Papa and Megan-The Conclusion

Papa and Megan-The Conclusion

The next morning, when I arrived back to work, I was met with some upsetting news. It seemed that my last project that I completed two weeks ago, the client was having some problems implementing the protocols that I laid out for him and he had requested my presents to walk him through them. That meant that I had to fly out to Los Angeles as soon as possible. He paid big bucks to our company to produce these protocols, so my boss wanted me there to assist him in any way I could, “No matter how long it takes.”

The kids were leaving in a week and a half, so I had to make it quick. When I told them, it was tears and anguish all around. “I’m sorry, I have to go.” There was no other choice. I took Megan aside and warned her, “You know you are not safe any longer. I don’t think you and Bobby should have intercourse any more until after your next period.”

“I know Papa. That goes for you too,” she said with a sly grin on her face.

“Well, I have a real vivid imagination, you know,” I teased back.

“Oh, believe me, I know,” she said laughing.

“Well, we’ll just have to see when I get back.”

“Hurry home, Papa,” she said, burying her face into my chest.

“See ya soon, Honey,” I said to Marty, giving her a hug and kiss. “Don’t do anything I will regret not being here for.”

“Hurry home,” is all she could say.

“Take care, Champ,” I said to Bobby. “You are the only man of the house, now, you lucky dog. With these two vixens around, the only advice I can give you is to pace yourself, Boy.”

He grinned and gave me a big hug, and then I waved to them all, picked up my bags and went to the waiting taxi.

When I arrived in Los Angeles and went to the client’s office, I discovered that some changes had been made to the applications of the protocols I had written and therefore, I had to re-write several and make minor changes to most of the rest. I could have made the re-writes and changes from home, but my boss decided that since I was out there anyway, I could just do the necessary changes and oversee their implementation. So I complied with my orders and stayed put, for eight days.

I would call home every night to check in with Marty and the grandkids. I would hear who did what to whom and how it felt. After hearing all of the details every night, I had to get relief, so I met up with Rosy Palm and blew my wad into a Kleenex. By the end of the week, I was never so happy to get on an airplane once again and go home to my family.

My heart was pounding as I turned the corner of our street. I could barely thank the taxi driver as I gave him way too much for a tip and hurried towards the house with my bag in tow. As I fumbled with the keys to the front door, it opened magically and I stepped through. It was Megan, standing demurely, holding the door open for me. I closed the door behind me, dropped my bags and reached for her with a savage lust. After I crushed her against me chest, I stood back and feasted my eyes upon her. The thought of this moment had kept me going during the past week in LA and now I wanted to cherish it.

My gosh, she was beautiful. Her long blond hair flowing over her shoulders, and what was she wearing? My heavens, she must have gone shopping, because I had never seen this outfit on her before. It was a sundress, a white silky thing, with pale pastel flowers in the fabric. It clung to her little body as it molded around her curves. It had thin tie straps holding up the bodice and the fabric was so thin, that you could make out her nipples protruding through the front. The dress was thin enough that you could almost make out the shape of her legs as she walked before me carrying my suitcase.

“Where’s Gramma and Bobby?” I inquired.

“I played “Paper, scissors, rock” with her to see who would greet you alone, for about two hours, all by myself. Guess who won?” she answered, very proudly.

“Oh,.are you the prize?”

“Only if you want me to be,” she said teasingly. “Now, go in and take a shower and get all of LA grit off of you. I’ll make you a drink.” She was being assertive, like she knew what she wanted and was not going to take no for an answer. So I did what I was told and headed for the bedroom.

When I came out of the shower, there beside the towel was a pair of clean gym shorts and that was all. Under the shorts was a handwritten note that said, “Come out in just these shorts and be prepared to be pleasured by me for a change.” What did that mean, “…be pleasured by me for a change”. She always gave me so much pleasure. I didn’t understand, but slipped on the shorts and went out to the family room, following her instructions. A JD on rocks was sitting on the table by the overstuffed chair. I looked around but didn’t see Megan. “Hey Sweetheart, reporting as ordered,” I said rather loudly. She stepped out of the kitchen just then and walked slowly towards me. The look in her eye was one of seduction.

