Aspiring actress - Chelsea's story part 4 Robs dillema

Aspiring actress - Chelsea's story part 4 Robs dillema

Chelsea needed cock now badly and Rob sensed his opportunity he moved Keira to the side and went to line up his cock when Micheal interrupted,

"You have done well, but this is mine, you will only ever get what I pass you. Now watch as I fuck your sister in front of you. You can use your little play toy as you feel fit."

Rob was devastated, he needed to fuck his sister right now but he found himself obeying, he stood to the side as the old man came up behind her, reaching forward he pulled her hair back with both hands, forcing her head upwards and pulling her nipples uncomfortably hard. His hard cock thrust straight into her inviting pussy there was no resistance, her mind wasn't resisting either, this was the second cock in less that 24 hours her body had taken, this one was equally as long but not as fat, that didn't matter though, the position he had her in was allowing him access to all her inner walls, he had started at a steady pace taking the time to rock his hips when inside her or let her move up and down on his shaft, it was like he was teasing her, keeping her on the edge of an orgasm without releasing her to that heavenly place.

Rob could hear his sister moaning he was so hard, he was watching the old timer slide his cock in and out, each time the coating of her juices were increasing. He caught movement to his side, ah yes, his little fuck toy as he had called her. Keira was in a ball shape on the floor her ass red raw, her face and body covered in pussy juice. He instructed her to get on her knees facing the couple fucking in the window, if he couldn't fuck Chelsea he was take out his frustration on this piece of ass.

Keira, did not comply though, instead she turned to Rob, teary eyed, knowing that he was going to take her if she did.

"Please," she faced him, "Only Joe has ever had me, ill suck your cock but please don't fuck me"

Rob was losing patience, he wanted to fuck but he wouldn't resort to raping her. He fired back at her,

"Strange moral compass you have there, you think Joe won't mind you sucking cock but would draw the line at being fucked."

He looked at the old man for help, knowing none would come, to be honest he looked far to busy grinding Chelseas hips against him to give a fuck. He did of course, he was listening to see how his young protege would cope with Keira's refusal.

Rob needed a release, he considered his options, the remembered the case of toys. He went over, picking out the suctioned 8inch black dildo, it was the biggest one there.

"Heres the deal, I want you on your knees riding this Dildo giving me the best god damn head and titty fuck you have ever given, he'll you can even smile for the camera," picking up Keira's own phone. "I wanna hear your moaning louder than sis over there. If you do that I won't fuck you unless you beg for it. How's that for your moral compass."

He was now right in front of her, his hand dropped down, she thought he was going to pull the chain on her clit, but to her relief he removed the weight and sat down on the sofa, the only sound in the room now was that of Chelsea's groans and the wet slap that her pussy was making as Micheal's cock slammed back inside her.

Keira, weighing up her options and realising she had little, took the Dildo in both her hands, it was massive, she had never had something this big, her own toy was a little bullet vibrator and Joe was only about 5.5 inches, she had never complained though.

Chelsea meanwhile had been kept on the edge longer than her body could take, the next deep thrust that Micheal delivered followed by the downward push on her hips causing his head to rub her G-spot sent her into a frenzy, her body shuck, not for the first time, her moans filling the room, juices released from her already sodden pussy, dripping, forming a wet patch below her, still Micheal thrusted, still holding her hair back, he was not letting up on her, the juices continued to flow from her pussy as multiple mini orgasms took over her body.

Keira had now taken her position, on her knees in front of the sofa, to not block Robs view of Micheal and Chelsea. She had suctioned the toy on the floor between her legs and was nervously hovering the tip against her opening, she had hoped that the tongue action up and down Rob's cock, which she had to admit was very nice, along with her keeping eye contact with her phone camera, that he was holding would hide the fact it wasn't inside.

Rob was more than aware, however he allowed her to continue the charade, he knew the rocking on the toy would help lube her and he didn't want to hurt her. He focused the camera on her face as she took his cock pushing herself to take his whole length down her throat, her eyes watered and as she came back up for air his cock dripped with the lubrication she had added. She rose up sliding his soaking cock between her breasts, it had been the first time he had realised just how big the were compared to her frame. His cock sank into her cleavage, she squeezed with each of her hands surrounding his swollen cock. Her chest had been sticky with Chelsea's cum but the wet cock was making her slippy again, she opened her mouth for the camera then lowered her head dribbling on to her tits and the head of Robs cock, she was beginning to enjoy herself.

