Silent and Breathless

Silent and Breathless

Silent and Breathless

Its tammy's house. Shes having a party. When I get there I can tell shes a little tipsy... louder than usual. I get the regular greeting. She jumps up and wraps her legs around me when she sees me. She tells me she misses my "stupid face" then offers me a drink. The rest of her little Blow Out crew are there. Sage, and a couple other dancers too. I know its her house, but I don't know how she pays for it. Really nice, too nice for someone our age. I make the rounds around the house, most of the people are congregated in the kitchen, and I can smell the kush vacuum in the back sliding door as it opens and closes. I use a butter knife to stir my Jack and Coke when I see her half stumble out the back door.

I do as I usually do, stay mostly silent and observe. I get offered a couple different substances, some are hardner to say no to than others. Tammy makes her way back inside and pulls me by the wrist into a room with nothing but a very impressive fish tank BACK lighting the room. She tells me how much she misses me again, and ORDERS me to get FUBAR, and that I can stay there for the night. I assume that the hospitality is just an inebreated polite gesture, it typically is-- scratch that, ALWAYS is when I get invited to spend the night.

As the night matures, I do the opposite. Luckily I am about 2 hours behind everyone else, so it goes almost completely un-noticed. The kush crew make their way outside again, and this time I see her talking about me to her friends. I shoot her a goofy face and she giggles like she always does. Sage bends over in front of her and lifts up her sheet thin dress. Tammy whistles at her and smacks her on the ass a few times.

For the umpteenth time. I find my way to the lush bathroom with the black toilet and bowl sink. Its at about this time, right around DRAMA HOUR 3:00AM that I affirm my self-hate and subordonancy. As I do quite often I begin to look myself deep in the eyes and remember that I am REAL and that I REALLY exist in THIS body at THIS time. It usually only lasts a few seconds but this time its longer. Long enough that I almost missed the fragile knock on the door. She enters before i can respond, shit, its her house right. Without a word she uncovers a decent size vyl of coke from behind a little bow on the bust of her wispy dress. She paralyzes me with an overly seductive stare and reaches into my right back jeans pocket. She removes my wallet and removes my ID. I sit on the closed toilet and try to burn that stare she just gave my into my mind, deep.

She notices my wallet is Gucci and gives me the impressive smirk. She hands me the vyl and my ID then takes a seat on the toilet herself. While I chop up this unexpectedly high quality mound of shit I notice her inspecting my wallet further. Any other time, any other person and I would have snatched it, but not her, not tonight.
Something I actually take a little sick sense of pride in is my ability to chop coke into neat, tight rails. I lick the edge of my ID and tell her she's up. She tells me I'm first without looking up from her new toy and by the time I pull my head up, she's got it resting between her fingertips. My MAGNUM. We'd actually become quite good friends. It had been there since longer than I could remember. She grins and glances me into my next line.

This time when I look up she's got the wrapper torn in half in her teeth like its a SNICKERS bar. Her index finger wrapped around my leash pulls me directly in front of her. As she flicks the virgin rubber into the trash and utters two words, "Show me". She knew how to get my belt and pants open faster than I did. It doesn't take long for me to be at critical mass even though she is just staring at it. She spits on it and rubs it in. I see her candy-glossed lips open and close in so I close my eyes and drop my head back. Only, theres nothing. Nothing but me trobbing for her pierced, hot, silk-like tongue to SLIDE against the underside. I look down to see her standing, she still has me locked in one hand. We walk over to the door and she latches it as she asks me if I've ever gotten a SNOW BUNNIE before.

I feel my heart try and fuck its way out of my chest, but I do what I can to keep control. She WALKS me over to the bathtub and tells me to lay down. I straddle one side of the tub and lay down onto my back. Luckily I didn't empty the vyl. She kneels next to me and spits on it again. This time she rubs it in slowly, my eyes are closed but I can feel her staring at me. She dumps the rest of the vyl out and takes half, coughs, then the second half. I try to sit up but her hand smacks me in the chest to lay me back down, and thats when I felt it. That tougue. Broad the first couple times, but then sharp, fluttering the sweet spot like she knew where it was. I thought I was lose it right then, but just then, I went numb. Just numb enough to last as long as I normally would, but not numb enough to take me out.

It reminded me of a snakes tongue. I run my fingers through her hair and she interlocks my fingers with hers, then makes them into a fist. I jam her mouth down to my stomach and I hear her hum a small giggle. I look down at her and see her free hand fidgeting between her legs. Girls that love giving head as much as they love getting eaten out suck a dick like they wish they had one.

She pulled me down tight, then painted my shaft with her tongue like it was a fuckin fence post. I have to grab the shower curtain and bite it when she speeds up toward the end. One of her hands scratches from my chest down to my main as I erupt into her stomach. I don't hear one gag while she squeezes it clean like a tube of toothpaste. With 3 solid gulps she conceals the evidence tight.
I lay there on the side of the tub for a moment and just then I began to realize it feels like laying on an aluminum baseball bat. Without a word she unlatches the door and leaves. I wash my hands and fling some water onto my face before I do the same.

