Owned Teacher Chap. 22-24

Owned Teacher Chap. 22-24

This is not my own work. This wonderful little piece was written by an another known as "Thumb" about ten to fifteen years ago. I repost it here so a new audience may enjoy it as much as I have over the years.]


Lisa allowed her pet to sleep until noon (about 4 hours). Then she woke her and ordered her to clean up the mess in the living room and get herself cleaned up. She gave her 30 minutes.

Mary awoke slowly. The first thing she noticed were her nipples which were very red and sore. Her pussy was aching too and she found the vibrator laying between her soaked legs. The plug was still in her ass. She struggled to her knees and found the wet spot on the carpet. Not wanting to disappoint her owner Mary forced herself to get moving noting the time. She put the chair back in the kitchen; gathered the ropes, clamps and vibrator; cleaned the carpet and hurried up stairs taking the toys with her. She quickly removed her collar and heels and stepped into a hot shower. She hurried to wash the juices and sweat from her sore body. Her nipples were so sensitive that the water hitting them caused her to jump in pain.

After a quick shower Mary did her make-up and hair. She replaced her collar and moved into the bedroom to see if her owned had laid out anything for her to wear. She found the too small bra and girdle, a loose red skirt and a red t-shirt cut to expose her stomach and a pair of 5" red heels. Mary put the bra on bringing tears to her eyes as her abused nipples were compressed. As she tugged the girdle up she realized that Lisa had glued fine sand paper in the crotch and ass sections. Each step rubbed the sand paper over tender parts. After putting on the skirt, t-shirt and heels she hurried down the stair to the kitchen with 3 minutes to spare. By the time she
reached the kitchen the skin on her pussy and ass was beginning to become irritated by the sand paper.

"Very good pet," said Lisa patting her teacher on her head.

Mary felt a burst of happiness that she had pleased her owner.

"First I want you to drain the contents of your fun last night into this cream pitcher and wrap the used rubbers in Saran wrap and put them in your purse".

Mary did as she was ordered and was astounded that the creamer was filled with cum when the last rubber had been emptied.

"Now Amy will be home in an hour. Prepare dinner and make a pot of coffee. You are permitted to sit for dinner today. Make something especially tasty, I'm really hungry."

Mary hustled around the kitchen and managed to prepare a meal which everyone found satisfactory. Sitting on the hard wooden chair made her ass hurt and her nipples were throbbing. She did her best to keep a smiling face so Amy would not notice. Everything was somewhat normal. After dinner when Mary placed dessert on the table Lisa said to Mary," Did you forget the coffee?'

"Sorry Ms. Simon", said Mary as she jumped to get the coffee.

"Get some for yourself too."

Mary poured coffee for Lisa and herself.

Lisa got up and got the cum filled creamer out of the refrigerator. "Here is your cream Mrs. C."

Mary was trapped. She poured some of the cum into her coffee. She couldn't believe she was sitting it her kitchen with her daughter drinking cum laced coffee. She drank the coffee but she couldn't look at Amy. Lisa and Amy talked about school and except for the throbbing nipples, sand papered ass and pussy and drinking cum laced coffee it was a normal dinner conversation.

After dinner Lisa and Amy went into the living room leaving Mary to clean up. Amy used to clean up after dinner but now she is Lisa's friend and Mary had the duty.

When the kitchen was spotless Mary walked into the living room to find Amy and Lisa watching TV. Her heart jumped into her throat. But it was a movie Amy had rented the night before. Mary shivered with relief. "I thought you were going to weed the flowers and cut the grass," said Lisa.

"Yes Ms. Simon I just wanted to let you know I would be out in the yard." Yard work was the last thing Mary wanted to do. She really wanted to get out of the torturous clothes and sleep but she knew Lisa was really giving her orders. So she went to the yard.

"Why does my mom call you Ms. Simon?" asked Amy.

"She calls all the kids Ms. or Mr." answered Lisa. "It's really nice she respects kids so much."

"Doesn't she respect me?" asked Amy.

"Well It would be unusual for Mrs. Clark to call her daughter Ms. Clark. Maybe you should ask her to call you Ms. Amy, that wouldn't sound silly."

"Do you think she would?"

"We could ask her together and I bet she does."

Mary spent the next two hours weeding and cutting the grass. She felt ridiculous doing yard work in a short skirt and heels. By the time Lisa called her into the house she was covered with dirt and grime and sweating profusely. Her ass and pussy felt raw from the sand paper and she had to move carefully not to grimace with each step.

When Mary came in Lisa said to her, "Mrs. C. you look like you need a shower. Take your time. Amy and I can wait 45 minutes for our sandwiches."

Mary understood her directions and hurried as fast as she could up the stairs to get out of the girdle and bra.

When she had stripped Mary checked her ass and pussy but found them to be red and irritated not rubbed raw as she had feared. She took a long shower and the after drying herself she did her hair and make-up. Then she checked for her clothing and found a long white t-shirt and heels on the bed. She slipped the shirt over her head being careful not to mess up her hair and after strapping the 5" heels to her sore feet she went down to the kitchen with 10 minutes to make the sandwiches.

When the sandwiches were ready and the table set for two she called Lisa and Amy to the kitchen.

