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Amanda's Seduction

Just one more year of this hell. I sat staring at my hazy reflection in the bathroom, smoke billowing out of my lungs. Cheap cigarettes. Easy to come by here. My mother was a chain smoker and wouldn't work but she had plenty of men who came in and out of the house and she gave them pussy and they bought her cigarettes in return. Which I stole. Fucking whore. Who sells pussy for cigarettes and booze? Rhetorical question. My mother of course. She never cared about me or my brother but we couldn't leave without her putting our pictures on...


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Late Night Spy_(6)

My name is Sara and I have been married for 15 years to a very considerate and understanding man. His name is Allen, we met one day at a local bar and one thing led to another and we fell in love, over the following months we found that we had a lot in common and that simply made our love stronger. One day I was getting dressed for work and happened to see our neighbor’s son, Kenny standing on their patio, I could not see all of the patio just the corner nearest to our house and it appeared as...


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Anything for money (4)

The next week, Steve had anticipated taking things even further, and thus had prepared the set for such indecent activities. Simon returned the next week with a concerned look on his face, which Steve was happy to see. “I’m really starving,” Simon explained. “I need more money this time too.” “There is one thing we can do that would make a boatload of money, but only if you really need it,” Steve suggested, knowing Simon would have to say yes. Simon nodded hesitantly, evidently afraid of what was to come. He was still somewhat surprised at his own willingness to agree...


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Cassies first time 1

Incest, sleeping, young, first time Well my name is Cassie and this is about my first time, it’s been a long time since then but I still remember it vividly and quite fondly as well too! My mother and dad had divorced, dad was gone and we lost the house, well apartment really. Mom had moved in with her brother Uncle Mark. I guess now in retrospect I should have seen the things that were wrong back then but at the age that I was and the sheltered upbringing that I had, well I guess I just hadn’t figured things out...


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Pete's inheritance (chapters 6-7)

Morning came early as usual for Pete. He sat on the edge of the bed running over the events of the previous evening. He had fucked Sara in front of his sisters then all 4 ladys had brought him to another orgasm. He had been given the place at the head of the table, where his Dad once sat. He heard noises in the house as though someone was up which was unusual for this time of the morning. He pulled on his jeans and shirt and moved towards the kitchen where the noises were coming from. He entered the kitchen...


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Sex, Lies and Videotape pt2

Sex, Lies and Digital Cameras PT.2 Over the next couple of months I used my digi-cam to spy on my wife whenever I worked away from home. I was lucky several times, if I overhear her making arrangements, with her lover, I set the recorder accordingly. On these occasions, I filmed Linzi and her lover, Barry, fucking and sucking for hours on end. Their behaviour became predictable, on most visits. Linzi would answer the door, dressed in sexy underwear. Within seconds of entering the living room she would have his cock out of his pants and halfway down her throat. Sometimes...


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Birthday Fuck Up

As I walked to school the cold nipped my exposed skin from my black mini skirt I pulled my sweater around me tighter and walked faster.Shit I'm gonna be late I thought just as I turned the corner and saw the school I started running towards the torturous prison.Loosen up Alexandra your turned 18 today I smiled at the thought this would be my last year in school. I pulled out my mirror and looked at it my silky long black hair was still perfectly smooth and straight I looked at my bright green eyes. Why don't I have a boyfriend?...


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The school bell rang, and the students piled out into the hallways   on a Friday afternoon. Alexandra Russso walked out of the classroom into the halls of Tribeca   Prep. Her fine young ass swayed from side to side and all of the boys   turned to watch her walk by. Her nice, young, firm ass bounced as she   walk to her locker. She loved the attention, but hated that all they wanted is to pop her   cherry. Hey Sexy. It was Alex's boyfriend the wide reciver for TriBeCa  prep's rival   school, Waverly Place SPARTANS. (...


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Sister who is my dirty girl

Amy and I had a special relationship. you see she loved to go poop for me and sometimes would leave little or big presents around the house for me to find and punish her for, she’s not allowed to wipe herself only I’m allowed to wipe her clean. She doesn’t like to poop in the toilet, she likes to wear her little girl outfits and panties for me. Amy come here please. She came downstairs wearing her hair in pig tails with pink ribbons and her little mermaid panties with her little mermaid nightgown on. Yes daddy Andrew she said with...


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Crissy,George,Debbie - Chapter Three

Otto was sitting in the dinning room watching the five humans do their thing. He was licking his cock. The dog walked toward Crissy and David lying on the floor. The dark, crouching thing in the back of Crissy's brain began to stir again as the dog approached. Otto walked up to Crissy and David pressed his snout against Crissy's crotch. She jerked when she felt the touch of Otto's snout. The primitive beast in the back of her brain began to howl. Crissy felt Otto's tongue begin to lap at her pussy and ass. The cum from George was running...


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