An Unlikely Threesome --- Chapter 3

An Unlikely Threesome --- Chapter 3

Chapter 3

After arriving home, the group stepped out of the car and headed towards the door, with Lucy ahead of the other two. The exterior of the house was akin to a cabin in the woods as Lucy was a conservationist and loved living in nature.

Lucy fumbled with her keys, still quivering from her orgasm and dropped the on the floor. Bending over to pick them up, the pair behind were given a gracious few of the blonde girl's shaven pussy. Aaron bit his lip and became hard for god knows how many times today. Daisy stared too, imagining what another girl's pussy tasted like.

Lucy finally composed herself and got the door unlocked. Entering the house, you would have thought you had teleported to another area entirely. The exterior was covered in long, worn looking planks but the interior was straight out of NYC. Everything was open and bright with sleek, brand new units in the kitchen and grand furniture in the lounge and bedrooms. The interior was Aaron's job and he longed to live in the city but respected his other half to live in the wild with her.

The three wondered in to the bedroom which contained a bed that dwarfed even Aaron who was a mighty 6 ft 2 with a physique of a body builder. Aaron collapsed onto the bed from his restless journey. Daisy swayed up to Lucy, placing her hands round her waist and asked if she could use their shower. Lucy nodded, pointing towards their ensuite door and  blushed slightly from being held like that by another girl.

As soon as Daisy's bubble butt had fled from her view, Lucy flipped her boyfriend over and ripped his jeans down from his waist. Aaron, being too tired to object, watched as his petite girlfriend lift her skirt and slide herself on to his permanently hardened cock. He couldn't help but moan. The two often fucked whilst guests were round but tried to keep it quiet. This time was different, he wanted Daisy to hear him, as did Lucy.

Lucy continued to lift and lower her sexy body, tearing her top off had she did. Aaron was pleased to see his favourite black bra on her but his mind wondered elsewhere. To the godess in the bathroom. He had always wanted to see her naked and already knew her tits outmatched his girlfriend's.

Dismissing these adulterous thoughts for now, he watched Lucy ride his cock, lifting his hips to meet her own. Lucy tightened her vaginal muscles to increase the pleasure, all the while she felt his hard cock ram against her cervix. The girl leant over to Aaron's ear and whispered,

"Ohh---fuck. Daddy, I'm cumminnngg! I want you to cum too daddy." Grabbing her waist, he rammed her faster for several thrusts and finally pulled her down hard on to his body. Lucy thought he had pierced her cervix when she felt streams of cum hit the back of her womb. Aaron didn't stop cumming until she was full to the brim.

"She might have the body of Aphrodite," Lucy thought to herself, "but she'll never make him cum like I do."

By this time, Daisy was cleaned, dried and dressed. She waited patiently in the lounge, helping herself to jugged water on the glass table. She had of course heard the two teens fucking like rabbits in heat but kept her cool for now. She knew what she wanted and she could wait a while longer to get it.

Lucy and Aaron emerged from the bedroom, both dressed in pyjamas and glanced the beauty on their sofa. Lucy retreated quickly to their bedroom and returned even faster with an extra set of pyjamas in hand.

"They're clean!" Lucy said, offering her clothes to her guest. Daisy accepted the gift and immediately started disrobing. Having only been wearing a dress, she slipped the shoulders off and the dress slid down her body, revealing every curve. It was as if she had been sculpted to fulfil every man and woman's desire. Both Aaron and Lucy's jaws dropped as they stared at the goddess in front of them. Everything was perfect. Daisy had not put her underwear back on so she was on full display. Her neck was long and enticing, her collar bones perfectly added to that as well as accentuating her chest which bore the most rounded orbs of goodnes with nipples so perfectly perky. Her body shrank from there until her waist after which her hips stood grand waiting for a child to bear. Her nether regions were carved from her body, protruding her pussy wrapped in tidy, untouched lips. Her legs were long, muscular and without anything extra, leaving a gap begging Aaron's cock to fill it. Aaron, who wanted to ravage this perfect body, almost couldn't contain himself until Daisy clothed herself swiftly. The couple could have stared for days and neither knew the other was staring too.

Daisy smiled like a succubus who had caught her prey and suggested they should drink something stronger than water. Aaron, knowing how little tolerance his other half had for alcohol, immediately agreed. They group took shot after shot of various alcohols until Lucy retreated to her bed, claiming she just needed to rest her eyes.

The adulterous pair immediately started embracing eachothers lips. Already fuzzy from the alcohol, the sensation was amazing. Aaron started disrobing Daisy as he couldnt wait to see her figure again. Daisy seeing her prey fumble stopped him and stood up. She removed one item of clothing at a time, as slowly as possible and moved her body, dancing to music they had on in the background. She was gracing her meal with a strip tease and Aaron loved it. He pulled out his cock and stroked it to the beat of the music she was dancing to. Her breasts were on full view and she turned around, bending over to reveal her pussy which had released itself from its tidy nature, now slathered in pussy juice and opened to entice a man's cock.

Aaron could no longer hold back his animalistic nature and leapt on to Daisy. They both fell to the floor, with Daisy pinned to the ground and butt raised to allow entry. She had allured a male, thinking he was her prey but she had let her guard down and become prey herself. Aaron pushed his cock deep inside her pussy as if guided by the heat emitted by it. He was in heaven. This pussy had been carved for him. The tightness was incomparable but far from unbearable. He slid in and out from her flaps without falter. Daisy moaned as she too could feel the perfect match of his cock to her body. Her pussy was deep but she still felt his cock pushing against the back of it. She couldn't help but moan so loud it echoed throughout the house. Aaron didn't stop though. He knew his girlfriend had passed out into a deep slumber by now.

Daisy bit her lip, trying to contain her voice but Aaron assured her she could be as loud as she wanted and encouraged it. Daisy was willing to accept and again started moaning as Aaron fucked her in this position. She was a bitch being fucked by her alpha. She loved it but wanted her turn. She tightened her pussy just enough to leave Aaron weak with pleasure and swiftly led Aaron to the ground, cock standing straight towards the ceiling. She lowered herself bit by bit to tease her partner. Finally, his cock was fully engulfed by her perfect pussy. Aaron groaned deeply, vibrating Daisy so much that she came a little. Daisy grinded her pussy against his dick, making sure to pleasure every inch of it. Aaron's breath started to change pattern and Daisy noticed this was a sign of imminent orgasm. Daisy, unlike Lucy, was not on birth control but simply did not care. She remembered what she had heard from the couple's room and imitated the other girl:

"Oh fuck Daddy! Please cum for me, I want it so baddd," she grabbed his hair and whispered down his ear "make me pregnant with your cum daddy, give me a baby with your thick milk, mmm yea---aaaaahhhhh!" Aaron bucked his hips and emptied his balls of cum as if it was being siphoned by the devil on his dick. The girl screamed with pleasure, feeling her unprotected womb overflowing with the cum of her conquest. The two collapsed on to the couch and fell asleep in each other's arms.

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