A Lesson For Liz

A Lesson For Liz

Chapter 1

Sam and his younger sister Liz met for coffee one afternoon this summer. Sam and Liz had never been very close, mainly because Sam was 11 years older than his younger sister Elizabeth or Liz as she liked to be called. They hadn’t seen each other for a couple months yet they lived in the same city. Sam was the type that let his career run his life and never had gotten married or really settled down. He would have the occasional girlfriend but nothing ever really came of it and he was fine with that. Sam had his 40th birthday this past summer and by looking at him, you’d never know it. He stood 6’4” tall and had a dark complexion from all those days working out in the sun. His brown eyes and brown hair really made him the typical “tall, dark, and handsome” type. So when his younger sister called him and asked him to meet her for coffee, Sam wondered what was up. He was early when he pulled up to the coffee shop so he went in to wait for Liz.

It wasn’t long before his younger sister walked in. Sam chuckled to himself as he saw his younger sister. She always dressed in sexy, skimpy clothes and today was no different. It seemed every time Sam saw his younger sister, she had gotten more beautiful than the last time he had seen her. She was a tiny thing, only 5’0” tall and very petite with 34b tits, shoulder length brown hair and hazel colored eyes. She usually wore glasses, but today Sam noticed she didn’t wear them. She was dressed in a little pink tank top with a short, white mini skirt. Sam had a hard time focusing on her as being his sister after seeing her walk in. Liz sat down across from Sam and they chatted for awhile before she broke down and started to cry. She explained to him with tears running down her cheeks, that her marriage was going downhill fast and yesterday she lost her job. Add to that, Liz and her husband had a big fight and he told her to get out of the house. She spent the night at a cheap hotel but needed a better place to stay for awhile so she could get back on her feet. Liz said that her husband had threatened to divorce her and take everything so she wondered if Sam would mind if she moved into his house for awhile. Of course Sam couldn’t turn his back on his little sister so he told her she could stay with him as long as she needed.

Chapter 2

Liz was very thankful that her brother Sam was letting her stay. "Thank god" she thought to her self after explaining the situation. Sam and Liz talked a bit longer before Liz decided to head out and back to her house to pack.

"Thanks Big Brother. I will call you when I am ready to come over." Liz says while standing up to leave. It took about an hour to pack. Liz looked around the room one last time and then noticed a note on the table before heading out the door. The note read this:

Dear Elizabeth,
I am sorry that it has come to this, but I want you out of the house. I am at the lawyer's office now filing the divorce papers. I am sorry we could no longer work on our marriage. It's been a great run but not good enough. It's been too long of a marriage for me, 8 long years. I want new women, I am sorry that you have to know this way. Good luck in the future.
Yours Truly,

Liz started crying and then left the house. Once she got into the her four door Taurus, she called her brother.

"I'm ready to come over now." Liz said through sobs.

"Alright sounds good to me Liz. See you in a bit." Sam said and hung up the phone. Sam decided to sit outside on his porch and wait for his sexy little sister to come over to stay with him. It took a few minutes before Sam saw the car pull up. He watched as Liz got out and took out a few bags. Sam decided to get up and go over to Liz and help her out.

"Hi Sis. Let me give you a hug and then a hand." Sam said, while reaching around Liz. Liz looked like she had been crying and needed a hug. Sam gave her a bit longer a hug than he used to when they were kids, because it felt right. Liz needed some loving attention and she always liked her hugs.

"Thanks again Big Brother. I needed that hug. Here, took a look at this." Liz handed a piece of paper toward him. Sam read it and then shook his head.

"That bastard." Sam said, while shaking his head some more.

"It's okay, I always knew he liked more than one girl at a time. For awhile it worked for us, but he needed more than I allowed I guess. I knew this day would come, some day. I am gonna go in the house now and sit down." Liz said, while grabbing a couple bags. I grabbed the other two bags and followed Liz inside. I went around Liz to show her to her room.

"It ain't much, but it's better than nothing I guess. It will be cheaper for you to." Sam said, while putting the bags down onto the floor.

"Thanks Sam, it will be cheaper. Once I find a new job, I will start helping with some food and whatever else you need help with." Liz said, while looking around.

"Alright, well I will let you unpack. I am gonna make some lunch. Are you hungry?" Sam asked. Sam headed back to the door way.

"Sure, what ever you got is fine." Liz said, while taking her clothes out of her bag.

