Pickup Mystery Part 2_(0)

Pickup Mystery Part 2_(0)

Pickup Mystery Part 2

Cindy had been a casual pickup that became a hot one night stand for John, but after she was gone there was a real emptiness in his life. Then he had seen her again in the parade and found out she was the police chief’s 17 year old daughter and the empty feeling had been replaced with fear. Then out of the blue she had shown up at his place and told him she would be back in a couple of months when she turned 18.

John could not get her out of his mind and he actually driven past the high school a couple of time to see if he might just happen to see her. There were few days he did not think of her for at least a moment. Then about a month ago while driving home he saw her running along a path in the park that ran alongside the street.
Slowing down and then stopping he looked at the beautiful form approaching him. The long sun bleached hair in a pony tail swinging with each strides. The nice firm breast held tight by the sport bra bounced a little with each step. Then those long beautiful legs so perfectly shaped coming out of a very short loose nylon pair of shorts that were doing little to hide the nice round shape of her ass.

He was certain she did not see him but no matter he had gotten a lump in his throat and a hardon in his pants. John was really infatuated with this woman, girl, and there was little he could do.

It had been more than four months since she had stopped at his place and he was certain he would never see her again. His thoughts of her had started to get weaker and weaker, so when he turned into his driveway and saw the white convertible there with the top up he did not think of her but just wonder who would be there. It was a Friday and he had worked a little later to get everything done to have the weekend clear. He pulled up behind the car and stopped. As he got out so did the other party and his heat skipped several beats then went into overdrive, she was here.

“Hello John, bet you thought I was not coming back?” She was wearing a nice pleated skirt that came to mid thigh, nylons, pumps, and a blouse with a designer scarf around her neck. Her strawberry blond hair was done perfectly. The smile on her face would melt an iceberg and John’s heart was no were near that cold or big.
He could only stand still in shock and look at the vision of heaven. He said nothing as she ran up and put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

The briefcase dropped to the ground and his arms went around her waist pulling her in tight. His hands roamed all over her back as his kiss became almost frantic with his pent-up passion.

His tongue pushed into her and hers meet his with a special passion she held for him. Her hands were twisting his hair and her nails were digging into the back of his neck. His hands move up and down her spine sending little shock waves through her body and then when his hand touched her butt she moaned.

When his hand touched her butt cheek and squeezed she lost control and her arms went full around his neck and with a little hop she warped her legs around his waist. The feel of her body pressed to his so tightly was all it took and his hands moved to each cheek squeezed and carried some of her weight. He then headed to the back door with her attached to his lips and legs around his waist. Their lips parted as he reached the door.

“Oh god I missed you and I want you so bad, please hurry, oh John.” She then bites his neck and ear sending jolts of hot passion through his body.

“I missed you so and I want you in the worst way”. His body was shaking with anticipation and he could barely get the key in the lock.
Once in he went straight to the bedroom and fell on the bed pinning her body beneath him. His hands reached around and pulled up her skirt around her waist and felt the now wet patch on the red panties.
Her hands pushed him up and back to give her room to unbutton his shirt. He quickly unbuttoned her blouse and as she pulled his shirt off he bent down and kissed her neck and moved down kissing the bare skin. His hands pull the bra straps down and kissed her shoulders and neck and then as each breast was exposed he kiss them with desperate passion but gently.

She pulled his head to her breast and made him suck her nipple.
His lips felt her nipple and he sucked and licked each one with special attention. After the first assault he gently licked and teases each nipple until she moaned and pulled his head to her breast.
“Oh suck them hard please your lips feel so good on my tits. Oh I missed that, yes suck them.”
She moaned as he sucked in hard and racked the back of his neck with her nails.
They were both naked waist up now and his kisses covered her breast and belly. Moving down kissing her belly he unbuttoned her skirt and pull it off then kissed the wet spot on her panties. His hands then pulled her panties down slowly. Kissing the smooth shaved pussy as it was exposed.

Her body shook as she moaned with pleasure at the sensation his lips caused touching her wet lips. As his tongue moved between her hot wet lips to the top and finally touched her clit she exploded with an orgasm. Her legs went around his head and she squeezed so hard he could not hear her scream of passion. “Oh yes eat my pussy you bastard eat me now, yes now.”