When I get back to the kitchen I see she wasted no time finding some gum out of one of the many purses strewn about the place. I find the living room and plop onto the couch. I never plop, my friends know this, unless I just got some. No words, just looks, from all of them. Small shrugs, I steal a glance at her, they all look. I'm caught. She doesn't care. Truth be told, she likes it. I know because she fakes like her mouth is tired and rubs the corners of her jaw. An explosion of KUDOS laughter resonates off of the hardwood floor. I hop up and go outside to smoke/think.

I figure she's done with me. She was curious, killed that curiousity and now I'm old news. Might not even be the last guy to get domed up tonight. Whatever, who cares. We both got what we wanted. Before I notice I'm on my 3rd cigarette in the same BREAK. It kicks in. First thing I do is ipod scroll.
It doesn't take long before I make the ipod transplant, and the entire house is dark except for the plasma screen and that fucking fish tank. As the night goes, the morning comes, and I start to come down. Tammy saves me with a shotgun of some ridiculous purple shit. We end up talking about work, past relationships, and of all things, sex. How we like it. How its better to sometimes FUCK rather than HAVE SEX or MAKE LOVE. Before long I realize that this is the same girl I got head from a couple hours before, and I'm still talking to her.

The sun begins to peak and burn rays thru all of the pane glass. I hear her give a small whine and she tells me she's "not done with tonight yet". She goes inside and comes back out in cute little pajamas and two bottled vanilla Fraps. We talk some more but then she tells me to follow her into the house. While going down the hallway, I hear her delicate little feet pad against the floor, and notice how perfect of a little ass she has. She tells me that theres only one place in the house that stays dark all day, and how that is why she picked the smallest of the 3 upstairs bedrooms.
Her room is big. Not huge, but big. I instantly scope out potential fucking surfaces, but just as soon remember that we're just friends again. She grabs a pillow and throws it at me then grabs one for herself. I follow her to the door of her enormous walk in closet, after I insist she go in first. A small bed made of clothes rest in one of the corners. She nestles in as she tells me that thats one of the reasons why she likes me, because I'm "A GENTLEMAN". I tell her its just the way I was raised but she shakes it off.

She tells me to turn the light off and it gets CAVE BLACK. Can't see your hand in front of your face BLACK. I quickly lay down before I run into anything, and tell her that I would have picked this room too. Its dead silent for the first time since I got here, but for a very long moment. After a while I hear her walk over to me. She kneels behind me and lifts my shirt over my head. An ankle finds its way around either side of my waist and into my lap. I feel her glossy tender lips press against my back. Her petite little hands surprise my traps with an irrationally firm grip. I can feel that tongue with each kiss, and thats when I begin to pulse again. She knows it. Her feet can feel it. One of them hooks underneath it and strokes slowly. I lay back onto her and can feel her tiny solid nipples thru her little t-shirt. Her teeth take one of my earlobes hostage as her feet begin a pole dance in my lap.

I scrape my fingers up and down both of her smoothly shaven, lotioned legs. Just then she flips us over and mounts my back. I can feel the heat of her LIPS just above my ass. She rubs my back down like she had been doing it for years. I feel oil drip onto my spine and be pressed into my tissues. She tells me I'd better not fall asleep and I chuckle I can't make any promises. She slaps me hard between the shoulders, right where I can't reach. I tell her it was going so well until right then. Then the grinding stops and she dismounts me. I lay there for a moment until I hear from the other side of the closet her telling me to turn on the light. I roll the dimmer on just enough to see shadows. More, she says. A little higher and I hear her say thats good. I walk around the back side of the fixture in the middle of the closet to see her rubbing herself down with the oil.

One of her feet slither up my leg and into my boxer briefs. One word, OFF. My underwear hit the floor as do my knees. I trace her contour up her legs, past her waist, and around her back and I lift her in towards me. She flicks her legs up over my shoulders and pulls me by the back of my head into her nearly steaming flower. Her fingers lock behind my neck as I take my tongue to town on her. She wriggles out of control. I grab both of her wrists and clamp them together underneath her. The underside of her neck is all I see when I try and look up at her face. The soft light highlights her young tight ribcage. I try to pinch her oil soaked nipples, but its no use. She does it herself. Without delay I press my thumb to her quivering little bulb and plunge my tongue deep inside her. She goes silent and breathless for a moment, then inhales as if I had held her underwater. I nibble on her and swallow a mixture of juice and oil. I release her hands and one of them grabs a flip-flop next to her. I laugh at that and just then the other hand pushed me away. I sit back on my haunches as my heart rapes my sternum once more.

Just then a thin stream escapes her and sprays me in the stomach. Before she can stop me I clamp the inside of both of her knees with my hands and bolt them to the floor on either side of me. Again, this time it hits me in the chest. She finger dances around her hood until she releases a third throw almost directly into my belly button.
I dont know why I like it so much. I don't think it matters. I know I should be worrying about the wet carpet but all I can do is stare at the fluid drip off of my rod.
She lay there exausted for a minute but then sits up by grabbing me as a handle and not letting go until I am completely engulfed by her. It felt like she jumped from across the room onto it.

