Adopted brother new life part 1

Adopted brother new life part 1

Hi my name is Shawn Roberts I am a 19 year old, (turning 20July 2nd), 5’10, African American, with short, black hair black eyes(Dark brown but seem pitch black). I’m going tell you an interesting story on how my sex life changed during high school.

Hey Shawn! I heard a voice call my name from a distance while I was a track practice. I looked towards the distance and saw my 3 closest girl best friends. They all are ridiculously gorgeous (lucky me). I finished my lap and cut through the football field to see what was up. The girl that called me was Breanna Taylor light skin, skinny with a nice and amazing shape, around 5’5 with a nice round ass, and around B almost C-cup tits. Her eyes were ones that could make you stare at them forever. The 2 girls next to her were Alia Johnson and Sara Jackson Alia was also light skin but a bit darker than Bree she had braces, and a nice figure too she was around 5’6, 5’7, she was thick in a good was curves in all the right places and a voice that can truly send your imagination running as wild as a Crazy rampaging bull. The last girl is Sara Simpson, she was Mexican, OMG, and her eyes were brighter than Bree’s. she is around 5’2, 5’3, and is a true beauty blonde hair that falls down to her mid back area she was also thick, with curves in all the right places. Ass was nice and more than a hand full and her tits ooh gets me hard already.

I finally make it to them they are all on the track team along with me (part of the reason I joined track was to see the coed practices TBH). They each were wearing sports bras since it was more than 70 degrees today in Michigan that good weather. 2 of them were wearing leggings one was wearing tight spandex booty shorts and man I am glad my shorts are a little baggy right now, not sagging but not tight like the other guys on the team either. just some regular basketball shorts. Bree tells me that they were ready to go home since they finished up I told them, “Ok I am almost done here, I have to do one more lap and get my core workout in and I’ll meet you all by the gate. I finished in like 30 min and I was out the gate shirtless and sweaty.

I had a 2014 ford fusion and a 2012 suburban escalade since my parents kind of had more than they needed. I use the suburban when I go to track meets and people need rides home. We rode for about 5 miles and eventually made it to my place. (Their parents worked and didn’t trust the girls at their homes alone so they said since we were such good friends that I would let them stay at my place until they got off work and ended up picking them up from my house.) Both of my parents worked as well but I’m still a good virgin who hardly listens when irritated. Yea in some ways I was still a little kid.

Each of the girls took a shower at my house I really didn’t mind because I am not a peeping tom or anything so I figured I’d just stay in my room until they were done changing. Now I have a brother and a sister but my sister is irritating as hell but fortunately for me she recently moved out to go to culinary college in Kentucky. My brother was trusted enough to move on his own and is somewhere around town, (He’s mentally challenged), so that left me with the house all to myself. Now while I was day dreaming and looking through different websites on my lap top Sara happened to be standing in the doorway in a towel and I swear if I wasn’t this dark you could easily tell I was blushing. My mind went blank, multicolored, and back to normal in 2.2 seconds.

I said what’s up Sara what’s wrong? The large tub in the bathroom at the end of the hall stop getting hot and all three of us girls can’t use cold water. I reluctantly let them use the tub in my bed room bathroom; it’s basically a hot tub in my room. I’m not rich or anything but my parents saved a lot of money after my brother and sister moved out and well made some improvements to our house. Not to mention I wasn’t as little as I was when I was a kid and that tiny tub was not cutting it. But anyway I went back to my computer going to play an online gaming website probably wizard101 cause I’m level 110 and I’ve been playing since I was little. While the game was loading my phone rang, it was my younger sister.

I was adopted when I was 15, due to issues regarding the parents of my last family ( handy capped brother and sister that moved out) here I have a 3 younger sisters, my 1st sister is the same age as me. my little sister Michaela called me she is 2nd youngest she told me swimming practice let out early and her clothes were missing along with her towel.

I said “ok be right there” I told the three girls that there were towels on my bed and that I had to pick up Michaela. They said ok simultaneously. I Left for like 10 min and came back. turns out the girls still weren’t done with thir bath so I told Michaela to get a towel and go to her room to change and she said ok. So I went back to playing wizard101 after It loaded. Like 5 min later the door opened up and the girls walked up in nothing but skin ass and titties. Note I could’ve died happy right on the spot right then and there.

They looked shocked and Sara took a deep breath like her heart dropped from a 60 story building. Apparently they forgot that I literally live like 10 to 15 mins away from the school my little sisters went to. My dick started to twitch a little bit and started to tent a little bit in my shorts I was way more excited than I led on. Bree and Sara grabbed a towel and left the room Alia gave me a small smerk and slowly grabbed her towel and left. In my head I am thinking, “what was that about”? When I left my room I wanted to go check on the girls, until my sister screamed for me. I went to the other side of the hall and knocked on her door she said come in.

What’s the matter Michaela___... I walked in and she was still naked and her hair still wet. Since its only been 4 since I been adopted I wasn’t quite used to seeing my new little sisters naked. Technically I’m the oldest since my other sister Faith is like 2 days younger than me (ironically). She told me, mom called and said the girls are to spend the night at our place the rest of the week.