She arched her back and drove her pussy hard into his mouth and bucked several times as the orgasm surged through her body.

He pushed his pants down and exposes his hard cock to her very wet and waiting pussy.

She moaned as she felt the head rub against her swollen pussy lips and he moaned in response. The head parted her lips and slipped into her. The sensation of the swollen head of his cock stretching the inside of her pussy as it moved deeper caused her to have another orgasm and she moaned and hollered, “fuck me hard now faster harder, oh yes I missed your cock, oh please fuck me”. She brought her legs up around his waist and pulled his hips in hard driving his cock deep. She moaned a deep guttural animal sound and then bit into his shoulder and racked his back with her nails as a massive orgasm ran through her body.
He felt her body shake and then tense as it seemed every muscle contracted especially the one in her pussy. Her pussy tightened around his cock as he drove in and out causing him to reach his climax with a very loud moan and then, “Oh ya you’re so tight hot oh yes yes ah.” He pumped four months worth of cum into her tight little pussy. He continued to thrust in and out and the cum was now oozing out around his still hard cock and it filled her butt crack.

She felt the cum as it filled her and heard him moan and shout. It sent her into another wild orgasm. Her head shook from side to side and she bucked her hips and racked his back to force more and closer contact. She wanted him insider, all of him she was delirious with the sensation of pleasure. She had never felt like this before. Wave after wave of big and small orgasms passed through her body until she could take no more and she collapsed.

He tried to keep going but he was not 25 anymore and so he hit the wall about the same time it seemed she lay back exhausted. He rolled to the side as his cock slid out of her and then noticed the tears in her eyes. He rolled to her and kissed the tears, “are you okay, you’re crying?”

She shifted and touched his face with her hand and looked into his eyes with something that can only be described as love. She smiled, “you make me so happy and, and well so I don’t know what to say, I feel so good I could cry” and she hugged him.

Nobody had ever said anything like that to him before and he though probably never will again. He looks at this sweet beautiful young girl and kissed her eyes softly. YOUNG, he thought, shit she is 18 and your 42 this is never going to last.

She noticed the abrupt change in the expression on his face and then reached up and kissed him softly. “What is wrong?”

“I was looking at you and thinking I am the luckiest man alive and then I realized your 18 and well I am an old man compared to you.”

“Well you sure did not make love to me just now like an OLD man, and besides I sort of like the age on you. There is a lot more to you than the sex and your age. You are very special in some way I don’t know how to explain but maybe someday I will and until then we can just keep trying to find out what makes John so attractive to Cindy.” With that she rolled and wrapped a leg over his side and arms tight around his chest kissing him with the passion of her youth.
He was lost in the great feeling of having such a young beautiful woman in love with him. Then he came to and realizes he had to get things from his car. “Oh man I have to get my papers from car.” With that he jumped up, put on his pants and ran outside. I found his case in the drive and collected the rest of his papers. She had followed him out and was carrying a gym bag and small makeup case.

“So what is this”, he said as he nodded the case.
“Well I am spending the weekend with you” and she stepped ahead of him and quickly walked into the house.

He was stunned, again, and looking at the cute ass swinging its way into his house there was little he could say or do. Hell he was the happiest man on the earth right now.

She went right to the bedroom and dropped the gym bag on the bed then into the bathroom and started to put her things on the counter.

He looked at her making herself to home and asked “ah what about your father?”

“Oh he is out of town for the weekend hunting and will not be home till Monday. So I have the whole weekend with you. That is if you want me to stay?” She smiled at him with a devilish twinkle in her eye as she knew she was staying she just wanted him to say so.

He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. As he squeezed her hard, “you just try to leave and I will tie you to the bed.”

“Oh, kinky, would you really tie me up?” She wiggled her ass against his crotch and found he was no ware as old as he thinks because she felt a nice boner between her butt cheeks.

“You keep that up and I will do more that tie you up you little….. “ There is no way he could finish it.

“Little what? I bet you were thinking slut you think I am a little slut because I came out here uninvited.” She was teasing him and liked the shocked hurt expression on his face.

