Cherry (chapter 2)

Cherry (chapter 2)

Chapter 2

I was feeling pretty good about my life as I went home; reliving the day in my head.  I couldn’t get Cherry out of my mind and it wasn’t even all about the incredible blow job she’d just given me.  There was a real connection with her and I just enjoyed being with her.  I wasn’t sure if it was love or not; it was still too early to know that for sure, but I knew I really liked her a lot.

I was pulling up in front of my apartment when I realized I couldn’t remember a single detail about the drive home.  Did I run any stoplights or signs?  Did I speed or drive ten miles an hour under the limit?  I couldn’t tell you and I honestly didn’t care very much at that point.  I was on a natural high that I was sure I would never come down from.  But I was, yet again, wrong.

The next day, I was at work and still on my ‘high’ from my date.  It was a normal day in every other respect.  But then we got a call out on a traffic accident.  We bolted to the rig, prepared as always, and barreled out with lights and sirens blasting.

As we approached the scene, Chief turned around to us and said, “This is going to be a bad one, guys.  One DOS (Death On Scene) for sure.  Surgeon: you’re up.”  We all just said in unison, ‘shit’.

Brian’s nickname was Surgeon; a name he earned because of his skills with the Jaws of Life—NO ONE was better than Brian.

As the scene came into my view, I suddenly knew what Chief was talking about.  The intersection was a bad one: an interstate that ended and turned into local streets at a light.  Travelers unfamiliar with the area and not paying attention could easily miss the signs and signals and blow through it.  And that was exactly what happened.  But this time it was a big rig that blew through the intersection and it was a small car that got creamed.  I couldn’t even tell what kind of car it had been: it looked like a battalion of Abrams tanks drove over it and then used it for target practice.  The front half of the car was nothing more than the bottom of the chassis—engine, transmission, wheels, doors, fenders, roof, and seats were gone.  They weren’t smashed: they were GONE—scattered in a debris field that led to where the truck finally came to rest about a hundred yards down the road.  As our rig was coming to a stop, we were all saying things like, ‘Holy shit’, ‘Goddamn’, ‘Fuck me’, and even Chief (who had seen everything and nothing fazed him) said, “Son of a fucking Bitch!”

Whoever was in the front seat was dead before the truck finished passing over the car.  But that wasn’t what was going to make this one bad.  There were no less than a dozen motorists clawing feverishly at the remaining wreckage and I knew immediately what that meant.  There was a kid in the back seat.

We jumped out and went to work.  Chief sent the motorist packing, but not before I saw how their hands were cut up from trying to pry the shredded metal away.  Every cop in town seemed to be on scene and they transitioned from rescue to securing the scene and rerouting traffic.Surgeon began doing his thing and I took my jacket off so that I could try to squeeze myself inside the wreckage more easily.  I looked inside and, sure enough, there was a young girl in a booster seat in the back.  She was covered in blood and she wore a face of permanent shock—eyes wide open, mouth hanging open.  She was not older than seven.  I was just barely able to reach her.

“Honey, can you hear me?” I asked the girl while touching her hand.  The girl was hyperventilating, but her breaths were shallow.  She just kept whispering, ‘Momma?’

I said, “My name is David and I’m going to get you out of here, ok?  What’s your name?”

The girl looked in my direction but it was as if she was looking right through me.  She managed to squeak out her name: ‘Katie’.

“Ok, Katie; I need you to stay very still ok, honey?  You are going to hear some loud sounds, but don’t be afraid!  It’s just my friend.  He has a big pair of scissors for cutting metal.  So that sound you hear now is just him helping me get you out of the car ok?”

She weakly responded saying, ‘ok’.  The roof shifted up and I pushed in further through the twisted wreck.  I had a pen flashlight and I used it to check Katie’s pupils.  She either had a severe concussion or she had just finished doing enough meth to get an elephant high—my bet was on the concussion.  Seemingly out of nowhere, a small neck brace was handed to me and I put it on her.  I continued assessing her and found her shirt was becoming bloodier.  I cut the shirt off of her and, sure enough, she had a puncture wound to the chest.  Once her t-shirt was removed, I saw that bubbles were forming in the blood with each breath she took and that told me that she had a punctured lung.I yelled out to Garry, “S.C.W. (sucking chest wound)!”  In a flash, a package of plastic, gauze, and tape was handed in to me.  I wiped her skin off around the top and sides of the wound, applied the plastic and secured it, leaving the bottom open so that the blood would be pushed out as she inhaled instead of being pulled into her lungs and drowning her.