As I stood there, she came up to me, right in front, looked up into my eyes and slowly placed her hands on my chest. Then, just as slowly, she kissed my chest and started running her tongue down my chest to my belly button. As she reached the top of my shorts, she again looked up into my eyes and dropped her hands down to my thighs. I instinctively reach for her head with both of my hands. She stopped me, with the command, “Don’t! Move your hands to your side. I don’t want you to do anything. All I want for you to do is just enjoy, don’t move, just enjoy.”

“Wow,” I thought. She is being assertive. But I complied with her command and lowered by hands to my side. Then I felt her hands slide up both of my thighs until they reached their intended target. I stuttered at the feeling of anticipation, stimulation and sheer excitement as her tender little hands found my cock, my balls and two fists full of pubic hair. I sucked in a breath through my clinched teeth and my knees started to buckle. Her eyes never left mine until she looked directly at my swelling cock just inches in front of her face. Then tenderly, she put both hands around it, pulled it forward a little until it was tenting my shorts and gently kissed the head of it. Again I shuttered, so she instructed me to sit down in the chair and take a drink. I gladly complied and as I returned the glass to the table, she scooted over on her knees and placed her elbows on each of my thighs with her being deep between my opened legs. My hands went limp again at my sides as she looked lovingly into my eyes. Without taking her eyes off of mine, she ran her hands up my shorts once again and started massaging my crotch.

“Slide down a little,” she commanded. As I did what I was told, she extended her reach under my shorts up to the waistline and protruded her fingers out the elastic onto my stomach muscles. She dug in her finger- nails, just a little and raked then back down over my abdomen back to my crotch. A gasp escaped my mouth at this unexpected sensation. Then her thumbs went under my legs and probed my crack. Again, an involuntary gasp came out of my lips as I closed my eyes. Her hands went up to my tummy again and proceeded to rake down to my crotch as before, but this time she pulled my cock out of the leg opening and stroked its full length.

She leaned up to my chest and started nibbling my nipples, one at a time, and then continued her nibbling with her teeth down to my crotch and finally the head of my engorged cock. I jerked at the sensation of my cock-head being bitten. She suddenly gave me another command, “Papa, look at me.” As I opened my eyes, all I could see was her looking into mine. Then, without taking her eyes off of mine, she slipped the head of my cock into her mouth and slowly started to take it deep into her mouth. As my eyes grew wide, she took it all the way to her throat and then pushed it further. As her lips opened a little and brushed my pubic hair, I could feel it down her throat as she started to gag just a little. Her eyes never left mine as she retreated, then she started back down until her mouth was fully upon my abdomen. She came up off of it shortly and a string of saliva connected her mouth to my cock. Her eyes were tearing and she smiled a satisfactory smile, and then rubbing the saliva into my cock with her hand, she dove down on me again, this time with her eyes on her job. She took it in deeper and deeper, and with a great shove, she drove it down her throat one more time.

After watching my granddaughter “deep throat” me, feeling the unbelievable sensation of receiving the best “blow job” I had ever experienced, my control was shot. “Oh, Megan sweetheart, that feels so wonderful, Honey. I’m ready to cum.” She dove down on me harder as she took in down her throat once again. “I’m going to cum! Oh God, Megan, I’m cummminggg!!!”

As I unleashed gallons of cum into her throat, my hips were jamming up into her face and I could not restrain my hands any longer. They each found a fist full of hair and I was forcing her mouth down to my hairy crotch with my cock impaling her throat. Over and over I ruthlessly jabbed my spurting cock down her young throat and over and over she accepted it. Finally, I started to breathe once again, when I realized that poor Megan could not breathe because she had a cock wedged down her throat. I quickly pulled her up off of me as she started gasping for air.

I pulled her body up onto mine and hugged and hugged her. “I’m so sorry Megan, my wonderful Megan. Are you alright? I was so excited. I didn’t even think about you not being able to breathe. Oh, Megan, can you ever forgive me?”

“Papa, I’m fine, really I am. Did you like that? I worked and worked on it until I could do it pretty good. Was it good for you, Papa?”

“My God, Megan, where did you learn how to take it all the way down your throat like that? I mean, you said you worked and worked on it. With who? I mean, who taught you?”

