The Breeders Life 6: Punishment Is Life

The Breeders Life 6: Punishment Is Life

The Breeders Life 6: Punishment Is Life

For those of you who are to dumb to remember everything I have told you about our life post war. Here it is in a nutshell... if you are a woman it sucks, if your gay it sucks, if you refuse to play by the rules then you are going to know what pain is. This is what happens when you don't comply. In high school we had a guy in our class he was fourteen when he was caught having sex with a male teacher. Not that he had a choice according to him anyway. The laws are however strict. He was arrested for beiung gay and the teacher got the same treatment. The boy in question a young man named George, got a much lighter sentence than the teacher but whether you like it or not. Willing or not if you are caught with another man or another woman then you are going to pay.

George was fourteen when he was found guilty of homosexuality. He did not deny it, maybe if he had he might have gotten an even lighter sentence. No such luck for the teacher who got sentenced to life in the breeding grounds. He would be strapped down to a bed (if you can call it that for 8 hours a day, he would be raped by women who wanted children or just abused by women and men who wanted to make an example out of him. After eight hours on what would be charitably called an uncomfortable metal bed he would be expected to seed the female captives who's crimes were as vicious as not opening their legs for the men when commanded to do so.) this is what he could expect to do for the rest of his life. If he couldn't get hard then he would be castrated and sent to the slaughter house. No second chances for a lifer. None what so ever. This is the law it does not forgive it does not forget.

I only found out what happened to George last year, when we had both turned 22. George is not the cute little kid I remember him to be. He was tall shaggy haired and a shadow of his former self. Like all former inmates of the breeding grounds he had been given a barcode tattoo on the back of his neck. A septum ring which had been welded together. It was designed never to be taken out. Their were other modifications but I couldn't see them I just knew that he would have them.

George was skinny far to skinny to be healthy.

He told me he understood how I felt, he knew what it was like to be just a piece of meat, I'm 22 like him and this is my third pregnancy. I am four months along with twins and starting to get extremely brig. He noticed the way I walked towards him and said he could tell I have plugs up my ass and cunt. Of course he was correct. I rarely didn't have plugs in them, the vibrators in my pussy lips as well as else where made me even hotter than I usually am and that is saying a lot.

“You have to understand, that after I was found guilty they took me out of the room without a chance to say goodbye to my parents or siblings.” George explained to me. “They took me into this examination room where a doctor and nurse, yeah professional's were waiting for me. They wait for all of us convicted of sex crimes.” George said to me. “I was told to strip when I didn't respond quickly enough, they stripped me of my clothes. Scissors and they weren't to careful with themeither.” George explained.


George's POV
8 years ago

I hesitate only for a moment and the choice is taken away from me. Six years of no choices to be made, I was raped and I am guilty as he is... the person who did this to me. Where is the justice in this world for the victims. I don't adhere to the old adage that there are no victims when it comes to sex. If you are having it against your will then how is that a crime you have committed. The asshole in question is 60 pounds heavier than me and I am the one at fault for not fighting back hard enough. My mom and dad say they are ashamed of me, they are ashamed. A brick layer and a fucking hooker... that bitch... I am getting away from my current problems. They have me down to my boxers. I used to be on the football team, now I'd be lucky to see a ball again in my life. Once a sex crime convict the whole damn world will know about your past for the rest of your life.

I have it easier I guess, I am not going to have to give birth in public, people pay to see that kind of spectacle. No I will be tied to a metal bed and fucked for eight hours a day, I would be expected to perform or I'd likely be castrated by the sons of bitchers who are my jailers. One of the guards has my arms locked behind my back by a pair of police issue handcuffs they are so tight it hurts but what can I say... nothing I am a convict. They have me where they want me and when they remove my boxers my limp cock is exposed to the world. I am not the guy with the longest cock in the world but I have a very thick cock. I've never been able to use it, I am a virgin. At least I was, until that fucker raped me. So what if I am gay, that doesn't mean that... okay fine yes I am gay. I like guys, not that its going to matter any more. They will make sure of that.

“Boy I am talking to you.” The doctor yelled at me.

“What?” I demand of him. It is completely the wrong thing to say in that manner. Not when this bastard decides what is done with my body today.

