Milk of Desire, Book II, Chapter 1 : Getting back on track

Milk of Desire, Book II, Chapter 1 : Getting back on track

Milk of Desire, Book II

By EFon

Chapter 1 : Getting back on track

I'll be honest; I was weak and forgetful. I'll intended to test the effect of my "seductive sperm theory" on Lisa's gruff and hostile personality, which while successful was long forgotten in favor of spending the whole next week testing a different theory. Namely that my sexual stamina could keep up with two wanton young ladies that contently wanted every inch of my body inside them.

Sunday morning, after the sleepover, while mom went shopping, I was fucking Lisa or Katey, while Jen sexing up the other as if she'd been a lesbian the whole time. Come Monday, and every day after, I never took the bus. I was always riding in the backseat of Jen's car, not because I was ostracized there anymore, but so that either Lisa or Katey could give me blowjobs on the ride to school. Then after school, if they didn't have cheerleader practice or a game, instead of walking home with Jake, the three girls and I went to my house and had another orgy with the couple hours we had until Mom got home. Then I'd nap while Jen drove the girls home.

On Friday the girls had practice, and a away football game they would have to go to that night, so Jen wouldn't be home until about ten tonight. I was actually glad for the break by then. Don't get me wrong; I loved filling those sexy wenches pussies and mouths with my man-juice, and they loved it more than I did, but I was getting rub-burn in sensitive places.

I meet up with Jake to walked home that night like I always had before, but he just looked at me and asked bluntly, "Dude, what is going on?"

"What do you mean?" I asked innocently.

"You've been hanging out with your bitch sister and her bitch friends!" he said disgustedly.

"Oh, well... It's complicated," I started to explain, but Jake actually stopped waking and put his hand to my chest.

"Okay, fess up," Jake stared at me and folded his arms. Oh crap he knows something's up. "What did you do? Is Jen blackmailing you?"

"What? Oh, uh, well..." my predicament all came back to me. I'd been all logical and scientific before, but once I had two sexy ladies servicing my every need, and my sister literally cleaning up after me, I'd forgotten about all that. I'd been raping them all week. The power my semen had on the female brain was staggeringly seductive, on them, and on me.

I'd been careless, and my realization must have showed on my face as confirmation to Jake, "That bitch! What's she got? Photos of you naked or something?"

"Oh, um... yea," I added weakly. This was bad; I'd already gotten noticed for acting unusual. Sure it was by my best friend, but could I trust him with this secret? What if he turned me in and I went to jail for rape? That's crazy of course; no one would believe my crazy theory.

"Yup, I thought so. What are they making you do?" Jake demanded and we kept walking.

"Oh, just doing their homework... and stuff," I lied.

"Like carrying their books and being their slave?," I couldn't think of a better lie so just nodded, "Man that sucks." There was sucking involved, but in not the way he thought, and it made me smile. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, well... I, uh... Look, can we just not talk about it?" I needed to consider all the angles. Had I actually proved anything? Sure it seemed like it, but what did I really know? Not much other than I had two older girls and my sister, now almost at my beck and call.

"But don't you want to get back at Jen?" Jake pestered.

I let out a sigh. I guess I was really going to have to play along. "How?"

"Well..." Jake thought, "If you got a picture of her in a compromising position, she might turn over the pictures of you in a trade and you'd be free."

"Sure, but how?" I drolled.

"Damn it Russ! She's your sister!" he complained, "You must know her."

He was right, and suddenly I had an idea. "I got it!"

"Great, what's the plan?" Jake asked eagerly.

"Er..." actually I got an idea more for my next test, but Jake would be involved, and maybe I could get him off my case I hoped. "Well, I've seen her boyfriend's, Chad, handwriting and I think I could fake a note from him. It'll make it a seem like he wants to hook up, but you hide somewhere and take some pictures of her."

"Me?" Jake looked a little scared. "Why me?"

"She won't touch you, but she'd kick my ass if she catches me," I explained.

"Right..." he nodded following my logic.

After that the planning began. I was already pretty sure Jen would let me take pictures of her, but how far would she go? What could I get her to do? How much control did I have? All these questions needed to be answered and more. When we got to his house we breezed past his little sister Jackie, ignoring her completely, with only a cursory hi to his Mom as we locked ourselves in his room and tried to think up a plot for luring my sister to somewhere private and romantic, where she would get naked while Jake spied on her and took pictures.

By the time my mom came to pick me up we had it all worked out, and I had most of the real plan worked out too. The next real test of my power was to see how far I could get Jen to go. Mom asked about school and the normal stuff on the drive home, but I barely paid attention. I got home and I went to my room and set about making a list of known properties that I had figured out by now of my power.

