Little Mac-Daddy

Little Mac-Daddy

“TAG, YOU’RE IT!!!” Bloo slaps Mac on the back of his head, before scurrying off down the hall of Foster’s House. Mac rubs his head and chases after him. They run in & out of the multiple rooms of the house, over furniture and past fellow housemates. The chase spills back out into the hallway as the two speed past the bathroom, where Frankie is seen wearing a tight, strapless Black Dress. She’s standing in front of the mirror applying lipstick to her lips, getting ready for a date. Mac begins to catch up to Bloo as they round the corner and head for the stairs. Just before Bloo can slide down the banister, he’s tagged hard from behind by Mac. “NOW YOU’RE IT, BLOO!!!” Mac heads down the hall away from the stairs as Bloo slowly rises up from the ground. “Not for long, Mac.”

The chase is on again. Mac is taking his time running, until he looks back and sees Bloo gaining on him. They’re both sprinting at top speed, knocking over anything & everything that’s not nailed down in the hallway. Mac reaches a Dead End in the hall, but makes a U-Turn and leaps over Bloo as he speeds off back the way he came. Bloo turns around, not looking too happy. “GRRR! You won’t escape me, Mac!” They retrace their steps as they run through the hall, leaping over the debris they caused the first time they came through. Mac reaches the stairs again and screeches to a halt, not wanting to fall down them. He looks left, then right, trying to find somewhere else to run, but it’s too late. He looks back and sees Bloo flying towards him. “TAG! YOU’RE…” Mac instinctively ducks, leaving Bloo with nothing but thin air. “…it?”

Bloo sees that he’s hanging in mid-air, then gulps. He falls on the banister of the stairs, slides down to the bottom and is sent flying across the room. Like a Wrecking Ball, he demolishes everything in his way before finally hitting the floor. Mac runs down the stairs to check on Bloo. He reaches the bottom and sees the damage that Bloo’s fall has done. “Bloo…?” He looks around to see his buddy lying on the ground in a daze. “Bloo, are you OK?” Bloo picks himself up off the floor as Mac rushes over to him. “Whoa…LET’S GO AGAIN!!” “Man Bloo, you really did some damage down here.” Just then, a familiar voice is heard bellowing out. “Who is responsible for this Mess?!”

They look over to the stairs to see Mr. Herriman hopping towards them. He stops short as he inspects the damage that’s been done around him. Flowerpots broken, Mirrors shattered, and the walls have been battered brutally. Even the Chandelier has been broken and now lies lopsided on the floor. Mr. Herriman leans in with a menacing look at the two youth. Not so surprisingly, Bloo points at Mac. “HE DID IT! IT WAS ALL HIM!” Mac drops his jaw in shock. “WHAT? NO! WE BOTH…” Mr. Herriman interrupts them both. “Right! Master Blooregard, Master Mac, precede upstairs for the remainder of the night. For this incident you will not be allowed to attend the Bi-Annual Midnight Picnic & Firework Imaginary Friend Festival.” Bloo’s eyes grow wide in shock. “WAIT! But that’s only twice a year! I can’t miss it! PLEASE!!!” “Well, you should have thought of that before you decided to run amok throughout the house.”

Dejected, the two walk up the stairs as Herriman instructed. They pass Frankie, who’s descending the stairs on her way out. “Bye, Herriman. Don’t expect me back tonight.” She passes Mr. Herriman when suddenly; he puts his arm up, blocking her way. “Not so fast, young lady. We need you here to clean up this mess.” Her eyes shoot wide open as she looks around, seeing the damage that Mac & Bloo have done. “WHAT? I can’t clean this up; it’ll take all night! Plus, I got a date!” “I’m sorry, but your date will have to be postponed. But if you finish up early enough, you can join the rest of the house in our Bi-Annual Midnight Picnic & Firework Imaginary Friend Festival.” Mr. Herriman hops back up the stairs, leaving Frankie in the middle of a room that looks like a tornado hit it. She clenches her fist, then lets out angry yell to vent out her frustration.

A Few Hours Later…

Mac sits on the corner of Bloo’s bed, his head resting in his hands. The rest of the house is fairly empty, due to the Picnic Event. Just then, Bloo charges into the room, licking a Popsicle. “Mmmm, who knew pineapple tasted this good.” Mac lifts his head and looks at Bloo. “Where’d you get that?” “Refrigerator.” He gets up and storms towards Bloo. “What are you thinking? We’re already in trouble, you want to bury us more?” “Relax, Mac. There’s no one here. We have the whole house to ourselves.” Bloo pauses for a moment, realizing what he just said. “LET’S GO NUTS!!!” Bloo scurries out of the room and down the hall, with Mac chasing after him. “COME BACK HERE, BLOO!”