“Fagot I do not care who you think you are. You are here because of your sexual deviancy. You will speak to me and my staff with respect or you shall suffer the consequences of your actions again. Now I told you to get your scrawny fagot ass over here boy.” He snarled at me and nodded at my capture who pushed me forward. I have no way of stopping myself from falling as he takes me by surprise. I hit the ground face first and moan in pain as I land on my nose. “Look at the fagot can't help but fall over in his willingness to suck our cocks.” The doctor said to the room to much laughter. I feel one of the guards grab me by the hair and drag me to my feet. I scream in pain from this and can't help but wish I was anywhere but here. When I am back on my feet the guard doesn't use my arms to guide me but drags me by the hair and drags me to the doctor. I cry all the way to the doctor, I'd cry for my mommy but that would do no good.

“Is this necessary?” The youngest guard asks.

“Oh yes, you cannot show compassion to the recently convicted. If they think that they can get away with murder they will try and get away with it. You have to be firm with them and you have to be harsh, it shows them what they can expect if they fail to comply with their overlords.” The doctor explained. “I will only see this piece of shit fagot if he under performs, then I will neuter him if he is lucky or take it all away. Nullo's do not survive in the world at large, not these days. Sex transplants are illegal of course, so once you take their balls or cock and balls they are sexless dickless fagots forever.” The doctor said to him.

When you hear this sort of thing, you can not help but cry and cry hard. For fuck sake I was fourteen years old when they did this to me. When I was processed I was barely out of puberty I'd yet to have a major growth spurt. Hell I had no idea how good life could be and truth be told after this day it would be a long time before I knew what it was like to have a thing called a life.

“First you have to get the piercings out of the way. He is down for six all in all... all of which are permanent. A sign that he was a convicted sex offender.” He said to the room not me... of course the others in the room knew what was about to happen to me I meanwhile had no idea. Most piercings these days are done after a numbing agent has been applied but when you are a convict that is not the case. “First of course we do the ones that will cause the least amount of problems.” The doctor continued. “Boys get him in the chair, I want his legs in the stirrups.” He said to the guards. Before I even have time to fight, believe me by this point I want to. I am in the chair immobile. I feel a small prick in my back. They dont tell you what this is but you know fairly quickly exactly what it was. You soon can't move any of your limbs its a drug that essentially paraylses you. Not just from the waist down but from the neck down. It is not permanent, it has an effect of about an hour. But for that hour you are helpless and that is what they want me to be. I can still feel everything that the doctor is doing. He moves my ball sack about and I am unable to do anything about the erection this gives me. My 6” uncut cock is now standing at attention and that is of course what he wants.

“That is a fairly impressive piece of meat, he will be popular.” One of the guards comments causing me to blush. They are talking about me as if I am not here. I can't help but feel disgusted with them and myself for being completely helpless against what they are doing to me. They force my head into these cushion things that have the effect of making it impossible for me to move my head from side to side or up and down. Then the doctor begins his work.

“First things first the septum piercing. This is essentially welded into place.” The doctor says to the room at large.

If I thought the emotional pain of being stripped by these people was bad, it was nothing compared to the pain of being pierced. I screamed as he pierced my nose. I screamed and screamed hard. Not that it was painful particularly, it was a knee jerk reaction to the pain I was enduring and the fact that I could not move, not even an inch my whole body was immobile. I could hear screams from somewhere else in the building but I would only realise this later. They were the screams of my fellow criminal. It brought me some comfort that he was in as much pain as I was. They use a machine to complete the seal on the piercing. So there is no scaring of my face.

“Good puppy.” The doctor said to me. “Now his nipples.” The doctor said to the room laughing. He enjoyed his job I knew this by now.

My screams soon filled the room, this hurt a lot more than my nose and oh god did I want it to stop.

“Please no more.” I beg of them making them laugh.

These are not small piercings either, no these are large gauge rings and heavy. The one in my nose weighs heavy on my upper lip. My nipples are likewise given big rings. As much about control as they are about asthetic's but I don't know that at this point. My body is aching at this point it is screaming for rest but no rest is coming my way not right at this moment anyway.