“Gramma! She said she never could do that with you because she would always gag. I said I wanted to try so she taught me how to relax and I could finally take a seven-inch slice of sausage down my throat and not gag. Gramma said you would be different than the sausage, but I wanted to try. Did I do it good?”

“Oh God, Megan, yes you did good. In fact, you did unbelievable. You are unbelievable. I love you, Megan Adams.”

“Oh Papa, I love you too.”

With that she laid her head on my chest and rested there for the longest time. My hands were unconsciously rubbing the back of her thighs. She sat up suddenly and asked, “What do you think of my new sundress?”

She was suddenly on her feet modeling for me. She twirled around, faring the dress away from her legs. She was showing off the dress to me directly in front of the patio slider. With the sun coming through the doorway, I could plainly see her legs and their junction. She turned around so that her tiny little ass was sticking out towards me. She looked over her shoulder, stuck a hip out and raised the hem of the dress up to her rear. I instinctively reach out and slapped her on the butt. “Ouch!” she cried, then turned around and stuck the other hip out at me. I slapped again as she cried out and faked her indignity. Then she turned to face me and started playing the “catch me if you can” game.

“You want to play, huh. Well, let’s see if you can learn to not play with the bull, because you’ll get the horn.”

I made a wild leap for her and caught her on the first attempt. I grabbed her by the arms and pulled to over to the couch and sat down. She was struggling madly, laughing all the while, as I pulled her face down on my lap. Holding with one hand, I freed the other so it could bring a firm slap down on her unsuspecting little rear-end. “Slap!” It rang out loudly, followed by a cry from Megan. “You want to be spanked, huh?” I asked. “Slap!” Another one found it target. “Nooo, Papa, I don’t want to be spanked. But you do!” She was trying to inflict a little pain of her own, but I blocked it with ease. “Slap!” This time my aim was perfect and her skirt flew up to her back. “Ouch!” she cried. “Slap! Slap!” My hand was landing on her panty covered little ass but some of the blows were finding bare skin. “Oh, Papa!” she exclaimed, now not fighting so wildly. “Slap! Slap! Slap!” My hands were now seeking out the bare spots. “Slap!”

“Do you like that, Megan, being spank my your Papa?” I asked with a hoarse voice. I suddenly realized that the game had ended some time ago. Now we were playing a new game, it was a game of giving and receiving pain.

“Yeah,” is all she could answer and it came out almost in a whimper. “Why do I like being spanked, Papa?”

“The same reason you like taking it down your throat or putting it up your ass. You like to feel the excitement of a little pain. It excites you and you love to be excited,” I explained. Whether it was true or not, I didn’t have the faintest idea, but my explanation sounded pretty good to me.

“Will you spank me some more,” she asked, her head still down and her rear end over my lap.

“Will you beg me?” I said.

“Please, Papa, will you spank me some more?”

“Where do you want me to spank you? You know you’ve been very bad.”

“I know, Papa, I’m sorry. I want you to spank me on the ass.”

“Slap!” “Right here on your tiny little ass. “Slap!” What about over here?”

“Oh yes, Papa, right here on my tiny little ass and on the other cheek, too.”

“Slap! Slap!” “How about there? Now spread your legs.” “Slap! Slap!” And how about down there between your legs?” I moved my hand so it was now slapping down her ass instead of across it.

“Oh, yes, Papa. I really need it down there. I’ve been so bad. Make it hurt down there.”

“Slap! Slap! Slap!”

“Oh Papa, yes, spank my little ass hole and cunt. Make it red. Oh, please, Papa, spank it again.”

“Slap! Slap!”

“Papa, it feels so good. Spank me some more. Please Papa, I’ve been so bad.”

“Stand up, you bad little girl. Standup and tease me by taking off that dress. If you tease me good, I’ll really spank you hard on your bad little cunt,” I spat at her. “Now stand up and tease me!”

She slowly rolled off of my lap and, standing to face me, a look came over her face that almost frightened me. It was a look of pure, animal lust. It was a wild look that I suddenly wished I had not unleashed. Her mouth was agape, her nostrils were flared, her eyes wide and wild. She slowly started to move to some unheard rhythm, her hands were going through her hair and sliding down the length of her torso. Over and over she rubbed her body as she continued to sway. Suddenly she bent over at the waist and raised her head and looked directly into my eyes. “Am I doing it right, Papa. Do I get my spanking?”

