Teacher, Teacher chapter 12

Teacher, Teacher chapter 12

This is the final chapter of the teacher's adventure. I hope you enjoyed the series. I am interested in your comments on the ending. Please let me know what you think.


Anita walked over to where Cindy and Susan were kneeling. "So Cindy, who's your friend, and why are you sticking your nose into our business?"

Cindy looked up at the towering teen. She was scared as ever; since they had dominated and stripped her at school she had avoided them at all costs. Now she was naked and cuffed, cowering at Anita's feet.

"Anita, this is Susan; she's my roommate at school. Miss Hauser was her teacher last year. She just wanted to visit with her."

Anita scowled and slapped Cindy across the face. "You're lying, slut. You're trying to take all of them away from us. And you never call us by our names. You're nothing. You will only call us Mistress. DO YOU UNDERSTAND SLUT?" Anita shouted and slapped her again across her face.

"Yes mistress, I'm sorry."

Anita turned her attention to Susan, kneeling next to Cindy. "Susan huh, what makes you think you can stop what we're doing? We own this town and we own these sluts. Now we own you. When we're done with you, you'll worship us and do anything we want."

Susan looked up at the twins, her expression was of contempt. "You're finished. You just don't know it yet. You don't scare me. Go ahead and take your shot. I can take anything you can dish out and more." Susan said as she knelt proudly in front of the two teens.

Anita leaned over and grabbed Susan's chin, pulled it up and looked directly into her eyes. "You have no idea of what I can do to you. But you will. Your life just changed and it didn't change for the better. I will break you slut." She then spit in her face, followed by a vicious blow.

Susan gasped as the pain shot through her brain, but she didn't cry. She glared right back and smiled.

Susanna joined her sister and the two of them grabbed Susan's arms and dragged her to the bedroom. Susan tried to resist but with her hands cuffed behind her back, she couldn't stop them. Once they had her on the bed, Anita held her down while Susanna grabbed a flogger. With Anita sitting on her chest and Susan's head between her legs, Susanna raised her arm and brought down a vicious blow right on Susan's exposed pussy.

Susan howled as the pain shot throughout her body. She struggled to free herself but with Anita sitting on her and her hands trapped beneath her she could only wiggle a little. Susanna laughed at the helpless woman and started to rain down blow after blow. Susan screamed as the pain increased as each blow struck her body.

"Anita, take this gag and shut the slut up. I don't want the neighbors calling the cops. Anita grabbed the gag and quickly shoved it into Susan's mouth. Susan breathing heavily around the gag still struggled, but as the blows started again she was soon crying uncontrollably.

Susan's entire body was on fire. Her arms and her wrists were burning from the cuffs. After the long night at Julie's house, she didn't have the energy to resist any more and was now just accepting the punishment. Anita smiled an evil smile and smacked Susan's face, first one side then the other. "Are you going to be good slut? Are you going to do what you are told?"

Susan quickly nodded her head as the pain was too much for her to endure any longer.

"Good, now spread your legs." Susan quickly complied and spread her legs wide. They were splotched with dark red markings from the flogger. Susanna quickly tied her legs to the corners of the bed. Anita leaned over to the nightstand beside the bed and grabbed a collar. She buckled it around her neck and tied it to the headboard. Susan was now helplessly restrained. Anita slid off her and grabbed the flogger from her sister.

"Go get Cindy slut and bring her in. I want her to watch as I beat this slut's tits." Anita told her sister.

Susan's eyes widened as she heard what was said. But there was nothing she could do. Just then everything went dark as a blindfold covered her eyes. Susan started to panic as Anita then placed a headset over her ears. Susan now couldn't move, see, hear or speak. She was now totally helpless.

Susanna had now dragged Cindy into the room. Cindy looked at her friend and started to panic. Susan was lying helpless on the bed. Her entire lower body was covered in ugly red blotches from the flogger, and now Anita was viciously beating Susan's tits, raining blow after blow down on the helpless woman.

Cindy was crying and cowering on the floor. She knew she was next. "Please mistress, please stop, she can't take any more," Cindy implored.

Anita stopped momentarily and looked down at Cindy begging her. "You want me to stop? OK I'll stop and you can take her place."

Cindy tried to get up and run away but Susanna smacked her across the face. "Settle down slave and get on the bed."

Cindy exhausted and still under the influence of the drugs, slowly crawled to the bed. Susanna grabbed her cunt and shoved her ass up on the bed. Cindy lay next to her friend with a look of panic, knowing that she was going to be beaten.

Anita smiled and started to tie her legs to the foot board as Susanna buckled a collar around her neck, securing her head to the headboard. Cindy heard Susan's moans and wondered if they would survive the day.

Once she was securely tied down, the twins began to finish the process with the gag, blindfold and headset. Now both of the rescuers were now ready to start their training.

Anita looked at her sister and smiled, "I know, let's get some more of the special water and make sure they are excited before we start the program."

Susanna smiled and pulled the gags from the helpless slut's mouths. Anita walked to the kitchen and grabbed two bottles of water. She then poured the drugged water down each of their throats. Both girls eagerly drank the water, not knowing it was laced with drugs. Susanna then replaced the gags and said, "It won't be long till their bodies will be totally out of control. This might drive them out of their minds. Do you really think we should do this?"

"As I said, they will never be the same again. I want them totally under my control."

Anita then walked over to the controller and started to program the voice commands while Susanna attached the clips, plugs, and vibrators. When they finished the process, Anita started the voice programming. She wasn't going to start the rest till she finished beating Cindy. She wanted her body tenderized before she started the rest of the program.

Both of the two bound bodies were quickly experiencing the effects of the drug. Both were getting very aroused and their cunts were leaking and spotting the bed. Just as the drugs were starting to peak, Anita grabbed the flogger and started to beat Cindy's tits and cunt.

Cindy screamed into her gag as each time a blow struck her body it sent a shock wave through her straight to her brain.

I am a slave... I am a slut... I serve my mistress... I love cum... I can't cum without permission... I love cock... humiliation excites me... pain excites me... I am a slave... I am a slut... I serve my mistress...

Cindy heard the commands and ignored them as Anita covered her body with blows from the flogger. After too many blows to count, Cindy's brain started to shut down. The pain was intense, but instead of eliminating the arousal it only increased it. Suddenly the blows stopped and the vibrators started. The sudden shift from pain to pleasure took her by surprise. Her mind started to hear the commands. She was still resisting them, but now with all her senses hyper alert, ignoring them was becoming difficult.

