The Hitchhiker Chapter 18 - Jessica and Char

The Hitchhiker Chapter 18 - Jessica and Char

As we made our way home I said, “I can’t believe you did that Mary Ann after everything we talked about today.”

“Me either but she seemed so nice and she was so beautiful I felt sorry for her. First being cheated on and then going six months without sex made me want to have you help her out.”

“That’s fine but I want you to know that spending time with you was the best part of my day. We had a lot of laughs, got to get out together and had quite an adventure. Would you agree?”

She said, “I loved every minute of it. You’re really a fun guy to be around.”

As we got closer to her apartment I asked, “So what’s the plan? Are you prepared to deal with the girls?

She said, “I am. First off, our relationship is really none of their business but you and I are comfortable about the future. As far as a repeat of this weekend goes they shouldn’t count on it. That’s pretty much it.”

“I’m coming in with you in case you need an adult in the room.”

She laughed and said, “I hope it doesn’t come to that daddy.”

We pulled into the parking lot and entered her apartment arm in arm. Char and Jessica were sitting on the couch watching television and Jessica said, “Well, well, if it isn’t my friend Mary Ann. Thanks for bailing on us today, I had a great time watching football with Char but I would have preferred to have gotten my pussy pounded again.”

Char said, “Yeah that would have been nice.”

“I apologize to both of you but I needed to get out of here and work some things out and Tony was nice enough to take me to his place. I love both of you but I really needed to know where his head was at after some of the things I saw yesterday.”

Jessica said, “Why whatever could that have been? Was it the time his cock was buried in my ass, when he fucked my amazing tits or was it something else?”

I walked over to the couch and set next to Jessica and said, “I need both of you to listen to me. I admitted to Mary Ann that I am attracted to all of you but it puts me in a difficult spot when you want me to sneak around behind her back. I know I gave you the impression that was OK but I’m telling you now it’s not going to happen.”

Mary Ann chimed in, “I know this is hard to hear but it’s not like he and I are going to see each other every day and I don’t want us in a competition. I’m open to working something out in the future but for now he’s mine and mine alone.”

We all sat in silence and let Mary Ann’s words sink in. Jessica spoke up first and said, “I understand and respect your position and I’m sorry about some of the things I tried to do yesterday because I knew Tony wanted you the most.”

“The thing is we have feelings too and it’ll take some time to get over all of this,” Char said.

Mary Ann said, “I understand but you must know that this isn’t easy for Tony or me either. By the way, where’s Beth?”

“She was gone when we got up so I’m not sure where she is. Probably had to work or something,” Char said.

“Thanks, I’ll give her a call and see how she’s doing. I hear what you’re saying about your feelings and I have an idea but I need to run it past Tony first OK?”

They nodded in agreement and Mary Ann took me into her room, closed the door and said, “I think that went about as well as could be expected but I still feel guilty.”

“I know this is hard but it certainly isn’t something that happens every day either,” I said.

“That’s true but I would feel better if you fucked both of them one last time and I want you to be alone with each one of them in their room,” she said.

“If that’s what you want I will do it but are you absolutely sure about this?”

“I am. You wait here while I go talk to them.”

After a few minutes she came back and said, “OK, they’re ready for you. I’m going to call Beth and then maybe take a little nap. I’m exhausted.”

“OK Mary Ann, I will see you before I leave.”

She pulled me close, kissed me and said, “Of course you will.”

I walked over to Char’s room, knocked on the door and she invited me in. She was on her bed totally naked and playing with herself and she said, “What took you so long stud? Come here and fuck me.”

I got naked and joined her in her bed and she grabbed hold of my cock and started stroking it as I felt her pussy and sucked her tits. She said, “I know it’s only been a day but I really missed this cock,” as she reached down and took my cock into her mouth.

“MMMM Char you’re really a good little cock sucker. Your mouth is amazing but I need to taste your pussy too.”

She got on top of me, planted her wet pussy on my face and I started to lick her clit. “Oh fuck that feels so fucking good on my little pussy, MMMM!” She continued to swallow my cock as I licked her clit and she said, “Fuck you’re going make me cum but I need your cock.” She lay down on the bed with her legs spread wide as I slowly slid my hard cock into her tight pussy. “MMMMMM, yes Tony, that feels so good. Fuck me nice and slow with that big dick of yours.”

I fucked her with long slow strokes of my cock and rubbed the base on her clit every time I was fully inserted in her. “MMMM that feels so good when you grind on my clit like that, I could cum anytime you do that.” I withdrew my cock and teased her with the head just inside her pussy until she begged me to put it back in. “Please don’t do that to me Tony, it drives me insane when you tease me like that.” I pushed my cock back into her pussy and ground it on her clit and she cried, “Oh yes you fucker. Please keep doing that you’re going to make my pussy cum! MMMM!”

I rubbed the base of my cock on her clit as her breathing got harder and right before I knew she was going to cum I pulled out again and she cried, “Oh no, please stick it back in me and pound my pussy so I can cum all over you. Do it right now, please!”

