Mat Billy and the dogs 9

Mat Billy and the dogs 9



The boys were asleep when both dogs decided they were wanting to have seconds. They both woke up with a dogs tongue in their ass licking deep. Mat told Billy he is lucky to have Butch because his ass still hurts from last time. Jake is first to mount on top of Mat but this time Mat was laying face down. Jake did exactly as he did before and climbed over top of Mat and laid down. His penis was big and growing. Mat decided he was not going to give in so easy this time because his ass hole and insides were still sore from what must of been only about six hours ago maybe. They had no idea of time as the clock was digital on the microwave and besides they were in the dogs room. They weren't hungry or cold being on the floor with the dogs instead of the cage the doc made them but were in danger of the dogs having there way with them anytime they wanted too. Helpless he felt for the first time. He had no way of fighting off the rape. This dog was going to get his way with him and nothing he could do to prevent it.

It must be on the sixth day by now where is the doc Mat said out loud. Billy just mumbled he didn't know as Butch was starting to climb on top of him. Butch was having trouble as Billy lay so low. He was holding onto Billy but his penis was jabbing at his belly. He too wasn't going to help Butch out but butch was being really rough. Billy was yelling at him to quit but he wasn't listening . He had scratched him all over his sides and his ear felt like it was bleeding. Mat took notice and tried to roll off Jake but Jake held him tight. The dogs were very powerful and the boys knew it. They thought they would be ok with them but maybe not. The doc was due back and they were just stalling them as long as they could. Mat yelled to Billy to just lay still and try to roll over and take the dogs head in his mouth instead of letting him find his ass. Maybe try and lick Butch's shaft and that will do he said as he too was going to do the same with Jake. Mat rolled over and he had his mouth inches away from this giant red headed mushroom dick of Jake. His shaft was white and had black freckles all the way down. Jake's balls were very small and looked like only one had dropped. Mat licked the head of Jake and when he did the dog started pumping at his mouth. He tried to keep his mouth closed but it was ripping the skin from his lips as it dragged across his teeth. Billy was sucking on Butch head now and Butch was forcing it down his throat. Butch had a big dick but not nearly as big as Jake's. Mat was doing his best to keep his mouth closed and scooted to where he could lick the shaft. This seemed to work as Jake got a rhythm going and started to hump Mat's chest all the way to his head. Mat could feel the giant dick poking him all over his neck and face. He quit licking and tried to focus on keeping Jake happy and to get him to shoot his wad.

Billy could only hear because he had Butches dick going down his throat deep. He was having a hard time breathing and Butch held him tight where he couldn't move. Butch started shooting his goo down Billy's throat while Billy tired to hold his breath. Lucky for him his nut didn't pass his lips and he quickly pulled out. Billy went ahead and swallowed what he had in his mouth as he started coughing it up at the same time. The sperm was now coming out of his nose as he tried to catch his breath. It didn't taste bad as a matter of fact it was much sweeter than Mats cum. He then watches his dog Jake take control of Mat and held him in place. Mat didn't talk while Jake was humping at his mouth still then he too shot all over his face. Mat kept his mouth and eyes closed as Jake stood up and it was still shooting. His nut was half way up his shaft when Billy caught sight of it. Jake got off Mat and started to clean himself along with Butch.

Mat had cum all over his face and hair. Billy scooted over to him and started to lick it off his friend. Mat opened his eyes after Billy licked the cum from his eye lids. Billy was hungry and this cum of Jake was as sweet as Butches. Mat licked around his lips and waited for Billy to clean him up. Mat got a hard as he was loving how sweet Billy was to clean him and noticed Billy too had a hard dick. Mat asked Billy how he felt being on the floor with the dogs? Billy looked into Mats eyes and said he feels safe with Mat and the dogs aren't mean. We would of died if you hadn't got us down from the cage he said. I love the feeling I am getting when I cum and also love the feeling I get when Butch shoots inside me. Mat was happy to hear this news as he was rock hard horny. Billy I love you he says as he and Billy locked lips and were enjoying Jake's cum in his mouth and they were swirling it around their tongues.

