Vile - Chapter 1 - The Heap

Vile - Chapter 1 - The Heap

"The warm slathering of sanguine nectar upon thy porcelain skin shalt rejuvenate the hollow of darkness within which your soul should but does not reside, for if the void of spirit is bereft of all but the bitter chill of nothingness cantankerously defying one's own desires it should be cast aside and filled to the very brim by freshly siphoned blood. Upon thy I shall bequeath servitude not of my own rightful rule but unto they own self's bequest of eternal loyalty to the ivory throne of the White Spire upon which the Lord speaks to you now; thy are of no use to the throne shouldst thou wither to a deprived husk of one's own pathetic, lingering sorrows and desires." An indescribable being beset of piercing ivory plate embedded within pale flesh ascended its hideous, lanky form high above the ivory throne in which it had previously rested, its faceless face gazing vacantly upon the flesh ensnared skeletal figures kneeled before it yet ever focused into their agonized consciousness. Its unearthly, rasping voice bore deep within their minds like a writhing, ravenous parasite ever striving for deeper feeding as it continued to etch demands. "Cast from thy own realm by death each of ye hath risen within the confines of the White Spire by mine own hand, eternally bound to this sanctuary in irreluctant service as insatiable payment for a continued existence beyond the veil of true death. I set forth thy worthless corpses beyond the Spire, given new flesh so thou may seeketh thy own internal flames so as to become something of value beyond harvest for maggots!"

The spindly, gnarled fingers of the towering figure swept forth and curled towards the collapsed piles of undeath, and each of them cried out in chilling agonized cries as the burning penetration of nails not present savagely tore into their nerves just before raking the remnant flesh from bone into heaps across the ivory floor as the ivory "Lord" withdrew its claw in a ripping motion, steadily bathing in phantom blood from tip to knuckle. Crimson nails rose skyward as the pale one's hand lifted, and from the floor beneath the undead bones cold, black blood enveloped the skeletons and painted them in steadily freshly growing flesh. Bone-like ivory stripped itself from the surrounding throne room's interior, swarming and encasing newborn flesh in all but the naked torso and groin with armored shell resembling the bindings of a slave; the head was all but entirely enclosed as the final shreds of renewed organic matter took form beneath in the form of eyes and lips, the former of which being all that was exposed through thin, vertical slats running down the contour of the ivory mask. The room filled with the sound of new life taking deep breaths, panting heavily as if they had been starved of oxygen for an eternity, and again the hideous voice terrorized their minds; "Now... thy shall rise. Begone from here and do not return until thy vacant soul drips with the nectar stolen as sustenance to banish the returning grip of death." Spider-like clawed fingers flared forth in violent dismissal, and the cold ivory floor beneath the weakly standing servants crumbled into sand-like grains and sucked them down below; their sudden terrified screams quickly muffled as they vanished within.

Thirteen soulless humans bound in bone and new flesh fell through a seemingly endless void of darkness, littered in grains of ivory that snowed abound them with no bottom in sight; nearly all of them were screaming in the terrifying bewilderment of what they had just witnessed and the uncertainty of their fates, while only three remained in silence. The sounds of sobbing echoed through the void as a seemingly young woman curled against herself the best she could, only eclipsed by the manic terrified cries of a youthful male voice in complete panic, desperately reaching out for anything to grasp and slow his fall but finding nothing but dissolving grain. A man of middling age, one of the few who remained silent, shifted his weight so as to grow closer to the tearful woman; he reached out and grasped her arm, pulling her in close and embracing her against his chest. The young woman resisted at first, but the feeling of his beating heart soothed her and she soon grasped tightly to him, her bone-plated fingers tightly squeezing against his arms as she laid her head just beneath his collarbone. The tears steadily came to an end, her sobbing growing to silence, and in this instant one of the others called out; "LOOK! I see something down there!" Each of the falling thirteen swiftly directed their vision beneath them, and each of them saw it; a faint glow in the distance, rapidly growing closer and revealing a vast mountain of what looked like ashes. "Brace yourselves!" cried out the comforting man, still holding the young girl securely in his arms, now curling his entire body around her as to protect her from their landing. Clouds of ivory dust burst skyward with each impact, their bodies diving deep into the mountain and tumbling rapidly downward. The best he could the man could not maintain his grip of the girl he so fiercely protected, and she came rolling down just behind him; as they came to reach the bottom, their forms resting on the unexpected cushioning of fresh grass, the girl fell atop his frame and quickly hugged him as tightly as she could.