"You saved us from starving Mrs. C. we could not have lasted 3 more minutes." said Lisa.

Mary knew she had made it within the limit.

"Aren't you eating Mrs. C.?" asked Lisa.

Lisa smiled and said "Why don't you at least eat a half of sandwich with us?"

Mary took a half of sandwich and ate it standing next to the table. She tried hard not to wolf it down she was so hungry.

Lisa thought, she is really learning. She should be ready for the meeting next Saturday.

"Mrs. C., Amy and I were talking while you were working in the yard and she thinks it is cool that you call all your students Ms. or Mr. We thought since she is even more special than your regular students she might enjoy you calling her Ms. Amy from now on."

Amy was all smiles and a compliant Mary said, "Of course I would do that for my daughter." Mary knew she had just dropped another rung down the ladder.

"Amy is going to Sue's tonight to study and sleep over."

"Amy is not usually permitted to sleep over on school night," responded Mary.

"Mom aren't you going to use my new name? Lisa said I could stay over."

Mary swallowed and said,"Well if Ms. Simon thinks it is ok, you can stay over Ms. Amy." Mary was very uncomfortable with this situation but she was trapped.

While Mary cleaned up the kitchen Lisa drove Mary to Sue's house. As soon as they had gone Mary sat down and had a good cry. Her situation just kept getting worse and worse. She removed her t-shirt and placed her collar around her neck without even thinking about it. Her owner demanded obedience.

When Lisa returned she took Mary by the leash and lead her up stairs. "You are working very hard to be obedient pet. I hope I don't have to punish you again like last night."

Mary smiled at the praise her owner had given her. She would work hard to please her and avoid punishment.

Lisa took Mary into the bed room and helped her apply lotion to her sore ass and pussy. She spent extra time being sure Mary was heating up before she stopped and got out Mary's clothing for the evening. Tonight we are going to stop at a salon and then we are going to a place for you to learn a new trade.

Mary didn't like the sound of that and was even more apprehensive when she saw the clothing Lisa picked for her. A thin white cotton crop top which allowed her nipples to be clearly visible and barely covered her breasts; and a coordinated thin black cotton skirt the length of a cheerleader skirt with nothing under it. Lisa had her change into a pair of white 6" heels with ankle straps.

"Fix up your make up. A little heavy with the eye liner and lip stick. Do your hair and change back into the large hoop earrings".

"Yes Ms. Simon." said Mary as Lisa left to get dressed for the evening.

When Lisa came back she was wearing jeans and a red blouse. Her clothing seemed conservative to Mary or was Mary's outfit that outlandish.

Grabbing her leash Lisa led Mary to the car and off they went. Their first stop was at a salon named the Emporium. It was a tattoo and piercing salon. Lisa lead Mary into the salon by her leash. Mary wanted to die of embarrassment. She had never been in public while collared and leashed before. Lisa said to the woman working there,"My pet wants her belly button pierced with a small gold hoop with a P soldered on."

Mary's eyes grew wide as she heard what Mary said. She was going to be pierced and a letter P would be soldered permanent into her belly button. How would she explain the piercing and then the P. She couldn't refuse and embarrass her owner. She would be punished if she did. But she didn't want to embarrass her. She realized it had nothing to do with punishment. A piercing was so little to please her owner.

The woman did the piercing and soldered the gold hoop into the hole with a P dangling from it. Mary felt a thrill go through her body as the P was soldered into place. She didn't understand the feeling but it was as real as was the heat in her pussy.

"Any other piercing?" Asked the woman.

"Not today but soon we will be returning." answered Lisa. "Pay the woman pet."

Mary opened her purse and discovered she had no money so she had to use a credit card. The woman knew her name now. She noticed a wooden hair brush had been added to her purse along with everything else. The woman's eye sparkled when she saw all the stuff in Mary's purse. Mary was mortified that the woman saw her toys. She felt a hot spasm in her pussy at the same time.

Lisa took Mary's leash and lead her back to the car with her newly pierced belly button sporting a P visible to the world. "Do you know what P stands for pet.?"

"Yes Ms. Simon your pet believes the P stands for pet."

Lisa drove to the other side of the city and pulled up to a placed called Bare Elegance. Lisa turned to Mary and explained the situation. "We are going in here so that you can observe how the dancers work the stage and do private dances. You are coming here on Thursday to enter the amateur contest and I expect you to win. You will be practicing at least 2 hours a night until then. While we are in here tonight you will be sitting at a table in the back. You will have at least 3 girls do private dances for you. If any men come and sit with you they are to be allowed to do anything except fuck you. You will masturbate each guy and allow his cum to shoot all over your legs and skirt. You will then tell them to see me at the bar and tell me how you did. If I get any bad reports you will of course be punished pet. Maybe right here with the hairbrush."

Lisa handed Mary $30 dollars for the private dances and said "You will have to get the gentlemen to buy your drinks. You may drink but don't get drunk. Oh and one more thing. When there is no man with you I want to see you playing with your bare pussy."