Susan's mind was totally confused. The pain from the beating was still pulsing through her, but now the drugs were taking her arousal levels to new heights. Her senses now centered on the pleasure from the vibrators. She felt her friend beside her and felt the blows but instead of fearing them she was starting to crave the attention. She was exhausted and the constant stimulus was wearing her down, making resisting the commands echoing in her brain exceedingly difficult.

I am a slave... I am a slut... I serve my mistress... I love cum... I can't cum without permission... I love cock... humiliation excites me... pain excites me... I am a slave... I am a slut... I serve my mistress...

Pain, pleasure, pain, pleasure over and over, Susan's body and brain began to break down. The last coherent thought that went through her brain was "I hope I survive."

Anita finally stopped beating Cindy's body. It was dark red from just below her neck to her feet. Cindy had long ago quit fighting and was now just taking the blows. Drool was running out of her mouth and running down her neck. The program was now fully in control of her senses. Anita was sweating from the exertion. She looked at her sister and smiled, "Let's go play with our slaves."

When Alex woke everything was dark. His head felt like he had been kicked by a mule. He tried to move but couldn't. Panic quickly set in as he struggled to move but couldn't. He realized that he was blindfolded and gagged. His arms were stretched above his head and his legs were spread wide and tied to something. As his mind cleared he felt a chill and now noticed he was naked. He had no idea of where he was or how he got there. As he shook his head suddenly he felt as if his nuts were on fire. He screamed in agony but could do nothing to stop the pain. Just as quickly as the pain started it stopped. Alex was breathing heavily around the gag when he heard a voice.

"Alex, I'm glad to see you are back. I hope I have your attention. Let me tell you how this is going to work. My job is to train you. When I finish with you, you will be a cock sucking, ass licking, sissy boy. The only woman that will excite you will be your mother."

Alex tried to struggle again, but just as quickly the pain reappeared in his nuts. Just then a picture appeared in front of his eyes. It wasn't a blindfold but some sort of headset. The picture was of a large cock. It appeared like it was right in front of his face. But something was wrong; the feeling in his nuts was pleasure. In spite of himself he was getting aroused and his cock was getting hard. As he watched the cock grow larger and larger the more excited he was. Just as the cock spurted cum, it was gone but Alex's erection was not. He wanted to cum in the worst way. Just as the cock disappeared it was replaced by a sexy naked woman. As he watched the woman come closer to him the pain started. The closer she got the more intense the pain. His erection disappeared almost instantly.

Alex felt a prick on his arm and he felt a warm glow come over his body. He was no longer tired but his whole body was very sensitive. Everything touching his body caused him to moan with excitement. He then heard the voices.

You love cock... You love cum... You love to be fucked in the ass... You will obey your master... Sex with women makes you sick... Only your mother excites you... You love to suck cock... You crave humiliation...

Over and over this played in his head, never stopping. All the while pictures of cocks dominated his vision. Pain, pleasure, voices, pain, pleasure, voices, relentless, over and over.

You love cock... You love cum... You love to be fucked in the ass... You will obey your master... Sex with women makes you sick... Only your mother excites you... You love to suck cock... You crave humiliation...

Suddenly everything stopped. The voices, the pictures, the pain and pleasure nothing, Alex, still under the effects of the drug, now craved the stimulus. He felt someone removing the headset over his eyes. Now for the first time he could look around him. What he saw scared him. He looked down at his body and saw several wires leading from his nipples, cock, balls, and feet. The wires led to some sort of contraption sitting on a table in front of him. Around his ankles were shackles and chains leading to rings on the floor. His legs were spread so wide he was standing on his toes. Alex looked up at his hands and they too were chained and stretched to the ceiling. He tried to move but all that accomplished was to realize that his ass was plugged and connected to something behind him. Panic started from deep within as he suddenly felt more helpless than at any time in his life. He started to hyperventilate around the gag when the pain started again in his nuts, followed soon by his nipples, ass, toes and fingers. As the pain built he stopped breathing all together. Just as the world was turning black it stopped and he started to breathe again.

Alex was regaining his senses when he was lowered to his knees. Just as his knees hit the floor, someone wrapped shackles around them attaching them to the floor. He looked to his right when he heard a noise, when in walked two men. Both were naked and sporting very large cocks. Instantly Alex felt pleasure in his groin. His cock reacted and was soon hard as a rock pointing out from his body. The closer the men got to him the more his arousal increased. "How is this happening? I'm not gay. This can't be happening." He thought. But just as the first man arrived at his face and the cock touched his lips, Alex erupted into a massive orgasm and spewed his come all over the floor. The man then simply removed the gag and inserted his cock into Alex's mouth. In spite of wanting to bite it off, he simple could not organize his thoughts to do it. Instead he started to suck and lavish his tongue over the ever hardening cock. What surprised him was that sucking the cock was exciting him. The more he sucked the more aroused he became. The pleasure pulsed throughout his body in waves. His cock was harder than at any time before in his life. Deeper and deeper the cock pushed till it reached the threshold of his throat. But instead of choking, his throat welcomed the intruder, till he had the entire cock deep inside his mouth. Alex's mind was confused as somewhere deep inside his brain was telling him he should be repulsed, but his entire body was lavishing in the pleasure of sucking his first cock.

Just as his body was peaking, the cock pulled out from his throat and pumped his mouth full of come. At the same time his body convulsed with a massive orgasm.

During all this the voices continued: You love cock... You love cum... You love to be fucked in the ass... You will obey your master... Sex with women makes you sick... Only your mother excites you... You love to suck cock... You crave humiliation...

No sooner had the cock finished filling his mouth, it was gone. Just as Alex was regaining his senses, he felt a prick on his arm. He looked to his right and saw a beautiful young woman giving him a shot. "What is that?" He moaned.

"Oh not much, it's just enough Viagra to keep you hard for the next day or so." She said and smiled.

Alex groaned and dropped his head. He then heard a noise and in walked a very beautiful young woman. She was wearing only a string bikini and very high heels. Alex's body instantly reacted and his cock started to harden, but instead of pleasure he felt pain. The closer she got to him the intensity increased till he could not stand it and screamed, "Get away from me." But she kept coming and coming till she grabbed his soft cock and started to stroke him. The pain was mind numbing and coursed through every pore on his body. Just as he was about to pass out she stopped, only to be replaced with the other man. As soon as he touched Alex's cock, the pleasure replaced the pain and his cock instantly hardened. Alex moaned as his body betrayed him. Just then a cock appeared in front of his face. Alex's mouth opened and it slipped inside. The pleasure sensors in his brain were out of control. What Alex didn't know was that while he was unconscious, they had pumped him full of drugs that made manipulating his body very easy. With just a little electrical current in the right places, they could give him extreme pleasure or pain.

This procedure continued for the next two hours. Alex was exhausted. When he started to pass out they shot him full of speed, keeping him wide awake and fully alert.