Billy asked Mat if he wants to exchange blow jobs since they both had hard dicks. Mat said he would suck him off but he was wanting to see if he could manage to get his dick into Billy's ass. Billy said he could try and fuck his ass but he wanted to try it also. Mat was so happy to hear this as they went back to the dogs soft bed. The dogs were asleep now as they got in position. Billy laid on his back as Mat went to his package. He knew the smell all too well as he had his package in his mouth before. It stunk as he got closer to it. With not taking a bath for over a week now plus having the shits not to mention all of the dogs cum around the opening. Billy smelled it and decided to just spit on it and not to lick it. The whole place stunk of dog shit by now but they didn't even smell it as they had come to ignore it. Mat laid on his side and positioned his shaft right at Billy's hole. He tried to push with what body he had left. It wasn't easy with no arms or legs for leverage but he finally got it in. He asked Billy to try and move along with him because it was hard to do this on his own. Billy loved the feeling and told Mat it felt awesome and he loved him. Mat got so hard hearing this he was ready to shoot his load. This was the first time Mat had fucked his friend. The dogs have had the pleasure before as he could only watch. This was his first time he ever had his penis into another person. He wasn't a virgin anymore and he shot his load into Billy.

After Mat pulled out he seen his cum oozing out of Billy's hole and told Billy it was his turn now. Billy went to Mats ass as to lick him and lubricate it also. He too smelled how strong the smell was down there and did exactly what Mat had done spit. Mat was laying on his back as Billy got his boner pointed to Mats ass. He was smaller and it went in a lot quicker than Mats did. He was also trying to pump his cock to get it to shoot and Mat was helping him. Billy was sliding in and out of Mat and was enjoying it so much. He told Mat it felt more awesome than getting it sucked. Mat agreed and closed his eyes and was taking in the feeling of Billy's small dick in his rear. Billy was pumping in and out for along time and was getting tired and said he couldn't shoot. Mat didn't reply as he was hoping Billy wouldn't give up as it was feeling so good. Billy finally gave up and lay on his back exhausted. Mat turned around and sucked Billy's cock head into his mouth. It tasted like shit but he didn't care. He sucked for only twenty seconds when Billy yells out he is going to cum. Mat sucked and sucked like he was trying to swallow his dick. Billy started to shoot into Mats mouth and again Mat kept every drop in his mouth. When he finished Billy scooted close to Mat and went to kiss him. Mat still had half the load in his mouth as they began to kiss. Cum swapping his cum between them was a great feeling. They noticed how much better the dogs sperm was than each others. It was still good as they swallowed and relaxed.

Mat do you think we will ever be set free? I don't know Billy he said but the doc made sure they both had what they needed and were never in any pain. Do you want to leave Billy? He paused awhile and took this question in. He said he liked school and missed his mother. He said he didn't want to see his mother cry if she seen him this away plus she thought he was already dead. He said he wanted to be with him now as long as he could because he felt safe with him and he had saved his life. Billy was happy to hear this but he didn't tell Billy how he felt. He was feeling perverted as he began to think of himself as a pet. He liked the idea of belonging to someone. He felt like a piece of property but liked it all the same. He was not mad anymore he had no arms or legs. The doc only did this to feed them. He thought of how it felt being carried and bathed. He liked getting fucked by the dogs and also he got to fuck his friend for the first time. He was sucking a boys cock and found out what the white stuff was and how it smelled and tasted. He wanted to stay here and live with the doc and Billy and suck cock and get fucked everyday.

The doctor had made it to where he was about a hundred miles from home now and stopped at the walmart super center to get groceries and hardware items instead of going to town. Truth is that the Doc wasn't rich and had very little money. He only lived on his military money he received once a month. His parents were wealthy and now that his mother has passed he will have some spending money. He had a credit card but had never activated it till he heard of her bad health. he needed it to get home to see her and now was spending happy. He had two carts loaded and paid and packed in his truck. He had an eye out for a human but had no clue what kind of human he was looking for. He turned to the local channel on the radio and heard on the news about the blackout. He took off now towards home and was second guessing the generator and he should of tried it before he left and filled up the fuel tank.

The boys were asleep when the dogs began to bark. They woke up and heard footsteps coming down the silo stairs. He is back Billy said. The dogs were barking loudly and they heard a voice yell out Doctor Gary are you there? The boys were in shock to hear voice other that that of the doc's. Doctor Gary is is Mike about the money. Mike they thought who is Mike?