Mary was in shock as she followed Lisa into the establishment. She was permitted to leave her collar in the car but she was still quite a sight in her outfit. She was to masturbate any stranger who sat with her and allow them to take liberties with her body. She was to play with herself in public. How could she do this. It was very wrong. But her owner demanded it. Her pussy was soaked and her nipples were poking holes in her thin top. They were still
extremely tender from last night. Mary moved to a table in the back that Lisa indicated in a daze. It took 2 minutes for a guy to pull up a chair with her.

The gentleman introduced himself as Paul. He asked if she would like a drink. She ordered a sprite and as he talked with her she studied the stage. There were two girls on the stage. One was totally naked and the other had removed her dress and was wearing only a g-string. They were swaying and gyrating to the music as men sat around the stage. When a man held up money the girls would kneel on the stage in front of the guy and do a little special thing and then he would put the money in her garter. They usually allowed the man a few 'feels' while he tipped them.

As she looked around the room she saw girls doing dances at the tables. They danced naked very close to the man, almost touched him. Some of the girls actually allowed some touching and rubbed themselves on the guy's knee. She noticed girls circulating offering dances to the seated men. Her eyes met Lisa's at the bar and she felt an energy flow through her and she wanted to please her owner. She wasn't ready to begin masturbating this guy so she motioned for a tall red head with platform 6" heels that she wanted a private dance.

Mary was quite embarrassed as the nude woman danced for her. She pushed her large breasts into Mary's face and Mary could feel the bare pussy grinding into her thigh. She was most disturbed because her own pussy was beginning to leak.

After the song was over the woman placed her high heel shoe on the edge of Mary's chair with the toe against her wet pussy while Mary slipped a $10 bill into her garter. A knowing smile crossed the dancer's lips as she kissed Mary on the cheek.

As she moved off the gentleman sitting with Mary moved closer and she could feel his hand on her thigh. A glance at her owner and Mary let her hand slide to the man's lap. She found a hard mass inside his tight jeans and whispered to him," If you take that out I'll take care of it for you." in a soft sexy voice her owner would be proud of. She couldn't believe she had said that and was now sitting with a complete stranger sliding her hand up and down his hot pulsating cock. His hand found its way to her sopping pussy and as he slid 2 fingers deep inside her she experienced her first orgasm of the night. Soon after that she felt the hot splash of his cum on her thigh and skirt. The man whipped his cock on her skirt and got up to leave. She asked him to please go and tell Lisa how she had done. She so wanted Lisa to be pleased.

Before another man could join her she got the attention of a short well built blonde dancer and had her second private dance. She watched what the dancer did and took mental notes so she could make her owner proud on Thursday. She couldn't believe she would be doing that here on Thursday. After tipping the dancer 2 guys came over and sat with Mary. They obviously had seen what she had done before and their pants were open and she was presented with two more cocks. One began fingering her pussy while the other played with her super sensitive nipples. As the guy in her right hand shot all over her she had another orgasm herself. After the second
guy added his load to her thigh they were off to tell Lisa as Mary begged them to.

She began playing with herself without even thinking about it when a very tall large black dancer came up and said Lisa had sent her over. She talked to Mary the entire time she danced for her. Telling her she was a slut and she couldn't wait to get her here on Thursday after work for some real fun. This made Mary nervous but when the dancer shoved her toe into Mary's pussy she erupted in another orgasm. 'What is happening to me?' she wondered.

By the time Lisa was ready to leave Mary had lost track of the number on men who had cum on her. She could feel their cum running down her legs and a glance at her black skirt showed it to be covered with white cum. She could actually feel the cum running into her shoes. She had been mauled for hours and had orgasmed repeatedly. Her pussy was worn out from the night before and now this. She had not had this many orgasms in her entire life. All she could think about was the fire in her pussy. She was watching the dancers but also watching the men wishing them to come and help her put out her fire.

As she got up to leave there was a rousing cheer as her cum covered body walked proudly behind her owner to the door.

As soon as they were in the car Mary's inexplicable began to cry. She didn't know why but she knew this was all wrong as her fingers slid into her overheated pussy and she cried all the way home.

Lisa permitted Mary to shower and then ordered her to do her nails and toes nails in a bright red polish for tomorrow. She told her they would be going to get 'real' nails put on tomorrow.

Mary went to bed on the floor with orders to wake her owner at 7:00 with breakfast ready. She sobbed herself to sleep as visions of shooting cocks passed through her mind and her fingers gently stroked her swollen pussy.


Mary awoke at 5:30 A.M. to find her fingers still in her soaked pussy. She immediately completed her morning masturbation, struggling to stop before orgasm as required. She forced her exhausted body to the shower. She took a long shower and felt slightly better after drying her hair and doing her make up. Her mind was in a turmoil. She couldn't understand why her pussy was constantly hot and wet. She had flashes of hard cocks invading her
mind and she had a unconscious desire to please Lisa. What was wrong with her. She was a mother, wife and
teacher. These thoughts were sick.

So Lisa had some pictures of her. She should just face the music and get out of this situation. But she knew she didn't have the courage to fight Lisa. The pictures were bad but the videos would put her in jail. She had everything to lose and nothing to gain by fighting Lisa but she knew what she was doing was wrong. With her mind thoroughly confused she padded naked to the kitchen to fix breakfast for Lisa.

