Huge Mexican Tits

Huge Mexican Tits

Fbailey story number 392

Huge Mexican Tits

Camille was without a doubt the biggest girl in my class. At fifteen she was a head taller than most of the boys and her tits were probably bigger than any ten girls put together.

I had admired Camille since the start of school when she transferred in. She spoke good English and even better Spanish. She was a big girl but she was also pretty. She had a big belly, a big butt, and even bigger boobs. She reminded me of a younger and prettier version of my own mother.

One day I got up the courage to talk to her. I wanted to ask her out on a date but I was scared. It took me another couple of weeks to ask her out. Her answer caught me off guard. She wanted to know if I just wanted to feel her up so that I could tell all of friends that I had. Certainly not! Scared or not, I did confess to her that if she did let me feel her up that I wouldn’t tell anyone about it if she didn’t want me too. Then I ran away before she could hit me.

That Friday morning at school Camille asked me if I still wanted a date with her. When I said yes she told me that I had to go home with her after school and meet her mother and all of her sisters. Okay!

I was anxious to meet her at her locker at the end of school and rushed to it as quickly as possible. She did not seem as excited as I was because it took her ten minutes to get there. She told me that she had to talk to her Math Teacher about his homework assignment and that she had to stop in the girl’s restroom. I lied and told her that I had just arrived.

We then walked to her house. It was in the opposite direction from my house, but I didn’t care. I was just pleased to be walking with her.

At her house I was introduced to her mother and her sisters in Spanish, then Camille told me what she had said. Her five sisters could speak English but not in front of their mother. Strange! It took a lot longer repeating everything twice. Camille told her mother what I had said in Spanish and then she told me what her mother had said in English.

After the formalities were over Camille and two of her sisters accompanied me into the formal sitting room which was reserved for guests. Her other three sisters helped their mother fix dinner. Apparently I had been invited to dinner and until then we had two chaperones. Although Camille was the oldest child her mother did not trust her to be alone with a boy.

Once we were seated and her mother had checked on us once Camille whispered something in Spanish to her sisters. They giggled and shook their heads, no.

During dinner her mother appointed one of her sisters to be my interpreter and Camille was told to only speak in Spanish.

There was clearly something more than met the eye. I was being interrogated. In essence I told her that my father was one of nine children, my mother was one of thirteen children, and that I was one of eight children. We were very strict Catholics and that my mother didn’t believe in birth control.

All of that seemed to please the mother and the sisters as well.

In exchange I was told that the mother was one of seventeen children, her dead husband was one of fourteen children, and that with only six daughters she felt cheated.

Then she asked me if I loved her daughter and I replied that I liked her an awful lot but that I didn’t know if I loved her.

She asked me if I wanted to have sex with her daughter. I blushed and said that I was hoping to get to that someday. Camille blushed too.

Next she asked me how many children I wanted. I told her that I hadn’t thought about that yet. I told her that I was still a virgin but that I had heard sex was great and if it was really that good that I might have twenty or thirty children if I didn’t wear Camille out first.

That made everyone giggle and Camille to blush again.

Then the questioning went toward Camille while me translator filled me in.

Her mother asked Camille if she loved me. She replied that she thought so. She then asked Camille how many children she wanted and she answered, as many as I could give her. Then her mother asked her if she was still a virgin to which she replied that she was.

After that the questions got much more intimate. Had I ever seen a girl naked before…just in magazines. Had I ever felt of a girls breasts or vagina before…no ma’am. Was I gay…no ma’am. Then she shocked the hell out of me and asked me if wanted to see Camille naked…yes ma’am absolutely.

There was some discussion in Spanish that was interpreted not for me.

Finally the mother held up the five fingers on her one hand, then after a slight pause she held up three fingers on her other hand.

My interpreter said, “You can look at Camille’s naked body but you can’t touch it. Do you understand?” I looked at the older woman and nodded my head, yes. She smiled and sent Camille upstairs.

There was some discussion in Spanish that I was not privy too. Camille shouted something down the stairs, the mother clapped her hands, and the five sisters took me up the stairs.

The entire upstairs appeared to be one big bedroom with six beds in it. I saw an open door that led to a bathroom and a closed door that I assumed was to their mother’s bedroom.

Camille was standing on a short stool. She was completely naked and standing at attention. She was also staring at a cross on the far wall and trying very hard not to look at me. I approached her and walked slowly around her, at a respectable distance. When I got closer to her, Camille’s sisters closed in too. I knew better than to touch her but I wanted a closer look at my very first naked girl. Camille’s breasts were much bigger than they had seemed, they flattened out and rested on her belly. She then picked up her huge Mexican tits in both hands and let them drop back down onto her belly. Her nipples and areolas were dark in color. I assumed that it was because of her Mexican background. Her belly overhung her pussy slightly so I knelt down and looked up at it. I could smell her intoxicating odor, I could see her puffy lips poking through her thick dark pubic hair. I could also see some moisture forming at her entrance and tiny droplets on the end of some of her hairs. I then crawled around to the back to look at her ass. Her butt was quite large and her ass cheeks were crinkled where her muscles had tightened up.

Then I asked, “Can she lay back on a bed and open her legs for me?”

They giggled and then Camille said, “Yes, I can if I want too.”

Before I could ask her if she wanted too she had stepped down and walked to the closet bed. She sat down right on the edge and as she leaned back her legs came up and she grasped them behind her knees. Her legs opened up, her fat pussy lips parted, and her inner pinkness shown brightly.