Mike was the previous owner of the silo and still had a key. He figured he still owned part of it and read where the doc mother had passed. He didn't waste any time to show up to collect his 100g plus another 25g for waiting five years till his parents were dead to collect. Doctor Gary it is Mike I need to talk to you. The dogs kept him from entering. I know you are here and I want my money you hear? But no reply was given as the doc wasn't home yet and they weren't saying anything. Billy yelled out help and Mat stopped him right away. Keep quiet Billy or were going to be caught. Caught he said were going to be rescued. No said Mat if the doc gets caught they will lock him up forever for what he did to us. Remember the doctor said he was working on a serum to grow limbs back. If he goes to jail we will be like this forever. Billy started crying now because he wanted his mom and forgot how he felt about Mat. I want to go home he said and Mat begged him to keep it down as Mike might hear them. Do I hear crying Mike said? What's going on in there? Put the dogs up and open the door or I will get the sheriff.

Mike was a big guy. He was way over weight and was over 6 foot tall. He was wore out walking down the eighty feet to the door of the underground home. Mike sat down to catch his breath and waited. Billy quit crying now and was quiet as they listened for him to start walking back up. It seemed forever when Mike yelled again to let him in right now. The dogs weren't barking but were sitting by the door growling. Mike could hear them but could not hear anymore crying. Ok Mr. Gary he said have it your way. I will be back with the sheriff and he will get me in there. They listened as the man started to climb back up the long stairway.

The doc had just pulled off the main road and got out and put his truck in four wheel drive. When he got to the turnoff to his place he seen tire tracks in the snow. He began to worry as the tracks went in but none were coming out. Ok he said maybe someone is just checking up on him and they are waiting at the entrance. He forgot to tell the sheriff he was leaving town and no one would be at his place and not to worry about him. He thought how stupid he forgot to do that. He had no clue who had left the tracks but reached into the glove compartment and took out his dart gun and laid it on his lap. As he got close to the under ground silo he could see a black Ford Explorer with a Re Max bumper sticker on it. He figured it must be Mike here to collect his money. Damn he thought he didn't even give him time to mourn his mothers passing and now he is here to get his money. At least it wasn't the sheriff he thought to himself.

The doc pulled his truck right next to the Ford. He got out and looked around. Mike was no where to be seen. He must of went in he thought. What a dick to enter a locked door. He then wished he would of considered him keeping a key and he should of had it changed. He put the dart gun behind him stuck in his belt. As he opened the door Mike was almost to the top. Hey Mike he said what a surprise to see you. Mike was out of breath and didn't reply. The doc waited for him to reach the top and come out side where they could talk. Mike was out of breath but managed to say "what's going on here Gary?" The doc asked him what he meant he was going to call him as soon as he got the money. Mike said not that I want to know what's going on down there? The doc was dumbstruck to what he meant. What do you mean Mike he said. Mike said he heard the dogs and also he heard a small voice yell out "Help". No you must of heard the dogs he said or the TV. No he said he heard the dogs barking along with sounded like crying. The doc assured him everything was ok and not to worry about anything. He would have his money on a month or so just as soon as he makes it back home. Mike said he better but he knows something else is going on down there and he was going to the sheriff and bring him back.

The doc began to worry and his mind raced as he reached back and pulled out the dart gun and pointed it at Mike. Mike's arms went up and his mouth dropped open. What's going on he asked. Nothing of your concern he said back now turn around. As Mike turned around the doc shot him in the back with one of the darts. Mike turned around real fast and was going towards the doc at a fast pace yelling he was gong to kill him. The doc was backing up and pointing the dart gun at him warning him he was going to shoot. Mike kept on towards him as he fired a second dart right into Mikes chest. Mike quickly pulled it out and kept his pace towards the doc yelling how he was going to break his neck. The doc jumped into his truck and locked the door. Mike was starting to get woozy and was still yelling for him to open the door. The doc watched as Mikes eyes started to roll back in his head and he dropped to his knees. He waited for him to fall over then got out of his truck. He was scarred to death now. He had almost been caught and he wasn't in the clear yet. He had Mikes truck here and Mike now passed out in the snow. He felt a little relief that Mike said he heard one of the boys yell for help that reassured him they were alive.

The doc had to move fast not. The darts will eventually wear off and Mike will wake up. He had more darts but they were down in the Laboratory. He tied a rope around Mike's legs and tied his arms together. He put the rope around his rear bumper and got in his truck. He drove across the property where a river was. He got out and went back to where Mike was. Mike had snow all over him and his clothes were about off. Mike got sick and threw up as he knew he was about to murder a person for the first time. He wasn't planning on this right now he wanted to check on his boys and dogs but had to take care of this first. He had his doctors bag with him as he never left home without it. It had everything he needed including bone saws. Mike was still out cold as the doc bent down and slit his throat....


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