At exactly 7:00 Mary woke Lisa. The aroma of toast and coffee filled the house. Lisa slipped on a robe and lead her pet back to the kitchen. Lisa ate the delicious breakfast while the hungry teacher stood obediently drinking a cum laced cup of coffee. Lisa also permitted Mary to eat a dry piece of toast.

Lisa was headed for upstairs after eating leaving the kitchen for Mary to clean when she noticed the answering machine blinking. She pressed the button and heard Bill Clark's voice. He had called the night before and basically said the normal miss you and stuff but what interested Lisa the most was the last sentence. "I'll be home Thursday night around 6:30. Could you pick me up at the airport?" Lisa hurried upstairs to get ready for school.

When Mary came up to her room she found her clothes for the day laid out on the bed. A black garter belt with black stockings, a short full black print skirt, a black camisole and an open weave knit vest with 4" black ankle strap heels to complete the outfit. Mary inspected herself in the mirror and found she actually looked 15 years younger. The only drawbacks to the outfit were the lack of panties and bra. She was very aware that her bare ass was only inches from view and her nipples were protruding through the camisole and if the vest were to shift from the position she had arranged it they would be noticeable to her students.

Mary went down to meet Lisa in the kitchen. Lisa handed her a lunch she had prepared for her and said, "No peeking until lunch time pet."

"Yes, Ms. Simon" answered Mary as she removed her collar and leash and placed them in her purse. She thought she would have to get a larger purse soon with everything Lisa made her carry with her.

The morning went almost normally. The only distractions were her constant state of excitement and the fact that she caught herself looking at the boys in her class imagining the size of their cocks. Every time this happened she was repulsed at her thoughts.

As lunch approached Mary became apprehensive. She knew Lisa always had some disgusting, embarrassing activity for her in her lunch. When the bell rang for lunch Mary took her lunch bag to the faculty dining room. People had stopped asking her to sit. She went over to the corner counter and opened her lunch. Inside she found a salad with crackers, a small apple a bottle of chili powder and a note.

enjoy your lunch. There is nothing special for you to do before you eat.
After lunch you are to go back to your room and do your regular after lunch
playing. When the bell rings for the end of lunch you are to dip your finger
into the chili powder and dab It onto your clit. Do this just before you open the
door to let my class in.


Mary ate her lunch and then proceeded to her room. Locking the door she lifted her skirt and fingered her pussy to the point of orgasm. Her mind told her this was wrong but her body betrayed her. Stopping before she orgasmed was very difficult. Her body craved release. When the bell rang Mary quickly dipped her wet finger into the chili powder and dabbed it on her clit as ordered. She opened the door and suddenly her pussy was on fire. Before she knew what was happening her body was rocked by an intense orgasm. She had to grab the desk to remain standing and bite her tongue to keep from crying out.

Her students filed into the room and while they gave her strange looks no one could tell the problem. Mary's pussy continued to spasm as the chili powder migrated through her wet pussy. She was afraid to move because she knew another orgasm was on its way.

Mary struggled with her burning pussy. She was beginning to sweat and her pussy was gushing trying to extinguish to fire. All of her students were now seated and looking at her. She had to do something. "Class I want you to open your books and read sections 2 through 9."

Mary glanced at Lisa and saw her shaking her head no as if she could read her mind. Mary had planned to go to the restroom and quench the fire In her pussy. But seeing Lisa she knew she was going to have to deal with it here. She would have loved to sit behind her desk and try to cope with the burning but she wasn't permitted to sit A second orgasm rushed through her body causing her to grip the desk tighter. By this time she was sweating profusely and her knees were weak. Somehow Mary managed to get through the class. Lisa did ask about that
'smell' again before the bell sent the students to their next class. Thankfully Mary had the next period open
and went to the restroom and tried to ease the burning with paper towels soaked in cold water. As she was leaving the restroom after drying her self and her thighs of the copious juices which soaked the tops of her stockings and the back of her skirt. The burning in her pussy was diminished but there was no way to douse the fire completely.

The rest of the day Mary was constantly dabbing the moisture from her face and between classes running to the restroom to dry the constant secretions of her pussy. When the end of the day finally arrived Mary couldn't even remember what she had taught during the afternoon. Her mind was totally centered between her legs.

Lisa came strolling in as Mary was wiping her forehead.

"A little warm pet?" asked Lisa .

"Ms. Simon that was a terrible trick. I had three orgasms right in front of my class. I can't afford to lose this job or my reputation." yelled Mary.

"You did well pet. I knew you would control yourself but it was amusing to watch. If you get caught everyone will think you are the sick one. No one knows about us remember."

"Yes Ms. Simon. I'm sorry I yelled at you."

"Sorry doesn't cut it pet. Give me your purse and bend over your desk."

"Please Ms. Simon. Not here. I'm sorry." begged the teacher as she handed her purse to her student.

Lisa flipped Mary's skirt up over her up turned ass and proceeded to spank her ass with the hairbrush until it was bright red. Mary was squirming on the desk and the tears were running down her face smearing her make up. Lisa noted the flow between Mary's legs and knew she had this bitch.

Lisa ordered the spanked teacher to the corner. "Put your nose in the corner and hold your skirt high so I can see your red ass when I come back. Don't move an inch." Lisa left the room leaving the spanked teacher on display in the corner.