“Get us out of here, Surgeon!” I yelled.  “Flush (Garry), tell Chief to call Airwolf!” I said.  ‘Airwolf’ was slang for a life flight; there was no way she was going by ambulance.  Garry said, “It’s already on the way, Lucky.”

I asked Katie how she was doing and she said she was scared.  I told her that I understood and said that she was going to go to the hospital so the doctor can ‘make sure she was alright’.  I knew Katie was far from ‘alright’, but I didn’t want to scare her, of course.  She asked if I would go with her and I promised that I would.

The roof peeled back and the sunlight poured in.  Suddenly I could see all too clear just how bad Katie was injured and my confidence (which was already low) plummeted.  In addition to the injuries I had already found, Katie had a compound fracture of her left tibia which exited through her calf muscle, not to mention countless cuts and bruises.  I cut her seatbelt off as EMT’s began to move in and put her on a board for transport and I could hear the sounds of a helicopter landing close by.

Chief was acting as the LSO (landing signals officer) and, as we made our way to the helo, I told him I was staying with her.  There wasn’t time to argue, so he just nodded in agreement.

I let the EMT’s do their job and just held her hand so she would know I was there.  They got her secured in the life flight and were hooking her up to IV’s, plasma, and a heart monitor as the helicopter lifted off.  Suddenly, Katie released her weak grip on my hand and she flat lined.

The small team went into overdrive to bring her back.  They worked on her until we landed at the hospital and a team of doctors took over.  I only stepped back enough to give them room, but I already knew how the day would end.  There was nothing anyone could have done; her little body simply suffered too much damage.  The doctor pronounced her and called out the time.  I wanted to punch him even though it wasn’t his fault.

I spent a few moments with Katie; telling her that I was sorry.  Before leaving, I gave her a small kiss on her forehead and turned to go.

A nurse stopped me and said, “Why don’t you come over here and we’ll take care of you…”

I said, “What do you mean?”The nurse said, “We’ll get you sutured up.”  She pointed to my left shoulder and the back of my head.

I craned my neck to look over my shoulder and only then realized I had at least a four inch gash on my shoulder blade and the back of my t-shirt was soaked with blood.  I felt the back of my head and it was wet, too.

“Oh, I didn’t even notice…”
She just pressed her lips together in an understanding ‘smile’ and said, “Over here…”

After the stitches in my shoulder and staples in my head were in place, I walked out of the ER wondering how I was going to get back to the station.  I didn’t wonder long: Chief was outside waiting for me.  One look at my face and he knew there was no need to ask about how Katie was doing.

“You know you did it right.”
“I’m not so sure,” I said.
Chief said, “Listen: you know that there are going to be days like this.  We can’t save the world, but we do what we can.  You take a few days and think about it—get past the emotional part and you will see that there was nothing more you could have done.  OK?”

Chief wasn’t one for long speeches, but his short talks had a way of cutting right to the chase and getting to the point.  I nodded without saying a word and Chief drove me home.

The first thing I did was call Cherry.  I had to get my mind off of the day and I knew that Cherry would be the answer.  She picked up right after the first ring.

“It’s about time you called me!  I was starting to think you just used me!” Cherry joked with a smile to her voice.
I said, “I’m sorry: I would have called sooner, but I had a really bad day today.  You don’t want to know the details; trust me.”
Cherry’s voice became more serious and concerned.  “Oh.  Oh, I’m sorry.  What happened?  Are you OK?”
I said, “Yes and no: There was a major accident and…it was the worst I’ve ever seen—let’s leave it at that.  Can you come over?”  I was trying not to tear up and break down and I think she could hear that in my voice.

Cherry answered with uncertainty, “Oh, gosh, I don’t know.  I mean I want to, of course!  I just don’t know if I can get a ride.”
I said, “What’s wrong with your car now?”
“Oh, um…the car is fine, but my Mom has it.  Let me call Olivia and I’ll call you right back.”

I told her ‘ok’ and she hung up.  Several minutes passed and my phone rang.  Answering the phone, Cherry said, “I’ll be there in a little while, but I’ll need you to give me a ride in the morning.  Is that ok?”
“Yeah, that’s fine; I just really need to see you tonight,” I said.

