Amanda's Seduction

Amanda's Seduction

Just one more year of this hell.

I sat staring at my hazy reflection in the bathroom, smoke billowing out of my lungs.

Cheap cigarettes. Easy to come by here. My mother was a chain smoker and wouldn't work but she had plenty of men who came in and out of the house and she gave them pussy and they bought her cigarettes in return. Which I stole. Fucking whore. Who sells pussy for cigarettes and booze?

Rhetorical question. My mother of course. She never cared about me or my brother but we couldn't leave without her putting our pictures on milk cartons because someone had to feed her newest baby who never stopped crying and shitting and wanting attention. One more year and the bitch was on her own.

I got up and left the bathroom, the only place with any privacy. I was going out. Fuck her and her men and the kid who would probably never know her father. Hell, my mother probably didn't know her father.

You would think I would be more sympathetic to the situation being a girl growing up without a dad but getting hit on by men all my life. Sick fucks.

"Mom, I'm going to Becky's"

"You can't go anywhere tonight! I have company coming over and you have to watch your baby sister!"

"I have a test tomorrow and I have to study!"

That was a lie. Well, the studying part was a lie. I'm sure I had a test but I had better things to do than study. Actually I WAS going to study. I was going to stare at my best friend's step-dad. God he was hot. He had dark hair and eyes and judging by the buldge in his pants, he had a big dick to go along with those good looks.

"Amanda! Don't you dare leave this house...." That was the last thing I heard as I slammed the back door and kicked my way through the dry leaves across the row of lawns on our street. Safer going behind houses here than walking on the street.

Shit. Forgot my cigarettes.

A few minutes later I was knocking on Becky's door I could feel my pussy get hot. I knew she wouldn't be home for a while longer because she had band practice. Geek. She was nice though and smart. Had to pass senior year somehow so why not have a smart best friend with a hot step-dad who I was planning to fuck?

His name was Rick. Rick Schaeffer. Rick and Amanda Schaeffer. That sounded nice when I said it out loud.

Rick answered the door. He looked distracted.

"Hey, Amanda... Becky's not home yet."

"Really? She said she was coming straight home today, I'm sorry," I lied. "Care if I hang out til she gets home?"

"uhh... sure... yeah.. come in. Excuse the mess."

His wife never cleaned house. I would clean house. Wonder if she sucks his dick. Rick's dick. God that made me wet thinking about it.

"Where's....the 'wifey'?"

"She went to church."


So Rick how about you and me go fuck in your bed while your wife is gone and before Becky gets home? That's what I said in my head. Instead I sat down and watched him clean his shotgun. His hands moved up and down the barrel and I don't know why that turned me on but I wasn't going to sit here and split hairs when I could make my move.

"Need help with that?"

"Nah.. I got it."

Too bad. I got up and crossed the room and took the rag from his hand and leaned over to where my boobs where practically falling out of my shirt and started to rub the barrel, twisting my fist around it and stroking it.

He nervously laughed.

"What's funny?"

"Nothing...I.. I don't know."

I laughed and handed his cleaning rag back to him. I saw his dark eyes drink me in. I used that moment to put my hand right on his crotch and firmly feel the buldge I was always looking at. He hardened in my hand. He tried backing up but I put my finger to his lips and trailed it down his chin and throat and chest, playing with his chest hair that was visible from the wife beater he was wearing.

I put my finger in my mouth, toying with it, letting my lips slide up and down my finger, swirling my tongue around my fingertip and then placing my finger back to his lip, letting him feel the wetness.

I had another wet spot he needed to feel.

"You know, Rick, I never had a daddy. I never had no daddy to love me or spank me."

That caught him off guard. I knew he spanked Becky a few times when she was late coming home on the weekends. She got pissed about it but I was turned on by it and I asked her too many questions about it and made her uncomfortable. She said he used his belt on her and once he even made her drop her pants. That got me so wet thinking about it. I never had a daddy or a step daddy that cared enough about me to keep me in line. All I had was those fucking men my mother brought home that was usually drunk and wanted to cop a feel or brush up against me. Sickened me. This was different. This was a real man. Not some drunk that paid for sex with cheap cigarettes and booze.

"You never had a spanking?"


I took Rick's hand and placed it on my thigh and prodded him towards my sweet spot. He seemed nervous but I just acted like this was normal. He hesitated but didn't stop. I sat on the coffee table in front of him and spread open my legs to invite him to touch me.

He did.

Oh god. The way his hands felt. My pussy was throbbing and soaking wet. I'm sure my jeans were damp with my juices that were flowing. I felt close to cumming just from the thought of him entering me with his mere finger. I felt him tug at my belt.

Holy Shit this was going to happen.

I leaned my head backwards. I didn't want to make eye contact. Afraid that would break his confidence or make him feel guilty. Just take me like you own me, I thought.

Own me. That was another hot thought I had. I would like to be under this man's control. I wish I could trade places with Becky. She had this step dad who was hot and spanked her. I wonder if it turned him on to spank her. I wonder if it secretly turned HER on.