At the end of the initial training, a couple of men released him and tied him to a bench. Alex was now fully cooperative. He had no fight left. Now his hands were tied to the legs as well as his feet. The wires were still connected and a new type of visor was placed over his eyes. Alex could not see anything, but his body was very sensitive to anything touching him.

Alex lay on the bench scared as he didn't know what to expect. Suddenly someone was touching him. His body reacted instantly and his cock shot up like a rocket. Just then the visor opened and he saw the same woman as before. Alex screamed as his body immediately reacted with extreme pain as his cock dropped like a rock. The visor closed and the touching stopped. Then it started again and his body reacted the same way, instant arousal. As the visor opened all he saw was a large cock right in front of his face. Alex moaned as pleasure exploded everywhere on his body. His cock was like a rock, but before he could climax the visor closed and the touching stopped.

Over and over they did this, sometimes it was a woman over and over, and sometimes it was a cock. Each time it was pleasure or pain, pleasure or pain. All the time the voices kept repeating: You love cock... You love cum... You love to be fucked in the ass... You will obey your master... Sex with women makes you sick... Only your mother excites you... You love to suck cock... You crave humiliation...

Hour after hour they continued till Alex's brain and body gave up and he lost consciousness. They then carried him to a cell about the size of a closet and chained him to a cot. The wires were still connected and the voices continued. Soon you could see his cock harden and soften over and over as they kept pushing his buttons over and over. Whenever the voice was a woman it was pain, a man pleasure. Always the same commands: You love cock... You love cum... You love to be fucked in the ass... You will obey your master... Sex with women makes you sick... Only your mother excites you... You love to suck cock... You crave humiliation...

It had now been over six hours since the training had started. At first it was Alex sucking cock after cock. He must have drunk a pint of come. For the last couple of hours Alex was tied to the bench with his legs pulled up around his head exposing his ass. His head was turned to the side and his mouth was wide open and he was drooling. He had just finished sucking another cock, when he felt something pull the plug out of his ass. It was soon replaced with a cock. The pleasure was intense as he accepted his first anal fuck. Just as his orgasm was about to peak a cock was inserted in his mouth. With both of his orifice's filled with cocks, Alex exploded with a massive orgasm unlike anything he had ever experienced.

You love cock... You love cum... You love to be fucked in the ass... You will obey your master... Sex with women makes you sick... Only your mother excites you... You love to suck cock... You crave humiliation...

Alex's mind could not process all the stimuli and everything went black.

Alex suddenly woke with a start as ice cold water cascaded down his body. He was shivering from the cold and the residual effects of the orgasm.

With the visor closed he no longer knew where he was of how long he had been there. Then it started again. This time instead of the visor opening there appeared a picture of his mother naked, crawling towards him begging him to give her his cock. But instead of pain his cock started to grow. Confusion clouded his brain as he expected pain, but it was pleasure, intense pleasure. Just as his mother got to his cock, everything went black. But his arousal didn't diminish it only increased. He felt a hand on his cock and knew it was his mother. Then the visor opened and standing in front of his was a sexy woman. Instantly the pain returned with such intensity that his whole body convulsed. Over and over the training continued.

Alex's mind was broken. He no longer resisted the commands. He relished seeing cocks and prayed that he would never see another woman. The visor once again opened and in front of his eyes were a dozen erect cocks. Without any stimulus from the contraption he climaxed, spewing what little come remaining in his abused nuts onto his stomach.

Just before he passed out again, he heard a loud bang.

Anita and Susanna walked into the living room. All three slaves were exactly where they left them. Julie was kneeling in the corner; Sandy and Dawn were still kneeling by the couch right where the thugs left them.

Anita smiled she knew their control was complete. "Slaves, get up and stand in front of us." She demanded. All three slaves quickly jumped to their feet and rushed to where their mistress indicated.

Susanna looked at their slaves, all were naked and trembling, Julie from fear because of Cindy and Susan, Dawn and Sandy because of arousal.

"OK, I want you to dress, slave Sandy put on your veils, you other two your coats. We are going for a ride. For the rest of the day you three are going to entertain a few friends of ours," Susanna ordered.

The slaves scrambled to obey and in just moments they were clothed as instructed. Anita grabbed the leashes and clipped them on Julie's and Dawn's collars. "Open your mouth slut, and stick out your tongue.

Sandy quickly opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. Susanna clipped the leash through the ring and pulled the slave towards the door. Anita grabbed the leashes of the other two and followed her sister out to the parking lot. Sandy might as well of been naked as the veils did nothing to hide the body, and the bracelets and shackles gleamed in the sunlight. The fact that she was being led by her tongue sent her arousal through the roof. Sandy's mind was craving the humiliation, making her flush down to her toes.

Cindy and Julie followed closely behind, both dressed in the rain and shine coats tied loosely around their waists. Anita and Susanna loved the feeling of leading the slut slave adults knowing they would do anything they were told. They weren't worried about the neighbors as it was doubtful that the slaves would be back to this apartment. When they finished the day their dad was going to take over and all three of them would be sold at auction in a couple of days.

As soon as the slaves were loaded in the backseat of the BMW Anita turned and told the slaves to open their coats and veils and play with their clits. "I want you ready to fuck anything when you get where we are going."

Twenty minutes later Susanna pulled into a sleazy motel on the edge of town. "Ass slut, close your coat and go pay for two rooms. Make sure they are adjoining. Don't forget to flash the desk clerk." Dawn quickly opened the door and started for the motel office. She suddenly stopped and turned to Anita. "Mistress, what should I use to pay for the rooms?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot to give you your driver's license and credit card." Anita smiled and handed her the cards. Ten minutes later Dawn returned to the car. "The rooms are on the back side, rooms 10 and 11, here are the keys."

Soon all the slaves were naked and kneeling on the floor of room 10. Anita and Susanna walked to the adjoining room and looked at how they wanted the slaves positioned. The rooms were mirror images with a double bed and night stand against the opposite walls and a dresser with a mirror on the adjoining wall. A 37 inch flat screen TV sitting beside the mirror. Anita turned on the TV and dialed in the porn channel, Susanna did the same in room eleven. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Anita opened the door and in walked Cassie.

"Oh My God, look at them!" She exclaimed as she looked over the three naked slaves. "I know what you told me but I would never have believed them to look like this!" As she reached out and pulled on Dawn's and Sandy's chains.

"Oh that's not all, Slave open your mouth and stick out your tongue." Anita said as she looked at Sandy.

Sandy quickly complied and she stuck out her tongue and looked up at the shocked Cassie.

"OK, all three of you, I want you to each tell Mistress Cassie exactly what you are."