Mary wanted to die of shame. What if someone came by? Bubba was around. He made her nervous. She could hear someone walking down the hall. Mary could feel the juices running down here legs as her fear grew. She knew someone was at the door but she dare not look. "Unwrap your cum collectors and place them in your wastebasket for Bubba. He must think you're really hot stuff." said Lisa. Mary breathed a sigh of relief that it was
Lisa as she lowered her skirt and moved to obey. Mary blushed making her face as red as her ass and placed the 7 used rubbers in the trash. She hoped Bubba wouldn't notice them.

"I'll drop you at the gym pet on my way to take Amy to dinner. I want you to drink 2 cans of orange juice for nutrition while you are there. We will pick you up in 2 hours. Continue the same exercises as last week. They seem to be working.' I made an appointment to have your nails done at 6:30."

After an exhausting workout Mary drank her two cans of orange juice and waited outside for Lisa to return. Lisa pulled up at around 6:15 with Amy in the car. Mary climbed into the back seat thankful to be able to sit down and rest her weary body.

When they arrived at the nail salon Lisa told the technician that both Mary and Amy were getting nails. She wanted them to be identical. Amy had been bugging Mary for months to get nails but Mary had refused.

After a hour or so Mary and her daughter left the salon with identical long dark red finger nails. Mary was upset that Lisa had permitted Amy to get nails let alone long red ones. But she knew better than to disagree with Lisa.

When they got home Amy went off to her room to do her homework and Lisa sent Mary off to practice her dancing. She had Mary dance in front of a full length mirror in her bedroom. Removing her clothes and swaying and gyrating to the music. After about a 1/2 hour Mary was about to collapse but Lisa simple got the hairbrush out of Mary's purse and she forced herself to continue. Mary tried to divert her eyes from watching herself stripping and dancing naked in her bedroom but she couldn't avoid seeing herself preparing to win a contest she
didn't even want to be associated with. She knew she had to go along with Lisa until she could find a way out
without hurting her family.

Around 10:30 Amy knocked on her door to say good night. "Night Mom.".

"Night Amy" called the naked dancing teacher.

"Mom your supposed to call me Ms. Amy. Remember?"

Mary cringed. "Yes Ms. Amy. I'm sorry I forgot."

Lisa permitted Mary to go to sleep early with orders for breakfast at 7:00.

Mary masturbated quietly on the floor before going to sleep. Her pussy was still tingling from the chili powder. As she drifted to sleep her mind was so confused about everything. She was having a difficult time determining right from wrong. Her values were constantly being assaulted.

The next day went along like a normal day. There were no surprises at lunch and aside form masturbating twice everything was as it used to be before all this started. After classes Lisa came to Mary's room and informed her that they needed to go shopping after the gym to find something to wear to 'work' on Thursday night. This brought Mary back to her real situation.

As they were leaving the school they ran into Bubba as he was cleaning the hall. "Hi Bubba" said Lisa. Mary couldn't look Bubba in the eye. She was aware that he was giving her a through look over while he chatted with Lisa.

The constant exercise and lack of substantial food was beginning to have an effect of Mary. Her mind was also showing the effects of the stress and she was too tired to think straight. She felt like she was floundering in a deep pit but she couldn't find the ladder. Her body was constant aroused and her mind wandered. As she waited for Lisa to pick her up at the gym she realized she was lost and maybe there was no way out.

When Lisa picked up Mary at the gym she was alone. She told Mary that Amy was at her mothers.

This disturbed Mary but she couldn't complain.

They headed for the mall and directly to Victoria's Secret. Lisa helped Mary pick out several G-strings, various color wonder bras to enhance her ample breasts, and some long slinky dresses. Lisa sent Mary to the changing room with orders to change and come out and show her what she looked like.

Mary went to the changing room and as she began to remove her blouse she saw her reflection in the mirror and stopped. She didn't even recognize this person she had become. Why was she subjecting herself to this treatment. She rebuttoned her blouse and without further thought stepped out of the dressing room to confront Lisa.

Lisa saw Mary coming and had been expecting some rebellion soon. She grabbed Mary's arm before she could say anything and lead her back to the dressing room. Once in the changing stall Lisa backed the bigger, older teacher against the wall and said," Listen pet, if you think for one minute I won't release the pictures and tapes you are sadly mistaken. You have two choices at this point and 30 seconds to make up your mind. You can leave here and I guarantee you will make the news tomorrow or you can get naked and bend over with your hands on the chair and your ass in the air. Make up your mind."

Mary realized her mistake. She had gotten herself into a situation from which she could find no escape. Her life was ruined but at least she could save her husband and daughter from devastation. She slowly began removing her clothes as quietly wept in despair.

When she was naked and in the required position Lisa opened Mary's purse and got the hairbrush. Lisa reddened Mary ass with 25 hard spanks with the hairbrush. The sound of the spanking could be heard all over the store. Lisa walked out and ordering Mary be try on an outfit and come out.