"You like the big cock, you little slut?" He loved talking dirty to her the power it gave him. She could only make a muffled sound but nodded her head signaling yes. Rob took the back of her head with his left hand, keeping the camera steady and forced her down his shift holding her there, her hands trying to push away off his thighs, her eyes looking at him as she struggled for air. She thought she would pass out, she felt the strength in her arms fade, her eyes began to fall back.

"Is it bigger than Joe's little slut" Rob smiled as he released her head, she pulled back a rope of precum and saliva still joining her mouth to his cock falling in the middle onto her chest. Not fully aware of her surroundings she just answered.

"Much bigger sir" then an alright gasp of air and she screamed,

"Oh fuck yes!"

Rob had timed it perfectly for the camera, as she had just finished saying he was bigger he had pushed down on her weakened body, Kiera's pussy had been responding to the head of the toy but the pressure he had applied had parted her lips fully, not visible to the camera but the full 8 inches had now disappeared inside her, she was suddenly overcome with pleasure, her body pulsating on the large plastic cock. Her mouth alternating between sucking then gasping for air as she rose up sliding the cock back up and down her tits. Her chest was now glistening with the wetness she had applied. Rob pushed her back down onto the dildo, holding her there. He was close his head almost a purple colour, he looked Keira in the eyes.

"You want me to fuck you yet?"

Keira shuck her head declining the offer.

Rob smirked he turned her phone around showing her the video of her screaming as she acknowledged how big his cock was compared to Joe's, then casually while slapping his cock around her face he opened up a message attaching the video file.

"You promised, you bastard" she tried to get up and pull away. Rob held her hair and forced her back down, his cock slapping her cheek again.

"I said I wouldn't fuck you unless you begged me to, your choice now beg me to cum in your little pussy or don't, just know ill send this little vid showing your morals." Rob's plan had worked he thought.

Micheal, who had been dissatisfied with Robs leniency earlier, when she had denied him was now impressed, he could see the potential in Rob, his sadistic side was well ahead of his age. His own pace was picking up as the now tired Chelsea had started to go numb from all her orgasms, he reached around with one hand running his fingers across her clit, the juices had ran directly across there and it was a sloppy sticky treat, the movement there had her body respond for what was surely the last time she could manage, his fingers and thumb quickly soaking as they massaged her bud, he couldn't hear what was going on behind him as Chelsea's moans once again filled the room, however, it wasn't long until he watched the young blonde walk unsteadily past him holding the dildo deep inside her, she approached the window, placing both hands against it, now holding the toy just with her wet pussy muscles, it was a struggle to keep it there. She turned catching Chelsea's stare as she softly spoke to Rob,

"Fuck me please"

"Louder" he demanded "beg for it"

Humiliated already she took a deep breath looked out the window and shouted


The submission of his prey turned Rob on so much. He doubted he would last long but he came up behind her, pulling the toy out of her pussy causing a rush of air to push inside as the head of the slippy plastic left her hole, as soon as it was out if was replaced, this time she felt his warm slippy hard cock push straight up inside, he flung the discarded dildo to the side, it layed to rest at Micheal's feet, his hands wrapped around her chest pinching at her nipples, he pounded hard into her body, using her for his own pleasure, her gasps and moans adding to the voice to the side of her, her rapid breath steaming up the window which she pressed against, pushing her self back onto the cock violating her, she could not deny it felt amazing, she felt full, she could feel his cock pulsating inside her and the occasional shot of precum adding in with her own juices. His rhythm intensified the young man pounded her like a jackhammer each thrust met with a loud smacking against her ass cheeks.