“Now is the point when the young get a little screamish and pass out.” The doctor said to the room. “The final three piercings are down in the groin area. Two in the penis head itself and one between his ass and ball sack which we lovingly refer to as his guiche. All three of these are there to maximise the pleasure he receives during sex with a woman. The last thing we need is a flacid cock from a fagot when a woman wants to ride him like a cowboy does a horse.” The doctor said laughing as the nurse held his rigid cock in place. They were not quick about these last piercings not like the others. They had to be careful I guess but if you are a prisoner unable to move then the fifteen minutes you spend with them doing these things to you is excruciatingly painful. I scream myself horse as they put a Prince Albert through my piss slit... the pain is unimaginable unless you are a sadist which I am sure helps with the job these people do all day every day. They have to stretch me and that causes me even more pain, but I never once lose my stiffy. I am hard and proud despite the pain. They laugh and jeer as they comment that I must enjoy what is being doing to me. Nothing can be farther from the truth but it doesn't matter to them. Several of the men in the room sport hard ons of their own. My cock is on fire as three women are brought into the room naked as the day they were born. Shaved down there. This is the first time I have seen a naked woman in my life I am curious but not because they are attractive. I wonder what the women are there to do and it does not take long for me to find out what they are there to do. It seems that the men need some sexual release and there for this is the second time I have seen another man's cock when it is aroused oh god.

“This next one is when the bitches pass out.” The doctor said laughing as I scream. I can't see what he is doing, but I feel like a red hot poker is piercing my bell hend. This hurts worse than the Prince Albert and he is correct... I pass out into sweet oblivion.

I come to screaming... woken by the pain I think is in my ass and I don't know how long I have been out.

“Welcome back sissy boy.” One of the guards comments lewdly. It takes me a moment to remember where I am and what is happening to me. I can feel something heaving hanging down between my ass crack and my ball sack but that is not what is causing the pain what is causing the pain is what the bastard is trying to insert in my ass.

“Noooooooo... please no not again... no please stop.” I beg of the doctor. It isn't a cock, I know that... bi don't know its a butt plug... a big plug at that. And he is trying to get it into my ass. I scream and beg until he gets his hand against the base of the plug and slams it home. I must pass out again because the next thing I remember is waking up with feeling back in my limbs. Sure I have pins and needles like you wouldn't believe and the pain is barely tolerable. I am not in the stirrups any more and my ass feels full. I am in an up right yet bedded position. There is a spreader bar between my legs a chain not attached to anything running from that.

“Ah the boy is finally awake... stupid little whore can't take pain... well six years of sex will change that. We'll make a straight man out of you yet boy. Or we'll have you back as a permanent resident of the program.” The doctor said as I was pulled off the table I was left to stand their for a moment before the guards came in. When they cuffed me this time I was double cuffed, once at the wrist level then again at the elbow level. My chest made to stand out proud by my restraints. I looked rediculus I am sure. Then I am ordered to squat which forces my butt to expose itself and the plug somewhat. This is when I know how the chain will play a part. The chain is attached to my plug. I am told to stand up the best I can but I am hobbled. Standing or trying to stand beyond a certain point causing me pain as the plug is pulled by the chain and the plug is much to big just to plop out of my whole. It is wedged in there deep. “You can take him to the holding centre for the night boys before he is taken to his new bed tomorrow.” The doctor tells my guards.

I am frog marched out of the room slowly, I can't walk well I have to waddle my way out of the room. To big a step and I cry out in pain... so I am careful after the first couple of steps. I don't know it yet but I am about to encounter my family for the last time. It will be six years before I see them again. My mother and father are in the waiting room, where they have been since the sentencing. My mother gasps when she sees me, I have been shaved of my pubic hair and my head hair has been clipped back to a number one. It will be allowed to grow back, the hair on my head that is. But the hair on my crotch and ass as well as under my arms that will never grow back. The piercings are meant to be so painful that you pass out, so when they remove your hair permanently you don't know its permanent. You wake up denudded and that is all there is to it. Usually wake up to find someone shoving a plug up your ass. If you are lucky after they have finished that... but most people wake up during it and who wouldn't. If I have one solace in all of this... it is that my rapist is brought out at the same time. He is completely denudded. No head hair not even eye lashes. They will never grow back either. A permanent resident is not offered much respite from their life in the centres. He has perm tattooed on his right pec along with his prisoner number. The prisoner number I also have I know it is on my right pec and I don't know it yet but its on my left ass cheek as well. He has all the piercing's I have and he also has a ball spreader made of metal which spreads his balls a good three inches from his cock. Heavy and painful if you know what you are doing. He has two chains one to the butt plug and one to the ball stretcher he is wearing. I was uncomfortable I can't even begin to imagine the hell he was going through. I knew that the bastard had been marked down as a gay rapist, they had told me that this made him a special kind of prisoner. They had believed me to an extent when I had said I had not wanted to have sex with him, but that did not change the out come for me any more than it changed it for him.

