A Day At The Lake: Part 2

A Day At The Lake: Part 2

Saturday morning arrived. Jim and Jeannie decided instead of taking their truck, they would load up their customized van. Why not? They could save on ice, by keeping everything chilled in the fridge. Plus it had a small stove/oven, if they needed to warm up anything. The floor was covered by padded carpeting and a large folding sofa bed in the rear. It just made sense? A picnic, with the added comforts of home.

As they loaded up and headed out, Jim gave Ted a call on his cell phone, to let him know that they would pick him up shortly. Jeannie looked fabulous! Wearing her cut off blue jean shorts and her tight fitting white tube top and a thin pink blouse over it. Jim already had racy thoughts running through his mind. He often thought, what a MFM threesome would be like with Jeannie? Would she enjoy being serviced by two men? Could it be possible that he would find out today? He could only hope?

When they arrived at Ted's place, he came out the door carrying a large cooler. "Ted, we have a large fridge in here?" Jim yelled. He smiled and said, "Not large enough for all this beer and three big bottles of wine!" Jim and Jeannie both shook their heads, wondering to themselves if they had made a mistake planning this outing? Ted was wearing sandals, a tight fitting pair of Levi's that did nothing to hide his package and his opened shirt, was displaying his hairy, muscled chest. Jim caught Jeannie, drinking in the view and noticed her slightly lick her lips. "See something you like honey?" he whispered. She shook her head a little and smiling she said softly, "No." Jim smiled and said nothing more. He suddenly became optimistic about how this outing might turn out?

After a two mile ride, Jim pulled in the driveway of the KFC chicken store. He told Jeannie and Ted, " I'll run in a grab a bucket of chicken and a few side orders. You two arrange things in the back of the van, I'll just be a few minutes." After Jim went inside, Ted crawled up close behind Jeannie's seat and said, "Damn girl you look great in that outfit, I can hardly wait to get you out of it? Since the last time I saw you, all I've thought about is that tight pussy of yours and your tasty breasts." With that, he reached forward and pulled her shirt to the side. Instantly, he began massaging her tits through her tube top. Her nipples shot up like a turkey timer button. "Ted, you better quit, Jim will come out soon," she begged. "Relax, I'm watching for him. Besides that, there's a line in there." He stuck his pointer finger into her cleavage and tugged her tube top down, setting her bare tits free. While Jeannie was keeping an eye on Jim, Ted reached around her seat with both hands and began feeling her up. He whispered, "Maybe someday you'll let me titty-fuck those beautiful guns?" She replied, "Maybe?"

Jim came back to the van and Jeannie put everything in the fridge. The drive to the lake was only an hour. During the drive, Jim told Jeannie and Ted about the lady owner at KFC. "The owner of KFC was really cool, her name was CJ. She came over to me and apologized for my wait and I told her not to worry about it, no rush. I told her my wife and I and my best friend, are just headed out to the lake for the weekend. She said that she wished she was? So I told her to drive by if she got the chance, just look for a bright yellow Ford van, loaded with chicken and drinks?"

When they arrived, they drove around looking for that "perfect Space?" They turned off to the right and spotted a space secluded by trees. It had a picnic table with benches, a campfire-ring and restrooms/showers just 30 yards away. It was perfect! There was even a creek at the back part of the site, perfect for a "Moonlight Dip?" They settled in. Sitting at the table, they chatted, had a few drinks, snacked on a little chicken and listened to some good country music playing low in the van.

<<<< Several hours passed >>>>

They were all beginning to feel the effects of the drinking. Each of them making open remarks referring to sex. Jim spoke up, "So Jeannie? Do you find Ted sexually attractive?" She paused for a moment and said, "Well why not? Any woman would like to try Ted out!" Jim smiled and said, "Would you like to try Ted out?" A slight hush passed over the table. Jim looked at Ted, Ted looked at Jeannie, Jeannie looked Jim in the eyes and said, "I already have! And I loved it! He fucked my brains out! Any more questions?" Jim said, "No." Then he got up to pour Jeannie another glass of wine and two more cold beers for him and Ted.

When Jim returned to the table, he sat the beers down. Then placed Jeannie&#039;s in front of her. He leaned down, kissed her cheek and said, "I&#039;m sorry, I was just play testing you." Jeannie turned to face him and sternly said, "Don&#039;t test me!" Jim sat down and the small talk continued, as the sunset crept in.

Suddenly they heard the low engine purr of a sports car pulling up. The passenger window lowered and they heard the driver say, "I see the yellow van. Any extra wine and chicken on board?" It was CJ, from KFC. Jim answered, "Welcome CJ, pull in and park it." As she peeled herself out of the seat and headed towards them. Ted whispered, "Damn... nice rack on her!" Jim said softly, "Really? I didn&#039;t notice." Jeannie glared at Jim, "Yeah, like a wolf didn&#039;t notice the sheep…"

Jim got up and fetched her a glass of wine, placing it before her. "Thank you," she said with a smile. Jim extended the bottle, topping off Jeannie&#039;s glass. "Thanks baby," she said. CJ nearly choked on her mouth full of wine. When she got her breath back she said, "I&#039;m sorry. But that is my nickname at work. I guess because I&#039;m so small?" Jeannie smiled at her and said, "No reason to be sorry? The name fits you baby. Do you mind if I call you baby?" "Not at all, I&#039;d like that." she answered. Jeannie felt a little more at ease with her being there.

