Alice Found A New Toy

Alice Found A New Toy

Alice laid back breathless, looking over at her newest craving Brent as he laid beside her smiling. She smiled back and blissfully thought back to when they first met and how they got to this position now.

It had been months since Alice and Drew happened. And he had moved on with his life since then, leaving Alice hungry looking for another man to play with. She felt like a wolf stalking its prey because she was so careful at choosing her next partner. She locked her target the day she met Brent.

Brent was an old manager of her college roommates previous job before she started college. He was a nice enough man, offering Alice drinks and places to crash when she first met him that night she and her roommate were looking to get drunk in her roommates hometown one weekend. Alice had been warned he would be a little perverted, which didn’t worry her since she and her roommate were also pretty perverted. When she walked into the apartment she was pretty amazed. There was a full liquor cabinet to the left of the entrance, a nice flat screen to the right with couches placed infront. Brent had ran to his computer directly infront of the entrance pushed against the wall, he spoke into his microphone that he had to cut out of the game early because he had company. Alice smiled as she noticed he was playing Dungeons and Dragons. Which Alice also enjoyed playing. She put a mental note that he might be potential if she ever chose to pursue him sexually.

The next morning after a huge binge of all three drinking Alice and her roommate left Brent’s apartment to head back to their college town, of course after saying goodbye and thanking him for the place to crash. After they both went to her roommates house to grab their belongings and shower Alice got a text from a random number she didn’t recognise. She rolled with it assuming someone had gotten her number from a kid in the dorms they were staying at or something since she wasn’t exactly a stranger to random numbers.

“Hey, I had a great time last night. I hope I can see you again! By the way this is Brent”.

Alice smirked and asked how he got her number. She was pretty hammered last night so she pretty much knew she had probably given her number to him at some point last night. He responded confirming her belief that she had in fact, given him her number.

After a few days of texting Alice learned Brent’s secret. That he was a sex addict and he loved to tie his partners up and have his way with him. Alice felt that familiar stir when she read the confession. She thought back to that afternoon and how she had wanted more. She realised this was a chance to get that again and she was ready to pounce. Alice confessed she was into similar scenarios and that’s when she and Brent made a plan to meet.

After months of figuring out when a good time to meet would be they settled on a weekend that neither of them had to work nor Brent having any chance of any kind of company going over. Alice got into her car and headed down, thinking about how rough Brent was promising to be and she felt her pussy starting to get wet. She set her cruise control, and since she was an out of state driver it was practically part of her drivers ed to learn to drive with her knee. She undid her jeans and pulled them down slightly. She reached inside and played with the lacy lingerie she had bought for this day. It was black and was a one piece, barely covering her DD breasts and a thong like string covering her now wet pussy. Alice ran her fingers up and down this string, feeling her snatch wanting to have something, anything slide inside it. She bit her lip and reached over into the bag she had packed, and pulled out a little rabbit vibrator, she pulled the string to the side and moaned as her vibrator slid easily inside her. She turned it on low and kept it there, letting it slowly drag her into an orgasm...

After about an hour of driving and 3 orgasms later Alice pulled up to Brent’s apartment, grabbing her bag she walked up the pathway to be greeted by Brent at the door. He smiled and welcomed her inside, kissing her temple on the way in. She set her bag down and turned to the 6’7” blonde man she would be spending the weekend with. She smiled and leaned up and placed a gentle kiss against his lips, and she felt her entire body light up with excitement.

After getting settled in and a little bit of a more thorough tour of the apartment now Alice was sober, she and Brent ended up in his bedroom. Alice laid down on the bed and sunk in, it was a memory foam mattress, and Alice realised she was going to have some fun with this. Brent excused himself to go out and do something in the living room. Alice looked around seeing it was a nice little room. The bed was made and had black furry blanket covering the sheets, white drapes over the window, a black dresser with a tv on top. Alice decided to surprise Brent when he came back In and took off her top and jeans, laying back on the bed and positioning so her ass would be pushed up and pouted her lips...