My belt was off and he was unbuttoning my pants and unzipping them. I raised up to let him slide them off.

"Amanda, we shouldn't...."

I ignored him. I just lifted myself higher and as if on auto-pilot he pulled my jeans down to my thighs. He worked his finger into the side of my panties and felt my pussy lips I had just shaven.

"God, you're wet."

Damn right I was wet. I was a river. He had broken the dam and I was ready to take him in.

I just breathed in and pushed his fingers further inside. He found my clit and started flicking it. He knew what he was doing. He had both hands now. Pulling my panties down. I dared to look at him and he was staring at my cunt. He opened my lips wide and stared. I leaned back to give him easier access. With one hand I took off a shoe and then the other. He slid my pants down and I brought my knees up to help side them off. My panties came off next and his mouth found my wet cunt. Those beautiful lips of his were on my wet lips and he was sucking my clit and swirling his tongue around it and then sucking on it again. His mouth was glistening with my cunt juice. His finger entered me. One, then two.

"Your pussy is so tight and wet...."

And ready. I wanted his dick in me.

I stood up and turned around with my ass in his face; my hands flat on the coffee table before me. He took one hand and ran it down my spine and parted my ass cheeks and he put his tongue in between my ass cheeks! I had never had anyone touch me like this. I was gasping. My pussy was wet and my mouth was dry. I couldn't swallow. The noises that escaped my throat sounded hoarse and my voice was cracking.

"Spank me."

"Have you been bad?"

I'm being bad now, I thought.

"Yeah. I need a daddy to love me and spank me. Spank me like you spank Becky.

Shit. Maybe that wasn't a good idea to bring up his step daughter. What if this brought him back to the reality of what he was doing? Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

He had stopped. Stupid, so stupid, I never know when to shut my mouth.

He took my hand. I looked up at him. He had jogging pants on and his dick was hard as a rock. I slipped my hand down into it. I felt myself being led away. Into his bedroom.

Hell yes.

He picked up his belt off the floor and he placed my hands on his bed, slightly bending me forward in the process. I felt the leather slide over my ass. Just being touched with the leather was making my heart pound. I was a little scared but a lot turned on. I felt his fingers splitting my lips, entering me. I could hear how wet I was. He sloshed my juices around with his two fingers until I was shivering. He reached up and touched my tits, leaving a trail of my juices. The fan in the corner of the room was hitting my skin and the wet spots were feeling a cool sensation but I was nothing but pure heat.

The leather was tapped against my ass again.


I could only moan.

The first smack of the belt against my bare ass was loud and it shocked me. I never felt this before. It hurt but it felt good at the same time. Again. That time the stinging increased and I could feel my pussy becoming a pool.

Again his belt made contact with my ass, wrapping around me. Suddenly I felt a smack on my pussy lips. He was spanking my little pussy with his hands. Those big man hands. My body was shaking.

Rick turned me around and pushed me backwards onto the bed and spread my legs wide. He stared at my sweet spot while I stared at his face. He was drinking me in.

"Fuck me."

He didn't need to be persuaded. His pants were in the floor and his big cock was dancing before my eyes. He slapped his manhood on my clit. I could hear my juices splattering. He entered me, deep and all at once, burying his dick to the hilt. The shaft pushed the head deep into me and it hurt so good. Slow at first but then faster.

He pulled out and flipped me over and started spanking me again, this time with his hand.

"You're a bad girl, Amanda. I'm married. You know I'm married. Are you a whore like your mother? Are you happy? You made me cheat on my wife, Amanda. You need to be punished. A whore gets punished."

Fuck. I didn't care. I didn't need cheap cigarettes or booze. I just wanted this man's dick. If I was a whore, then hallelujah this was heaven.

And he was spanking me hard. I whimpered. Over and over he spanked me, my ass shaking with each lick. I cried out. A few tears welled up in my eyes but I couldn't tell if it was from intense pain or pleasure. The two hand merged.

He slammed his massive cock back into my pussy and pounded it over and over. He was dripping with my essence. Slick dick. Rick's slick dick. It was out of my pussy and into my ass.

I gasped. I wasn't expecting this. He was using my whole body.

"Are you my little whore, Amanda?"

"Tell me you are my whore!"

"I am your whore"

Holy fucking shit I was his whore. Fuck yeah.

I felt like my body was splitting. He was ripping me apart with his thrusts. He was pounding harder, he reached around to grab my tits and pounded one, two, three, four, five... he slid out of my ass and once more into my pussy... one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

I felt him pull out. He turned me around and pushed me to my knees, which was easy to do since I felt like my legs were wet noodles.

Hot, sticky liquid shot at my face. One, two, three, four, five... my whole face was covered in his cum.

Rick took the head of his dick and moved the cum from my cheek into my mouth and I sucked if off of his still firm dick. He smeared the cum across my face and into my mouth, making me taste him.

"Do you taste yourself, Amanda?"

I didn't know where his taste ended and mine began.

I opened my eyes. There stood Becky.


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