Dawn was first to respond. "Mistress Cassie, I am a slut slave teacher that only lives to serve. I am an ass loving slave that gets off on, humiliation, licking asses and having my ass filled. I can only come when I have my ass filled. My only desire is to please my mistress. Please mistress, use my ass."

Sandy quickly followed Dawn. "Mistress Cassie, I am a slut slave teacher that only desires to serve. I thrive on humiliation, pain and cum. I am addicted to cum; it is my drug of choice. I will do anything to get my fix. Please Mistress I need cum, I need a fix to satisfy my addiction. Please feed me some cum."

Julie was the last to respond. "Mistress Cassie, I am a slut slave mother that will serve you without question. I am a fuck slut that will do anything to have my holes filled. I desire to be abused and used in any way to satisfy anyone you wish, especially my son."

Cassie was shocked at the response. "Wow, this is going to be fun. Is there anything I can't do to them?"

"Not really, just don't mark them permanently. You can spank, beat, have them fuck, suck, lick, anything you want. I'm going to suggest that you have slave Reynolds in one room, and slave Julie in the other. You can then have anyone who wants to fuck an ass visit next door and pussy and mouth fucks in here. Slave Hauser can be the fluffer, using her mouth to get the cocks ready. I would have her lick any cum out of the other slave's holes after each fuck." Susanna suggested, "But that is up to you. The most important thing is that they are recognized by everyone who walks in here. I want them to be totally humiliated and fucked. I want them totally broken when you are done. Do you understand?"

"No problem, how many do you expect to stop by?"

"I put the word out when we were at school this morning. By now I figure every senior in school knows about it and probably thirty or so guys will show up. If you run into any problems with the girlfriends, have them take a turn at humiliating the slaves."

"Great, when do we start?"

"Whenever the first person shows up you can start the show. We'll be back later we need to take care of things back at the apartment. It's now about 10:30; we'll be back around five or so. Call us if you need anything," Anita said as she handed Cassie a bag of toys along with the leashes and chains.

Cassie was totally aroused. After last night having slave Julie licking her as she was being fucked by Alex, her pussy was gushing. She wasn't able to orgasm because of the strange girl showing up at the house and stopping her fun. Cassie had fumed all the way home. She couldn't keep her hand out of her crotch the entire drive home. As soon as she hit her room, she ripped her clothes off and grabbed her favorite toy to satisfy her needs. Unfortunately, even though she climaxed several times it paled to what she was certain was building before she was interrupted.

As soon as the twins left and shut the door, Cassie took charge. She quickly attached their leashes and dragged Dawn into the adjoining room. "Slave, you are to do whatever anyone desires. You can't refuse anything. But I will probably be sending anyone who wants to fuck a teacher's ass in here. When you finish with a cock call your sister slave teacher to clean up your cum filled hole. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress, this slut slave will do as ordered," Dawn answered. Dawn knew that shortly she would be fucking most of the seniors at school. The thought was so humiliating that her brain was shutting down, but her body was aroused beyond anything she had ever experienced before.

Cassie returned to the other room and grabbed Julie's leash. "Get up on the bed slave. You are to fuck anything with a cock. You are to let them use any hole they want. When you finish with a cock, call for Slave Hauser to clean out your holes. You are not allowed to refuse any command. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress, I understand," Julie said as a tear ran down her cheek. Julie's mind was now in full slave mode. She no longer cared who knew what she was. The only thing that mattered was to obey her mistress.

Cassie then turned to Sandy. The chain still attached to her tongue. "You slave, are going to stay by me. You are to use your mouth to get the cocks ready to fuck the other slaves. That way it won't take long to shoot their loads and we can make sure everyone gets a turn. You are to suck cocks until you take them to their slave, and then clean out any cum so no one will have sloppy seconds."

"Yes Mistress, This cum slut slave understands," Sandy said as her mind was anxiously waiting to start. Her training over the last week was fully engrained in her mind and her craving was out of control. Not only was she going to get her fill of cum, but the humiliation of serving her students would satisfy her mind.

Cassie smiled as she looked at the sluts waiting to serve. "I guess they might as well start with me." She thought as she walked over to Dawn.

Cassie pulled her skirt up to her waist and turned her ass towards Dawn. "Put your tongue to work slut and lick my ass slave."

Dawn eyes grew large as she could hardly wait to get started and her mouth was watering. She then grabbed each of Cassie's cheeks and spread them wide. Looking at the brown rosebud in front of her, she leaned forward and lavished her tongue up and down her crack. Cassie had never felt like this before, having total control over three grown women, and having them totally submissive to her every whim was intoxicating. As soon as Dawn's tongue started to probe her ass, she moaned. The deeper the tongue pushed into her sphincter the closer was her orgasm.

"Slave Hauser, get over here and lick my cunt. I want to come before anyone else gets here. Sandy quickly rushed over and slid her head between Cassie's spread legs. Her eyes were now looking up at Dawn's tongue probing Cassie's ass. She then extended her tongue and licked the entire length of her slit. Over the next ten minutes both slaves used all their newly acquired talents to bring their new mistress to an overpowering orgasm.

Cassie's body was shaking; she was out of control as the two slaves worked their magic with their tongues. When her orgasm hit she nearly blacked out and the only thing keeping her upright was Sandy kneeling between her legs. As she gained control, she pushed the slaves away from her tender ass and cunt. She needed to gather herself to welcome the seniors who should be arriving any minute.

Anita and Susanna arrived back at the apartment around eleven. They had been away just over an hour. It spite of the short amount of time, the place smelled of sex. Anita walked into the bedroom and looked at their captives. Both Cindy and Susan were thrashing about on the bed. Their bodies covered in sweat and a large area between their legs soaked with fluids flowing out of their cunts. She smiled as she knew that by the time they would be released they would be slaves to their desires. Desires that they would not be able to control, control that only she and her sister had.

Susanna walked in and joined her sister. She looked over and noticed Anita's nipples poking thru her top. Susanna looked up at her sister's face. What she saw was an expression of lust. Anita was aroused and it showed throughout her body. She walked behind her sister and wrapped her arms around her and enveloped her with a hug. Anita's body was totally consumed with arousal and her sister's hug only increased it. Susanna slowly dropped her lips down Anita's neck and gently began to kiss up and down from just below her ear down to just above her shoulder. Anita shivered as she felt the light kisses and the occasional lick from her sister. She turned to face Susanna, closed her eyes and pressed her lips to her sister's and gave her a long sensual kiss. Both teens succumbed to their desires and started to caress the others bodies. In only a matter of seconds they were both naked and consumed with lust.