I gave her my address and directions and she said she would be over as soon as possible.  A few minutes later, there was a knock at my door.  I knew it wasn’t Cherry; she lived too far away for it to be her already.  I opened the door and saw my buddies Brian and Garry at my door.

“Hey guys, what’s up,” I asked. They had never just stopped by unannounced like that before.

Garry held up my car keys and I had a sudden realization for why they were there; they brought my car home for me.  I invited them in for a beer as a way to say ‘thanks’.  Garry was declining saying that they had to get going, but at the same time, Brian was saying, ‘sure’.  In hind sight, offering beer to an alcoholic isn’t exactly the best idea in the world, but I wasn’t thinking clearly at that moment.  Fortunately, I didn’t have very much and they didn’t stay long.  We did talk about the accident and about Katie, but it didn’t make any of us feel much better.

A few moments of silent reflection preceded Brian and Garry leaving and I prepared for Cherry’s arrival.  I was just finishing straightening up my apartment when there was a knock at the door.  I opened it and saw Cherry and Olivia at my doorstep.  Just seeing Cherry there made me feel better already.  She turned to Olivia and thanked her for the ride.  Olivia asked her if she was sure about staying here and Cherry nodded and said that she was ‘fine’.  Olivia told her friend to call her if she needed her for ‘any reason’ while eyeing me suspiciously.  Cherry gave Olivia a hug, kissed her on the cheek, and told her ‘thank you’.  I invited Olivia to stay for a few minutes but she declined.Cherry came in and as soon as the door was closed, she set down her overnight bag and gave me a kiss hello.  I was starting to think she had me under some kind of spell because her kisses were nothing short of magical.  If someone fired a shotgun next to my ear while I was kissing her, I’m certain I would not notice.

“I don’t think Olivia likes me very much,” I said in almost a question.
“She feels like she has to protect me sometimes, I guess,” Cherry explained.
“That’s kind of cute, actually,” I responded, “that SHE would feel the need to look after YOU.”

Cherry seemed to think that thought was a little odd but agreed anyway.  I just chalked it up to a ‘girl thing’ and dropped the subject.

“Thank you for coming over.  I can’t tell you how much I needed to see you,” I said.
“I thought about you all day; what happened to you today?” Cherry asked.
I said, “It was one of those nightmare days—the ones you hope never happen but know someday it will.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.  Tell me what happened?”
“Well, you don’t want to know how bad it was, but there was an accident and I ended up pulling a small girl from the wreckage.  I went with her on the life flight to the hospital, but she didn’t make it.”
Cherry was saddened and said, “Oh, that’s awful.  I’m so sorry…”
I said, “Everyone tells me that I ‘did it right’, but she is still gone and it sucks, you know?”
Cherry nodded in understanding and asked, “What can I do to help?”

I told her that just her being here was helping me already.  It felt cheesy to say that, but it was true.  I felt better just knowing that she was there for me.  It was like her presence made me feel more complete; as if Katie’s untimely passing ripped a large portion of my heart out and Cherry replaced it just by showing up.  When I told her how I felt, she just smiled ear to ear and hugged me close, putting her head on my chest.  After hugging for a few moments, I suggested we go and sit on the couch for a while.  I just wanted to hold her close to me.

I sat on the couch and she snuggled up to me, leaning half-way on my lap and resting her head on my chest.  I draped my arm over her, resting my hand on hers and I was absentmindedly running the fingers of my other hand through her light red hair.  There was nothing overtly sexual about our cuddling; it was just very intimate and caring.  Cherry was completely at ease and she closed her eyes; now resting her head in my lap.

She was an absolute vision from every angle and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.  I began to commit every detail of her face to memory: every curve, every freckle, the way her eyelashes curled, the way dimples formed when she moved her mouth a certain way.  We sat together for what must have been a few hours without moving or talking.  My eyelids began to grow heavy and I was fading in and out of sleep.  Cherry had been asleep for about 20 minutes when she began ‘talking’ in her sleep.  Only, she wasn’t really talking: it was more like a vocal cadence.  She was humming mostly single syllables in a monotone voice.  After a few seconds of trying to figure out what she was doing, I remembered that she said she had been a cheerleader in school.  ‘She must be remembering when she was in high school,’ I thought with an amused smile.