Brent was in the kitchen making them drinks. If he remembered correctly she loved the Moscow mules he had made the weekend they met. He looked down to see his cock was once again hard. He smiled as his cock had been hard multiple times today thinking about the young gal who was now in his bedroom. After tucking his cock into his waistband he picked up the drinks and walked back to the room. He hadn’t been laid in three years so he was hoping to last a while. He opened the door and stopped in the doorway, eyes widened as he stared at Alice covered in her skimpy lingerie. He felt his dick twitch and walked over the bed, offering her a drink and watching her move, seeing her large chest sway and her ass complement her body. After she took her drink and took a sip he did the same and offered his hand to take the drink and put it on the stand next to be bed. Afterwards he turned and looked at Alice.

Alice smiled and motioned for him to sit down, he did and Alice began a sort of strip tease for him. Dancing on him and pressing her chest against him then pressing her ass against him. Brent reached up and got her to bend down, grabbing her hip and leaned in, placing a gentle kiss on her clit through the fabric, it made Alice quiver but she liked it. He reached under his pillow and brought out two pairs of black handcuffs. He showed them to Alice and raised his eyebrow, asking if he can use them. She nodded and he leaned down, handcuffing her wrists to her ankles. He repositioned her back up against him and began his torture.

He took two fingers and ran them along the fabric covering Alice’s pussy. He could feel she had cum at least twice with the way the fabric was still damp and sticky. He could feel her shuttering then pulled the fabric aside and took a finger, sliding it in and out slowly of her. She groaned and moved a little but he pulled her back to the position and smacked her ass. He told her not to move and she’d get what she wants. He went back to her pussy, sliding two then three fingers in and began playing inside her. Swirling them around and sliding them in and out. Alice whimpered a little but let him do his thing. Reaching up with his other hand Brent places three fingers on her clit and began rubbing it in a circular motion. Alice whimpered a little harder and began whimpering louder. She could feel her orgasm coming on. Brent recognised the tightness of her pussy so he simply stood up and moved to the side, putting a hand on her hip and pulling her against him as he began rubbing her clit. Alice cried out as she was sent over the edge and felt herself squirt for the first time. It was intense and her legs quivered. That was the first time she had ever squirt and was a bit shaken up from how hard it had been. Brent leaned down and began sucking on her swollen clit, sliding his tongue around and sliding his fingers in and out of her. She groaned at the sensitivity and tried to pull away but he kept her against him. He talked into her clit before pulling away and repeating his question.

“Do I have permission to have my way kitten”?

“Yes daddy” Alice managed, looking at him with submissive eyes.

“Are you going to behave?” Brent asked smiling maliciously.

Alice nodded and he walked over to his closet, he pulled over the doors and opened a drawer that had been built in.

He pulled out a dildo and a vibrator and turned to Alice.

“I ordered these specifically to use on you” Brent said smiling. “And there’s plenty of more toys in the drawer”. He sat down on the bed in her cum and took ten dildo, using the tip to slide up and down her clit and smiling as she shuttered. He took the 12 inch cock and slammed it has hard as he could into Alice. She yelped a little but quieted down. He began slowly sliding it in and out of her, seeing her pussy grip the fake cock nicely. He then took the vibrator and turned it on, aiming for a middle consistent speed and placed it on her clit. Alice whimpered and tried to move but Brent ordered her to stay in a deep growl. Alice obeyed and whimpered harder, practically screaming as another large orgasm hit. Liquid surged around the vibrator and the dildo and Brent began fucking her harder with the dildo. Slamming it into her making her orgasm last longer. After what felt like minutes of her orgasming he took out the dildo and placed on the floor next to her. He put the vibrator on the bed and reached down, undoing her handcuffs.