Chelsea was almost jealous, her own clit, now tingling she began to push back on Micheals cock, he had done well to last this long, mainly by maintaining a steady pace, yet he too, inspired by Robs enthusiasm also increased pace trying to match the young stud next to him, Chelsea begged for it harder she screamed for more. Or was she directing Rob, who knew maybe both. Rob continued to pound, shouting at her every thrust

"You like that you little slut", "that's right take my cock you whore"

Micheal was the first to explode, his cock firing multiple shots deep inside Chelsea's pussy, it was probably a good thing he did, his heart could not take much more at that pace. She felt the load deep inside her cervix as she too cum one last time. He withdrew his cum covered cock, already starting to lose its rigidity. A loud squelch from her pussy lips as it left, he hadnt finished though he picked up the dildo at his feet, still soaking from Keira's pussy, he ran it against her hole once then pushed it, her lips parted, gratefully swallowing and stretching around the plug now holding his cum inside. He instructed her to keep it there, which she tried her best to do by clenching her already tired muscles. He walked around to her face offering his now semi cock to her to clean, which she happily sucked up. The mix of sweat and both their cum left an unusual taste but one she eagerly devoured, he finally freed her from her chain allowing her elbows to hit the floor, now just her ass up in the air, watching at an angle that allowed her a view of Rob's cock disappearing in and out of the young blondes pussy, her clit ring bouncing from the force.

Rob cried out his body shaking as the first load hit deep inside Keira,  the second shot almost as powerful as the first hit deeper inside, accounting to the fact he had held her deep down on his shaft. Keira, turned without been asked and knelt down cleaning his cock for him, she could feel the cum dripping down her pussy lips. She looked up, Rob was smiling, Micheal too, but he still had ideas.

He stepped out sideways leaving a gap between the window and Chelsea. Keira knew what he wanted and if she was honest she wanted it too, she spread her legs either side of a surprised Chelseas head, leaning back displaying her cum filled pussy to her. Micheal spoke.

"Your last job, eat your brothers cum from her pussy, don't let your own toy slip out though"

If she hadn't been so tired and worn out she would probably have started eating Keira's pussy before he had finished, that said there was still enough left in her to be exited, she would gratefully return the favour that Keira had given her earlier. Eating Rob's cum was no issue either, not like she hadn't take his cock before, not that Micheal knew this. She leaned forward immediately intoxicated by the scent of the freshly fucked pussy, her tongue darting straight into her love hole, she sucked on Keiras lips as she withdrew for air, her only complaint was the reduced mobility in her hands been bound together, she wanted to pull Keira closer.

Sensing Chelsea's frustrations and keen to receive a deeper tongue licking from the gorgeous brunette, Keira lifted her ass, pushing her hips forward, it allowed Chelsea to put her hands flat around her ass as she re lowered herself. Now her fingers could grip the blondes sexy little ass while using her thumbs to part open her pussy, further exposing the black hole now oozing white fluid. Chelsea's tongue continued its assault drawing shallow breathing from Keira. She moved the mixture of fluids higher and over her clit, circling the ring still fastened, when she suckled on it she felt her cum, her pussy pulsated squeezing more cum out, which she happily lapped up. Cum was dripping down the channel to Keira's ass forming a pool around her ring. Chelsea remembered the feeling when her own ass was licked earlier and returned the favour. Keiras world exploded the feeling was sensational, she pulled her legs higher as if by reflex giving greater access to her virgin hole. Chelsea continued to lap at the cum dripping from Keira's pussy, listening all the while to her moans, she could feel her own juices building again, making it difficult to keep the dildo inside her. She kept teasing Keiras little asshole with her tongue, hearing her respond at every touch, she decided to go further, pushing her tongue against the resistance of her hole, her nose now practically inserting itself in her pussy. Keira let out a gasp, she felt her ass open up and the resistance of her spinxhter ease, Cheslea's tongue explored inside her as she rocked her body against her, her body exploded in orgasm, her pussy and ass both pulsating, juices flowing all over Chelsea's face, then she fell back, she was spent.

Micheal and Rob had both enjoyed the show they had put on, Rob was already hard again whereas Micheal was struggling, the effects of his viagra now passing, though he still had a relatively good length semi, he knew though he wouldn't be able to fuck again.

"Great show" he declared.

He turned to Rob,

"I'm impressed with you son, I thought you were gonna pass on the opportunity to fuck young Keira here when she protested, yet you really delivered in the end." They both looked to Keira who was too tired to react but the realisation of what she had done was beginning to dawn on her.