All three girls that had gotten attracted to me started by tasting my semen. Katey had the least with just precum from my underwear a year ago, but it was undiluted, resulting in a secret crush on me, but not much more than that. Then Jen in the glass of milk, which made her somewhat nicer to me, but we still fought that night at dinner and when I angrily yelled at her to suck my cock, more as an insult than a command, she had actually done it that night. Finally Lisa last week in the sweet butter on her toast at dinner, and more in cookies made mostly with that butter, and she changed quite quickly from mean to lusty over a few hours with sufficient stimulation and encouragement.

Of course after the indicial dose, they had all received vaginal or oral doses, and become VERY friendly. I smiled noting that. I had gotten Katey, on what was essentially our second date, to beg her best friend to have a threesome with us, as long as she thought that would make me happy. Jen, who'd been the first to suck my cock, practically became my servant more than my sister, and help set me up with Katey in the first place.

After all this, I'd still not had actually full-on sex with Jen. Some might find that odd when you have a girl that was as admittedly super sexy as the trim blond bunny she was, practically begging for it, but I'd been reluctant at first because she was my sister. Well, half-sister, since we had different fathers, but still. And after I had Katey and then Lisa, she seemed happy just to be along for the ride, but also seemed to really enjoy lezzing up the other girls. I didn't know if she still wanted me, but I knew she loved me, and more than as a brother.

Then I remembered something my mom has said about my father. He'd been a doctor. Then I replayed the story over in my head, what I could remember anyways. He'd been a stud; a playboy. He'd gotten my mom pregnant with me, breaking up her marriage, and almost getting me aborted, until she snapped out of it.

My dad had the same power as I do, and he'd used it in his workplace somehow, and was doing all the nurses, including my mom. But something happened that ended his power over them. She didn't think she'd been raped, so it wasn't like mind control, more like emotion control or hormones. She said she'd made bad decisions, but even today thought they were her choices. That made me feel better about what I'd been doing to Katey and Lisa, but the real question now was what had woken up my mother?

I checked the clock and was almost dinner time. Jen was gone for the night, so it would be just me and Mom, so I could really grill her about my dad. I went out to the kitchen and found her cooking, so sat at the table and said, "Mom, can you tell me more about my father?"

She shook back her short dark blonde hair and looked a little worried at me but said, "Sure Sweetie, what do you want to know?"

"Well, you said something about finally seeing him as a jerk. What did he do that made you see that?"

"Oh, I don't think he did anything specifically," she reminisced. "I'd just found out I was pregnant, so I think my view on my life changed since I was no longer just living for myself."

"Was that it?" I pressed, "Did you make any other changes when you found out you were pregnant?"

She thought for a moment. "Well and had gotten a prescription for prenatal vitamins, that and decided to stop drinking the coffee at work to cut back on caffeine. Your father always had a late shift, so when I told him that evening before I clocked out, he just looked different." she shrugged, "That's all I remember."

I thought for a moment how my mom drinks coffee when it came to me, "Did my dad drink coffee?"

"Yes, but only black with sugar. We always teased him how generous he was, always buying the coffee creamer, even when he didn't use it himself," she laughed at the memory.

BINGO! He was spiking the creamer. So she didn't drink it, and then it wore off. Crap, that means it will were off if I don't keep dosing the girls. But that didn't make sense. Katey has liked my precum months ago, yet still had a crush on me. Well, maybe the effect started then, and even if it wore off, I'd not been a jerk like Dad and snapped the spell. Too many variables.

It wasn't much, but it was a start. We ate dinner while watching the news, but I ate quick and headed back to my room to get on my computer and check the internet. I found that prenatal vitamins included high amounts of folic acid, iron, and calcium. The first two say they are critical in brain health. Maybe that was some or part of the "cure".

Mom had already gone to bed, but I was still searching the internet when Jen got home at 10:30. "Hey Russ," she said tiredly opening her door to her room across the hall from mine.

"Oh, hey Jen. Can you do me a favor?" I asked quickly.

"Love to," she replied a bit too chipperly. "What's up?" she asked as she came into my room. She was obviously tired and a bit sweaty from cheering all night, and still in her cheer uniform, but smiled innocently enough.

"Well..." I said as I closed my door behind her, trying to think of how to tell her about Jake.

"Oh..." she smiled devilishly and sad back on my bed and crossed her legs. "Does my little brother want a nightcap?"

"What?" I blinked in confusion.

She smiled deviously and pulled her top over her head exposing her nice red bra that pushed her full tits out at me. I was stuck staring at them as if I'd not seen tits before when she finished getting it off and put her hands behind her back to remove the bra by the time I got my senses back. "Oh... no, no, no!"