“Why”? I asked confused.

Because the other half of the neighborhood is on qarintine and nobody can leave or go in due to a chemical truck tipping over and exposing potent chemicals spreading around the area through the drain system and pipes system ETC. OK do the girls know. Yea they were with me when she called and understood completely they’ll be sleeping in my room and the guest room. Ok I said. I eventually went to my room turned on a movie and soon fell asleep. My flat screen television set has a timer on it and turned off after a while. I woke up around 2:30 in the morning cause I was hungry and for some reason also felt really heavy. I sit up to go down stairs and out of nowhere I couldn’t move my legs. I lifted my covers quick and noticed a little stow away and not the bad kind either. Alia and Michaela were on both sides of me in bed while I had fell asleep last night. I whispered to myself what the hell are they doing in my bed.

Michaela was wearing a white T-shirt and Alia was wearing just her panties and a thin night gown. Wow I knew Alia was hot as hell but realizing how cute Michaela was is really turning me on. my hard on was starting to tent my underwear lucky for me I actually wore them tonight and I guess Michaela felt it cause she slowly started to wake up. I was in such deep shit, at least so I thought. Turns out she was still asleep, I had forgot she had a bad habit of sleep walking sometimes during the week, although it looks like this time it was like her body had a mind of its own she was moving her hands up my leg and towards my hard on boner. She slowly moved her hand inside of my briefs and worked on giving me a hand job wow I was in heaven don’t know where she learned it or how she knew it but I think I don’t mind. On the other hand I totally forgot about Alia on the other side of me and she was totally awake watching us. I opened my eyes from the pleasure my little sister was giving me and I saw her watching I was like oh shit I am so dead. She put a figure over my lips and said Shhhhhhh. Don’t you know it’s dangerous to wake up a sleep walking person? Just let her do what she wants until she collapses again. I just shook my head dumbfounded. What I didn’t expect was when I finally let my guard down out of now where Alia started kissing me passionately. I was shocked when it happened but eventually I got the memo and allowed her to have her way.

She slowly slithered her tongue into my mouth and began to French kiss me. I replied in earnest and did a full on tongue battle with her. I slowly moved my hand over to her body and caressed her body starting with the legs and moving up to her perfect high B-cup/low C-cup tits. I eventually took off her night gown and in the darkness I couldn’t see too well but eventually adjusted and noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. My mind trailed off when I felt a wet sensation come over my penis and was sent into a state of what I like to call zone out. I was scared out of my mind at the consequences, if anyone found but Michaela ended up sucking my dick and I was straight up lost at this point. Her small mouth trying to fit the girth of my dick and went down on it was truly something else. Alia saw it and I swear the lust in her eyes was as noticeable as a black dot on a white wall. And speaking of white wall I wasn’t too far off from turning the inside of her mouth white.

You both need to quit now I am getting ready to cum…. I was trying hard to keep it in. Then out of nowhere she lift off of my dick I thought she heard me and woke up then she stuck the tip of her tongue on my penis hole and started rubbing it back and forth. Too late! I came so hard rope after rope Cumming into her mouth hitting the back of her throat I was almost spent, but my dick was for some reason still hard. But I tried to end it there see if you didn’t notice I am kind of a good boy, raging hormones of the 19 year old that I am, but a good boy. Alia soon started to go down on my dick after I shot inside of Michaela's mouth omg was she good. her toungue swirling around on my dick teasing the tip. Licking up and down the sides of my shaft and sticking the tip of her tongue at the top playing with my Dick hole, man oh god it felt amazing. She stopped the teasing after like 3 mins and started going down on my dick and man was I in heaven. Two blowjobs from two pretty girls and one of them was my little sister and the other the beautiful Alia. I was ready to cum and I said Alia I'm going to come soon! I whispered but she didn't stop. Eventually I gave in to the urges as once again rope after hard squirting rope I blasted my cum right down her throat. She swallowed most of it to my surprise and wiped the little jizz hangin from he chin and sucked it off her finger too. My mind was blown after that beautiful scene. After all that I cant hear anything both of the girls quit moving at the same time. Turns out Michaela settled down and Alia went back to sleep after her orgasm. I was kind of surprised I was expecting something louder from Alia. Eventually I too was overcome with sleep and forgot all about eating.

The next morning I was apparently the one to sleep in late that day cause in my sleep I didn’t realize that Michaela and Alia had left the room so I didn’t make anything of it then about 11:16 I heard 2 little noises and it turns out it was my morning wakeup call by my 2 other sisters. Turns out Faith and my youngest sister Richaelle (Rish- ell) tried waking me up in the most provocative and to them innocent way possible. Faith straddling my crotch and Richaelle on my chest bouncing up and down I had to get them off of me before they ended up bouncing on something they shouldn’t. I looked up Faith was in her favorite Blue sun dress short just above her knees. She was a figure of beauty and anything she did was pretty much elegant. Richaelle on the other hand adorable as ever Kind of tall for her age and really starting to fill out at a shocking rate she is also Michaela's twin identical a that. Her tiny tits were A- cups almost B-cups she had long brown hair that went down to her back(all the girls hair were that long as a matter of fact) and eyes that competed with that of Sara.