Mac catches up to Bloo went he stops in his tracks. “Now look, Bloo, you can’t…” Mac turns to see what he’s staring at, and sees the door to Frankie’s room wide open. “Oh, no. Bloo, you know we can’t go in there, Frankie’s order. She’d kill us if she found out we…Bloo?” Mac realizes that now he’s talking to thin air. Bloo is already in Frankie’s room bouncing up & down on her bed. “Her bed is surprisingly soft for such a hard-ass.” Mac runs in the room after him. “BLOO, GET OFF HER BED!!!” “No way. I’ve been waiting too long to do this.” Mac leaps at Bloo, just missing him as he bounces up. He leaps again, barely missing him again. “Get…off…her bed…NOW!!!” He tries a third time, and gets a grip, tackling him off the bed and into Frankie’s dresser drawer.

The middle drawer flies wide open. Bloo stands up and bumps his head on the bottom of the drawer. Mac rolls from under the drawer & stands up as the two look inside the drawer. They see a bunch of Frankie’s CD’s, Cassettes, and other things. Bloo has a look of disappointment on his face. “Aw, I thought this was her underwear drawer. Oh well, at least I can grab a few of her tunes.” Bloo takes out a handful of her CD’s and rushes out of the room, leaving Mac. He’s about to yell for Bloo when he gazes downward to see something that catches his immediate attention in the drawer…a photograph of Frankie Au Natural.

She’s lying on her bed, spread eagle, both hands near her inviting pussy. Mac looks deeper into her drawer and sees other photos of her in various positions, all of them sexual. He begins to grow stiff, and sweat forms on his face from his nervousness, as he can’t believe what he holds in his hands. “Whoa…I never knew Frankie had such a great body. I wish I was old enough to be her boyfriend.” Bloo reappears back in the doorway, still holding Frankie’s CD. “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you wanna hear the weird music she listens too?” Mac turns his back to Bloo, hiding the photos he was looking at. “No, and you shouldn’t have those. Put them back.” “Geez, you’re almost as bad as Frankie herself. You need to…” Bloo stops in mid-sentence when he hears a familiar voice. “Stupid Bloo! Ruin my date, my night out! I was planning on getting laid tonight!” It’s Frankie’s voice.

Before Mac can leave the room, Bloo slams the door and runs off down the hall to hide in his own room, leaving Mac trapped in Frankie’s room. Mac panics and slides under her bed to hide with the photos, just as Frankie kicks open the door and storms into her room. She’s wearing her usual wardrobe, a green Hoody with a Powerpuff Girls T-Shirt underneath, a purple skirt, orange socks & sneakers. She slams the door behind her and slams her hands down on her dresser. “I had the perfect date tonight. And Bloo fucked it up for me!” She lets out a yell that can be heard loud & clear. She then looks downward to see her drawer open. “Hmm, must’ve left it open from earlier. Man, all that work I did downstairs really made me rank. Better hop in the shower.” She begins to undress, unknowingly right in front of Mac. She takes off her sweater and pulls off her PPG T-Shirt to show she’s not even wearing a bra. Her bare breasts hang out in the open, looking larger than life. They’re perfectly round and larger than any hand can hold. Mac stares at the in wonder, thinking how could any bra, or shirt for that matter, hold her Titties back from popping out.

Frankie then lets her skirt drop, surprisingly revealing a PPG Thong. She grabs a robe and heads into her bathroom. Mac takes this chance to make his escape. He slowly crawls out from under her bed and sneaks over to her door, making sure not to make a sound. He grabs the doorknob when Frankie walks back in the room. She’s wearing the robe, but it’s open enough to reveal her luscious breasts. “Almost forgot my hairbrush and…MAC!!!”

She turns her back to him, and closes her robe, hiding herself. Mac frantically twists & turns the doorknob, trying to escape. “I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to be here. I-I…” She turns back to him, extremely pissed. “What’re you doing in here? GET OUT!” He keeps trying the doorknob, but is too nervous to open the door. It’s then that Frankie notices the photos Mac’s clutching to his chest. “Where’d you get those?” “I-I-I saw nothing. I SWEAR!” She snatches the photos from him and shoves them back in her drawer. She then turns her attention back to Mac. “You’ve got a Lot of nerve coming into my room. I should…” She stops her tirade of yelling when she notices her robe is open again, and Mac is staring a hole through her breasts. She turns and closes her robe, snapping him out of his trance. “Wait! It’s not my fault. See, I chase Bloo in here, then he bounced on your bed, then hit the drawer, then the CD’s…and the photos…and he locked me in…” Mac falls to his knees pleading for mercy. “I’M SORRY! I DIDN’T MEAN TO LOOK AT YOUR SEXY PHOTOS, FRANKIE!!!”