Micheal continued,

"Couple of things to tie up though, son as you know I don't tolerate failure and as such young Keira here needed to prove herself to me to keep her job. As of yet I'm undecided," Keira looked up at Micheal almost pleadingly, this couldn't have been for nothing she thought.

"You, however have impressed me to the point I might have a job for you. I see potential in the way you conducted yourself, my only concern is if you can follow orders or if your loyalty was just to your sister."

Micheal walked around the room, picking up Keira discarded phone, a quick slap on Cheslea's ass. Returning to the window.

"So, here it is," he turned to Keira.

"You're current job has gone, however, if you want to keep the life you have been accustomed to your new offer is as follows. You will be a little fuck toy to both me and any assistant I hire. You will dress as instructed at work and preform your usual duties. You will not refuse these services to anyone either myself or the assistant command you too. Obviously I pull rank so what I say goes."

Keira went to protest but was cut off.

"And before you mention it. I don't give a fuck about Joe, infact I want you to send him this Vid explaining you're now works little fuck toy to him yourself. If he stays with you fine if he leaves so be it. I think we both know that your priority is the perfect little life you have because of me. If you accept, you send the vid now and come over here and suck my cock again."

With that he chucked her phone. He turned to Chelsea picking her face upwards, he admired how pretty she looked covered in cum.

"You have done well, as per the contract you accepted you will be the lead support actress on set. Your only condition is you have to do this again for camera for me."

Chelsea smiled she had humiliated herself but she would finally realise her dream.

"Thank you sir," she replied.

Finally he turned to Rob.

"So, your sister has what she wants there no need for you to do anymore, I would like to offer you the new assistant job, you would help with these situations and will have a girl report directly to you, whether that is Keira remains to be seen."

She was still sat there naked against the window just holding the phone.

"I need to see you can follow instruction though, if you want this job, he paused, looking directly in his eye, simply remove that dildo from your sisters pussy and clean all the cum out of her. As a reward, and considering she is still tied down by those lovely nipple weights, you can take her, in fact son, If you prefer take her ass it hasn't been as used today. Remember though this is your choice Chelsea has the job anyway and you don't have to fuck your sis to have a job off me"

Robs eyes lit up the opportunity on offer.  To take his sister again and take her ass while she was defenceless, was more than he could ever imagine.

Chelsea went to plead but Micheal placed his finger over her mouth.

"Now, now, this is his decision not yours" he then retreated to the sofa.

"Keira, darling, you need to decide now either get changed and go or sort it and get that pretty ass over here"

Keira was the first to move, she started to move towards her pile of clothes, heaping then up in her hands close to her chest, hoping to call Micheal's bluff, but he didn't even acknowledge her movement. She paused contemplated her life changing decision then finally dropped the pile and hit send on the phone.

"There you bastard," she threw the phone at Micheal as she took her position between his legs, directing his flaccid cock into her mouth. Micheal simply smiled.

Chelsea was trembling, surely Rob wouldn't do anything to her, she had the job now, she would be famous, she could pay Rob enough to never need to work. Hell she'd even let him fuck her one more time when noone else was around if it made him happy, no way though was anyone sticking anything in her ass. Answers to her questioned soon followed though, she couldn't help but gasp as she felt the 8inch dildo withdraw, then push deep inside one more time, the wetness inside her even more obvious from the noises her pussy made. As it left her body completely she felt a sudden rush of air shoot up inside her and the familiar feeling of a river running out of her hole down towards her clit.

Rob positioned himself behind her, he wanted to fuck his sister badly but didn't like the idea of another man's cum in his mouth, still now faced with the beautiful exposed pussy in his face he closed his eyes and let his tongue catch the mixture of juices coming out, his tongue hit her clit, causing little gasps from his sis, he swallowed the first mouthful, a mixture of sweet and salty, he soon discovered the more Chelsea moaned the more the sweet taste of her overpowered the salty stringy texture of the old man. His tongue explored, her pussy really was swollen, it had been used so much the last 72 hours. He allowed himself to flick his tongue up to her ass. Chelsea involuntarily shook and gasped, the 2nd time her ass had been licked today and her body loved it! It was all the encouragement Rob had needed he continued to run his tongue from her clit, all the way to her ass which he felt push against him each time. It wasnt long until all Rob could taste was his sisters juices both her holes were sodden, slippy with cum and saliva. He stood up and turned to show Micheal who was still being serviced by Keira, his cock showing signs of life but still not hard, she was trying her best though.