Anita was the first to break away and took her sister's hand and led her to the living room. Once there she pushed her down on the couch. Susanna looked up at her sister, no longer thinking of her as a person but an extension of herself, watched as Anita dropped down beside her and started to gently slide her hands down from her face to her chest. She massaged her shoulders as she moved closer and closer to her tits. Susanna closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations anxiously waiting for the moment when her fingers touched her erect nipples.

Anita gently moved her hands around the sides of Susanna tits, but instead of touching her nips she dropped her head and sucked it into her mouth. Susanna gasped as the sensation flowed from her brain to her cunt.

Susanna grabbed Anita's head and pushed it down her body towards her cunt, no longer able to control her lust. She needed to feel her sister's tongue caress the center of the arousal. Anita no longer needing direction licked her way to her sister's center. Just as she arrived at the center of Susanna's universe, Anita turned her body and slid on top of her very excited sister. She ended up lying on top of her in a 69 position. Susanna feeling her sister's entire body opened her eyes and was treated to the sight of Anita's bare and excited pussy. Her mouth watered as she slowly extended her tongue and lightly licked Anita's labia, savoring her sister's flavor for the first time. Not knowing what to expect, she gasped as Anita started to lavish her own cunt with her tongue. All inhibitions we gone now as each sibling no longer cared that they were committing incest. All that mattered now was relishing the feeling and experience of their sister's gyrations. It was as if there was a single brain controlling each woman. Working with synchronized actions each knowing exactly what the other desired; they drove their arousal levels higher and higher. Each postponing the others orgasm as their bodies slowly lost all control and began to tremble with excitement. Each teen inserted first one, then two, and finally three fingers into the others body; stroking in and out pushing on that magic spot each and every time; until they were consumed with a massive orgasm. Each convulsing with pleasure as it sent waves emanating out from their cunts to all their extremities.

Anita rolled off her sister's body gasping for breath. Never had any slave given her such pleasure. Having the power to control another person enhanced their orgasms, however the orgasm given by her twin, knowing exactly what button to push and exactly when to do it was fantastic. She slowly regained her faculties and lightly caressed Susanna's body. With each touch she could feel her tremble with aftershocks from the orgasm.

Susanna opened her eyes and looked down as her sister lying beside her. "My god sis that was amazing. I'm not sure if I can move. My body has totally shut down," She whispered.

Anita smiled and closed her eyes and feel into a deep sleep. Susanna followed shortly and both teens slept with their heads lying on the others legs; their noses almost touching each others labia.

Anita woke first, her head still between her sister's legs. She stuck out her tongue and lightly licked Susanna's slit. Hearing her sister moan she pushed forward and worked her way up to her clit. Just as the tip of her tongue touched the tender nub, Susanna gasped and grabbed her sister's head.

"OHHH... GAWWD... Right there touch me right there. Harder, lick harder!" She cried as she pulled Anita's mouth tighter to her cunt.

Anita was having trouble breathing as all air was cut off by her sister. She quickly recovered and pulled her head out from between Susanna's legs.

"Oh please don't stop, I'm right there, please do it again Nita," She begged.

"Not yet you slut, I have plans for you." Anita said as she stood and walked into the bedroom.

Susanna quickly pushed her hands down to her cunt and started to rub her clit. She was very aroused again and wanted to get off in the worst way.

"Get your hands out of there slut." Anita shouted as she returned from the bedroom. She was carrying a large suitcase. Susanna quickly did as told looking at her suddenly dominate sister.

"Slide off the couch and lay on you back sis and put your hands above you head." Anita commanded.

Susanna smiled and said, "Yes Mistress, just what are you planning?" As she slid down to the floor and followed her sister's directions.

"Just do as you are told and you will find out slut." Anita answered.

"Hey I'm not a slut, except maybe to you." Susanna answered coyly.

Anita knelt by Susanna's head and opened the case. The first thing she pulled out was a blindfold. She quickly placed it around Susanna's head and covered her eyes.

"Ohhhh, I can't wait. What other surprises do you have in store for me?"

"Quiet slut or I'll gag you." Anita answered as she pulled out a set of cuffs which she quickly locked on Susanna's wrists. She then took out a length of rope and tied one end to the chain connecting the cuffs. She then took the other end and tied it to one of the couch legs, locking her sister's hands above her head.

"MMM... Tying me up, I always wanted to know what it would feel like to be helpless. You won't hurt me will you?" Susanna moaned.

"No, I won't hurt you." Anita said as she was securing her ankles to a spreader bar. "Not much anyway."

Susanna's body already aroused by Anita's tongue lashing a few minute before was now getting very aroused. After all the times she had tied up her slave she was now in the exact position and her body was enjoying every minute.

"Anita, please play with my cunt. I need to come. Please make me cum, Mistress," She said as she was getting into the role of slave to her sister.

"OK slut, I told you to be quiet now you have to suffer the consequences." Anita whispered into her sister's ear as she pulled a gag out of the case and shoved it into her mouth.

Susanna was taken by surprise by the gag and tried to tell her sister to stop, but as she was helplessly bound there was nothing she could do.

Anita then went down to the spreader bar and tied a length of rope from one cuff around a railing beside the door and back to the other cuff and pulled till her sister's body was tightly strung out on the floor. Susanna now could not move. She was blindfolded and gagged, totally helpless.

"Relax my little slut. You're going to love this. Trust me; I won't hurt you, much," Anita cooed to her bound sister.

Susanna was now extremely excited, she had no control over what was happening to her and had no idea what Anita had planned. Her cunt was oozing copious amounts of pre-cum and it was flowing down over her ass. Just then she felt a hand lightly touching her tits. Gently feeling her sister fingers circling her orbs gradually moving closer to her nipples. She groaned as Anita wouldn't touch her hardened nipples but driving her crazy coming oh so close.

Suddenly something clamped down on the excited nubs, sending a shock of pain to her brain and down to her cunt.

Anita smiled as she watched her sister squirm as the effects of the nipple clamps pushed her sister's body into hyper drive. She then slid her hand down and touched Susanna's clit, only just brushing it. Susanna's entire body went rigid as soon as her finger touched the extended nub.

Susanna was hyperventilating as all the sensations wracking her body were overwhelming. Just as she started to calm down, Anita grabbed a crop and smacked it down on Susanna's exposed cunt.

Susanna body again jumped and a scream escaped out around the gag only to be replaced with a moan from deep within her chest; as Anita followed the blow with another caress on her clit.

Back and forth Anita took her sister, pain followed by pleasure, followed by pain. Never giving her any break; always keeping her guessing what she was going to do next. Always keeping her at the brink of a massive orgasm but never providing enough stimuli to take her over the top.