They sat around the table, drinking and talking. Jim got up saying he needed a restroom break, Ted followed him, leaving the girls to chat. In separate stalls, the guys started taking. Ted suggested that Jim take CJ for a walk around, showing her the grounds. Jim smiled and said, "You&#039;d like that? Me giving you alone time with Jeannie, so you could mess around?" Ted replied, "I&#039;m not thinking about just messing around. I started a little something in the van at KFC, that I need to finish." Jim knew Jeannie had drank enough wine, by the playful looks she&#039;d been giving Ted.

They left the restroom. Jim hollered, "CJ, want to take a look around?" She jumped up, gave Jeannie a questioning look. Jeannie said, "Go ahead, the place is beautiful. Don&#039;t get lost, it will be dark soon." CJ trotted off to meet Jim at the walking path, while Ted headed back for the table. Jeannie took a sip of her wine and headed for the van, to put out the bedding on the floor. As she leaned into van, reaching to spread the bedding, Ted reached around her and took her unguarded breasts in both hands. As he began massaging them, she moaned softly, "Not now Ted, we&#039;ll get caught." Ted ignored her plea and pulled her tube-top down, freeing her bare tits to the gentle breeze.

As Jim and CJ continued their walk, they passed the rolling stream, as it worked it&#039;s way to the lake. CJ stopped and paused saying, "Thanks for inviting me here Jim. It&#039;s so beautiful, romantic, sexy and fresh. God... I love having sex outdoors." Jim felt his cock begin to rise and twitch. He started thinking about taking her, right here in the leaves! As she turned to face him, her eyes caught sight of the bulge in his jeans. "My my, what have we got here?" She reached out and gripped his hardening cock and began to rub its length. Staring into his eyes, she fumbled with the opening in his jeans and removed his rigid member. As she slowly stroked his shaft, he reached out to take both of her globes in his hands.

Mean while... Back at the van, Ted continue his pursuit of release with Jeannie. As he continued to massage her breasts, he slid his right hand down and into her shorts. Using his foot, he spread her legs wide, to allow the insertion of a finger into her wet, waiting pussy. In and out his finger probed, grazing over her clit with the intent of making her juices flow. She reached back behind her back, taking hold of Ted&#039;s bulge in his pants. Ted released her breast and reached to open his jeans and free his raging hard on. Placing a hand on her back, he pushed her forward, forcing her to rest on both hands. He removed his hand from her shorts, griping the crotch of them, he tugged them to the side. Taking his thick cock in his other hand, he guided it towards her eager, dripping cove.

As CJ felt pre-cum begin to ooze from Jim&#039;s shaft, she began spreading it around. Smiling as she pulled at his cock, she lowered to her knees, guiding it to her hungry mouth. As she began deep sucking him, he was lost in the moment and any thoughts of Jeannie and Ted faded away. As CJ looked up and into Jim&#039;s eyes, she heard his deep voice say, "Strip for me baby. Let me taste you?" She did as he asked and lay back on the leaves. Instantly he dove between her legs and began licking both of her thighs, from the knees to just short of her flower. Reaching up with both hands, he fondled and caressed her mangos, twisting her cherry sized nipples gently between his fingers and thumbs. She moaned softly, "Oh God," as he buried his tongue in her honey pot, sucking the honey from inside.

.... As Ted pulled at Jeannie&#039;s hips, he harpooned her tight hole with his total length! She began rolling her ass back and forth and backing up, to meet his thrusts. He pounded her relentlessly and as his plumb-sized cock head hit the maximum of her depth, she exploded into a full body orgasm. Not wanting her to stop cumming, Ted continued fucking her hard, over and over. He felt her vagina muscles gripping his cock like a vice, as his balls tightened. He knew they were ready to be emptied, into her hungry tunnel. As load after load of hot man lava erupted into her, she yelled out, "YES, YES, YES, FUCK ME TEDDY, FUCK ME !!!"

Jim could hear Jeannie&#039;s cries and a smile came across his face. As he raised up and over CJ, he plunged his manhood into her full force. Plowing her garden like an animal, he fucked her harder and harder, until she released her nectar in gobs. This caused Jim to start pumping his seed into her waiting flower. Suddenly.... he retracted his cock from her and said, "Roll over baby?" She did as he asked. Leaning forward on his left hand, he gripped and guided his still hard shaft, between the cheeks of her firm little ass. As he rubbed his juicy cock head gently over her untouched passage, she whispered, "Be easy.... I&#039;ve never been fucked in my ass." With slow, gentle probes, he worked his cock into her, inch by inch. As she relaxed, he pushed his total length into virgin ass and began fucking it. This brought on a monstrous orgasm for both of them and he collapsed on top of her.

After a quick dip in the creek and dressing, Jim and CJ walked back to the campsite. On arrival, they found Jeannie and Ted enjoying their drinks and talking. Jeannie looked up at CJ and asked, "How was your walk?" CJ smiled and said, "Jeannie is was wonderful! This place is beautiful and has all you could ask for ... and more!" Jeannie replied, "I agree. Now let&#039;s have some dinner and get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day."

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