I pushed the length of my cock back in and started to pound her hard and fast as I sucked her tits. “God, yes that’s it lover! Suck my tits and pound my tight pussy! Oh yes, just like that, I’m gonna fucking cum! MMMMMMM!”

She cried out as wave after wave of her orgasm racked her body with pleasure and she grabbed my ass, pulling me in deeper as she ground her clit on my cock and her cum exploded on her bed.

When she was finished I laid down next to her and gave her a long passionate kiss as she stroked my cock. I said, “That was wonderful but from here on out we all play by Mary Ann’s rules OK?”

“Whatever you say stud,” she mumbled but I was less than convinced.

I kissed her one last time and said, “Have a good night but I have to go see Jessica now.”

I grabbed my clothes, went to Jessica’s room and knocked on the door and she told me to come in. To my surprise she was sitting in her bed fully clothed with her arms folded across her chest and she said, “Am I supposed to feel honored that you finally made time for me?”

I said, “Now Jessica, don’t be like that but if you don’t want me to be here I’ll go back to Char’s room. I’m sure she’d love to finish me off.”

She motioned for me to join her on the bed and said, “I thought we made a real connection this week only to wake up to your fucking note and you were gone.” As she said this she started to unconsciously stroke my hard cock.

I said, “Listen, Mary Ann was very upset last night primarily because she picked up on the vibe between us and I felt like we needed to get away and work things out. I need to get back to my normal life next week and had to make a decision.”

She leaned over and gave me a long passionate kiss and said, “I know you want me Tony, I can tell by the way you look at me.”

“That’s true Jessica but we don’t always get everything we want in life and you never know what the future will bring. You could meet someone tomorrow who will sweep you off your feet and never give me a second thought. The same could happen with Mary Ann or even Char but for now we need to live by Mary Ann’s rules. She loves the two of you and we’ll figure things out once the dust settles.

She stroked my cock harder and said, “So you think there’s a chance for us to be together?”

“There are always chances in life Jessica.”

She lay down in her bed, looked into my eyes and said, “Take my clothes off of me Tony.”

I unbuttoned her shorts and slowly pulled them down her body and lightly kissed her pussy through her panties. Next I pulled her t-shirt over her head and undid the clasp on her bra, freeing her big round tits. I said, “God your tits are truly a work of art,” and started to suck them into my mouth as she ran her hands over my body. I kissed my way down to her panties and grabbed the edge between my teeth and pulled them off with my mouth then took a moment to savor her gorgeous body before making my way back to her pussy.

She said, “It feels so good when you lick my clit like that Tony. MMMMM!” I licked all the way around her clit and her pussy until she said, “I need your cock in my mouth.” She pushed me onto my back, shoved her pussy into my face and started sucking my dick like a woman possessed. “Oh fuck yes, lick my fucking pussy while I suck this massive cock of yours. Oh it feels so good and I love having your cock in my mouth.”

She continued humping my face and sucking my cock until her breathing started getting heavy and she said, “If we keep doing this I’m going to cum all over you and I need that cock in my pussy. Please fuck me now Tony.”

She got on the bed and I slowly slid my cock into her so she could grind her clit on the base. “Fuck this is the most amazing feeling, I don’t know how I would ever deal with a guy who has a small cock after this. MMMMM!”

“Just remember to try before you buy babe,” and I pulled my cock all the way out before slowly sliding it back in her soaked pussy.

“Fuck I just love how it feels when you slide it in real slow like that. Part of me wants you to pound me hard so I can cum but this feels so good I don’t ever want you to stop. I pulled my cock out and teased her with the head before slowly pushing back in. “Fuck yes, just like that. It feels so fucking good.”

I continued to fuck her with long slow strokes of my cock and started sucking on her tits when she cried, “Oh God that is going to fucking make me cum if you do that.”

I pulled all the way out and asked, “Is my little Jessica ready to cum now?”

“Oh please yes, I’ll do whatever you or Mary Ann asks just make me cum Tony.”

I slid my cock slowly back into her until the entire length was in her pussy and she could grind her clit on my cock. She screamed, “Oh fuck Tony, that’s so fucking good. MMMMM!” She brought herself to the edge of her climax several times before she allowed herself to cum. “Fuck this is it Tony. I’m going to cum this time!” She dug her nails into my ass and cried, “Fuck this is it my lover, fuck me hard! I’m going to cum right now! MMMMMMM!”

I pounded her tight pussy as her juices exploded on the bed and she pushed her pussy as hard as she could into me. Wave after wave of her climax gripped her body until she was finally spent and her arms flopped back down onto the bed.

When she finally recovered she took my face in her hands, gave me a long kiss and said, “That was totally amazing. I think it was the best orgasm I had all weekend. God how I love you.”

“I’m glad Jess but it’s probably best if you stay away from saying things like that for your own sake.”