Anita then grabbed a small anal plug and placed it at the entrance to Susanna's ass. Susanna had no idea of what she was doing, till she felt the pressure of it entering her rear passage. As she tried to close her sphincter to keep out the intruder, Anita again brought the crop down this time directly on her clit.

Susanna screamed and pushed her ass away from the crop, only to push the plug deep into her ass. She again screamed as the pain registered to her brain as her virgin ass was trying to accommodate the probe firmly seated in her ass.

Anita smiled and knelt down beside Susanna's torso. She stuck out her tongue and started to lick her way slowly down her stomach. Each lick sliding closer to Susanna's pussy. Susanna already overstimulated wanted nothing more than to have her sister to eat her and allow her to orgasm. But after being denied so many times could only moan and pray her mistress would finally give her relief.

Anita, sensing her sister's surrender slid her tongue down to the sloppy cunt in front of her and sucked the clit into her mouth.

Susanna screamed as a massive orgasm exploded out and consumed her body. Anita not stopping kept riding the bucking slut beneath her keeping her mouth firmly planted on the exposed clit, sucking, biting, and licking it till she felt her sister's body go limp. The stimuli had finally shut down her brain. The only thing moving were the shudders from the muscle contractions as the orgasm pulsed through her body.

Anita smiled as she started to release her comatose sister. Suddenly there was a loud bang at the door and in walked four large men. Anita jumped and tried to run but there was nowhere to go and the men quickly grabbed her and pulled a bag over her head. In a matter of seconds, Anita's hands were cuffed behind her back and her feet shackled together. She tried to struggle screaming for them to release her but then she felt a prick on her arm and everything went black.

"We have the twins boss and Susan and her friend." The leader said into the cell phone. "No the teachers aren't here."

"Hey boss, I don't know what they were doing here but Susan and her friend is tied to the bed, naked with all kinds of wire connected to them. What should we do?"

"OK, but what about the teachers?" "OK I'll call you back after we release the two. I don't know if they will be able to talk though. It looks like the twins are using some kind of mind altering contraption on them. It might be awhile before they are coherent."

"OK, I will keep you posted. Goodbye." He said as he hung up the cell.

"OK, Bill, help me release the two girls in the bed room. Be careful I don't know what to expect. We don't want to freak them out. Make sure we have something to cover them with." He said to the man standing over Susanna.

The two walked into the bed room and looked down at the two squirming naked young women bound to the bed. Jack, the leader walked to the night stand and looked at the controller. He quickly found the pause button and shut everything down.

Susan and Cindy collapsed on the bed as this was the first time in what seemed like hours there were no stimuli exciting their bodies or minds. The lack of anything pleasuring, causing pain, or bombarding their brains with instructions, left the young women totally lost. They could not hear, see, or speak. They were still bound tight to the bed and could not move. Both groaned and pushed their cunts out to try to find some kind of stimulus to allow them to finally orgasm.

As Jack and Bill started to remove the clips, vibrators, and plugs, Susan and Cindy started to hyperventilate, realizing that there would be no more vibrations and with that no orgasm. Jack looked over at Bill and said, "We have to be careful how we release them. I don't know how they are going to react. Go get another couple of needles ready. If they freak out we will knock them out so they don't hurt themselves. Just give them enough to put them under for a few minutes. Got it?

"OK Jack, give me a minute." Bill answered.

Bill returned a few minutes later with a small pouch. He readied the needles and stood ready as Jack started to release Susan.

Jack first grabbed the headset, as he removed it he spoke. "Susan, stay calm, we are here to get you out of here. Don't panic we won't hurt you."

Susan hearing the strange man's voice didn't understand what was going on and started to struggle. Jack then grabbed the gag and unhooked it from behind her head. When he pulled it from her mouth, Susan screamed.

"Oh God please let me come, Oh please let me serve my mistress."

"Susan, we were sent by Jason Marshall. We are here to get you and the teachers out before the FBI raids the Martinez's. Do you remember?" Jack said, trying to speak in a calm voice so as not to scare her.

Jack then removed the blindfold and Susan blinked trying to see who was speaking to her. When she saw the large men she immediately thought it was the thugs that captured them earlier. Her mind not comprehending what was said went into full panic mode and her whole body started to struggle against her bonds.

"Stick her Bill. We'll release her when she is out so she doesn't hurt herself." Jack said.

Bill quickly took the needle and pushed it into her arm. Susan stopped struggling and soon was fast asleep.

"You might as well stick the other one as well. Hopefully when they come too we can talk to them."

Bill grabbed another needle and did the same to Cindy. As soon as she was out, the two men set about to release the two co-eds and looked around for something to wrap them in.

"What's with this place? There are no clothes, sheets, nothing. What did they wear here? What in the world has been going on here?" Bill asked.

"I don't know, but from what Mr. Marshall told me, the twins captured two teachers in their school and turned them into sex slaves. Susan here knew one of the teachers and is trying to rescue them from these two. It looks like they are using some kind of brainwashing contraption to program them to submit to them. I guess their parents are involved with all kinds of illegal activities including white slavery. The whole family is about to be raided by the FBI and we are supposed to get the teachers away before the raids. We have to find out where the teachers are and grab them. We need one of these women to spill their location and wrap this up soon."

"Hey, the one tied up on the floor is still awake. Maybe she can help?" Bill suggested.

"OK, go out to the van and see if we have something for these two to wear. I'm going out and convince her to tell us what we want to know." Jack ordered.

"Yes sir," Bill answered.

Jack walked into the living room. He looked down at the helpless Susanna still recovering from her orgasm. He knelt down and pulled off the blindfold. Susanna blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light. As her eyes focused she saw a strange man kneeling over her. Panic was immediate and she started to struggle to get away, but her sister's binding would not give. Jack smacked her across the cheek and said, "Stop struggling and be quiet. I have some questions for you and if you know what is good for you, you will answer. If you lie to me it will only get worse. Do you understand?"

Cassie, coming down from her orgasm, gathered her senses and took control once again. She grabbed Dawn's leash and said, "Time to get started, stay here you will have company shortly." She then grabbed Sandy's leash and walked into the other room. Just as she arrived there was a knock at the door. Cassie walked to the door and opened it. Standing there were four guys Cassie recognized from school. She didn't know their names but had seen them in the halls.

"Hey guys, what can I do for you?"

"We heard there was a party here and wanted to partake." The first one said.

"Well you came to the right place. Here are the rules. There are three sluts here ready to make your dreams come true. The only rules are you have to be 18 and can't permanently mark them and you can't let anyone know about this unless you hear from me. These sluts want cocks. You can fuck them in any of their holes. You might even recognize them, which makes it all the more fun. Do you have a problem with any of this?" Cassie instructed.