Soon each of them found themselves resting in the dust littered grass at the base of the colossal mound that had saved each of them. "I-is everyone alright!?" An older woman called out to the group, a forced lilt in her voice betrayed by inescapable concern as she made her way to each of the strangers. A staccato of voices in varying tones rose in reply, all of which acknowledging safety and, most surprising of all, seemingly complete lack of any injury whatsoever; "How are we alright? W-what the hell is happening!? Where are we!?" The younger man who had desperately sought sanctuary in vain as they fell was now pacing around drowned by a deep mania, his body bathed in sweat as his chest pounded rapidly at the pace of his racing heart. The older woman approached him and reached out to touch his shoulder, trying her best to sooth him as a grandmother would to her grandchild; but shortlived this was, as the man swiftly pulled away from her hospitality and continued to scream out his myriad of queries and fears before desperately collapsing to his knees, soon overtaken by his own deep sobbing; "W-hy is this h-happening... where a-are we...? We're all gonna d-die here....." Again the older woman made an approach, this time refraining from contact, and spoke softly, "Let us calm down and think rationally... I am sure there is a reasonable explanation and we will be alright." The words did little to phase the woeful man, his body shaking wildly and his head slumped down to his knees; "...There is no reason here... you all saw it! You saw that thing! You felt what I felt!" He rose to his feet and turned, grabbing the older woman by her arms as his voice grew to more of a shrieking, "You saw it! You felt it! We all did! Why were we bones!? What the fuck was that thing up there!? How did we fall through the floor and where the hell are we!? What is going on!?" The bone plating of his fingers began to dig into the old woman's wrinkled flesh and a trickle of blood began to swell; the woman winced but ignored the pain, instead opting to pull the young man against her and stroke his hair; "Shh... just try to stay calm, dear. This isn't helpi-"

The younger man forcefully shoved the woman away from him causing her to collapse against the heap of ivory dust, his voice now rising to a scream, "Didn't you hear me you old bitch!? This is not normal! You have no reason to think we're okay! This is not okay!" Almost everyone had now closed in to watch the conflict between the man's freak out and the comfort of the older woman, all staring in silence unsure what to do; one of them, a darker skinned man with a powerful frame who had until then remained quiet, approached with a dominate gait, "The fuck do you think you're doing pushing an old lady like that?" The larger man gripped the one in panic by his arm and jerked him to the side, his booming voice matching his fierce glare; "You need to calm yourself down or I'm gonna do it for you!" The cowardly man tried to free himself from the darker man's grip but it was entirely futile; he cowered in a trembling demeanor beneath the goliath frame before him, "See!? This is the kind of thing I'm talking about! Somebody help me! Please! Get this beast off of me!" Though his face was hidden by the ivory mask everyone could tell the larger man was gritting his teeth in anger, and just as it seemed he was going to strike he let out a deep sigh, paused for a moment, then threw the younger man against the grass. "Nobody's gonna hurt you unless you do something stupid, you need to calm your ass down and shut the hell up. You ain't helping anyone freakin' out like this!" There was a long silence as the cowardly man laid beneath the other in a thick sweat, his breathing rapid and labored as he spoke in a softer, depressed tone; "...We're all going to die here..."

