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Crissy,George,Debbie - Chapter Three

Otto was sitting in the dinning room watching the five humans do their thing. He was licking his cock. The dog walked toward Crissy and David lying on the floor. The dark, crouching thing in the back of Crissy's brain began to stir again as the dog approached. Otto walked up to Crissy and David pressed his snout against Crissy's crotch. She jerked when she felt the touch of Otto's snout. The primitive beast in the back of her brain began to howl. Crissy felt Otto's tongue begin to lap at her pussy and ass. The cum from George was running...


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StarDick: King Kong

StarDick : King Kong Hi I’m Terry Smith but you can call me stardick Today’s tale is about a lady friend of mine named Andria who had a fling with a guy or two, who had the strangest nickname King Kong. Andria got up a bit disappointed because she had been dreaming of a sexual fantasy so intense and exciting that she almost had an orgasm if it had not been for that stupid clock which alarmed 6:00am this morning. “I need a man…” she frowned as she could feel her panty slightly wet come the passionate dream. Moments later after...


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A Girl in a Black Skirt

A Girl in A Black Skirt ! It was a hot late spring morning and I was feeling particularly athletic. I’d spent the last two weeks sailing in the Mediterranean and I was back in London waiting for my next assignment. I was a sports journalist and most of my time was taken up by running around the world on racing circuits, climbing mountains or sailing not to mention all the other sports I wrote about. I believed in participating personally in these activities in order to give the best and most accurate accounts on the subjects I covered. I’d had...


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Melina of wwe

It was the morning of Wednesday, December 28th as I made my way to the WWE offices in Stamford at 8:30am. Two nights ago I spent the night with Trish Stratus, then last night I spent the night with former diva Debra Marshall although I was in a sour mood by the end of it because I found out she had conspired with Stephanie to mess with my head. We had sex in the limo, then I left at about 10pm and as far as I knew she was flying back to Texas to do whatever she did there. The sex...


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Adopted brother new life part 1

Hi my name is Shawn Roberts I am a 19 year old, (turning 20July 2nd), 5’10, African American, with short, black hair black eyes(Dark brown but seem pitch black). I’m going tell you an interesting story on how my sex life changed during high school. Hey Shawn! I heard a voice call my name from a distance while I was a track practice. I looked towards the distance and saw my 3 closest girl best friends. They all are ridiculously gorgeous (lucky me). I finished my lap and cut through the football field to see what was up. The girl that...


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Rural Speed Trap

Jackie was driving south in her porsche convertible returning to Dallas when she saw a pair of flashing lights behind her. Damn! A county road speed trap. Her friends had warned her about this. I emerged from the car, I was wearing mirrored sunglasses, a Stetson hat, an old fashioned single action revolver and gun belt, a PBR belt buckle, spurs on my boots, and was chewing on a tooth pick. As everyone knows states had quadrupled traffic fines to increase revenue. Worse yet she was in an expensive Germany sports car. She wore her usual attire that morning - a...


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The Travel Vlogger

The Travel Vlogger Gretchen was already regretting her outfit choice. It was her signature look, something her followers expected from her. However, the Tokyo summer was not forgiving, and humidity did not go well with denim. Her snugly fit jeans were becoming uncomfortable, but she would have to endure, at least until after she'd found something to film. She wasn't even sure what precinct she was in. She had chosen it randomly at the station, looking for a new adventure to share with her subscribers. She must have been quite an image for the many locals walking past. Being slightly above...


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A dream cum true_(3)

I sit in the hotel room alone, nervously waiting for your arrival. My heart is pounding my mind is racing. I have dreamed of this moment since we first messaged one another. That fire and desire for you has been burning relentlessly since I first laid eyes on you and kissed your sexy plump lips in that park. My mouth has watered for you from that very small taste I got off my fingers after making you cum in your car. All these thoughts along with a million other from our many conversations run through my head as I wait for...


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An Unlikely Threesome --- Chapter 3

Chapter 3 After arriving home, the group stepped out of the car and headed towards the door, with Lucy ahead of the other two. The exterior of the house was akin to a cabin in the woods as Lucy was a conservationist and loved living in nature. Lucy fumbled with her keys, still quivering from her orgasm and dropped the on the floor. Bending over to pick them up, the pair behind were given a gracious few of the blonde girl's shaven pussy. Aaron bit his lip and became hard for god knows how many times today. Daisy stared too, imagining...


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Shy and Divorced

The sun shown down upon two naked bodies making love creating a heat unparalleled to the heat of passion. Linda is 35 year old divorced mother of two small kids, she is a saleslady at a department store in Rockwall. She is very attractive petite woman about 5' 4, slim hot sexy body, small breasts the size of naval oranges, long blonde hair, and sparkling dark eyes. I seen her in the fragrance dept. when I stopped by the store. Ihad my aide find out about her ans sent her a dozen roses and a bottle of expensive perfume with a...


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