“NO NO , I would never think that and I am so happy to see you.” He was not sure how to take her comment.

She turned in his arms and faced him and kissed him tenderly as her arms went around his neck.
He felt so good with is body pressing her to the counter. The feel of his chest against her breasts which, were only under the shirt as in a hurry she had just put on her skirt and shirt (no panties or bra), caused her to moan and bite his neck in passion.

The moan and bite caused his cock to jump and his desire to race. His hands moved up and down her back with a need not yet fulfilled. He cupped her butt cheeks and lifted up. His lips were kissing her neck and ear as he set her on the counter. Raw passion took over as he pushed her skirt back and dropped his pants. Then will little hesitation he pushed his cock into her wet tender pussy.

She flinched as he pushed into her will little foreplay. Then as he started to move in and out she warmed up and so was in the throes of passion.

He did not last long and in only few moments he came with a mild rush. It was not like before but still it felt good and he was very satisfied. He held her close and his spent cock slowly slid out of her now full and wet pussy.

She had not had and orgasm, but she had put on a good show and he had no idea. She was still satisfied and happy because he was satisfied. She smiled at him and thought about that, she feels good because he is satisfied.

He looked at her and the expression on her face said she was deep in thought. “Hey, what are you thinking about?”

Snapping back to the moment, “oh just how good you make me feel and how sticky I am.”

“Well I can fix the sticky part now” and her took her clothes off and lead her to his shower.

The shower was his pride and joy as it was custom built with two detachable shower heads and a seat in each corner. It was big enough for a half dozen people, not that he had ever had ever been more than two in it.

He turned on both heads and the warm water cascaded over their bodies. Taking the soap he lathered up and started with her back gently washing and touching every inch. Then he pushed her to a seat and took her foot and began washing each toe with care then her foot and up her leg.

She could not believe the tenderness of his touch. She felt a sense of total relaxation and peacefulness she had never felt before. He washed her entire body in this manner and then quickly washed himself. He then dried her off in the same manner with little conversation.

“Do you have a rob to wear or what do you want to put on?” He was holding her hands looking at her with the sweetest of smile.

She had been in another world, a dream land of happy peacefulness, and she came back with a jolt. “Oh, sorry I was day dreaming, I have a rob in the bag.” She went and put on some new panties and a short terrycloth robe.

He put on a pair of sweat pants and a T shirt. “Okay so now for something to eat.” As he lived alone his pantry was stocked accordingly.

She was in the kitchen alongside him looking at the selection of food. “Boy you sure have strange tastes. There is a lot of canned meat and chili.” She opened the refrigerator and< “wow you like pizza and well at least you have fruit and veggies.”

“Hey I live alone and I cook a lot of one pot meals, pizza are quick and easy and I try to be healthy but then can’t do everything. So you want a pizza or how about one of my one pot meals.”

“I am in no hurry so I want to see this one pot meal deal”, and with that she bumper her hip into him and smiled. “So you better get cooking mister.” Then she reached out pulling his face to her and kissed him very lightly and quickly.

He made his quick chicken al la king with the frozen veggies and canned chicken meat and can of cream of chicken soup. This was put over toast. She had just poked around until she found the silver and plates then she set the little table on the screened in porch. They ate and talked, mostly she talked about school her running the new car and her plans to attend a nursing school back east. He just smiled and listened never believing that just listening to a woman could be so enjoyable.

After the meal they cleaned up together and then watched a movie sitting on the sofa. There were kisses and teasing touching but no heavy sexual play they simply enjoyed each other. At 9 she jumped up and ran into the bedroom the grabbed her phone and closed the door.

As she entered the room he asked, “so what was that all about your boyfriend calling you?”

She looked at him with a look of a little hurt and some anger as she did not understand the comment.
“No silly, I had to call my father and check in and by the way I have no BOYFRIEND”, and she punched him hard on the chest.