Cherry interlocked her fingers with mine and brought our hands to rest tightly against her chest, right in between her magnificent breasts.   Until that moment, there had been nothing sexual about being on the couch with her.  But now I couldn’t stop looking at her chest and my dick was getting ideas, threatening to poke her in the back of her head.  I was losing the battle with my growing erection when Cherry yawned and woke up.

“What time is it?” she asked.
I said, “It’s getting a little late.  You have to go to work in the morning, right?”
“Yeah, something like that.  We should go to bed.”

I thought about offering to sleep on the couch since I wasn’t sure what her thoughts were on the subject of sleeping together, but before I could say anything, she got up while still holding my hand and said, ‘come on’.  We walked down the hallway and she excused herself into the bathroom while telling me that she would ‘be just a few minutes’.  I stripped down to my boxers and got in bed suddenly wishing I had spent the extra money on a larger bed and at the same time, glad that I didn’t!

A few minutes passed and Cherry appeared out of the bathroom, ready for bed.  She was not wearing what I had expected she would be wearing: I had expected some kind of sleep pants with an oversized shirt or pajamas of some sort.  Instead, she was wearing a sheer pink camisole that fit like a bra on the chest and then draped down like a dress, ending at upper hip level.  And she had matching pink lace panties which were like a string bikini with a skirt that was only about two to three inches long.  With the lights still on, her nightwear did little to hide her body.  My mouth hung open in surprise and I was unable to will my eyes to blink.  She wore ruby red with lipstick and a small amount of eyeliner.  I couldn’t tell if she was wearing blush or if it was her cheeks blushing naturally.  She was hands-down the most beautiful creature on Earth.

“I think someone likes my pajamas,” Cherry said with a smile and teasing tone.
I shook my head ‘no’ and said, “It’s more about the radiant beauty modeling the ‘pajamas’!”

Cherry seemed to like that answer and she made a slow turn to show me all angles.  I didn’t care if my eyes dried out like sand in the desert, I wasn’t going to blink and miss any of her!  I was sitting in bed, stupefied, and she enjoyed it.

“Where’s your camera?  Take a picture: it’ll last longer!” she said.

I snatched my phone off of the bed and began taking pictures.  I couldn’t believe my luck: my new girlfriend loved posing for personal porn pictures!  My cock was a raging boner and I barely noticed as I took pictures and videos of Cherry modeling her incredible body.  I could see her proud nipples showing through the thin fabric; my mouth watered to taste them.  Cherry had the best abs I’d ever seen: perfectly tone with just a hint of an ‘eight pack’.  They were muscular, yet still very feminine.  Right in the middle of her abs was the cutest belly button I’d ever seen.  The flap of skin at the top of it seemed to mimic that of a clitoral hood.  And speaking of that, she had a small patch of neatly trimmed hair just a few shades darker than her red hair on her most intimate spot.  As she pirouetted around, her incredible ass came into view.  Her panties were nothing more in the back than a thin, barely visible string that disappeared between her cheeks.  Even her back was sexy with well defined muscles.  In my book, she was perfectly flawless!

Cherry moved toward the bed and asked, “Is that for me?” while pointing towards my crotch.  I looked and was surprised to see my cock had found its own way out of the fly in my boxers.

I said, “It certainly is BECAUSE of you, so yeah!  It’s all yours!”

With no small amount of seduction to her voice she said, “Then put your camera on video and record this…”

I did as she said and started taping.  Cherry crawled across my lap and rested between my legs while taking my cock in her hand and looking into the camera.  She began stroking it gently while never taking her eyes off of me and the camera.

She said, “I’d do anything for something salty to eat right now.  Do you have anything salty for me?”  Without answering her, she said, “Oh you do?  MMM….”

She stuck the tip of her tongue out and touched the tip of my cock where a large bead of precum had already collected.  She pulled her tongue back a little and a string of cum stayed attached to her.  Cherry sucked in the thin strand and went back to teasing the head of my dick with her tongue; swirling it around the end at random speeds and directions.  My cock was aching to feel the warmth of her mouth surrounding it, but Cherry wasn’t done teasing it yet.  She slowly dragged the tip of her tongue down the length of my shaft before flattening her tongue to lick it like a lollypop on the way back up.