I told them grudgingly I’m up. Faith said “Good the girls are hungry and want pancakes for breakfast.”

Why can’t you make them? I asked her in my tired grumpy voice. Because we are younger than you and it’s your duty as our big brother to take care of us. She said in an innocent yet know it all deva kind of tone. I said fine I’ll get up and make the pancakes. But not without a little payback though. They were still sitting on me at the time so I set Richaelle off to the side of the bed gently and with a massive thrust I pushed my crotch into hers so hard she ended up falling to the floor. Luck was on her side though because she turned and fell on her back. When I walked out the door I stopped in the middle of the door way. I said hey Faith remember as you get older you’ll learn that most of the house chores like cooking are the females jobs going to have to quit slacking eventually I said with a devious tone. I mean I understood that I was a better cook than her but still I get tired after a while.

I made breakfast with pancakes, eggs and sausage. I eventually called the girls down and told them breakfast was ready. They came charging from all directions of the house and when they finally got settled down I took my plate and went upstairs to my room. I finally finished eating when I heard the door open. Turns out it was Richaelle. What’s up Richaelle I asked her? And what she told me really and all honesty shocked me.

Hey Shawn she said in her sweet little curious girl voice. Will you help me with a little project I want to try? Sure what kind of project are you trying to do? It’s a secret for now follow me to my room. She was kind of out of it, she was pretty smart so asking me for help is fairly unusual, Especially for her. I went to her room now kind of wondering what she had in mind because her room has the only lock on the door other than mine, but I shouldn’t be too worried though she is only little and she not like Alia, or so I thought. She told me to close my eyes and to wait about 16 secs, so I just complied with her. She asked me to take of my clothes. I said,” why”? Because it’s for the project trust me this is more embarrassing for me than you, you know. My eyes are still closed so I didn’t know what she meant by that. so I was a bit confused. She has all the older siblings take baths with her all the time so I wasn’t completely paranoid yet.

I took off my pants and left my briefs on too. She got a little irritated for some reason. Come on! Undies too! In her little kid, pouty mode. I said fine, fine. I took off my underwear cause nobody can give in the face she was giving me right now. My eye may have been closed but I knew her enough to just imagine it. I said can I open my eyes now. No… cause I’m not even starting yet, lay on the bed and we’ll start the project. Ok. She guides me over to her bed and I lay on my back. For some reason I opened my eyes on instinct, and... after I feel someone climbing over me straddling me.

Oh My God, went straight through my head. I opened my eyes and I see Richaelle trying to sit down on my penis trying to have sex. I sat straight up out of shock. What are you_ when I shot up I made her lose her balance and slip and she fell right on my dick and the first 3 inches went right in and stopped at her hymen. I said oh shit and tried to pull out she stopped me by grabbing my hand gently. I looked at her and she said with tears in her eyes this is what I wanted. My project to see the difference between playing with my big sisters, and my brother. I felt super weird. But what if the girls come in you know they know where the backup key is to your room is. And not only that this could really hurt you if I continue. I know but with you it’s worth it. your always so nice to all the girls around you and we all wanted to do something to repay you for that and trust me I am not the only one who will try something.

I can’t win this time can I? Nope, she started laughing, pushed down unexpectedly ripping through her hymen. Oh fuck she was tight as hell. I can’t believe I lost my virginity to a girl this young. But my mind was slowly going blank. I said fuck it I’m screwed either way. She slowly started moving in circular motions trying to get accustomed to my girth. After about 5 min she started to slowly move up and down my dick. God damn I was in heaven I almost came right then and there and man I hope she can't get pregnant yet. She started to moan kind of loudly and my mind was officially blank. I responded by kissing her neck and countering her movement with upward thrusts. Now as a little girl I didn’t expect her to hold out to long, but for some reason she held her own a good 15-20 min and I enjoyed every bit of it. She started to shake uncontrollably. I took that as her having her first orgasm.

I was savoring this feeling because I was at my limit; I was going to cum any second now. I tried to pull out but she wouldn’t get off. Her head was over my shoulder so I didn’t know if she was passed out or just straight up tired. That is until she whispered just cum in me I want to feel your warm baby juice in me big brother. That did it rope after rope shot right into her small and bald little cunt. I was spent and just think she said that the others were going to do this too. My mind went racing as all these thoughts went through my head and I could only hope what was to come. My day dream of questions was broken when her cute little girl voice broke my concentration. Hey Shawn? Yes richaelle can we do this again sometime that felt better than with Michaela and Faith. I was a little shocked but I eventually said, "we'll see.

The next few days went by pretty slow and the girls were, well just being girls. It kinda sucks being the only dude here sometimes but I guess I should enjoy it I mean, when there's more to come who would want to share anyway I love my sisters and love my best friends Bree Alia and Sara I wonder if Alia was the only one who was that bold we'll see I guess

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