumped his tight hole as hard as I could, my balls slapping against his with every thrust. Moments later, I was there, I came harder than I had ever cum before, pouring my hot cum deep inside Bobby’s love cavern. Just like my uncle and me, each time I squirted a load into Bobby, his tight hole would clamp down on my cock causing me to cum even harder! I blasted my load into Bobby’s hole. When the eruption subsided, I slid my still hard cock out of his bruised hole for the last time. I rolled off of Bobby, he rolled over as well to reveal that he too had cum, all over the sleeping bag, leaving a huge wet spot. He smiled at me, we were both quite out of breath. We moved to a dry spot on the sleeping bag, wrapped each other limbs tied and after a few passion filled kisses, fell fast asleep.

Fortunately it got cold that night and woke us up enough that we had to put our clothes on. Otherwise we would have been discovered by the camp counselors for sure.

-(Episode 3 as soon as I can muster it!)

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