Cherry flipped her hair over to one side to make sure I (and the camera) had an unobstructed view of her face before she finally opened her mouth and pulled just the head inside.  She bobbed at the tip for a few strokes before popping it back out, leaving a faint smear of lipstick on me.  Then she took just the very tip in her mouth and began to suck on it like she was nursing from a baby bottle; all while holding eye contact.  Her tongue was darting up and down across the opening in the tip and, coupled with the sucking action, the massage of the shaft and her sheer beauty, it was the most mind-blowing feeling in my life.  My orgasm was building already and she must have seen it in my face.

She inhaled deeply and took me in her mouth as far as she could go.  Her head bobbed as she struggled to take more of my length.  I could feel my head going past the back of her throat and she struggled to keep from choking; her green eyes becoming glassy.  I told her my orgasm was coming and she pulled back a little so she could breathe, but she squeezed her lips around my cock; forming a tight seal.  Cherry had her tongue dancing at that sensitive spot at the base of the head in an effort to expedite my orgasm.  It worked perfectly.

Cherry kept looking into the camera and held still as the pulsing spurts passed into her mouth.  The full volume of my load was pooled in her mouth and she rubbed my cock up towards the head to make sure got it all in her mouth.  Once she was satisfied that she had it all, she pulled off of me and made sure the camera got a clear shot of the large white pool washing over her tongue and teeth.  She rolled her tongue around in it for a few moments before closing her lips and proclaiming, “MMMM…”  Cherry swallowed hard, smiled, and said, “Yummy!  That was so good!”  She cleaned up what little remaining drops may have been left behind and I decided it was ‘my turn’ after stopping the video recording.

I said, “If you think that was good, wait until you feel this.”

Cherry and I switched places and I slowly pulled her pink camisole up and over her head.  Her magnificent tits dared to defy the laws of physics; they were so firm that gravity could not pull them down.  Her nipples stood just as proud as her breasts and the surrounding areolas were as bumpy as Braille.   I moved in over her as she lay back and opened her sexy toned legs.  I held myself up over her looking into her eyes and her entire body was writhing in anticipation of my touch.

Cherry ran her hands over my chest as her body continued to undulate under me and I was enjoying watching her squirm with passion.  I pretended to move in for a kiss and her mouth opened, ready to return it.  But then I made a ‘detour’ and turned ‘south’, latching on to the nipple of one of her heaving breasts.  She inhaled sharply and then exhaled with the combination of a hiss and groan.  The moment my mouth made contact with her nipple, her hand was on the back of my head, pulling me in tighter.  She used her free hand to place mine on the other breast and I began tweaking the nipple as I commenced my oral assault on the first.

Her upper body calmed down a bit, but her hips picked up the slack; increasing in rocking up and down and in circles.  Cherry was grinding her pelvis into my stomach as hard as she could and I was doing my best to maintain distance to keep her crotch from getting ANY relief before it was time.  And I was taking my time!Cherry began to moan in frustration and she wrapped her legs around my ass in effort to pull me into her.  Her strength took me by surprise and I was using a lot of effort to hold back.  Not wanting to tire too soon, I released her nipple and started to move ‘north’ again.  She released her leg lock on me and, once again, I detoured and went south.  I kissed my way down to her belly button and grabbed the thin material of her panties, pulling them down as slowly as I could.  Cherry’s tight body was in constant motion with the level of desire built up in her.  She raised her hips up as the panties slid down and then put her legs together so they could come off; her legs rubbing together in effort to help push them down.

I was sitting up at her feet as I finished pulling her panties off and she opened her legs again, inviting me back without a word.  I shed my boxers without ceremony and kissed every inch of each leg on my way back up, paying particular attention to her inner thighs.  Cherry was moaning so much it sounded like she might actually be in physical pain.  My face reached her sopping wet pussy and it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.  Having viewed my fair share of porn, I’d seen more than a few, but Cherry’s was the picture of perfection.  Knowing I’d teased her enough (and unable to resist myself), I moved in with my tongue and fount her clit immediately.  She made a sound as though I had just rammed a monster dildo in her ass without using lube and she wrapped her legs around my head in a flash.  I thought my skull would collapse!  Cherry bucked her hips up into my mouth and I knew better than to stop.  I flicked my tongue as fast and hard as I could, but it did little to slow either her rocking hips or her leg lock on my head.  I looked up at my gorgeous lover and all I could see of her was her beautiful tits and the underside of her chin; her head was thrown backwards and she had two hands full of her light read hair while screaming ‘Oh God’ over and over.