“George you be a good boy and do what you are told.” My father says to me I glare at him from where I am. Like I have a fucking choice in the matter you cunt I think to myself. I may only be fourteen but let me tell you something I knew how to cuss back then just as much as I know how to cuss now. My father was telling me what he thought I needed to hear but it wasn't him permanently marked or plugged or made to walk like this.

“Just think George it is only six years you will be twenty when you get out.” My mother says to me I growl at her. “The babies you will have, at least you will be no fagot when you come out.” She says to me I am quickly losing my cool with her for this.

“Better a fagot than a crack whore.” I snarl at her this earns me a zap from a stun gun.


I come to in the back of a prison van I am seated on a special bench I am gagged and I am unable to move very far at all. My plug has been detached from the spreader between my legs and it has been attached to the bench I am now sat on. I am not the only person in this van though. There are six others not including my rapist. All of us naked, all of us plugged and pierced not all of us are gagged and not all of us are male. There are two females in the van. A busty blond with a great body... probably only a couple of years older than me. She is moaning and grinding her crutch on the seat. Crying out every so often. I can't see why but I can probably hazard a guess as to what is causing this.

“Are you going to watch that smart mouth of yours boy.” A guard demands from behind me I nod my head. My jaw is aching from the gag in my mouth and it doesn't take long for the gag to be removed and for me to breath a little easier than I had been. “If you speak to any free person in that way again boy, we will have to paralyses your tongue for the duration of your sentence. Your mother gave birth to you, you ungrateful little fagot.” He snarls at me and then leaves me be again. I don't see him but then I don't think anyone else in here can. I want to rub my jaw but my hands are still locked behind my back and held uncomfortably high up by a chain. I note that the others are in the same situation.

“Dude what did you do?” The guy next to me about my age asks.

“I called my mother a crack whore.” I said to him.

“You must be crazy.” He said to me.

“I shouldn't be here, I was raped by a guy and they gave me six years.” I growled.

“Their is no such thing as rape in this world not any more. If you had sex with him, in the eyes of the law you are gay regardless and you know what that means.” The boy said, I did. I had just found out what it meant for me for the next six years. “Though its the bitches over there you have to feel sorry for. Two lifer's they will spend the rest of their natural lifes either pregnant or caring for babies before adoption when they are to old to bear children of their own.” The boy said to him.

“Cassie there refused her brother sex, life without parole... thirteen years old... dude you have to feel for her. She's a lesbian and you now that is almost as bad as being gay.” He said to me I nod. “Joanne twenty three years old been pregnant more often than not since she became legal. Rumor has it she before legal age and that the boy who did it was castrated on the spot. Man you don't fuck with girls before they are eighteen... but well Cassie there is part of a unique religious group exempt from said laws. They say they are against their religious believes and that mating a whore is part of the coming of age ritual. They chose to opt in to punish Cassie... now the bitch has a vibrating dildo wedged up her cunt and special type of pills that are more intense than the ones women usually have to take. Her life is going to be miserable either way.” The boy said. “I'm Joe 9 I got nine years for being the top having sex with the quarterback... he got life for being stupid enough to not keep quiet during the trial. That's him over there.” The boy continued nodding towards a sullen muscular and fit red head or would have been red headed if he had any hair left on his body. He was heavily freckled and my new mate tells me he is quite the lay. Shame I would never find out, I'd quite like to... yeah you get the picture.

“So what happens now?” I ask him.

“Well when we get where we are going, they are going to give us some further injections... dumb us down make us horny that sort of thing.” He says to me

When we arrive at the compound I am put with the dumb jock and his top, we are chained together and then frog marched or hobble marched into a treatment room not unlike the room I was tortured in not so long ago. The room has a doctor and a nurse and the guards we were escorted in by and that is it.

“Our new school leavers.” The lead guard announced.