With no way to fix her smeared make up a very contrite teacher dressed in a black g-string and wonder bra with exposed nipples and a sheer long spaghetti strap gown walked from the changing area to the main store. Her eyes were downcast but she could feel all eyes on her. Lisa made her turn and lift her gown displaying her hot red ass to anyone who wanted to look. Lisa was satisfied with the outfit and ordered Mary to purchase it along with 3 additional g-string/bra sets.

When Mary came out Lisa told her to thank the clerk for the use of her dressing room for her attitude adjustment and to apologize for any disruption her correction may have caused. Lisa walked out leaving the teacher to obey her instructions but she remained near the door to witness her teachers humiliation.

Lisa walked to the checkout counter and said, "Thank you for allowing my owner use your dressing room to correct my attitude. I'm very sorry for any disruptions I may have caused." Her face was as beet red and she couldn't look the girl in the eye.

The sales girls mumbled, "That's ok." She was as embarrassed for the woman as she was embarrassed and wanted to get these people out of the store.

Lisa took the penitent pet to the shoe store where Mary had collected her first cum. Thankful for Mary the neither salesman was working. Mary had her buy a pair of platform heels with 7" heels. They rode home in silence as Mary's mind tried to come to grips with the despair she felt.

When they got home Amy was not yet there. Lisa sent Mary to her room and ordered her to change into her dance outfit and start practicing. Mary went to her room and forced her drained body to dress and begin performing for the mirror. She danced and stripped and then got dressed and did it over and over. The new platforms heels hurt her feet and were difficult to dance in but by the time her 2 hours were up she had mastered them.

Lisa came in and watched the last dance. "I will be very disappointed if you don't win." said Lisa.

" Your pet will do her best to make you proud Ms. Simon."

Lisa picked up the discarded g-string. "Pet you are soaked this g-string. Wash it out before bed."

"Yes Ms. Simon. Ms. Simon Where is Amy?"

"She went to the mall with friends. She should be home by 11:00."

"11:00!!!!! It is a school night and she is to be home by 9:00 and in bed by 10:00." ranted Mary.

"Pet she is growing up now. She needs more freedom. She is now permitted out till 11:00 on school nights and midnight on weekends unless I extend her curfew."

"I'm her mother and I make the rules for her."

"Not any more pet unless you want to be totally honest with her about everything."

Mary was speechless. She was losing everything.

"Go to bed now pet you have a very busy day tomorrow. I will even excuse you from the gym but you must practice for an hour before going to your new job. I will drop you off at 5:30 at the club."

"Please Ms. Simon don't let Amy stay out so late on school nights."

"Good night pet." said Lisa as she walked into the kitchen.

Mary sullenly walked up the stairs. She undressed and laying on her blanket on the floor she fingered her pussy to the point of orgasm and then stopped herself and tried to sleep.

Lisa was in the kitchen on the phone making plans for pet's husbands return the next day.


Mary woke early. Her sleep had not been very restful. Her mind was whirling out of control. Dreams of her teaching her class dressed in her dancing clothes and of Lisa allowing Amy to do all sorts of things to which she objected kept her sleep restless. Her fingers had found their way to her stimulated pussy and she was near orgasm when jolted awake by the alarm clock.

Mary quickly showered and did her hair and make up. She slipped on a robe and made breakfast for Lisa and Amy. Then she woke up the girls. Amy was very tired and didn't want to get up. Mary was permitted toast and coffee with her special cream. Then she cleaned up and climbed the stairs to see what Lisa had laid out for her to wear.

Mary was quite surprised to find a conservative outfit compared to her normal wear. She was required to be plugged and took a large thermos of cum laced coffee which she was to drink throughout the day.

The school day went without incident. At the end of the day Lisa came to Mary's room. She ordered Mary to remove the plug from her ass and leave it in her desk. She then had her only partially close the drawer and took the dejected teacher home to get ready to compete in a strip contest in front of complete strangers.

Lisa had Mary cook dinner for her and Amy and they sat at the table and enjoyed a hot family dinner while Mary cleaned the kitchen because time was limited. Mary was distrusting of the relationship Lisa and Amy were developing and she felt she was being rendered more and more ineffective. She didn't know what she could do about it now but she hoped Bill would be home soon to at least take control of Amy.

After dinner Mary went to her room and after practicing for an hour packed her bag for the nights activities. As the time approached she was becoming more and more nervous yet her pussy was getting hotter and hotter.

At 5:15 Mary left with Lisa for the club. Amy was dressed to go out with friends and then staying at another friends house. Mary was not pleased with the short dress Amy was wearing but when Lisa said she had picked it for her she knew it wouldn't do any good to object.

When they arrived at the club Mary dropped Lisa off and said she would be back later. Mary felt very vulnerable as she walked alone into the club. She explained she was there to enter the amateur contest. She was directed to the dressing rooms. She was the first to arrive and found the dressing room empty. She put her stuff down and walked out to the stage area. She had never been on stage and found that even in the dark it was a scary place.

While Mary was exploring the stage and club area Lisa was heading for the airport. She had spent most of the morning after leaving school getting everything together she would need. She had been sure to get back to school before Mrs. C. class so she wouldn't know Lisa had left the building. Lisa smiled as she drove to the airport. Their plan would make things very interesting.

When Lisa arrived at the airport she parked in the short term parking and after removing the bag from the trunk headed for the arrival area to meet Bill.