I hook my arms under her and fasten my hands to the tops of her shoulders. Her sopping wet hair sticks to my forehead as I stare down at what looks like the inside of a piston cylinder. I can't stop. I won't stop. I feel her slap me hard, twice. I throw her to the floor and without guiding myself in I try and turn my fucking back inside out. My hands can almost reach around her whole waist, and if I queeze any tighter, its going to happen. I know she can't breath, I don't want her to. She wants me to not want to. She tries to lock her ankels behind me but her heels are too busy hammering into my back. I hear her voice start to give. I slip her off of me and tell her to turn over. She's too paralyzed to move, and before I could stop myself I have a handful of her scalp and thru gritted teeth I repeat myself. She slowly turns with a rapid giggle and I slap her hard on a glistening ass cheek, oil mists my face. I go to wipe my mouth when I see a pink and black striped thigh high sock draped over a clothes hanger. I wipe my mouth with it and then pull her to her knees in front of me. For the first time our lips meet. There's that fucking tongue again. She holds my face with one of her hands from behind her. SHE KISSES EXACTLY LIKE SHE FUCKS. I had never been as hard and she knew it. She manuvers her ass and rests me in the dripping canal of her crack. She worked me like a pole for as long as I could stand.

I pull both of her hands in front of her and bind her wrists together with the sock: twice around, once through, once around, once more through. I lean back and she drops to her elbows in front of me. The sacred fluid drips off of her and onto the floor betwen her knees. I take two fingers and flutter in slowly palm down to feel the ridges. She has those lower back muscles I love. I knew she would. Shiny like marble would if you polished it for 3 days straight. And those little dimples, right where my thumbs go. I reach my hips through her and try to make her feel me all the way up in her throat. This time she lets out a yelp so hard she nearly pushed me out. I see her fingers find eachother again. She had her waist backed up so high her ass was staring straight at me. I wipe some oil off of her back and push my thumb down in.

The oil made it hard for me to grip her waist, but her hips were working as hard as mine. I dug my fingers deep into her obliques. Every plunge brought cool, misting oil off of both of us. She dropped to her face and turned her head to one side. Her hands reach back, one for her, one for me. Her left hand vibrates side to side in a horny blur on her clit, her right tugging and juggling me.

Thats when it happens.

I feel myself get rock solid inside her and she knows it. She tells me to switch and the transition was seamless. I back my thumb out, she's even tighter than she is in front.
All of the sudden I'm watching myself, with her bent over in front of me. Her toes curl and her knees pull in underneath her. I lean back and she bounces on and off my quads. I'm right there, then I feel her tighten but I back out. Just in time. I pick her up off of the ground and spin her around we both turn around and her slippery back smacks against the door. I look up and see a coat hook and almost lose it right then.
As fast as I can I throw her bound wrists up and over the hook. I can see how hard it is for her to breath. Shes at perfect height so I put her legs over my arms and find that back door again. She bites her lip and tells me she's right there, I tell her I am too and now nothing can stop me. The door rocks back and forth in its notch. She goes silent and breathless again. I ram her kneecaps against the door on either side of her and I can feel my calves start to cramp. My teeth clentch my eyelids make fits of themselves in front of my eyes. I let out some sound from the depths of my soul that I never knew I could make. She turns her head to one side and tenses up so tight she could have frozen time. I see her abs flex and her legs spasm against the door.

At the very last moment, I lift her ankles to either side of my neck, and clamp her tiny waist with my hands againt. I throw it so hard it explodes back out and all over my legs. I thrash hard enough to hear the door crack. I see some drool leak its way out of the corner of her mouth. I reach through her like I had a fucking cattle prod for a cock. It is beyond electrifying.

She looks at me like I had shanked her in the chest, her forehead tight with sex wrinkles. Her jaws are clenched, but she's breathing hard enough to make her bottom lip sway back and forth, until she traps it in her teeth. I hear the door let out another crack. I slow down but drop her onto me a few times just to see her squirm.

I pull her down and collapse onto the floor behind me, still inside her. She slowly dismounts me and turns around into a reverse mount with her elbows on the floor between my raised knees. She lets the rest of me leak onto my chest and stomach, and for the second time, she licks me clean. She widens her knees and wipes her drenched lips onto me, leaving a trail of both of our fluids, sweat, and oil. The oil makes my cream slide off of my abs and onto the floor. I don't know why it doesn't bother me. Wouldn't matter if it did, I was too goddamn spent to talk, let alone move. Once the last of it had dripped out, she turns to face me again and lays on my chest. I undo her cuffs and she slowly wraps her arms around me, her nipples still razor sharp.
I put one arm around her back and slide her face up to mine. She clears the hair out of her face and kisses me. I kiss her back. This time its different, slow, sensual, soft kisses. The kind of kisses that...

put you...

to sleep...

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