Frankie turns around to scold him some more, when she stops cold, realizing what he just said. “You…you think those photos…are sexy?” Frankie begins to blush a little, flattered by Mac’s compliment. “Wow, never really…been called…sexy before.” She begins to think to herself about the situation. “I don’t think he’d be in here on purpose. Mac’s an all-around good kid. And Bloo is a troublemaker.” As she thinks, her eyes gaze downward to see Mac’s erection. She’s a little surprised by the size of it. “WHOA! I never knew Mac was so…Gifted.” She begins to bite down gently on her index finger, thinking of what she could do with Mac. “Well, my date’s ruined, and Mac does deserve something for being betrayed by Bloo.”

Frankie smiles seductively as Mac as she slowly walks toward him, letting her robe open up. “OK, Mac. I believe you. And I know you must wanna pay Bloo back for what he did.” Mac agrees with her. “Yeah, I mean he just abandoned me.” “Well, I can help you out with that.” Mac develops a puzzled look on his face. “But how?” Frankie smiles at him. “Have a seat on my bed.”

Mac walks over to her bed and sits down, wondering what Frankie means by ‘Payback.’ Frankie has a seat beside him, letting her robe stay open. “So, Mac. Got any girlfriends at school?” Mac begins to blush a little, embarrassed about getting into his love life. “No, not really. Don’t really talk to that many girls in school.” She smirks, lovingly but also seductively. “So you haven’t even had your first kiss yet, have you?” Mac shamefully shakes his head no, as he looks downward to the floor. Frankie reaches over and places her hand on his chin, lifting his head. She then leans in and slowly kisses him on the lips. It’s a simple kiss, but one that lasts a while, longer than Mac expected. She pulls back, as Mac still has a stunned look on his face. “F-F…Frankie?” She smiles at him again. “There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

She leans in again, but this time Mac meets her halfway, and they lock lips again. The kiss is more passionate this time, as Frankie moves her tongue around Mac’s mouth. Mac begins to let his hands wonder, and they find their way under Frankie’s robe and to her bare breasts. He rubs them and squeezes them, enjoying his first feel of a woman’s body. Frankie pulls back from the kiss, but stays close enough to let Mac continue his feel. “You sure are a fast learner, Mac.” She puts her hand on his chest and gently pushes him down onto the bed. Mac looks confused as Frankie begins to unbuckle & pull down his pants. “What are you doing, Frankie?” She gets them unbuckled and pulls them halfway down, just enough to uncover his decent sized man meat. She takes hold of it and leans in closer. “Just showing you the advantages of what having a girlfriend is like.”

A couple rooms down the hall, Bloo is hiding in his room under bunk beds. After a moment has past, he peers his head out. “Mac’s been stuck in Frankie’s room for a long time. Maybe I should go try to save him. Then again, hiding is a good idea, too.” He slides back under the bed for a moment, then comes completely out and stands up, deciding to take action. “I can’t leave my buddy in danger. I’m his Imaginary Friend. I must save him! Besides, if I don’t, I’ll have no one to play video games with.” He rushes out of his room and down the hall. He notices Eduardo’s room is right next to Frankie’s. As he rushes in, he can hear sounds coming from Frankie’s room through the walls. “My god, Frankie’ must be torturing him in there. I must act quickly!” Immediately, he opens the window in the room and climbs out. He begins to climb across the ledge of the house, slowly making his way to Frankie’s window so he can bust in and save the day. When he reaches the window though, he sees just the opposite of what he was thinking. He sees Mac getting good head from Frankie.

The Robe is off and tossed aside on the bed. Mac is grimacing in pleasure as Frankie bobs her head up and down on his Cock. “S-So…this is how…a Blowjob feels.” The words barely come out of his mouth. Mac feels so good that he can barely speak. Frankie stops her motion and takes his Cock out of her mouth. “I can tell you like it, Mac. In that case, you’ll love this.” She takes her hand and plays with his balls as she inhales his Cock again, this time sending it deep into her mouth, until it’s no long visible. Bloo, looking from the outside, is wide-eyed in shock. “WHAT? Mac’s getting a blowjob…and not me? How could…? When did…? Why did…? I GOTTA GET IN ON THIS!!” He smacks his hands together, determined to get inside the room…until he notices that nothing is holding him up on the ledge. He falls down off the ledge and lands in the hedges.