All four boys quickly in unison said "NO"

"Good, come on end and get your cocks out."

As each of them entered they gasped as there kneeling beside Cassie was a naked Miss Hauser. Her body decorated with chains and bracelets. Kneeling on the bed was a naked Miss Julie the front office assistant. She too was wearing a collar and leash.

"OK, who's first?"

"I am," said the first teen to enter.

Alright, get your pants off and let slave Hauser get you ready. When you are hard enough let her know. Oh and let her know if you want a blowjob, pussy fuck or ass fuck. She will make your dream cum true. When she finishes with him, she'll do the same for the rest of you. Got it?"

"Oh yeah, I got It." As he quickly pulled his pants off and tossed them in the corner of the room. The other teens quickly follow suit and soon all four were naked and sporting large erections.

"I guess it won't take much to get you ready." Cassie said as she looked at their cocks.

Sandy knew exactly what to do and crawled over and swallowed the first boys cock deep into her mouth. In just a couple of strokes he started to moan as Sandy fucked her own face with his cock. Sandy, after spending a few days at the glory hole knew just when to quit and pulled the cock from her mouth. She looked up at him and said, "Ass, mouth, or cunt?"

"Wow, I want a cunt." Sandy grabbed his cock and led him over to the bed with Julie kneeling. She smiled as she pulled him closer and lined his cock up with Julie's cunt. "Let me know when you are done and I will clean you up."

"God I can't believe this, I'm having a teacher blow me and help me fuck another woman. I could get used to this," He said and burst out laughing.

Sandy quickly crawled over to the next teen and enveloped his cock in her mouth. The teen looking down at his English teacher climaxed immediately and sprayed his cum into her mouth. Sandy savoring the taste knew it wouldn't be long before he recovered looked up at him. She hadn't really looked at any of the teens, but now she recognized that she had just sucked a student's cock from her second period class. The humiliation washed over her body and she blushed down to her tits.

"Relax for a second and I will come back to you." She then turned to the third teen and grabbed his cock. It was noticeably larger than the other two as she gently stroked it before sucking into her mouth. This teen had much better control and grabbed her hair. He quickly took control and started to fuck her face.

Cassie watched in amazement as the once respected teacher was humiliating herself and allowing each teen to do whatever they wanted. "Hey you might want to ease up. She is just to get you ready for the main course."

He looked over at Cassie and smiled. "You're right, where is the ass I can fuck?" He asked as he released Sandy's head.

"Right this way, sir," Sandy answered as she grabbed his cock and led him to the other room. When he finally saw who was on the bed he yelled, "Alright, its Miss Reynolds." Dawn heard the voice and recognized him as one of her problem kids from last year. It was Tim and he always gave her trouble. She had even had him suspended once. She dropped her head and wiggled her ass as Sandy lined his cock up with her rear passage.

Tim smiled as he looked down and the humiliated teacher kneeling on the bed in front of him. "Not so high and mighty now are you slut? I want you to beg me to pound your ass with my cock."

Dawn moaned, her body craving to have her ass filled, but her mind reeling from the humiliation of it being a past student. A student that was a problem for her, but her training would not let her refuse his command. "Please sir, pound my ass with your wonderful cock. Please make me scream with pleasure and fill my ass with your cum," She cried.

Tim smiled a wicked smile and shoved hard as his cock pushed past her sphincter and slid deep into her bowels. Dawn gasped as she didn't realize how large he was as the pain shot through her body. Tim pulled back and pushed forward hard, bottoming out as his ball bounced against her cunt. Not giving her a chance to recover he proceeded to pummel her ass again and again. Sandy watching was mesmerized by the scene as the large cock pushed in and out of her friend's ass.

Cassie, wondering where she was called out, "Slave, get back in here, you have work to do."

Sandy jumped at the command and quickly crawled back into the other room. There were now five students waiting in line and Cassie was looking angry. Sandy quickly grabbed the first cock and sucked it into her mouth and with each of her hands grabbed two other cocks. All the boys smiled as they each recognized the slutty teacher working on their excited units. In a matter of seconds they were each ready and called out their preferences. Sandy took the first two to Julie. The first teen had finished and turned towards the kneeling slave. Sandy took his soft cock into her mouth and cleaned it with her tongue. She then leaned over and licked Julie's dripping pussy. Licking up any fluids and sucking as much cum out of her hole as she could.

The two boys watched in amazement as the slut finished her job, slapping high fives and laughing. Sandy's humiliation was now off the charts. She knew that after today she would never be able to go back to any sort of normal life. She then turned and pushed one cock into Julie's cunt and the other into Julie's mouth.

Sandy crawled across the room to work on the next in line. Taking three at a time, her mouth and two hands, she soon worked up a rhythm. Soon both slaves on the beds had all three holes filled. Each slave sitting on a teen's lap with a cock filling her cunt, another teen fucking her ass, and a third standing beside her head, filling her mouth. Sandy was kept in constant motion going between the rooms. Cleaning whatever cock and hole as it became available, leading the next cock to take its place.

Both Dawn and Julie were no longer aware of what was going on. Their minds had shut down. The only thing was the constant feel of a cock penetrating their body. There was no pleasure only cocks and cum. Julie's knees were now raw from crawling from slave to slave. Her stomach was now full of cum and her mouth sore and aching. It seemed that an endless stream of young men entering the room. At the end of the first hour, the rush was over. As the last young man walked out the door each of the slaves collapsed. They were exhausted and it was only just after noon.

Cassie looked down at Sandy lying at her feet. She was a mess; her face covered in cum and drool. Her hair a mess as several of the boys had used her hair to fuck her face. She had never seen anything like this before. She almost felt sorry for the sluts as the thought of fucking and sucking so many boys was overwhelming. But that soon passed as there was a knock at the door. "I guess its round two sluts." She said as the slaves groaned.

When she opened the door, Cassie squealed. Standing in front of her were several of her girlfriends, and all of them were looking pissed.

"Hey girls, what's up?"

"You know what's up. Who are the sluts fucking our boyfriends." They asked.

Cassie smiled, "Anita said you would be by. Let me show you," Cassie answered as she swung the door open. All five girls gasped as in front of them was a naked and chained Miss Hauser kneeling on the floor.

"Oh My God, that's Miss Hauser. She's the slut?"

"Oh that's not all, check out the bed. Miss Julie from the office is there, and in the other room is Miss Reynolds!" Cassie exclaimed. The five senior girls walked into the room and looked at each of the three slaves.

"What is going on?"

"They are slaves of Anita and Susanna. They love being fucked, humiliated, and spanked. They will do whatever we want. Slave Hauser loves cum, pain, and humiliation. Slave Reynolds craves asses and humiliation, and slave Julie just loves it all."