Suddenly, Cherry’s legs shot our straight and she screamed as her orgasm hit her like a runaway freight train.  Even she was surprised and, unable to stop, she grabbed a pillow to finish screaming into.  When her orgasm passed, Cherry’s body went limp and he legs fell to each side, splaying her pussy wide open. Her arms were stretched out to her sides and she lay there trying to catch her breath.

I was taking a few moments to catch my own breath while taking in the amazing view of her cute, pink parts.  Then, I noticed something.  I was certain that I hadn’t seen what I knew I did, but I had to confirm it.  I had my arms wrapped around her hips and I used my fingers to pull open her labia.  Staring me right in the face was her hymen: intact.  There were several small holes in it (the medical term is called a hymen cribriformis), which is perfectly normal, but it was clear that Cherry was a virgin.  I grabbed my phone and took several pictures, of course!

Knowing she was probably sensitive after her orgasm, I gave a few gentle licks to the outer edges of her labia—along the creases where her vagina transitions into the tops of her legs.  I kissed her over the top of her clitoris and began making my way back up to her beautifully flushed face.  She was rolling and pressing her lips together and her eyes were still dreamy as she was coming down from the natural high.  I kissed her soft red lips.

“Was that good?” I asked.
Cherry shook her head ‘no’ and answered, “No: that was mind blowing!”
I said, “Well, if you think that was mind blowing, wait until you have sex for the first time…”
She turned playfully defensive, poking a finger in my chest and asked, “Hey—what makes you think I haven’t already tried that before?”
I said, “I just got a close look at the evidence, remember?”
Cherry smiled a sheepish grin and said, “Oh, I didn’t know you would be able to tell.  I hope you don’t mind…”
I said, “Mind?  Are you kidding me?  I’m honored that you would choose me after waiting so long!”
She teased, “Who said I’m choosing you?  Maybe we are just fooling around and I want to stop now.”

I knew better, of course.  I placed my raging cock at her opening and held it there; daring her to say ‘stop’.  Cherry pushed me to the side, rolling me over and came up to sit on my lap; my cock pinned down under her.  I looked down and saw my straining dick poking its head out from under her hot, wet pussy as she rocked slightly back and forth on it.  I grabbed Cherry’s hips to pick her up so that by rigid member could stand up—the plan was to then set her down on it.  But the moment I started picking her up, she anticipated my move and used her hand to keep my cock pushed into my stomach.

“Oh, no you don’t,” she teased as I set her back down on me.  “I want you to do something…”
Confused, I asked, “And what is that?”

Cherry leaned down until her lips were by my ear and she continued rocking her hips.  Her clit felt like a well polished pearl rubbing back and forth on my shaft.  Then she whispered in my ear.“I want you to capture the moment I lose my virginity on video!”

I nearly had an orgasm as soon as she said that!  I grabbed my phone, but then decided a moment like this was too good for the low quality videos a camera phone makes, so I got up and got my HD video camera out.  The battery had a good charge on it (thank god) and I started filming.

Cherry was kneeling on the bed now and I was standing next to it.  I couldn’t believe how kinky Cherry was and how unbelievably lucky I was!  She was posing in various sexy poses for the camera (me) and making all kinds of sexy faces.

She squared off to the camera and I zoomed in on her doll-like face when she said with a teasing ‘little girl’ voice, “My name is Cherry Chastain and I’m a real virgin.”  I zoomed out to see she was rubbing her pussy with the open palms of both hands.

Behind the camera I said, “A real virgin, huh?  Can you prove that?”
Cherry smiled and said, “Uh, huh: come here.”

She beckoned me forward with her index finger as she lay back down and opened her legs.  I moved in and she used her fingers to hold her pussy open.  I was able to get an incredibly sharp view of her hymen—glistening in the light from her excitement.  Cherry moved slightly—this way and that—giving me a good documentation of her still intact tissue.  I zoomed back out to take in all of her.

I said, “Well, it looks like you are telling the truth.  You really are a virgin.  What do you want to do about that?”
Cherry pointed to herself and said, “This Cherry wants to give THIS cherry (now pointing at her pussy)…to you!”
I zoomed back to her pure pussy and said, “Really?  You want to give this to me?  When?”
“Right now,” she answered.

I moved to get on top of her but she closed her legs together and crossed her feet before I got to her.