About 30 minutes later Lisa spotted Bill walking down the ramp from his flight. She held up the sign with his name on it. He spotted the sign and walked over to her.

"Mr. Clark?"


"Mr. Evans sent me to meet you. He asked me to give you this letter. He said everything you would need is in this bag."

Mr. Evans was his boss. What could this be about? "Thank you." said Bill. He ripped open the envelope.

Dear Bill,

Some very important business has come up in Saudi Arabia. I know
you have been away for some time but it is necessary for you to
fly there immediately to handle this situation. In order to
provide you with more clout I am promoting to to vice president
in charge of overseas operations. This will be reflected in
your substantial pay increase which we will continue to deposit
for you. All your expenses will be covered by the
company. This assignment may well last several months.

In the bag are your tickets and passport. Your flight leaves at
7:15. All other information will be waiting in your office
when you arrive.


Bill was in shock. A promotion to vice president of overseas operations and a substantial pay raise. He would have to be away for several months. What about Lisa and Amy? They would be happy for him and Lisa was a very competent mother. They would be fine. He would have to hurry to get his plane. "Miss could you do me a favor and get a message to my wife?"

"Certainly Sir."

He quickly scribbled a note and giving Lisa a $20 tip rushed off to his plane.
Mary was all dressed to undress and was doing her hair when she saw the big black stripper coming toward her in the mirror. She could feel her knees shaking.

The black woman tapped Mary on the shoulder and said, "Stand up".

A frightened Mary turned and stood in front of the menacing black dancer.

"I wanted to tell you the rules around her bitch. Win or lose you will tip the bouncers $1 out of ever ten. The bartenders and waitresses also get 1 out of 10 and the DJ gets 1 out of ten. That means you only get 7 out of ten. From that 7 you must put $25 into the kiddie. and new girls pay 1 out of 10 to the association. That means you really make $5 a dance. If you should win the contest you get to keep $100 of the $500 prize. After you have paid the association $100 you get to keep $6 out of $10. Any questions?"

Mary was frightened of the woman and answered, "I understand the rules."

"After we close tonight plan to stay for initiation." said the coercive black dancer.

"Ok" said Mary as she sat down to finish getting ready. She didn't want to be here or do this but she knew she had to win the contest or else.

The contest was scheduled to begin at 9:00. Until then amateurs were not permitted to do any stage or table dancing. Mary stayed back stage and talked to the other dancers as they changed and went back to the floor. She peeked through the curtain but couldn't find Lisa in the crowd. As the contest time approached Mary was more nervous than ever before in her life. She was alone, Lisa wasn't there. The other contestants were all younger by several years than she was. Her hopes on being the winner were sinking as she watched the other 5 women dressing and getting ready for the contest. What would Lisa do to her if she didn't win? She really didn't want to find out.

Just before the contest started the DJ came backstage and explained that the 6 women would go on stage together for the first dance but they were not to remove any clothing during that first dance. Then they would be sent on stage individually to do their dance. They had 3 songs each. They were not to leave the stage during their dance. After all 6 had danced they would be brought back to the stage naked for one song then the audience would vote. Each patron was given one 'Bare Elegance' dollar. They would give their dollar to the girl of their choice. The girls would keep dancing until all on the dollars and been distributed. The girl with the most dollars wins. Mary would be the 4th dancer.

Going on stage as a group allowed the women to get used to the stage. They could not see into the audience because of the lights but they could hear the men calling to them and making remarks. Mary felt like a piece of meat on display. She didn't know if she could take her clothes off in front of all these people or not.

The first girl was very pretty with long legs and long blonde hair. She got a lot of applause and came off stage smiling confidently. The second girl had short black hair. Her outfit was black leather and she was received enthusiastically by the crowd.

As the third girl went on stage Mary realized she was next. As she paced the backstage area she didn't think she could do it. Suddenly Lisa was there.

"Hi pet. Ready?"

"Ms. Simon your pet doesn't believe she can do this."

"Oh but you can and you will pet. If you don't win this you will be one very very sorry pet."

"Please Ms. Simon this isn't right."

"That remark will cost you later now get out there and make every man and woman in this club want your ass. You are nothing but my pet the slutty dancer tonight. If you are good you can pretend to be a teacher and mother tomorrow. But tonight is what you really are. Now get out there and win."

Mary knew Lisa was right. She had to dance her best and win to make her owner proud. She couldn't let her owner down or she would be punished and her life would get even more complicated.

Suddenly it was time. Mary tried to block out the crowd and pretend she was in her bedroom in front of the mirror. She danced and swayed to the music. The shouting was a distraction but she continued. She removed her dress and suddenly she could feel the eyes on her. Her hips took on a mind of their own and began to gyrate. She began thrusting her hip back and forth as she dropped her wonder bra to the floor. Her breasts swayed as her body continued to prance around the stage. Her g-string was soaked and her pussy was on fire. She literally
ripped off the tiny cloth protecting her bare womanhood from the eyes of the lusting men surrounding the stage. As she moved through the third song her fingers spread her pussy lips wide and she thrust her pelvis at the screaming crowd. Shaking her breasts and fingering her pussy she humped her ass around the stage.