“Hey that hurt, I’m sorry I was just teasing”. Not really as he was a little jealous and afraid of loosing her.
“Ya well I meant it to. I’ll have you know I have not had a boyfriend for several months and right now you’re my only BOY FRIEND, but stop acting like a BOY, I like you better as a MAN.” She remembered the shower and his bathing her and she got a warm fuzzy feeling all over. Reaching out she took his face in her hands and kissed him with very tender feelings.

He did nothing as she kissed him. It was a soft gentle kiss no tongue or hot passionate sex just a very special kiss. Feelings ran through his some he had never felt before.

They finished the movie and then, “well I think it’s time for bed.” He stood and held out his hand and she took it letting him lead her to the bedroom.
“I be just a couple of minutes”, and with that she grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom closing the door.

He stripped and put on a pair of satin boxers he used for sleeping and then lay on the bed.

She entered wearing a black satin teddy and satin boxers. She looked at him and smiled, “like your boxers now I know where to get some if I need them.”

“Ya right, they would slide right off you as I am a lot bigger.” He still could not get over how beautiful she was and the thought she was here with him tonight. He moved to grab her and she pushed him back.

“My turn, you just lay back and be quiet”, and she straddled his hips and bent down and kiss and bit his shoulder then his neck.
She started at his neck and kissed and nibbled her way down to his nipples, which she teased and sucked making him moan and try to grab her head, but she gently pinned his hands to the bed. He could have over powered her at any time but didn’t, why stop something so pleasurable.

Her lips move lower and lower over his belly causing the desire in him to increase to almost intolerable levels. Her hands grabbed the edges of his boxers and pulled down and her lips followed. Once the boxers were off she took his cock in one hand and his balls in another.

The feeling of sexual ecstasy ran through his body as she first kissed then licked the tip of his hard cock. Then she took it all deep into her mouth and sucked it with passion. It was not long before he was at the brink, “oh god woman I am going to cum I want to be in you now.” He tried to pull her off but she pushed him back and sucked him faster.

His body shook with passion as he came shooting cum deep into her mouth. She swallowed all she could as she wanted all her man could give her. She continued to suck and then as he softened she licked the soft shaft and kissed each his balls looking at him and smiling.

He pulls her to him and kisses her deeply and rolls over on top of her. Then he gently pulls the top and boxers off and looks down at the most beautiful naked woman he had ever seen. Bending down he kissed her lips and then move along the jaw to her ear, which he bit. Moving down her neck he nibbled and kissed her shoulder then the top of her breasts. His tongue teased the nipples and finally, when she grabbed his head and forced it to her breast; he sucked a nipple hard and deep causing her to moan loudly.
His lips move down kissing and tongue tracing across her belly and teasing the little navel piercing she had. Then he kissed and bit her pubic mound moving down across the smooth shave area just above the tight slit. I could hear her moaning and his hands moving all over her body could feel the muscles tensing. She let out a very long loud moan as his tongue touched her slit and parted the lips.
His tongue found her clit and the frenzied licking drove her to a orgasm. Then as he started to suck on her clit he worked her nipple with one hand and the other was teasing her pussy. He sucked hard and then teased her g spot with two fingers causing her to thrash about as another orgasm surged through her body.
All this activity had stirred his libido enough that his cock was not hard again. Parting her legs he entered her with care and gentleness and then went wild with passion causing both of them to climax together.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms with a very special smile on their faces.

The morning found him in bed and her in the kitchen making coffee. She was wearing a really big T shirt and he stumbled into the kitchen trying to put his boxers on.
“Good morning sleepy head, I made coffee and it looks like you could use a cup”. She laughed at his antics and then caught herself thinking what it would be like to do this every morning.

“Well I sure could use a cup and it smells great, nice to get up and find you in the kitchen and..” He stopped took the cup and sipped quickly as he was not sure he wanted to finish the sentence. He was thinking how it would be nice to find her in the kitchen every morning. Then he realized that would never happen.

“So I was thinking when I woke up seeing as you surprised me how about I surprise you today and tonight?”

“Okay, I think depending on the surprise I guess, so what is it?”

“Well in the past, seems like another life time, my wife and I use to go dancing on Saturday nights and I though you would like to go dancing?”

“Wife? You were married? You never said anything.” All her defenses came up and she was on guard.