“Nope!  Not like that!” she teased.
I asked, “What’s wrong with that way?”
She answered, “I didn’t say I want you to TAKE it from me: I said I want to GIVE it to you!”

Cherry got up and pushed me back down on the bed.  For such a small woman, she was strong!  She straddled my legs and held my rigid dick directly in front of her pussy.  I was still rolling on the camera, focused on her face.  Cherry stroked my cock a few times and I was hard enough to crush diamonds with my dick.

She said, “Get a close look—one last time!”

I zoomed into the point where our crotches were touching.  She leaned far back and I caught one last glimpse of her hymen before she sat up on her knees and moved into a hover directly over my cock.  My dick was more excited than a kid on Christmas morning as she slowly lowered herself down to me.  The tip barely made contact with her lips and I thought I was going to explode!  She asked once more to make sure I had a good shot and I just nodded—unable to speak.

Cherry sat down so slow it was almost unperceivable to see her move.  But her labia began to push out to the sides as my head disappeared.  Suddenly, she shot back up and grabbed my cock; rubbing herself back and forth with it for a few moments before lining it back up to her opening.  I thought I was going to die!  She again started lowering back down on me and took me in further.  Soon, I felt her hymen begin to stretch under her weight and my dick compressed slightly.

“Still a virgin…” she commentated.

Cherry’s breathing became slightly ragged as she continued her dissent.  Then she breathed in with a hiss as I felt her hymen begin to give up the fight.  I could feel the fibrous tissue slowly come apart as my cock slowly decompressed and vanished inside of her.  A very small trail of blood trickled down my shaft.

I panned the camera up to her face and Cherry had a concentrated look on her—eyes closed; sucking on her lower lip.  She wasn’t rocking her hips very much, but was still moving her some-what tense body up and down slightly.  So I just let her set her own pace to get used to the feeling.

I said, “Guess what…”
Cherry smiled and looked down at me.  “I’m not a virgin anymore!  How did you like your cherry?” she asked.
I focused on her beautiful, flushed face and said, “I loved it!  Almost as much as THIS Cherry…”

That took her by surprise and she forgot herself for a moment.  Her concentration gone, her body suddenly relaxed and she flopped all of the way down on me in an instant.  She had only been able to sit half way down until that moment and the shock of taking the rest of me in a flash nearly had her launching back up.  Cherry gasped at the sudden invasion but with eyes closed and a slow, labored exhale, she managed to settle back down on me after a few moments pause.

Cherry spent a few more moments getting used to having a cock inside of her before she moved again.  Her movements came slowly at first; testing the sensations.  Gradually her rocking and grinding on me increased in speed and motion.  Her body relaxed and before I knew it, she was using her entire back and abs to ride my cock.

Cherry finally opened her eyes and looked down at me.

“Did you mean that?” she asked.
“Did I mean what?” I asked not sure of what she was talking about.
“You said that you love me.”

I was a little confused because I was certain that I had not said the ‘three words’ to her yet.  I went back over the recent conversation in my head and realized that I had accidently implied it.  I started to panic a little—worried that I’d said too much too soon for her comfort (and maybe mine as well).  I really had not completely evaluated my feelings for Cherry to that point yet.  I knew I liked her a lot; and I couldn’t stop thinking about her.  But did I actually LOVE her?  Once the thought was in my head, it didn’t take long to figure it out: I was definitely in love with this girl!

Sensing hesitation to answer, Cherry said, “It’s ‘ok’ if you misspoke; I won’t be offended.  I just want you to be honest with me.”
Snapping back to reality I said, “It’s not that; that isn’t why I didn’t answer you.  I just didn’t realize that I do love you until you said that.

Cherry smiled and leaned down to kiss me; her red hair covering my head.  Her lips were the softest and sweetest things to ever touch mine.

She said she wanted to feel me on top of her so we changed positions; rolling over without ever becoming disjoined.  I was careful not to go too fast or too hard at first for obvious reasons, but also because slow and gentle was more intimate.  I kissed her lips again and then moved to kiss her on the neck just below her ear.  Cherry tilted her head back, baring her entire neck to me while I kissed my way around to the opposite side.  I held the side of her face in one hand while going back to kissing her lips; all while keeping my thrusting painfully slow.