He stood up and had her stand up, she was still wobbly from her orgasms but she was still hungry for more. He cuffed her wrists together and ordered her to slide down onto the dildo, she complied by getting on her knees and sliding down onto the cock, she looked up up him waiting for her next orders. “Open your mouth you filthy little slut” she smiled and opened her mouth, he pulled out his cock which was at least the same size as the one inside of Alice, at least that’s what she judged. He put his cock in her mouth and grabbed the back of her head, sliding his cock into her throat and fucking her face brutally. He could hear her gag and smiled, looking down into those eyes that were borderline fear and borderline desire. He let up a little and let her suck him her own pace, ordering her to ride the dildo he had made her slide down on while doing so. She focused on his head while she rocked on the dido, before sliding up the fake one while her mouth slide down the real one. She continued this for a while, letting the pleasure build up for both of them. Brent groaned that he was going to cum and Alice pulled him into the back of her throat. When she felt his cock twitching she pulled up and focused on his head, swallowing everything he had. He braced himself on the dresser due to the fact that his legs were now wobbly. He smiled and ordered Alice up. She complied and he leaned down to kiss her deeply. He reached up and slid off her lacy lingerie to reveal perfectly round DD tits. He got on his knees and had Alice stand with her legs apart, he took one tit and began sucking on her nipple, while reaching up with one hand to fondle the other and his remaining hand to reach up and finger her clit. She tilted her head back and groaned loudly, she was on the verge of another orgasm when he stopped and pulled away. He planned on dragging hers out now.

Brent ordered Alice on the bed, to lay down onto her back and have her legs spread. She complied and looks at Brent with submissive eyes, he smiled and got on his knees, planting his lips on her clit and began licking. He was tounging her and grabbed the vibrator on her side and turned it on once again, sliding it in and out of her twitching pussy. Alice whimpered and arches her back as another orgasm shot through her body, she struggled to speak as Brent kept sucking on her and playing with her cum. He finally let up after sending her into another orgasm through the sensitivity.

After feeling like she’s had enough Brent stood up and teased her with his own dick. Sliding his head up and down the swollen clit before slamming his cock into her. He felt his knees buckle as he felt Alice’s pussy grip his cock tightly, he groaned and pulled out slowly, shuttering at how wet he had Alice. He looked up and met hungry eyes and he continued to slowly thrust in, feeling his cock getting stiffer. He grabbed Alice’s back and arched it, laying his head down and taking one of her breasts into his mouth he began tonguing her nipple, and nibbling on it while grinding into her, he felt her shiver and she began writhing begging Brent to fuck her harder. He never complied but kept the slow pace, feeling Alice tense up underneath him. He felt her entire body begin to shake as he felt her pussy tighten around him even more and felt the surge of liquids that followed, he looked up to see her eyes had rolled to the back of her head and she was breathless from another orgasm. He groaned as he felt his balls tighten and he pulled out not wanting to cum inside her just yet. He kissed up her neck and slowly planted a gentle kiss on her lips, she kissed back softly and he made eye contact. He could see she was still hungry for more but he knew she couldn’t last much longer. He laid back and brought her up to meet him. She was wobbly but she still managed to mount him and he began teasing her with his head. Every brush his head made with her clit he could feel it quiver, and the cum dripping down from her pussy was warm and heavenly, he stroked his cock for a little bit before having her slide down an inch onto it. She groaned and he continued to stroke himself, every time he got close to her clit he would slide his thumb back over if and feel her entire pussy and body shiver, he smiled and with out warning he slammed himself inside her. Alice gasped and tilted her head black, she was so much more wet and tight while on top that Brent couldn’t help it. He held his hips up and grabbed her throat, pulling her down towards him and began thrusting. She groaned louder and louder, practically screaming as Brent kept her on him by her throat with one hand and had his other pinching her nipples. She orgasmed again and this time Brent couldn’t have pulled out if he had tried. He felt his cock swell and then surge up, he couldn’t tell whose cum was whose as he watched it all slide down his cock every time she slid up, he smiled and relaxed, letting her go and she fell to his side, smiling and reaching down playing with their mixed cum. She was tired and fulfilled, she knew she was going to enjoy this weekend as she laid back breathless and began to imagine how she had met Brent...

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