“I know you’re right but I can’t help it.” She looked down at my still hard cock and said, “How would you like to get off Tony?”

I said, “I need your tits wrapped around my cock baby,” and she sat up on the side of the bed, giving me the perfect angle to fuck her perfect tits.

“Fuck my tits daddy, you know you want them most of all, MMMMM!”

She pressed her tits together and I slid my cock between them and started fucking them slowly. “Fuck yes Jessica, your tits feel so fucking good on my cock. MMMMM!” I pushed the length thru and she sucked the head every time it was close to her mouth.

“Fuck yes Tony, fuck my tits harder now, MMMM! Treat me like the whore I am!”

I started pounding her tits hard and it felt so good I couldn’t stand it. I cried out, “Your fucking tits feel so fucking good on my cock, I’m gonna cum soon!”

She teased, “Oh yes daddy cum all over my tits. I know you have a big load in your balls just for me. Come on baby, give it to me now.MMMM!”

I couldn’t take it anymore as my orgasm started to build and cum began to spray from the head of my cock. “Fuck yes Jessica, I’m fucking cumming all over your fucking tits. Open your mouth and take my fucking load! MMMMM!”

Wave after wave of cum shot from my cock and most of it hit her open mouth but I also came on her face and into her hair. With my orgasm complete I fell onto the bed and she curled up into my arms.

She whispered, “You know you want me Tony. All you ever need to do is ask and I will meet you somewhere and you can do whatever you want to me no matter what.”

“Thanks Jessica but right now I need to go say good night to Mary Ann then I am going to go home and soak in a hot tub for a while. I need to work tomorrow and thanks to you I’m already behind.”

She said, “Mmmmm, we did have fun that day but I understand.”

“You have pleasant dreams Jessica.”

We kissed one more time then I retrieved my clothes and went to say good night to Mary Ann.

I went to Mary Ann’s room and she was naked and playing with her pussy.

I got in bed beside her and said, “I wasn’t expecting this little girl.”

She said, “I tried to nap but I heard everything you did to Char and Jessica and it made me horny as hell. It was hard to listen to all that.”

“I’m sorry about that doll and I want to help you out but I don’t think I can fuck again tonight.”

She said, “I totally understand that, just lick my pussy for me.”

I kissed her and ran my hand over her body then kissed my way down to her pussy and started to lick her clit. “Mmmmm, yes daddy, that feels real good. Lick my pussy for me so I can cum.” I reached up with both hands and pinched her nipples and she gasped, “Oh God I love that, it feels so good it won’t be long before I cum all over you. MMMMM!”

I continued pinching her nipples and licking her pussy as her breathing got heavier and her juices flowed from her pussy. “Fuck yes daddy, stick your fingers in my pussy while you lick my clit and squeeze my nipple.” I stuck two fingers up into her pussy and rubbed her g-spot and she came immediately. “Oh daddy that feels so good I’m going to cum right now! MMMMMM!” Her body shuddered as she squirted a stream of pussy juice all over my face and in my mouth and I continued to lick her clit until she was done.

She said, “Oh Tony that felt so good. I know you have to be pretty tired so thank you for making me cum.” As a surprise I rubbed my fingers over her clit and she came three more times.

“Jesus that felt so fucking good. You are amazing.” I laid down next to her and she folded herself into my arms as we basked in the warmth of our bodies.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and I wish I could have given you my cock but I need some recovery time. I’ll be heading home soon as I need some time to relax and get ready for work tomorrow.”

She said, “I understand and I will certainly miss you but hope to run into you at work.”

“Shit I totally forgot about your internship. Let’s plan on meeting in the cafeteria for lunch.”

“That sounds wonderful. If I remember correctly your wife comes home Tuesday right?”

I said, “That’s right and since you need to come into the city tomorrow do you mind if I spend the night here? That way I can drive you and bring you home.”

“I would absolutely love that. Just keep in mind that tomorrow night you belong to me and me alone.”

“Of course little girl, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now I really need to go relax in the tub for a bit and soothe my body.”

“OK daddy, I could use some bath time too.”

We went to the bathroom, ran the bath and got in the tub. The warm water was wonderful.

She grabbed a washcloth and bathed me and when she was done I bathed her. Then she kissed me and folded herself into my arms until the water started to cool.

She said, “Lets go to bed now daddy, I’m beat,” and got out of the tub and grabbed a couple towels so we could dry off. We made our way to her bedroom but had to change the sheets before we went to bed because they were soaked with her cum.

“I think I need to buy a couple extra sets of sheets so I don’t have to do laundry as much.”

I chuckled as we made the bed, got in and snuggled under the covers. She gave me a long kiss and said, “Thank you again for everything, I’m so lucky to have met you.”

I said, “I’m the lucky one little girl, now lets get some shut eye or I’m not going to be worth shit tomorrow.”

She smiled, kissed my goodnight and we fell into a deep satisfied sleep.

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