"No?" she kept her bra on and arched her eyebrow. Then she leaned forward to touch my crotch, and smiled, "I don't think he's saying no."

She had me there. My dick liked the eye candy and had already started responding. I'd had so much sex the last few days I'd not bothered to jerk of at all today, so was roaring and ready to go. But this was still my sister and I needed to tell her something about Jake. "True, but I need something else first."

She smiled at me and started undoing my pants, but I kept talking. "See, Jake thinks your blackmailing me to be you and your friends slave." Once opened she grabbed my dick firmly and poked it out through my underwear.

I groaned as she stroked me to fullness, but babbled on. "So, what I want, is for you to take some compromising photos of me, then tomorrow night go to the top of Park Hill..."

I had to stop talking once she went down on me. She mouth squeezed around my cock and all I could do was groan for a few minutes as she sucked me up and down. Eventually I mumbled on, "At the top of Park Hill... as if you were... going to hook up with Chad... but Jake will be hiding in the bushes."

Then my world was spinning. Not that I was coming, but she pulled me down onto my bed with me flat on my back. I'd had my eyes closed, trying to concentrate, but with all my blood in my cock I was dizzy from being swung around and didn't see rightly what was happening until it was too late to stop it. Not that I'm sure I would have anyway, but I can at least hold out that I might have tried to stop her.

The feel of feminine flesh around my manhood was only a few weeks old to me, but I'd felt it many, many times recently, but even still it shuts off my brain and curls my toes with ecstasy. Everything else was forgotten. My word and plans meant nothing. Neither did the fact that the woman I was now making love to was my sister. All that mattered was the squelching wetness enveloping me, the short pleated skirt rustling over my hips, the soft delicate fingers pushing down on my chest, and the quiet moan of a lover as she takes a man insider her.

She shifted and moaned, and I could barely open my eyes from the overload of pleasure. I'd seen Jen come before, both from masturbating herself, and from being eaten by Katey or Lisa, and once as I fingered her, but never seen her fuck, much less on my own cock. Her breasts were pushed together tightly, still encased in her bright red bra. Her long golden hair was flowing over her face and almost down into mine. And she scrunched her lips and eyes shut as she churned her cunt down on my impaling rod.

It really didn't do much to get me off, but it really turned me on and I was entranced by her erotic ministrations. Her breath caught, head tipped forward, hips clenched, then shook over and over for several seconds until she relaxed. She'd been more vocal other times, but she knew our mother was just down the hall as much as I did, and that we would have hell to pay if our incest was found out.

She smiled down at me then and said in an almost moan, "God little brother, your cock is so big inside me." Then she leaned back, pulling my cock to an uncomfortable downward angle, "And look at how sticky you made me."

All my inhibitions were lost after that. My cock throbbed still inside her, but I pushed her off to the side and she giggled softly as she laid on my bed proper and I pounced on her. In a flash I was already between her smooth thighs and hilt deep in her again. She clasped her arms and legs around me as I rammed into her with reckless abandon. She soft, and wet, and willing. I was insane with lust and desperate to cum.

She whispered in my ear, "Give it to me." I grabbed her hips at the top of her skirt for leverage as I slammed into her hard and fast. "I've wanted it for so long." The room started echoing with the sticky wet slapping sounds of my desperation. "I need to feel you fill me up inside." That was the last straw. I shoved violently in as I exploded. I shuddered and shook like a dying man and it felt like my soul was leaving my body to curl up for warmth inside her womb, only to be jerked back for a second, then yo-yo back in. It felt like forever as shot after shot of my precious life fluids forced their way out of me to seek shelter inside of her.

After my soul returned to me, I leaned forward to rest my head against her bra padded breasts, sill fully inside her and randomly squeezing out little jerks of cum to make sure she was topped off completely. Her pussy clenched now and again, to try and keep my softening member and all it deposited inside, but after a few minutes gravity sloshed my shrunken member from her now gaping and gooey gash. Then we kissed. Not as brother and sister, but as lovers. And I did love her. The fact it was wrong was slowly returning to me, but I was too fuck-happy to care right now. Then she said it was bedtime and I rolled over to allow her to leave my room for her own.

Then half dead to the world I heard some funny electronic clicking sounds. I looked at my sister as she closed up her phone. "Okay, got some embarrassing photos. Tell me the rest tomorrow," then she waved, turned off my light and closed my door.

(Authors note: Additional chapters are being written, and this story has a long way to go, but will be advancing slower than before due to changes in my time for writing. Some blame can also be directed at Diablo 3.)

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