By the end of the third song Mary was exhausted. Her legs were about to give out. She had given all she had for her owner. Lisa was not back stage when she staggered to the chair. Her body was covered with perspiration and she could feel her juices running down her thighs. She sat there on the chair and rested. She wanted to get back on the stage and collect her dollars. Then she could maybe get some relief for the fire between her legs.

It wasn't long before Mary was strutting her naked body on to the stage with 5 other naked women. They danced one song and then moved to the edge of the stage to collect their dollars. Mary was pawed as she collected her money. She felt fingers slipping into her wet pussy and spread her legs wide to allow better access. She seemed to be collecting a lotof dollars. Finally all the dollars had been collected. The women went backstage and the DJ counted the dollars.

The tall blonde had 40 the next girl had 25, dancer number 3 had 23, Mary had 57, dancer 5 had 29 and the last dancer had 52. She had done . She won. Her owner would be so proud. Mary was lead back on stage and while standing naked with her legs slightly spread she accepted the check for $500. She was the best stripper of the night. She was so proud.

As she walked off stage she was suddenly hit by the thought. 'Why am I proud to be a great stripper? I'm a teacher, wife and mother. Oh what if someone recognized me.' She wanted to dress and run out of there but she was being congratulated by the other girls. She saw Lisa coming through the curtain.

"Well pet you did it you won. I'll take the $500."

"Ms. Simon your pet only gets to keep $100. The rest go as tips and fees for participation."

"Well pet I need $500 so you better get your ass out there and do about 40 table dances to get the other $400."

"Ms. Simon your pet only gets to keep $5 from each table dance."

"Pet I need $500. You can do table dances or give blow jobs. I don't care but when this place closes at 2:00 A.M. you better hand me $500."

"Yes Ms. Simon. The girls say I have to stay for initiation after hours ."

"That's ok. Just give me the $500 and then you can stay as long as you like. I'll see you in the morning."

"Yes Ms. Simon." What was she going to do. How could she make $500 dollars in 4 hours? How would she ever get to work in the morning if she had to stay here after 2? How was she going to get home? Again her mind was not functioning clearly. She need to get busy or things would get worse.

Mary moved onto the floor and was immediately invited to sit with three gentlemen. She declined saying she needed to work the floor. "Would any of you gentlemen like a table dance?' she asked.

They all quickly agreed.

Using the things she had observed other girls doing Mary began dancing for the first man. As she moved her naked body up close to the gentleman he moved his hand to his thigh so that when she straddled his leg his hand was directly under her shaved wet pussy. As she slide her body up and down his thigh his fingers began playing between her spread legs. By the time the song was over and she moved to the second man her body temperature was approaching the boiling point. The second man followed the example of his buddy and played
openly with her dripping pussy. About half way through the song she shuddered in an orgasm and was deeply
embarrassed that she could cum in this disgusting situation, but she never stopped moving.

The third man slide his finger past her drenched pussy and slide a finger into her ass. Mary found herself sitting on the mans hand and forcing his finger deeper inside her tight puckered hole.

Mary was shaken by her body's betrayal but she moved to the next table. She needed to get $500 for her owner or she would be punished. As she worked her way around the room Mary kept one eye on the clock. She had humiliated herself several time by cumming as complete strangers played with her soaked pulsing pussy. By 1:00 she had $300 but she realized she would never make her owners required $500 before the place closed. She had to make a decision. Risk her owners wrath or go beyond dancing to make the money.

It really wasn't a choice when she thought about it. She had got too far to protect her family to risk losing it now. Besides Bill would be home soon and she would be able to work some way out of this situation.

Mary went back to the table of the first man, " I'll give each of you a blow job for $50 a piece." Mary's face burned with shame as she offered herself for money. After a brief discussion between the men they agreed and Mary led them into the back of the club.

Mary couldn't believe what she had gotten into as she found herself kneeling on the hard cold tile floor with a long thick cock deep in her throat and a cock in each hand waiting her her talented mouth. The men had had a good deal to drink and bringing them to orgasm took longer than Mary had hoped but she was back on the dance floor with only $50 to go with 10 minutes left. She had swallowed all three loads and the taste of cum filled her mouth.

Many of the men were beginning to leave as closing time approached and Mary moved swiftly to a guy sitting near the stage by himself. She whisper her offer in his ear and he stood taking her by the arm and lead her into the back.

"You can get me nice and hard with your mouth but I want to fuck your ass for $50. "

Mary was trapped. Time was running out so she agreed and after kneeling and sucking his huge cock to its full 9" she raised her ass and lower her face to the floor and allowed herself to be fucked in the ass.

When it was all over Mary felt dirty and used. She was nothing but a whore. She wished Bill would get home soon.

Mary went back into the dance floor and saw Lisa standing by the bar. She walked up to her and handed her the $500.

"Very good pet and it is only 2:05."

Mary was shocked. She thought she had made it.

"Don't worry pet you did well. I understand you will be staying here a while. Joe, the bartender has agreed to bring you home later. Wake me at 6:30 pet. You can sleep on the porch for being 5 minutes late with your money".

"Yes Ms. Simon."

"Hey Miss contest winner, Come back here." called the black dancer.

"May I Ms.. Simon?"

"Have fun pet."

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