I got my face with inches of her wonderful pussy. I smelled the aroma in my nostrils and got instantly harder, I saw the puddle of juice that had formed inside her vagina, and I felt myself cum in my underwear. I wanted to bury my tongue in her hole so badly that I almost did. I probably would have if it weren’t for the hand on my shoulder telling me that my time was up.

I was ushered back down to the kitchen where their mother was waiting patiently. Shortly Camille joined us.

The questioning began again. Did I enjoy what had seen…yes ma’am. Could I love her Camille forever and give her lots of babies…yes ma’am I could.

Camille was asked if she could take care of a man like me. She answered that she could. She turned bright red during the next question. Finally my interpreter translated, “My mother asked Camille if she was prepared to start a family and raise babies. Camille said yes. Then my mother told Camille that she would have to always be available to her man for sex, day and night, rain or shine, and in the vagina, mouth, or rectum. Again Camille said yes.” Then my interpreter said, “You now have my mother’s blessing to have sex with Camille and to marry her.”

I looked at Camille and asked, “Marry? I thought this was to see if we could date.”

Camille said, “We can date, we can fuck, we can get pregnant, as long as you tell my mother that someday soon we will get married.”

I asked, “How soon?”

Camille replied, “How about after we graduate from high school.”

I asked, “What if you get pregnant first?”

Camille smiled and said, “That is what my mother is hoping for. She wants to make sure that you are fertile.”

My interpreter said, “Call your parents and tell them that you were invited to a sleepover…for a week.”

I looked at Camille and she just smiled so I picked up my cell phone and called my mother. I told her that I had a girlfriend, that I had been invited to a sleepover for a week, and that I was going to get married after graduation in three years. Mom was happy and told me to be careful. Then she asked me if I wanted my girlfriend to stay at our house for the week after that. Apparently she had accepted the idea quickly.

I still couldn’t touch her until bedtime at ten o’clock.

Her mother gave us her bedroom and said that she would sleep in Camille’s bed. I was already in bed when Camille came in. She said that her mother had checked to see if her hymen was in tact, and it was.

We were awfully excited but I just had to taste Camille’s pussy before I fucked it for the first time. It was great, I loved the taste, and I would remember that taste for the rest of my life. Camille had been in the same position as she had been earlier on the bed so after tasting her I simple slipped my cock into her. She never flinched or cried out at all as I thrust my hard cock all the way into her. I lasted just a minute or so before I pumped my baby making semen into her virgin pussy.

Camille kissed me, thanked me, and said that she would be right back. Then she went out into the next room. When she returned she was very happy. Her mother had stuck her fingers up into Camille’s pussy again and found that her hymen had been broken and that my cum was inside her. Then her mother told Camille to make sure that I made love to her at least twice a day from then on. She agreed.

As we made love for the forth time that night before passing out from sheer exhaustion Camille told me that her sisters were told to help excite me…as if I needed any help. Camille said that I could ask any of her sisters to get undressed and let me look at them like I had her earlier, but that I could never touch any of them.

I asked Camille if that included her mother too. She just smiled and said that she would ask her in the morning.

When I woke up mid morning Camille was not lying next to me. She was standing next to the bed and said, “Yes, it includes my mother.” Then she pointed to her mother. There was the older woman standing naked at the foot of the bed. She smiled at me and then she turned around slowly. She picked up her huge Mexican tits and she let me watch them fall down against her stomach. She came closer to me and turned around slowly again then she lifted one of her feet up on the bed above my head. That position placed her puffy open pussy just inches from my face. It looked just like Camille’s pussy and smelled just as good.

As I was looking closely at it Camille said, “The no touching rule does not apply to my mother…only to my virgin sisters. You can touch her if you wish.”

I stuck my tongue out and into her moist hole immediately giving myself an erection that was starting to hurt. I needed relief, so I rolled out from underneath her, pulled Camille down onto the bed, and then fucked her hard and fast with her mother watching me.

I finally made it downstairs for lunch. When I entered the kitchen with Camille in tow, her sisters giggled. I looked over at the mother who was dressed and knew that she had a bra on and I was pretty sure that she had panties on too. I told Camille to ask her mother to remove her underwear so that I could feel of her whenever I got the urge. She smiled and told her mother what I had said. She shouted at one of her daughters to watch the bacon and she rushed upstairs. When she returned she stood before me for inspection. I reached up under her dress and slipped two fingers into her moist pussy. I then stood up, walked around behind her, and then put my arm over her shoulder and my hand inside her neckline to cup a breast and to bounce it around a little. I patted her on her big ass and pointed to the stove.

Camille whispered in my ear that I could make her sisters eat lunch in the nude if I wanted to fuck her afterwards. That was a good idea so I told them to undress and Camille told her mother what I had said. The girls ran upstairs and came down back down nude for my inspection. I knew that I couldn’t touch them but I looked right at their tits in various stages of bigness, I smelled of each of their pussies, and then I just grabbed Camille and fucked her from behind over the kitchen table as her mother made us all bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches…my favorite.

I knew right then that I loved Camille, her entire family, and that there was no way that I was ever moving back home.

Two weeks later during Camille’s period I found out that being able to touch the mother also meant that I could fuck her too.

Camille and I were married right after graduation. She was six months pregnant with our second child and her mother had just missed her period. We were pretty sure that she was pregnant with my second child too. The funny thing was my mother was pregnant again too.

The End
Huge Mexican Tits

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