I kissed my way back down to her breasts; taking one nipple in my mouth while playing with the other.  My free hand went further south to find her clit as a playmate—all while continually thrusting deep and slow into her.  I had my fingers vibrating her pink little clit just as fast as I could move them.  The slow movement of my cock in her combined with the fast stimulation of her clit was sending mixed signals to her brain and she began to coo and moan with pleasure.  It didn’t take long before she began to sound like the audio track from a high quality porno.  Cherry’s already tight pussy began to get even tighter on my cock and the volume of her voice multiplied significantly. I was doing my best to hold on to my building orgasm which was only being encouraged by her now screaming in ecstasy.  She declared at the top of her lungs that she was going to cum.  That was the last bit of stimulus I could take: I pushed hard into her as my orgasm erupted with incredible force. The first blast against her cervix triggered her own orgasm and she began a string of screams to god laced with swearing that she normally didn’t use.

As our climaxes subsided and we basked in the glow and each other’s sweat, it became apparent how thin the walls of my apartment were when my neighbor (whom I never met) said with his best impression of a famous country comedian, “Git ‘er done!”

That gave us both an unexpected chuckle at that moment; the effect on Cherry was her pussy squeezing my cock to unimaginable levels!  If I hadn’t been so hard, she would have pushed me out with her vaginal contractions.  Instead, all that came out was the mixture of our fluids and from the volume of it I would guess it was just about all of it.

Since it was getting late and we had to get up early in the morning, we decided to skip a ‘round two’ and opt for getting some sleep.  We spooned together and Cherry quickly fell asleep.  As I lay there holding her and listening to her breathe, I couldn’t think of a single thing wrong in the world.

We woke just before the sun came up to get a shower and get ready before I had to take Cherry to work.  Once in the car, I reminded her that I didn’t know where she worked and needed directions.  Cherry said, “Uhhhh… yeah.  Ok,” and told me what route to take first.  I sensed something wrong but said nothing.  I asked her where she worked but she seemed to be dodging the question so I let it go.

Cherry kept going on about how wonderful her first time was with me and I told her that she was so amazing it was like my first time, too.  That seemed to make her feel at ease a bit more.  She continued giving me directions to our destination; the turns coming more frequently as we got closer.

Finally, she said it was just ahead on the left and then told me to pull into a crowded parking lot to drop her off.  There were kids everywhere!  I was confused until I realized we were at Middletown High School; and that confused me even more.

“You work at Middletown High?” I asked.
She said, “Yeah…about that: I’ve been trying to find a way to tell you this.  Please promise you won’t be mad at me?”
I said, “I won’t be mad; what is it?”
Cherry confessed, “I don’t ‘work’ here; I go here.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before!  I didn’t want you to think I was stupid.”
I shook my head no and said, “You shouldn’t think like that!  There are a lot of people that are still in high school when they are 19!  Sometimes it’s because of when their birthday falls in the year and other times it’s because they were late starters in school.  There are many reasons why you could be 19 and still in school and it doesn’t mean you are not intelligent.  Ok?”
Cherry seemed to not take much comfort in my response but said, “Yeah, that’s true.  But there is more I have to tell you.  But it will have to wait until later: I have to get going.”

I assured her whatever it was that she didn’t need to worry about it: I loved her and it was going to be fine.  She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and thanked me before getting out of the car.  Before she closed the door, she had one more thing to say.

“David?” she asked.
She said, “I’ve never been in love before.  I…I think…”  She paused looking for words that wouldn’t come to her and finished by saying, “I’ll tell you later!”

With that, Cherry closed the car door and turned to rush inside.

Because of the thoughts swimming in my head, the drive back to my place was seemingly longer than the one to drop Cherry off.  What was it that she still needed to tell me?  Why was she embarrassed about still being in school?  Was she trying to say she loved me?  Was she afraid to admit it or did she even know if she was in love or not?  She said that she had never been in love ‘before’: does that mean before now?

I was lost in these thoughts as I got home and was walking up to the door of my apartment.  Of all things to snap me back into reality, it was a crazy woman screaming and pounding on my door like I just took her prized toy poodle.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

The crazed woman turned around and I knew who she was in an instant, even though I had never seen her before in my life.

“Do you live here?” she demanded.

I thought about saying ‘no’ and continuing to walk past my apartment to make a getaway.  But I was more than certain that this was not the last time I would see this woman: it was plain to see she was Cherry’s mother.

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