“Good... I'll take the mouthy one first please.” He says I am unattached from the other two and brought forward the chain is unattached to my plug and I am able to stand straight which I do. “You boy have a big mouth and we do not like those in this centre so open up.” The doctor growled at me. I wish to say that had I thought about it I would never have complied but I did. The man reached inside my mouth with a syringe and injected my tongue. It felt like lead I tried to move it and found I could not. I closed my mouth when ordered to do so and next he injected something else into my throat. “In about an hour you will not have the ability to talk at all. That drug I just injected will paralyse your vocal chords not permanently but until I give you the antidote in six years. Misbehave though boy and it will become permanent with a second injection. Your mother sends her love.” He growls spittle flying from his mouth hitting me in the face. “If a cunt needs licking your going to have to find some other way you little fagot.” He says laughing. He takes a syringe of the table with a blue colored liquid in it. “Now you boys won't know about this little one here... we like to keep it nice and quiet.” The doctor said to him. “I note you have an IQ of 122. We shall deal with that now.” The doctor said to him and injected it into his blood stream. “This little injection reduces your IQ any where from 30 to eight points depending on the person. It is also not permanent in non lifers. You will come here once every three months for the duration of your sentence. You won't need to remember that though.” He says to me with a smirk. “By the time you are done you will be lucky to be able to remember the day of week.” He adds. “It takes about three hours to take effect.” He informs us. “Two injections left for you boy, for today anyway.” He said to him. “The first is a growth hormone. It should make you less of a reedy little shit. It should also take care of your cock... make it a fair bit bigger than it is now.” He said injecting it directly into the base of my cock... not quite as painful as the other stuff done to me. “Now this little beauty will induce horniness and increase your sperm cell count.” He informs me also injecting at the base of my cock. “This is like what we do to the women when they reach the right age... but this is permanent. You will never not be horny.” He said I was pulled back into the line and reattached to the jock.

The horny injection is like a viagra pill on heat, my body reacts almost instantly. My cock curves upwards towards my body where it stays.

My friend Lewis I find out, goes through the same thing as I do... my brain is having a hard time focusing on the details by the time he is done. Three hours year right. The jock is last to go... he is given a larger dose of the dumbing drug and his vocal chords are paralysed I think permanently when the jock gives mouth to the doctor. But the worst is yet to come. The drug we were given to make us bigger has a sister that has an opposite effect... dumb and small cocked the boy has a big cock eight or nine inches when he is fully hard... I saw that when we were talking about the girls. This boy is straight but it really isn't going to matter when they are done with him. His cock will not be as big as it once was for long.

“Put them in their cell for the night... lock the jock up make sure he can't do anything stupid.” He growled.


Six months later

Life isn't so bad, I get food I get drink... sure I have fuck a bunch of women every day and be fucked by some of them. Man that is the best part, they stick their dildo's up my ass and I feel like a man again. Screwing women urgh... who needs it... who wants it. Why would you want that. I'd ask them but I can't talk, they won't let me talk. I was a bad boy when I came in and the punished me. My friend Lewis he takes care of me, makes sure I eat... sometimes I forget... they say I can't take care of myself so they watch me.

The jock boy... I see him every day.. he worst of all, people laugh at him. Make joke out of his pee pee... they say he be cut soon.


Present day.

“They did that to you?” I ask him he nods. “What about Lewis?” I asked.

“He gets out in a couple of months... I haven't seen him in two years.” George informs me. “They made me dumber than the average retard.” George said to me. I shake my head sadly. “Made to fuck a woman 10-12 times a day sometimes more than once. Ringed like a common criminal. I was raped and they treated me like that.” George informs me.

“I'm sorry.” I say to him.

“Don't ever get sent to one of those places. What they did to me, what they did to Lewis and the Jock, I never did learn his name... it was inhuman, look at you, your pregnant and plugged like a common mule.” George said to him. “I hear rumors of countries out in the world who don't do this to their people.” George said to me. “One day I am going to get there. One day I won't have to live with the stigma of being a breeding whore whose only crime was being caught while being raped by another guy.” He says. I reach across the table cupping his cheek with my hand I smile at him. I love my life, I love the way that I am treated. Never tried to be anything else, but this beautiful boy in front of me this handsome man that I knew as a teenage boy. He never asked for that.

“How about your family?” I asked.

“They disowned me before I came out.” George said quietly. “I've been staying at a shelter.” He said to me.

“Then you must come home with me, stay where its warm and safe.” I said to him.

“Will he mind?” George asks. Probably but I don't say that, my friend needs help and I can give it to him.

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