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An Unlikely Threesome --- Chapter 3

Chapter 3 After arriving home, the group stepped out of the car and headed towards the door, with Lucy ahead of the other two. The exterior of the house was akin to a cabin in the woods as Lucy was a conservationist and loved living in nature. Lucy fumbled with her keys, still quivering from her orgasm and dropped the on the floor. Bending over to pick them up, the pair behind were given a gracious few of the blonde girl's shaven pussy. Aaron bit his lip and became hard for god knows how many times today. Daisy stared too, imagining...


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Shy and Divorced

The sun shown down upon two naked bodies making love creating a heat unparalleled to the heat of passion. Linda is 35 year old divorced mother of two small kids, she is a saleslady at a department store in Rockwall. She is very attractive petite woman about 5' 4, slim hot sexy body, small breasts the size of naval oranges, long blonde hair, and sparkling dark eyes. I seen her in the fragrance dept. when I stopped by the store. Ihad my aide find out about her ans sent her a dozen roses and a bottle of expensive perfume with a...


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Milk of Desire, Book II, Chapter 1 : Getting back on track

Milk of Desire, Book II By EFon Chapter 1 : Getting back on track I'll be honest; I was weak and forgetful. I'll intended to test the effect of my seductive sperm theory on Lisa's gruff and hostile personality, which while successful was long forgotten in favor of spending the whole next week testing a different theory. Namely that my sexual stamina could keep up with two wanton young ladies that contently wanted every inch of my body inside them. Sunday morning, after the sleepover, while mom went shopping, I was fucking Lisa or Katey, while Jen sexing up the other...


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Mark takes me.

I sighed, it had been a rough day, I just won a major case and decided to go to the local club, Cherry, to celebrate. I work at Sterling Law, one of the best attorney’s in New York City, and I am one of their top associates, which is unusual because I’m so young. I untied my dark blond, shoulder length hair and let it fall; I still had my sexy, little black dress on from work. I stepped through the club entrance giving the bouncer a look, daring him to stop me. I have that cold, superior bitch thing going...


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A guy and his...? 24 Full Circle

Jake had made his way to the kitchen realizing that he hadn't eaten all day. Reaching for the frig the table was suddenly groaning under the weight of all the food that was stacked high upon it. Shaking his head he had to try and remember that he had Jinns now all he really had to do was think about it, poof it was there. Sitting he was deep in thought when Gen touched his shoulder, apparently he'd missed what she'd said. I'm sorry Gen I was thinking I have a great decision to make and right now I am at...


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LIttle Girl down the Street

You Know Her She lives down the block from you. Her name is Kara and she lives with her younger brother and sister. She must be around 10 years old now and her sister and brother are 8 and 6. Her family moved in to the neighborhood about 5 years ago. Her dad is a salesman for a Dodge dealer across the river and her mother is a nurse for a nursing home on the other side of town. I knew her parents from seeing them as I drive by and we wave at each other or when I walk my...


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The Babysitter Part#2

Sorry….story split when entering it… As the men continued to pleasure her she yelled at them to do it harder. This she found always made her orgasms more intense. Another hand from out of no where wrapped around her neck and choked her tightly. Just before passing out momentarily from her largest climax ever she felt fingers shove up her asshole. The force jolted her hips upwards. One of the men had an ass fucking interest. He flipped her over on the bed and jammed his cock into her tight ass. Her puckered little asshole was like a bulls eye. Red...


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CutieMish's gang-bang

NOTE: To aid in the visualization, I have pics of CutieMish(Michelle Lam) in my album My Fuckable Asian Fantasies. Michelle Lam is a 20 year-old girl of Asian descent, living in a small town just outside of London, England. Something that sets this 5'5, dark-haired, brown almond-eyed beauty with the perky yet sensually soft and squeezable B-cup breasts apart from others of her kind is the distinctly English accent in which she speaks. In her onscreen identity as the internet phenom CutieMish, she's charmed guys around the world and inspired uncountable fantasies within those same guys about the things they'd love...


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Lisa's Awakening Chapter 5

Lisa struggles through her Friday classes in anticipation of the weekend where she won’t have to wear clothes for two whole days. Much of her thoughts are also on how it feels to be watched without her clothing and especially with her legs spread, exposing her young pussy to all eyes. While her dad watching is a huge turn on, she finds herself sometimes wishing there were others watching her as well. Her recent fantasies even have her on a concert stage, completely naked and masturbating for a huge crowed of strange men. These thoughts so fill her mind that by...


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Parking deck surprise

My wife and I had finally gotten the news we had been waiting on for a while. We were finally cleared to get pregnant after some medical issues that we had. We already had one child and he was at the house with a babysitter. This was so excited because we had been using condoms for over 2 years and now, we were never going to have to use them again. The appointment went very well and was over way faster than we had thought. We had the babysitter for another few hours, so we were not going to waist that...


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