“You’re doing fine, Sweetheart, maybe not so sultry, though, more like Megan.” I didn’t want to discourage her, after all, I was the one who brought this out in her, but I wanted to bring her back to earth little. Be a little more like my sweet little Megan.”

Instantly, her expression changed. Gone was the wild looking, sex hungry woman that I had helped create. In her place was my beautiful little girl, standing there shyly, unsure of herself or what to do. Then she slowly brought her hands up to the ties and gently tugged on them, breaking the knot holding them together. She did not release them until her other hand was holding her dress in place about her breast line. She gradually pulled the ties free and they hung separately down her chest. Her free hand joined the other is holding the dress up. The look in her eyes told me she was enjoying teasing me and she was going to draw this out for as long as she could. Very slowly, her hands inched their way down her chest, to her breasts and then, with only her fingers holding the last of the dress covering her mounds down to her tummy. Exposing her breasts for only a second, her arm went back up to obscure my sight of her lovely little breasts as her other hand let the dress gather at her waist. She smiled that sweet, little, innocent smile, then she moved her freehand to the back zipper and pulled it down. Not letting go of the dress entirely, but holding it in place, she moved her hand around to her tummy and again smiled at me demurely.

Then, ever so slowly, she released the dress as she removed her arm from her chest. The dress hit the ground just as her breasts came into view. There was too much to take in. That very moment, I was staring at her pert little breasts, standing there with their hard nipples poking straight out. At the same time, I had a view of my sweet little Megan’s shapely legs. I noticed the motion of the falling dress and, of course, her little, lace covered panties that, under closer examination, I could see right through and detect her slit that was covered by her bed of short, curly little blonde pubic hair. I took all of this in during that one instant in time.

I could contain myself no longer. I put out my arms to her and taking her into them, she stepped forward and whispered in my ear, “Are you going to spank me some more?”

“If that’s what you want,” I said. Reaching for her panties, I drew them up in a thin line and ran them through her crack. She convulsed suddenly and took in a deep breath through her clenched teeth. I rubbed it back and forth through her crack, tightening it up so it scraped her clit and her ass crack. This made her wild again.

“Oh, yes, cram it up my clit, Papa!” she exploded. “Yes, harder, oh please, HARDER!”

I pulled hard on one side of her panties and swung her around, then yanked them down to her ankles.

“Spread your legs,” I commanded. As she step out of her panties, she placed her foot down six inched away from the other. “Spread them, I said!”

She spread them much wider. “Bend over and grab your ankles!” I barked.

Over she went leaving her steaming little cunt only inches from my face. “Move forward,” I yelled. Again she complied. I slowly stood up and turned beside her on her left side. Running my hand between her legs caused her to shutter. “ D000o you like that?”

“Yes, Papa. Are you going to spank me now?”

“Slap!” across her pussy lips. “What does it feel like?” I asked, ridiculing the question.

“Oh, yes Papa, spank me some more.”

“You little slut,” I snared. “Slap! Slap! Slap!” My hand came down hard right on her pussy lips. Then, with my other hand, I separated her lips and slapped her enlarged little clit.

“Ouch, oh Papa, that feels so good! Spank me some more, please harder!”

“Slap! Slap! Slap!”

“Oh God, I’m cumming, oh Papa, please again, again!”

“Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!” With the last slap, she started convulsing and gyrating her hips in an uncontrollable organism. She was shaking her head, clawing her ankles and shouting at the top of her lungs. She was out of control. She twirled around and came at me with avenges. Pushing me back on the chair she dropped to her knees and stuffed my cock into her mouth. She immediately tried to take it down her throat and gagged. This did not stop her. Again she tried to swallow my cock and again she gagged.

I began to worry. I threw her back off my cock and she landed on her butt. She lost her balance and in trying to regain it, spread her legs wide and straight. Failing to regain her balance, she went over backward. Taking this opportunity, I was on top of her in a second. My weight was too much for her and she started to cry in frustration.

“Megan, sweetheart, I’m sorry. I knew better than playing that game with you. Now I don’t know what to do with you to bring you down.”

“Ram your thing in me, Papa, please, put it in me. I want to feel your cock way up inside of me!”