The timid woman, now laying atop of the man who had comforted her, pressed her mostly naked body tightly against his own; her leg draped across his thighs as she smiled through her mask at her protector. The protective man slid his arm around her shoulders and embraced her, slipping his plated fingers through the strands of brown hair that draped over the young woman's collarbone from beneath her enclosure. Gently the young woman moved her hand across the broad, firm chest of the man who held her, and as their gaze deepened so to did their bodies. Climbing atop the manly frame of her desires the brunette fell into a straddling position; she could feel his considerable manhood stiffening against her crotch, and as if synchronized his hands gripped her hips while she started to press herself downward. The thickening length of his shaft pushed upward, the young woman's swollen mound wrapping around its girth as her moistening tenderness slid along the pulsing meat between her thighs. Soon the swollen head of his cock found its way to her entrance, and with a soft gasp the young woman, no longer timid, pushed down to allow him to penetrate her. The couple's bodies quickly took to a powerful rhythm, the hard shaft pulsing deep inside the woman's embrace as it spread the pink of her lips, each of their hips ramming against the other's as their bodies grew warmer and their breaths became heavier. With each pounding motion the brunette's perky breasts bounced lightly, her sweat dripping across their curves as the man took them into his strong hands, and before long he lifted her up and flipped her onto her back into the grass. Her pale, soft thighs wrapped around her lover's hips like a belt, pulling his thrusts into her immediately as he began to drive his hardened manhood deep inside her again and again, and as their climaxes approached they each let out deep moans of pleasure. Thick, hot strands erupted into the young woman's body as she tensed around her lover's body and cried out deeply, and soon after they collapsed to the grass. Embracing one another once again, the woman nuzzled her head into the man's chest and they fell asleep; off in the distance a pair of eyes watched every moment of the couple's passion, but nobody seemed to have noticed.

Some time had passed since the incident and the group had spaced out a bit, some staying isolated while others began to form small clusters; only two had so far left the foot of the heap, and nobody remaining showed any sign of planning to. The cowardly man now paced on the far side of the heap muttering to himself and keeping distance the best he could from the man he believed had attacked him, the golith he avoided sitting against the heap speaking quietly to the older woman he had since helped to her feet. The middle aged man and the younger woman he had made love to slumbered peacefully in the very spot they had landed in. A frail, pale skinned man who had not uttered a single sound the entire time wandered the dark edge of the grass, keeping to himself though occasionally glancing at a buxom young woman sleeping against the heap; it was unclear if anyone had noticed this and she had hardly said a word to anyone since landing. A small, very youthful girl and a similarly youthful male had spent most of their time together since landing; they now played and climbed the dust of the heap in an immature, child-like manner, seemingly unphased by the situation they were in or simply trying to ignore it. Stumbling his way between each of the group roamed a much older man with a boney yet mobile body, his long white beard extending from beneath his mask gave him a certain air of wisdom, and it made it easy for most to speak to him as he approached. Sitting what he perceived as a safe distance from the slumbering, curvy woman was a very tall and rather heavy set man, his gaze seemingly permanently fixated on her large breasts as they jiggled with each gentle breath; he had not so much as taken the time to avert his eyes long enough to know if anyone had noticed him. Of the two who had left shortly after the conflict between the two men, neither had since returned; they were both seemingly younger women, one a slightly plump pale woman covered in freckles, her red hair cascading from beneath her mask halfway down her back. The other was a much taller woman, carrying a powerful frame of darker skin that remained quite feminine; the two women had parted from the group together, and despite a brief attempt from the older woman to stop them they insisted somebody needed to explore.

The couple sleeping at the foot of the heap woke suddenly to the sound of desperate cries for attention; a distance from them stood the overweight man, crying out to anyone who would hear him, "Help! The girl who was sleeping here is gone! I was uh... I was keeping an eye on her since nobody else was... I only looked away for a second and she was gone! Has anyone seen her!?" The group's reactions were a mix, some ignoring his pleas while others looked on in confusion, the first to speak up was the larger, dark skinned man; "Where was she?" The heavy man quickly pointed towards the small patch of grass the buxom woman had been sleeping in, and sure enough all that remained was flattened grass vaguely in her shape. "Alright... is anyone else missing? How many did we start with?" An older voice perked up at his questioning, her grandmother-like voice deeply concerned; "There were those two girls who insisted on leaving some time ago... They still seem to be gone." "I didn't get ta' talk ta' them then..." The sociable old man spoke up, "I tried ta' talk to everyone but they were gone 'fore I could. Where's that young fella'? The one who was hollerin'? I see jus' 'bout everyone else I talked ta' earlier." The heavy man, now in more of a panic, took particular notice of this, "Think he could have done something with her!? He already pushed the old lady, there's no telling what he could do!" "Now, now..." spoke the older woman, "He was scared, I am perfectly fine and that is no reason to assume the worst. If they are together I am sure it was a mutual decision. Nobody wants to go off alone." There was a moment of silence as the group pondered their options, when suddenly a young girl's voice shouted out, "We saw where that guy went!" Standing a ways up the heap stood the two youngest of their group, both small enough to seemingly defy gravity against the grains beneath their feet. "Yeah! He went off that way a little bit ago! Haven't seen 'im since!" The pair of them hardly seemed concerned as they pointed off into the distance, and without waiting for a reaction the two of them went back to playing in the ivory heap.

