Madeliene’s just deserts

Madeliene’s just deserts

Rushing to her car in a slinky black dress and 5” ankle strap high heels, Madeliene didn’t notice the man standing in the shadows until he cleared his throat.
Spinning to face him, she saw a tall muscular man in black pants, T-shirt and ball cap. Before she can react there is a pop from the device in his hand and her world explodes as the taser darts strike her in the ribs, delivering 10.00 volts.
She collapses to the garage floor, twitching but unable to move a muscle on her own. The man quickly roles her over and cuffs her hands behind her back. Then he shoves a ball gag in her mouth and buckles it tightly.
In less than two minute Madeliene is secured in the trunk of the mans car and they are on their way out of the [parking garage. Twenty minutes later he pulls into the bay doors of an abandoned sawmill outside of town, near the river.
Opening the trunk he saw that his plaything had recovered from the taser and was squirming around, he grabbed her and pulled her kicking and wiggling from the trunk to slam her bent over a large wooden work bench in the center of the room, driving the air from her lungs.
Before she could resist further he had locked her right ankle into a cuff attached to one leg of the table. She tries to kick her other foot to keep it free but it’s useless and soon that ankle is cuffed to the opposite table leg, stretching her legs 3’ wide apart.
Next he attached the handcuffs to a hook hanging from a pulley on an over head beam and pulled her arms up painfully. With her totally immobilize, Leroy decided to have some fun before he got down to business.
Grabbing the low scooped back of Madeliene dress, he tore it open, baring her full, round, naked rump. Opening his fly he withdrew his rock hard 9” cock and suddenly drove it to the hilt up her tight little cunt with one brutal thrust.
Madeliene grunted and squealed as her kidnapper punish fucked her long and hard, then he pulled out and guided his plum like crown to her puckered rosebud. She clenched as tight as she could but he kept steady pressure against her anus until her muscle gave out and stretched letting him punch through into her rectum.
With hard thrusts he worked his way up her ass to the hilt and rested a moment as he leaned over and whispered in her ear “you’ve be a very bad girl and your going to dye a horribly painful death tonight for it, bitch” pulling most of the way out he thrust in hard, again and again until he climaxed, filling her abused bowels with his thick cum.
After pulling out, he replaced his cock in her ass with a 10” long, 3” thick hard plastic vibrator studded with sharp little nubs that scratched and scraped her rectal lining. stepping back, Leroy picked up a wooden paddle with dozens of little holes in the business end and swung it against her exposed ass like a batter trying for a home run.
the wood slapped against her meaty as cheeks, turning them a bright red with little round welt where the hole were at.
He beat her rump till it was molted black, blue and red. Then he set aside the paddle and picked up a leather thong flogger which he swung up between her thighs over and over again. Soon her pussy mound was red and striped with swollen welts.
Ready to work on her front for a while, he unlocked the cuffs and shoved her backwards, she landed on her ass and he quickly forced her back and drew her wrists to cuffs set into the floor four feet apart. Now spread eagle on the floor, Madeliene watched with horror as the man rolled over a brazier of hot coals and inserted a 2’ long iron rod.
Coming back to his victim with a tray he straddled her hips causing the pain in her ass and cunt to flare. Grabbing her right breast with one hand he raised a large syringe into view. While Madeliene shook her head back and forth madly, he lined up the needle with her nipple, thrust it deep into her mammary tissue and pressed the plunger, filling her tit with 100% pure Hydrogen Peroxide.
Madeliene bucked and screamed thru the ball gag as her titty burned from the inside. Leroy smiled, watching her boob swell and turn a scalded red. Suddenly a thin stream of frothing blood squirted from the needle hole and the breast tissue began to darken with molted discoloration.
After the chemical reaction slowed and finally stopped, Leroy picked up another syringe and grasped her other titty. Driving the needle deep he asked “are you ready, bitch?” Madeliene tried to beg, tears pouring from her eyes but Leroy just grinned and depressed the plunger, destroying her other breast to.
While he let her rest a minute, Leroy moved the hoist along the overhead beam to right above her and attached a pair of 1/8” steel cable nooses to the hook. Lowering the hoist he again straddled her and this time fitted each noose around the base of her swollen, black and blue breasts, pulling them tight. He stood and began pulling the hook and cables higher and higher until her back was arched off the floor and her tits were a pair of purple, bulging balls barely attached to her chest by 2” thick masses of tissue.
Pulling the red hot iron rod out of the coals he came over and shoved its point right thru one side of her tightly stretched chest flesh just behind the nooses and out the other. Madeliene bucked so hard her tities tore right off and her back slammed to the floor while the smoking rod bounced against her ribs still pierced thru her chest skin.
When Madeliene regained consciousness she found herself on her back across the work table with her wrists cuffed to the corners on one side stretcher arms straight out from her shoulders with her head on a bar stool in one side and her legs stretched into splits along the other edge, with her ankles cuffed to the corners too.
She couldn’t see what her abductor was doing but she sure felt it when her pressed a razor edged 2” diameter tube around her anus and shoved hard, coring her asshole loose from the surrounding tissue. With the flip of a switch he turned on the 20 amp shop vac attached to the hose.
With horrible, obscene slurping and gurgling Madeliene’s intestines were sucked out of her body. When he shut off the vacuum and pulled out the tube there was a srivled string of bowel running from the hole wher her asshole had been into the vacuum tube. With a crescent shaped blade in his palm, he shoved his hand elbow deep in her rear hole and cut the bowel loose where it connected to her now empty stomach.
Then he proceeded to fill her hollowed out cavity with stove top stuffing, cut veggies and seasonings. When her belly was bulging like she was 9 months pregnant, he used cooking twine and a hooked needle to sew her rear hole shut.
Producing a urinary catheter, Leroy lubed up the tip with chili pepper sause and forced it up her pee hole into her bladder. First he drained her bladder, then he attached a bottle of red wine and hung it up side down letting the wine fill her nearly to bursting. with one hand he pulled out the catheter tube while he rammed a large wooden screws point into her gushing pee hole and screwed it in tight. Picking up a 7’ long, 2” thick barbeque spit, her guided it’s point into her ravaged cunt hole and shoved it in up to her cervix.
“here comes your last ride cunt, soon you’ll just be meat on a stick.” He told her as he tore through her cervix, womb, diaphragm and shoved the point up between her lungs and through the back of her throat choking and gurgling Madeliene felt the shaft slid up her throat and smash the ball gag right out of her mouth in a spray of blood. She could see the gory spit point extending 2’ past her own nose.
Leroy slid a ring bracket with two 8” skewers on to the foot of the spit, freed her legs and impaled her calves on the sharp points before tying her ankles together with more cooking twine. Moving to the other end before Madeliene could suffocate, he took a knife and cut a hole in the base of her throat into which he wedged a flame resistant nylon tube so she could still breathe.
Releasing her arms he added a second ring bracket, impaled her forearms and tied her wrists together too. Lifting her, he carried her over to what had been a mechanic’s pit but was now filled with gas soaked charcoal. He set the ends of the spit into brackets at either end and attached a gear to the foot of the spit which he then attached to a chain drive and turned on, on low power.
Madeliene began to slowly rotate, her weight pulling at her insides causing agonizing pain which was nothing compared to what she felt as he threw a lit matchbook into the pit. The gas created a flash of heat that instantly singed her whole body and ignited the coals into a merrily burning fire. Leroy popped a beer and watched as Madeliene cooked like the long pig she was born to be.
The last things she new before slipping away, were the feeling of a barbeque brush basting her and the smell of something delicious cooking.
The End of Madeliene.

the_Butcher© [email protected]

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