“I can’t, sweetheart, you remember, you could become pregnant. You don‘t want to get pregnant do you?”

“I don’t care, Papa, I’ve got to feel you up me!”

I knew better than to stimulate her more, but I had to try something. So I went down on her. I roughly pulled her legs apart and buried my tongue as deep as I could in her dripping vagina. I reached up with my hands and pinched down hard on her nipples.

“YES, Papa, harder, please!”

I released her left nipple with my right hand and jammed three fingers into her dripping pussy, as I started sucking hard on her erect clit. This seemed to be working because she arched her back high off the ground and drove her pussy right into my hand and face. She started to scream.


Then she lay silent. For a long time she didn’t move.

“Wow, now that’s an orgasm!” Marty said. “Why don’t you bring me to an orgasm like that?”

“Oh God, Marty, how long have you two been standing there,” I said though my exhaustion.

“We heard her out in the garage, George, my god, what did you do to her? We came in and there the two of you were, her with her pussy two feet off the floor and you with your hand up her cunt and your face on her clit. My gosh, George what did you do to the poor child?”

“Oh, my gosh, Marty, don’t ask. Just come here. I’ve got to have some relief, please.”

“You need relief, after watching that orgasm, I need some relief also.”

I grabbed her by the hips and brought her over to my kneeling body. My hands went up her skirt immediately. They stopped at her panties and with a tug they were down at her ankles.

“You are horny, aren’t you?”

“If only you knew.” With that I separated her legs with my arms and drew her into my waiting mouth. I immediately smelled her juices so I knew that foreplay was not necessary. So after a few quick licks of the clit, I forced her down to the floor and raised her dress to her shoulders. I roughly got the bra off of her tits and started to suck them into my mouth. I bit and chewed them as I slid my erect cock along her crack. Feeling it pump up against her clit and her reaction, I raised her legs up to her chest and planted my arms on the outside of her knees. Then rising up, I took my cock to her opening and impaled her to the hilt. The breath came out of her as fast as I rammed my cock into her waiting vagina.

“Oh, God, George, easy does it, okay.”

“I’m sorry, Babe, I’ve just got to get off and soon.”

“Get over here, Bro,” Megan commanded her brother. “Now get naked and lie down. I’m going to do you a favor and let you stick it up my ass.”

Hearing that, Bobby, yanked off his clothes and hurriedly lay down on his back. Megan stood over him with her legs straddling him. Then proceeded to squat down on his erect little cock and impale her tender young ass on it. She was so wet, she didn’t need any lubrication. She just slid it in and out, while Bobby lay there humping her ass.

Watching the two of them go at it made me want to reach my climax even more than ever. I pulled it out of Marty and let it fall down to the next hole. “Can I?” I asked.

“I don’t know if I can take it or not, Honey. But if you want to try, I can always say no if it hurts too bad.”

With her approval, I began my intrusion. Slowly at first, pushing, inch by inch. She started to relax and then her muscles let it penetrate fully. “You alright?” I asked.

“Yea, I am,” she said, a little surprised.

“I love you, Marty,” I said.

“I love you, too. Now take it easy, but it does feel good.”

With that, I began the slow in and out motion. Feeling the tightness of her ass and the squeezing movement of her muscles, I was ready to cum in short order. As I began to shutter, Marty began to moan and gyrate her hips. In and out, my cock kept the pace. Up and down, Marty moved her hips. Then I couldn’t hold back any longer and exploded into an overwhelming orgasmic fit. Crying out loud, “OH MARTY, I’M CUMMING! OH GOD, YES, OH MARTY!” I shot my wad deep into her bowels. I could feel the softness of the colon as it contracted around my spewing cock, milking every last ounce of sperm from my balls. I laid there resting for a moment when I heard Megan sheik at the top of her lungs, “God, Bobby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

I withdrew my cock from Marty’s ass and immediately went down on her waiting pussy. Taking it in the ass did not bring her off, so I knew I had to stimulate her orally to satisfy her. She must have been close because it only took very little tongue action to have her moaning and humping up at my face in a free wheeling orgasm. As she came down, I curled up close to her and took her into my arms. I rocked her gently and whispered into her ear, “I love you, Marty. Thank you for being so understanding.”