Micheal smiled,

"Good job, are you done then?"

This was Robs last chance to back out, he looked at Chelsea's body again, her pussy and ass looking so inviting. Everything in his head told him to say yes he was done.

Instead he dropped back to his knees he lifted the head of his cock brushing against chelsea's clit and then through her slick lips, he pushed at the entrance to her love tunnel, there was no resistance he took 2 or 3 strokes, his cock glistening in her juices.

Chelsea was completely numb now, she knew he was fucking her again but other than the occasional sensation she felt vet little, she just wanted it to be over, she would be sore tomorrow.

Frustrated by his lovers lack of response, Rob decided he was going to go further, he pulled out, no warning given, he stood to give a better angle, then directed his glistening cock head at her ass. It was tight, his cock slipped across as he tried to push in. Chelsea was wriggling underneath him she didn't want it, Rob pulled her hair back reminding her of the weight on her nipples, the pain there made her freeze for just long enough, she gasped as she felt her ass muscle relax, every millimetre that pushed in she felt, her ass grabbing and pulling now as his shift entered, thankfully he pushed slowly allowing her to adjust and accommodate the intruder inside her.

Rob could feel the heat from his sisters ass as he pushed deeper, the sensation different to her pussy, not just because of the tightness but the heat and the texture of her insides. He finally bottomed out inside her, his pelvic bone resting snug against her compressed ass cheeks. He held it there for a few seconds taking in the scene in front of him and also allowing Chelsea to enjoy the feelings going on in her body. She was indeed enjoying it, feelings she had never experienced overcome her. She groaned more and more as Rob began to withdraw and reenter her, her ass holding and gripping his thick 7inch rod all the time. She was grateful for the lubrication her pussy had provided. She shuddered as the pace increased a mixture of pain and pleasure as her brother intensified his pace. The resistance in her ass now fading and her ass been held open now by Rob as his cock disappeared again and again. Chelsea had no control over her body, she started to rock back against his cock meeting his thrusts, she could feel her pussy juicing up again the trickle rolling down her leg. Then suddenly just as she was becoming used to the rhythm she felt Rob adjust, he now squatted around her pushing downwards with his thrusts, she felt like he was trying to rip through to her pussy from her ass. She couldn't deny the sensation though as Rob increased the pressure she felt her body building up, was she really going to cum from her ass been pounded? The answer was soon given to all in earshot.

"Ohhhh yes, fuccccccckk! Oh god, yes, fuck my ass" she gasped for air between her screams, without doubt the biggest orgasm of the day, maybe even her life. Her ass was now lubricated she wasnt sure what from, could her ass even produce lube? It was in fairness mainly Robs precum following Chelseas orgasm he had to return to his position on his knees behind her, the squatting was good but took alot out of him. He was getting close himself, Chelsea was not really with it anymore, he pounded her now looser ass, harder and harder, he didn't care if he hurt her now, her grunts suggested it was, he could feel his own orgasm building. Hard and deep he pushed, his own groan loud as his cock pulsated inside her, he held deep inside her letting every shot fill her hot sticky hole. He turned as if for approval off the old man, he was just in time to catch him pulling the young blondes hair back, stroking what still seemed to look only semi hard cock, releasing what was now a dribble of cum over her face as he groaned, he truly was spent. Rob smiled as the old man slapped the remains of his cum across he cheeks.

Rob spoke, addressing his official fuck toy.

"Slut, come and clean this up," withdrawing his cock from his sisters ass. Keira, now accepting of her role turned took his cock in her mouth before running her tongue across Chelseas ass, alternating between the 2.

Micheal now nearly changed. Buckling up his pants, turned to the 3 naked bodies in front of him.

"See you all Monday morning at 9" with that he left them to tidy up.

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