"Alright. By my count that's four of us who're missin'." The darker man's voice boomed heavily across the grassy clearing for all to hear, "The two girls're less a priority since they're together, but I'm sayin' we need to be lookin' for the ones on their own. Who's up for it?" "I'll come with!" The heavy man's voice shouted out, demanding attention, "I'll help look for the girl!" The couple, the middle aged man and the younger girl who has not left his side, soon approached and confirmed they too would help; of the two, the man spoke, "We need a few people to stay here in case anyone returns, makes sense they'd be the two oldest and two youngest." The dark man nodded in agreement, "We ain't got the manpower to split up and look for everyone right now, wouldn't be safe. We're goin' for the girl first." Grouping up, the four explorers stood in the pressed patch of grass the young woman had last been seen sleeping in, and made their way beyond the dark border of the clearing, quickly being swallowed in shadows out of the others' view.

The darkness that held the heap had steadily opened into a forest; throughout the many trees stood smaller piles of ivory dust beneath endless trails of falling grains and, much like the heap they knew, held an unexplainable lumination from nowhere. It was beside one of these smaller piles that the four explorers had decided to take a short rest. "So uh... do you two know each other, then?" The heavy set man broke the silence, directing his question towards the middle aged man and the shy girl clutching his arm. "What do you mean? Why do you say that?" The man seemed perplexed. "Well it's just... I mean... ya know. She's always clinging to you and you uh... I mean after earlier... the two of you just seem close is all. Curious if we're all strangers, or...", the overweight man's words were sincere, but he could not help but fear he had crossed a line and become too personal; to his relief, the other man smiled. "Oh... just making do, ya know. Felt natural." The young brunette blushed as she heard this and hugged him tighter while hiding her face, whispering something under her breath. "...Y-you saw that?" The heavier man was quick to reply, now also blushing with a small trail of sweat escaping his hairline, "I-I didn't watch or anything, but it was hard not to at least notice... sorry about that." Feeling the tension, the young girl's lover changed the subject, "It's a good point, though. We need to have each others' backs out here... it'd make sense to get to know each other a bit to know who we're keeping an eye out for. What're all of your names? I'm... uh..." His voice suddenly cut off and he stared vacantly into the distance.

"I... why can't I remember my name?" A chill filled the group as they all came to the same sudden realization. It had not even occurred to them to introduce one another until then, and not one of them could come up with their own names. It was the dark man who spoke first on the subject, "Ain't like that's the weirdest thing happenin' to us right now. So we can't remember our names... might be better that way, keeps it less personal." The group nodded in agreement, the middle aged man adding, "So... what do we call each other?" The four of them sat for a moment pondering, when the heavy set man clumsily blurted out, "You can all call me Rhino!" The others looked at him in bewilderment, causing him to blush in deep embarrassment before being relieved by the brunette woman. "Sounds like you have a story behind that one... care to share? I think you owe us some... intimate detais." His blush intensified, and with a stammer he answered; "It's... just something some buddies use to call me in school. I'm big and I kind of tend to... charge into things without thinking... sort of like this conversation....." It had been a long time since he had felt this awkward, but all the same it was quite the familiar feeling. The girl, now not quite as timid as before, giggled softly. "I like it... I think it sounds cool, Rhino. You can call me Bird; I've always liked birds." "Ya'll can call me Ox. Since we all doin' animal names that'll work for me." The largest of them, who the heavy set man had secretly found himself intimidated by, strangely felt less imposing with a name to put to the frame. The three of them turned to Bird's lover, "I've always been a dog guy... Hound work?" The group came to an agreement on what they would call one another, and with the names came a stronger sense of comfort between them.