She just smiled in response and nestled into my arms. I looked over at the grandkids and found them out of it for now. We both dozed off into our thoughts and let our bodies recuperate.

Bobby was the first to awaken, followed by Marty, then myself and finally Megan. Megan had a tough time recuperating from her ordeal. But after almost an hour, she started acting her old self, except when she found out that everyone had heard her demands, well she got rather red in the face.

We bathed ourselves. Bobby got a treat when Megan asked him to join her in the shower. Marty and I cleaned each other in a slow relaxing, steamy shower. I felt such an overwhelming gratitude for having such an adventurous and understanding wife. Not many wives would not only knowingly allow there husbands to screw around with a fourteen year-old girl, but to play “paper, scissors, rock” with her to see who gets to be his love slave after a week’s absence, well, she’s just unbelievable.

We were fixing dinner when the kids came out of their room after their shower together. I guess Bobby has graduated up to staying in Megan’s room for tonight, this being their last night of their vacation. I need to talk to them about our experiences this summer.

“Kids, sit down here at the bar and let’s talk a little,” I started the conversation. “Kids, you have been exposed to things, feelings and circumstances this summer that are way above your maturity level. They are possibly way above the level of most adults. They were wonderful, as far as I’m concerned, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. But the down side is that these experiences that you did have are for you and you alone. In other words, you can’t share them or your knowledge that you’ve gained by having them, with anyone. Bobby, if one of your buddy’s brags about doing a girl and describes it in detail to you and you know, from your experiences this summer, that he’s just blowing smoke at you., you can’t correct him or acknowledge that you know anything different. Megan, if your girl friends want to talk about being with this guy and he started feeling her up and she wanted to know what that funny feeling between her legs was caused from, you have to play ignorant. We’ve talked about boys and what they want. If you give it to them, they will brag to their buddies and there goes your reputation. That doesn’t even cover about how much trouble you could bring upon all of us if you let slip anything that happened here this summer. I don’t want to dwell on this very much, but I don’t want you to get caught saying anything in a showoff way that could spoil what happened here this summer. I want you two to enjoy what you learned, but don’t abuse this knowledge.”

Megan looked at Bobby and vice versus, then smiled. “We know Papa. We’ve talked about it and we know what we can’t do and say. We have made a pledge to each other not to mention to anybody what we’ve learned this summer and I know we’ll keep this pledge.”

With that said, they came over and gave each of us a hug and kiss. “We want to thank you both for everything you’ve taught us and please don’t worry, our mouths are sealed.”

We took them to the airport for their return to Chicago the next morning. Waving good bye as they disappeared down the runway, I said to Marty, “Well, that’s a summer we’ll never forget. Are you alright?”

“Yes. Yes I think I am alright. What ever happens, it was worth it, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, it was worth it.”

“Now, take me home and let’s do it the rest of the day.”

“Sounds great to me,” I said, taking her hand as we walked back up the concourse. “Sounds great to me.”

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After the naked ski race Amanda returned to the school. She did not get sick and initially nobody mentioned her naked ski race – it meant, no one had read this article. But suddenly on the following week class teacher called Amanda to talk. „Oh, Amanda, what you're done!? It may come as a big scandal,“ she said. Amanda, of course, realized what it is about. Teacher continued: „I want to tell you right away that you will not be punished or condemned. Nevertheless I would like to directly ask why you took part in this stupid and ridiculous ski competition...


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Best Friends Prego Wife Pt 2

“This is for you,” she said, holding the blue vibrator. She held it to her lips and slid it most of the way in, never taking her eyes off of mine. “But not yet.” Nicki laid the vibrator down on the sink and lowered her piss dripping pussy down on my face. I wrapped my hands around her big beautiful ass and pulled her down onto me as I started eating her. Somehow she tasted even better now that she had before. My tongue found just the right spot and she had an orgasm. My face was soaked with piss and...


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Twelve Days a Slave 2 of 13

Vicki, a young woman who works for a large department store, figures out a way to bypass the electronic return tags on expensive dresses sold by the store where she works . This allows her to buy dresses on a Friday, wear them to events over the weekend, and return them on Monday. When a very expensive dress she is wearing is ruined at a party, everything unravels. She will be charged for the dress and can in no way afford to pay for it. A young man she recently met gives her a program that will allow her to remove...


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