Back in the room, Frankie finishes up on Mac. She takes his Cock out of her mouth again and gives it one last long lick, before stroking it with her hand. She looks up at Mac, to see his expression. “So how do you feel so far, Mac?” There’s a wide grin on his face that could be mistaken as The Joker’s. “R-R-R…Real good, Frankie.” She gives him a seductive look, the same look that she gave to him earlier. “Well prepare to feel better.” She climbs up to her knees and onto Mac, still gently stroking his Dick with her hand. She then stops, and guides herself onto his manhood, slowly sliding down onto it. Mac clenches his fists, immediately feeling how tight her pussy is. Frankie can feel his Cock swelling up even more inside of her, and it catches her off guard. “God, he’s starting to feel me up.”

Outside the House…

Bloo has set up a makeshift slingshot using a gigantic Rubber Band (don’t ask where he got it from) and two trees. The slingshot is aimed at Frankie’s window. “I gotta get in there and get me some of that.” He backs himself up on the slingshot, pushing the Rubber Band as far as it’ll stretch. “Well, here goes nothing. GERONIMO!!!” He launches himself off the slingshot and rips through the air. He flies higher, and higher, and higher, and…over the house completely. After 3 minutes of soaring through the clouds, he finally lands, ironically, at the Bi-Annual Midnight Picnic & Firework Imaginary Friend Festival. More precisely, right on Eduardo’s stomach. “Senor Bloo, what are you doing here? Senor Herriman…” Bloo climbs off of his stomach and runs back to the house. “No time! Got better things to do!”

Back at the House…

Frankie begins to pump herself on Mac’s Cock. She runs her fingers across his chest, feeling her frustration fading away with each motion. Mac reaches up to grab a hold of Frankie’s Tits again. He squeezes and rubs them as he did before, as he becomes lost in a wave of ecstasy. “She feels so warm inside. Man, this is the happiest day of my life.” Frankie becomes lost in the moment also, as she speeds up and begins to grind and bounce on his Cock. Her breasts bounce up & down, regardless of being held by Mac. Frankie leans in close to Mac, and their eyes meet. They kiss passionately again, as their tongues wrestle between their mouths. The action is hot & heavy. Frankie’s hair has bounced out of a ponytail and is fully let down. After a long while, Mac breaks the kiss, and looks ready to blow. “Frankie…I feel like I’m gonna explode…” Frankie stops her motion and hops off of his Cock. “Go ahead, Mac. Let it blow!”

Mac does just that, as he shoots his load all over her back and her ass. It seems non-stop as Frankie falls on top of Mac, sweaty & exhausted. Both are breathing hard, as Mac barely musters up the strength to speak. “Frankie…does this mean…I’m your boyfriend?” A look of shock comes over Frankie’s face. That was the last thing she expected to hear come out of his mouth. But it doesn’t sound as outrageous as she thought it would. In fact, she begins to welcome the idea as a smile forms on her face. “Yeah Mac…you’re my boyfriend.”

At that moment, Bloo crashes through the window and lands right in front of the bed, finally successful in getting into her room. “AM I LATE?” Frankie sits up in her bed, and uses her sheet to cover herself. “Yep, too late Buddy.” Bloo drops down to his knees, realizing his chance has passed. “NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” “HEY!” His scream is interrupted by Frankie, who’s wearing a devious. “There is one way to get some of what Mac got.” Bloo smiles anxiously. “I’ll do anything! You name it, it’s done!” “Do my house chores for the whole month.” Bloo dashes out of the room and down the stairs, about to do just what Frankie asked of him. She sits there wearing a smirk, as Mac has fallen asleep beside her. “Frankie, you’re quite the motivator.”

The Next Morning…

The rest of the house returns from the celebration to see Bloo scurrying around the whole house, making sure it’s in tiptop shape. Frankie & Mac are descending the stairs, holding hands. Mr. Herriman hops out in front of the other house residents looking confused. “What is going on here? Why is Bloo actually acting helpful?” Frankie flashes a grin at Mr. Herriman. “You just have to have the right motivation for him, Mr. H. Now if you’ll excuse me, we’re going out to get some breakfast.”

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