He saw her reaction to the word, wife, “Easy woman I am not married, she died after a car crash 12 years ago.”
Her feelings went from hurt anger to gentle sympathy and she reached out and touched his face in a very tender jester. “I am sorry.”

“Well it is in the past but it has taken a long time to come back, anyhow , the surprise is that I want to take you dancing tonight, ballroom dancing.”

“What, I don’t know how to ballroom dance and besides that is for old people”. She realized to late what she had said and she looked at him with a look pleading for forgivness.

“Your sort of right it is usually considered dancing for old people but wait till you see it and believe me there are some really young people there.”

She would do anything now to smooth over her comment and so, “okay but I don’t have but a short skirt and blouse to wear.”

“Well that is going to be part of the surprise as we are going shopping and I will get you what you need.”

Now no man had ever taken her shopping, her father just gave her a credit card and let her go. This was going to be a new experience.

The mall was far enough that nobody would know her so he felt safe as they walked along. She had hold of his arm and they talked about her school, his work and he explained about his life with his wife. She felt a special attraction to this man and as she looked into his face she squeezed his arm.

He had not felt this good about someone in a long time, but still her age kept getting in the way. They stopped at a woman specialty store and were looking at very elegant dresses. The clerk as if what size his daughter was and she quickly informed her she was not his daughter then turned and hugged his arm The clerk, a woman in her 20’s looked at him with raise eyebrows.
He picked out a blue silk dress that was perfect for ballroom dancing. I had a low back and deep opening in front. There was sort of a built in bra as the design did not allow for a bra. They also picked out hose, black with a pattern and sequence in them, and a pair of 4” stilettos.
As she came out of the changing room he whistled. “Dam, woman you are gorgeous and I will have to get a baseball bat to beat the men off tonight.” Hell I will have to beat men off all the time.

They went back and then spent some time just talking and walking around the neighborhood.
Then it was time to get ready and of course they had to take a shower together of course.
She came into the bathroom as he stepped into the shower. “Hey you wash my back I wash your’s.”
“Well just be sure it is only the back as we have to be at the restaurant at 7.”
“Oh you don’t want me washing anything else?” As she grabbed his cock and started to lather it up.
She could certainly raise the dead as his cock jumped and started to get hard.
“Oh god woman you will be the death of me yet”, and he grabbed her and pulled her to him kissing her with hot passionate kiss. His hands found her ass and squeezed her cheeks and lifted her up.
Her legs went around his waist and his now fully hard cock found her waiting pussy. The stiff shaft easily slipped into her pussy as he lower her. Then he lifted and lowered her up and down on his cock.
She was biting and kissing his neck and entangling her fingers in his hair. The feel of the hard cock deep inside her and the sensation caused by her nipples rubbing on his chest hair caused her to moan and then clinch her butt cheeks and flex her pussy muscle.
He felt her muscles tighten and that was all it took and he moaned and a load of cum was shoot into her tight pussy.
“Ah, oh man you keep doing that and I will have not strength for dancing.”
“Oh I thought you were dancing fine.” She smiled and took the soap to wash up.
They had dinner at one of the nicer restaurants and as they walked in heads turned to look at the lady in blue. They both noticed the effect she had on the patrons.
There was some foot play and teasing touching at the table but only in fun.
The ballroom was full when they arrived and she could not believe the group. There were teenagers to grey hair old people all dancing. They had a good time and he was patient and led her well.
They talked little on the way home and she rather nonchalantly played with his hair and looked at him.
The feel of her fingers in his hair and the thought she was looking at him like that made him feel so alive.

I was very late when they got to his place and so the simple changed and went to bed.

Then next morning it was his turn to get up early and fix breakfast. They sat around eating and drinking coffee like a regular couple. She explained she had some school work to do online and so she spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon doing homework. He busied himself with yard work.

They grilled some hamburgers for supper and she had made potato salad. After supper they watched a movie.

They were both rested now and so they went to bed early as sleep was what they had in mind. Sex was slow and soft wild and crazy and he found out that she might just have a little bite of a kinky side.

The story will continue with another part. If you have any suggestion please leave a comment or email me directly [email protected] Thank You All.

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