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Amanda's Seduction

Just one more year of this hell. I sat staring at my hazy reflection in the bathroom, smoke billowing out of my lungs. Cheap cigarettes. Easy to come by here. My mother was a chain smoker and wouldn't work but she had plenty of men who came in and out of the house and she gave them pussy and they bought her cigarettes in return. Which I stole. Fucking whore. Who sells pussy for cigarettes and booze? Rhetorical question. My mother of course. She never cared about me or my brother but we couldn't leave without her putting our pictures on...


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A Sexy Subject Part 3

I came home one afternoon from school to find my mom prancing around like she’d just won the lottery. “What’s with you, Mom?” I said dropping my bag beside the couch. She practically pulled me into the kitchen by my arm and waved her hand a dramatic manner at a vase of twelve red roses sitting on the counter. “Great,” I said, trying to not let her know how much I didn’t care. “Who’s your secret admirer?” Mom practically clapped her hands with glee like a child. “Here,” she said, handing me the card, “read it.” Taking it from her, I...


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Aspiring actress - Chelsea's story part 4 Robs dillema

Chelsea needed cock now badly and Rob sensed his opportunity he moved Keira to the side and went to line up his cock when Micheal interrupted, You have done well, but this is mine, you will only ever get what I pass you. Now watch as I fuck your sister in front of you. You can use your little play toy as you feel fit. Rob was devastated, he needed to fuck his sister right now but he found himself obeying, he stood to the side as the old man came up behind her, reaching forward he pulled her hair back...


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The Travel Vlogger

The Travel Vlogger Gretchen was already regretting her outfit choice. It was her signature look, something her followers expected from her. However, the Tokyo summer was not forgiving, and humidity did not go well with denim. Her snugly fit jeans were becoming uncomfortable, but she would have to endure, at least until after she'd found something to film. She wasn't even sure what precinct she was in. She had chosen it randomly at the station, looking for a new adventure to share with her subscribers. She must have been quite an image for the many locals walking past. Being slightly above...


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The Internet Cherry

I remember getting my first AOL Massager when I was 11 years old. I know computers were out way before then but I lived a sheltered life and it was the first time my mom even considered getting us a computer. It wasn’t long before I fell hard for the internet and everything it offered. It all started when I got bored and found a game site where you could play board games and talk to people right there online. The chatting soon directed me to chat rooms and anyone who would talk to an 11 year old female. The normal...


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Suzanne 1

I checked in to my hotel in Lygon Street, late on Sunday afternoon. I walked the few blocks from there to Melbourne Uni, found the registration desk for the conference that I would be attending for the rest of the week, registered and then went to the 'free' reception, paid for out of my registration fee. I stood chatting with some of the other attendees that I had met at other such conferences. A very attractive young woman joined our group, I guessed that she was a student, and so I made an effort to include her in our little group...


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My true Fantasy

It all began with a camping trip my dad and I took when I was a little girl. My mother had died giving birth to me so it was just my father and I alone. One summer, when I was nine, we went on a camping trip to bond even closer and just to relax and have a good vacation. Since we were alone on a campsite with no one around for miles it was just he and I, so we spent up the days usually fishing or playing cards. But one night, my father went to take a dip in...


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Carings Such Hard Work_(0)

Working for a local authority Carer service was not your ideal way for getting into nursing but after trying other ways someone had suggested it while you get the qualifications you need to go to nursing school. After a couple of weeks you find the work easy and quite enjoyable, talking to the old folk and hearing their stories of when they were younger, a few of the old men even flirt with you. At 22, 5’ 5 inches tall with long blonde hair and 38DD breasts and 18 stone you haven’t had that many boyfriends, in the company uniform at...


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My husband doesn't know_(0)

Hi everyone, well this is my first story I am writing about my sexuall experiences and I hope you enjoy,. My name is Kristy, I am 29yo , live on the North Coast of NSW, Very Petite only about 5ft 2, I have extremely large breast's for my size, a nice petite Pussy and Ass to match, this story is about a sexuall encounter I had with a guy whom I became friends with while I was working for a large Retail company. He was our delivery driver and a lot older, in his early 50's but looked a lot younger...


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The Hitchhiker Chapter 18 - Jessica and Char

As we made our way home I said, “I can’t believe you did that Mary Ann after everything we talked about today.” “Me either but she seemed so nice and she was so beautiful I felt sorry for her. First being cheated on and then going six months without sex made me want to have you help her out.” “That’s fine but I want you to know that spending time with you was the best part of my day. We had a lot of laughs, got to get out together and had quite an adventure. Would you agree?” She said, “I...


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