The Girl - Book 2 - Chapter 06 (v2)

The Girl - Book 2 - Chapter 06 (v2)

--- "Sir. I wanted to talk with you about the film I sent you."

--- "It was nice to send the film also, but we saw everything live."

--- "You were watching?"

--- "Yeah. As soon as I saw what was happening I said for Sam to come, but he still missed a big part of it."

--- "I hope he didn't miss too much."

--- "He sure managed to see you licking the hell out of the girl."

Amy smiled. But at the same time it made her remember what she wanted to say.

--- "Sir, can I speak freely?"

--- "Yes."

--- "I want you to name a price."

--- "For what?"

--- "I would want you to name a price, for not raping Amy." --- she said with a lot of effort --- "Not hurting her in any way. Not touching her really."

--- "You really have such a low opinion about us?"

--- "Rather I have a high opinion. But that is not the point. I brought her to the table, so to say. And in my lust I didn't think about the consequences."

--- "That we may want more then to look at her through a camera?"

--- "Yes. And I perfectly understand if you would. She's beautiful. But I don't want her hurt. Or raped."

--- "It made you a world of good."

--- "Not all girls are horny little whores like me." --- she said --- "So I wanted to ask you, if there is a price for you not touching her. Or any of my friends. I'll do anything."

--- "I don't know Sam. What do you think?"

--- "What would you be willing to give up, kid?"

--- "That's kind of a problem, as I don't have anything to give up. You own me completely."

--- "Would you give up your life?"

--- "My life belongs to you sir. I am your dog, and you can put me down, if you grow tired of me."

--- "But would you rather die then allow your friend to be hurt?"

--- "Yes." --- she said without a moment of hesitation --- "Yes. Of course. If it would be my choice. I would gladly die then see Amy hurt."

--- "That would be waste of good meat." --- said Sam smiling.

Lilly dropped her head in silance for a minute.

--- "I think I would make a good snuff film." --- said Lilly in a shy voice, spreading her legs slightly. --- "It would sell well."

--- "I see you thought about it. I hear that films with strangling sell well. Any ideas for that in particular?"

Amy turned red.

--- "I ... I think a pack of dogs ..." --- she said looking down in shame --- "would not waste ..." --- she hesitated --- "this meat, sir."

--- "Pack of dogs, you say?"

--- "Yes, sir. From the time I ... I became available ... to dogs." --- it was hard for her to say it, but she started to rub herself at the same time --- "A thought of dogs chasing me, biting me, catching me ... ripping me apart. Eating me." --- she said --- "It terrifies me, but also I find it kind of fitting."

--- "You are a sick puppy, you know?"

--- "I know, sir. Thank you, sir."

--- "So, that settles it." --- said Sam.

Lilly looked at him with terror in her eyes. But soon realized that it was true what she said, and she was willing to die it, if meant saving Amy from being abused.

--- "I will present myself for the film when you say it's time." --- she said in a humble voice --- "If I may be so honest, I think I can entertain you much still, before you put me down, sir."

Hank and Sam looked at each other surprised, but then smiled.

--- "I think you misunderstood us, kid." --- said Hank.

--- "Yeah. We ain't gonna kill you. At least, not yet." --- said Sam, with an evil smile --- "But I very much like your idea about the dogs."

--- "Thank you, sir. I'm happy you like it." --- she said --- "And I'm happy you are not yet bored of torturing me. But what about Amy?"

--- "We kind of predicted this to happen. And we discussed it earlier really. And ..." --- Hank started to say --- "Let's say, lot of things changed since we met you. And we decided that as long as we can do to you anything we would like to do to any other girl, then we're good."

--- "You can do whatever you like to me, sir."

--- "That doesn't mean we will not include other people in our ... games. But not Amy." --- said Hank.

--- "I don't expect you, sir. I'm happy to be sold and used."

--- "As for Amy ..." --- said Sam with a pregnant pause --- "we perfectly know what you want, and we decided to agree to it also."

--- "Giving her access to the cameras?"

--- "That also. But it's more then that isn't it." --- said Sam --- "You want to obey her."

--- "We decided to allow you to obey her in any way, without asking for our permission." --- said Hank.

--- "We are still your masters, your owners," --- said Sam --- "but we give you permission to obey her."

--- "There are some terms." --- said Hank --- "You will make sure she will not interfere with your service to us in any way. And if she learns of our identities, the deal is off. And she is our to do what we please."

--- "Yes, sir. Of course, sir." --- she said excited --- "Thank you, sir."

--- ---

--- "Masters. I have another thing to ask you." --- said Lilly while getting out of a cage they were keeping her though the weekend, as her parents traveled.

--- "Yes, kid. That is it?" --- said Hank.

--- "I was wondering. If I would want to do something for you, but without your prior knowledge ..."

--- "Like a surprise?"

--- "Yes. Kind of. But I would hate to lie to you. I want you to know I have nothing to hide from you."

--- "It would not be a lie if you would be preparing a surprise for us." --- said Hank smiling.

--- "I think it would be." --- said Sam, thinking about it. --- "And I think you should still be punished." --- he said smiling.

--- "Yes, sir. I agree." --- said Lilly, afraid what it would mean in Sam's imagination.

--- "Yes. I think each day, when you don't tell us about the surprise, you should punish yourself someway." --- he said --- "This way you will keep the secret only if you feel it is worth it. And also you won't keep us in the dark too long."

--- "That kind of make sense." --- said Hank.

They both fell silent thinking about the type of punishment to inflict.

--- "If I may be so bold, sir." --- Lilly started

--- "Yes?" --- Hank said.

--- "I remember being ordered to kneel on dried peas."

--- "Really?" --- said Sam --- "That's old school. I didn't know people still used these small weighted bags."

--- "I have such old material bags with peas at home." --- she said. A shiver went through her on the thought of kneeling on them.

--- "Then it's settled. Ten minutes each day. As long as you are keeping something from us."

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