"Anita figured you guys would stop by but don't worry. You won't see these three again. I guess they are going to be leaving after today. They just wanted to share them with the school. Hey want to have some fun? They will do anything you want." Cassie beamed as she told her friends.

The girls looked at each other and smiled. Each of them at one time or another had had trouble with a teacher. This would be a perfect time to get revenge, even if they had never had trouble with these particular teachers.

"Wow, I don't know what to say but let's have fun," Said Sally, to the others, "What should we do first?"

"I know," Said Patty from the back, "Let's make them lick our asses. I've always wanted to have a teacher kiss my ass."

"Wow that's hot and maybe piss all over them. They always pissed on me with all the homework," Said another girl in the group.

"Hey whatever you want just tell them what to do. They are slaves and have no rights," Cassie said.

Patty was the first to react. "OK slaves get in here on your knees now."

Dawn, Julie and Sandy quickly complied and were now kneeling naked before the six young women.

Cassie looked at the others and said, "Hey I got a suitcase full of toys if you want to use them." All of the girls rushed over to see what was in the case and each grabbed several things.

"First things first ladies, lets attach their tits together with these clips, so when one moves it hurts the others also." "Great idea, but I want to fill their asses with these giant plugs. Teachers are such a pain in the ass," Another girl said laughing.

"I want to spank their ass with this paddle. I got a paddling once and I want some payback."

"Great let's get started," Patty said.

In a matter of minutes, Dawn, Julie and Sandy were standing in front of the vindictive young women. Each had a clip attached to one of their nipples and on the other end of the chain attached to another slave's nipple. It didn't matter which slave moved, it pulled on all of their nipples. Another girl had taken clips and attached them the same way to their clits. All the slaves were writhing in pain as Patty pulled them around the room by Sandy's tongue ring. After a few minutes of this, they had the slaves bend over and spread their cheeks exposing their rear passage. Three of the girls, each had an enormous anal plug. Each of them had greased it liberally. Patty again took charge. "On the count of three, each of you push the plug into the ass in front of you. The one who gets their plug in first gets to choose what happens next. The slave that is last in getting the plug inserted is the one we start with. Everyone got that?"

"Yes," they all said in unison.

"OK, One... Two... Three!"

All three slaves screamed as the girls pushed the plugs past their sphincters. Dawn, being the ass slave, quickly accepted the plug and moaned with pleasure. Sandy was next and Julie bringing up the rear.

"Sally won, what do we do to slave Julie?" Patty asked.

"Sally thought for a moment, and then smiled, "I was so pissed off yesterday when my History teacher took my phone. Let's take them all into the shower and piss all over her. Then the other two can lick her off."

"Sally! You are evil and I love it. OK slaves you heard her, get into the shower, now!"

Sandy, Dawn, and Julie, having trouble standing up straight with the large plugs in their asses slowly moved in unison to the shower, with each slave's movements shooting pain out from their nipples and clits. Soon all three were kneeling in the shower with Julie's mouth open waiting on the first girl to pee.

Sally was the first as it was her idea. She quickly removed her panties and raised her skirt. "God I don't know if I can go in front of everyone," She said.

"Just get on with it. Stand on the tub over her head and let loose. I want to go next," Said Patty.

Sally climbed onto the tub and stood over Julie's face. Her cunt just inches from her nose. She closed her eyes and relaxed her body. At first it was just a couple of drops, then a small stream, then the dam burst as her bladder released its content onto Julie's face.

"Open your mouth slut," Patty commanded.

Julie for the second time that day was drinking piss. What surprised her was that instead of being disgusted, the warm liquid running down her face and into her mouth excited her. Julie's mind was now accepting the humiliation and embracing it.

Ten seconds later the flow stopped and another girl replaced Sally. But now the others not waiting to piss on Julie, jumped up on the tub and proceeded to soak the other two slaves with their urine.

Sandy, watching the spectacle beside her couldn't understand what was going through her mind. Instead of being repulsed by the obscene act, she wished it was her being sprayed. When a girl stepped in front of her, she quickly pushed out her tongue and leaned forward to capture every drop. She was relishing the taste and the humiliation.

Dawn on the other hand, had trouble handling everything. When she swallowed the first gulp it came right back up and she vomited all over her body.

"Yuck how gross, you puked up all over yourself slave. Here let me wash if off you," as the girl in front of her directed her piss down her body.

Dawn could not look at anyone. She dropped her head and looked down at the mess covering her body. She no longer felt like a human being. Tears ran down her face and she started to cry uncontrollably. Her body then slumped to the floor of the tub, pulling the other slaves down with her. Soon all three slaves were lying in a large puddle of piss and vomit.

"Oh God, I can't stand this. Someone turn on the shower and wash these sluts off." Patty said.

Cassie watched in fascination as her long time friends degraded the slaves. She felt a little bit of remorse for the former teachers and mother. She wondered what had happened that was so bad that they accepted what was happening to them.

Patty and Sally and two of the other girls walked out of the bathroom. The other girls turned on the shower and sprayed the slaves down with cold water.

Julie, Sandy and Dawn looked like a mass of naked flesh, all lying in the tub. As soon as the cold water started to cascade down their bodies, each of the slaves jumped trying to get away from the freezing cold water. Each movement pulled at their nipples and clits. All three slaves moaned as the effects of the golden showers and the water confused their brains.

"OK sluts, stand up and finish cleaning your disgusting bodies and get back out into the main room." One girl commanded the slaves.

As the submissive women untangled their bodies and stood, each trembling from the cold. They quickly started to wash each other trying to keep any movements to a minimum. The girls watched for a few moments, then left the room to join their friends.

Sandy was the first to speak, "I don't know if I will survive. I can't resist obeying my mistress and my body is no longer under my control. Do you know what they are going to do to us?" she said to the others.

Julie answered, "I don't know what to expect. I just hope they let me cum."

When the slaves returned to the main room, standing in front of them were the five girls and now there were three young men. Dawn recognized the boys as they were in her 6th period class last year. Both were known around school as being bullies. Both Dawn and Julie had run ins with them in the past. Now, standing naked and chained in front of them sent

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House Girl X- Mongolia

By 9 am local time Rick Cheney and I was airborne, flying north from Negombo, Sri Lanka to Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. Our aircraft was heavier by two passengers, an alabaster English brunette with a damaged past and a fiery Irish lass with flaming red hair and a passion to match. After achieving altitude, my prototype aircraft had adapted its aerodynamics to its ultra-sleek configuration for speed. A direct route to our destination would only take a couple of hours in flight, but we could not risk detection flying northeast over the Bay of Bengal and then across the most populous...


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