A woman's cry tore through the void of darkness as she raced through the trees in terror, her eyes widened in hopes of finding salvation in the distance but only falling upon vague shapes of trees painted with shadows; her thighs tensed as they carried her hourglass figure across the damp grass below, her large breasts sending twinges of pain through her chest and back as they bounced unrestrained and weighed her down. All she could hear was the sound of her own heavy breathing trapped within the hard casing of her mask, drowning out any hope of hearing how close her attacker was behind her; little did she know he was directly on her heels. With a swift lunge the frail man dove at the curvy woman's legs, sweeping them out from beneath her as she fell hard to the forest floor, releasing a horrified scream to the woods abound. A bone encased hand clasped around the buxom woman's throat as the lanky man forced himself between his victims sweat-bathed thighs, and quickly he could feel his rock hard length penetrating into the heat of the woman's groin. Crying out and choking on her own tears the busty woman tried desperately to force the man away from her, but with each thrust she could feel her strength gradually failing her, and the strangely powerful man with the frail body only became more aggressive. Soon she laid silent against the grass as she took the rapist's throbbing manhood into her again and again, her large breasts bouncing painfully the more forceful he fucked her virginity away, her legs falling helplessly open around him, spread wide in hopes he will finish quickly and be done with her now bleeding pussy. Her eyes shut tightly behind her mask as she tried to drown out the attack and lose herself in darkness, and just as she began to truly accept her fate it happened.

All in an instant, her attacker's body swiftly lifted away from her as if being dragged away, accompanied by a painful yelping. Redirecting her gaze, the curvy woman looked up to see a very tall, dark skinned woman standing above her glaring down beneath her feet; there, the attacker lay flat on his pack in a daze, his chest heaving intensely. The red haired woman quickly made her way to the attacked woman's side, "Are you okay!?" She lifted her into a seated position and hugged her terrified, weakened form close, the two large pairs of breasts pressing tightly together as the raped woman quivered and curled up against one of her two saviors. A few feet away stood the statuesque amazon, "She okay?" The red haired girl nodded, "I think she will be... deal with him?" By this point the frail rapist had begun to crawl away, but his attempts were in vain; the muscular form of the dark skinned woman carried her over to the attacker and took position over him. Desperately the man flailed as he tried to free himself from the mighty woman's grasp, clawing and kicking as she lifted him off the grass by his neck and glared intensely through the slats in his mask directly into his tear filled eyes, "Please... I... I couldn't control myself... I thought it was a dream!" Her plated hand tightened on his throat, her eyes narrowing into the most violent of glares as she held his entire body suspended off the ground with a single arm.

"A dream...? You thought you were dreaming? Do you think you're dreaming now?" Her booming, yet strangely womanly voice shook the pale man's entire body as he slowly stopped resisting, "Y-yeah...! Would I really... attack her if it wasn't.....?" Tears flowed from his eyes as the burn of his straining muscles became more intense, using every bit of his strength just to help relief the weight of his own body off of his neck. "...I guess if you thought it was just a dream... I mean you can do anything in dreams. Yes?" The rapist nodded the best he could, his plated fingers digging into the powerful woman's arm so tightly blood had begun to drip. Gently, the dark skinned woman lowered the attacker to his feet and loosened her grip, though she did not release him; taking a softer tone she leaned closer, "So... did you get to finish?" She glanced down at the man's still half mast erection, glistening in the dim lighting from his victim's fluids. "I... no, but I..." The man was dumbfounded, and before he could so much as answer he found the mighty woman reaching down and firmly grasping him by his manhood. "If you thought it was just a dream... how could you have done anything wrong? ...Want me to help?" There was a silence, his mind a blur of incomprehensible thoughts, but soon his lust took hold once again and the blood rushed to his now fully engorged penis. Tenderly the woman stroked his shaft as it grew rigged, up from the base to the head, then back down until the grasp of her hand was fully enveloping the man's swollen cock base and balls. It took only a second, but as soon as she could hear so much as a "Ye-..." escape his lips her violent scowl returned and her grasp clenched tighter than ever before. Blood streaked across the cold grass at their feet as it gushed from the rapist's open crotch, and soon his freshly torn away manhood went with it.

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