"Okay, see you in a bit then." Sam said and turned and walked out the door. It took a few minutes, but Liz got everything put into the dresser. She headed out to the kitchen to find a cold meat sandwich, pork and beans and potato chips with french onion dip on a plate set up for her. Sam remember what she liked. She was touched by that thought. Sam even brought out the Mountain Dew and put it in a glass for her, while she sat down.

"Thanks for lunch, Sam. You remembered what I liked. How sweet." Liz said, while taking a bit of sandwich.

"Your welcome, and of course I remembered. You are my sister after all." Sam said, while chopping on some chips. They ate in silence for awhile.

"Wanna watch a movie after this?" Sam asked.

"Sure, which one?" Liz asked.

"Anything you want." Sam said with a smile on his face.

“How about something scary?” Liz said with a little smile.

Chapter 3

“I’ll see what I have.” Sam went into the living room while Liz cleaned up the dishes and looked through his vast DVD library. He quickly found one that he knew she would freak out over and got it ready to watch. As he sat on the couch waiting for Liz to join him, he couldn’t help but think of his hot little sister. He knew it was wrong to be thinking of her in this way but the way she acted around him and the way she dressed was really getting to him. She took every opportunity to give him those little touches on the arm or flashing him a sexy smile every chance she had. Even though her heart had been crushed, it seemed as if she was trying to flirt with Sam almost constantly. He figured it had something to do with her trying to forget the past few days and get her mind on something different. Although he enjoyed the attention, it was messing with his mind and he was getting somewhat annoyed.

A few minutes later, Liz came running into the living room and jumped on the couch next to Sam. “I’m ready now,” she exclaimed.

Sam noticed she had changed, she was wearing one of his t-shirts and it looked like nothing under it. His shirts were big on Liz and practically were like a dress on her small frame. He assumed she was dressed for bed and that she wanted to be as comfortable as possible while watching the movie. As the movie started, Sam reached and turned off the lamp to create a more eerie feel for watching the horror flick he had chosen. It was dark in the room except for the glow from his large tv. A couple minutes into the movie, Liz got even more comfortable and sat with her legs crossed and put her head on Sam’s shoulder.

Sam could see out of the corner of his eye, her shirt was bunched up around her waist now and her pink panties were now visible. He tried to ignore the fact his sister was cuddled up next to him and she was already half naked. It wasn’t working either as the more he thought about it, the more turned on he became. He could feel a sensation in his cock and he could feel it start to grow.

Sam was mad she was doing this to him whether she meant it or not. Liz soon jumped at a spot in the movie where it was designed to scare the pants off of someone. Sam thought in his mind, “can’t scare the pants off my sister, she already has them off.” The movie progressed at a fast pace and each frightening spot in the movie, Liz got closer or grabbed Sam for comfort. By now, Sam was fully erect and pissed at himself for letting his body react to his sister’s actions. He hoped she wouldn’t notice the huge bulge he had in his shorts or accidently put her arm or hand on his lap and feel his excitement.

He couldn’t concentrate at all on the movie and tried with all his might to make his mind think of something else. Just as he thought he might be gaining ground and his cock would begin to go soft, Liz would jump and squeeze her body close to his. At one point she grabbed Sam’s hand with both of hers and held it in her lap. His hand was now lying on her inner thigh where he could feel her soft, smooth skin. She made another adjustment soon, and in the process, she pulled Sam’s hand even closer to her panties. So close that for a second, Sam even felt the fabric of her panties with his pinky finger before she adjusted again and laid his hand back on her inner thigh.

“Did she have any idea of what she was doing to him,” he thought. She was driving him crazy. Sam knew these thoughts he was having were wrong and he was beginning to think of how he could tell her just exactly what she was doing to him or he thought, “maybe I should turn the tables and do what she’s doing to me.”

Sam never did pay much attention to the movie. Now he was focused on how he could teach his sister a harmless little lesson. He knew that he was off tomorrow and that he’d have all day to focus on his little lesson for his little sister. His mind was racing now with ideas when Liz asked, “did you like the movie?” He looked up and the movie credits were already scrolling across the screen.

“Ahh, yeah I did,” even though he really hadn’t watched a minute of it. “How about you, did you enjoy it?”

Chapter 4

"Yeah, I enjoyed it. Even though it's the one guy I hate, and you know it too. I always hated that man, even when we were younger." Liz said with a chuckle.

"But he is a classic Sis. Nightmare on Elm Street is famous. You said you would watch anything." Sam said and started to chuckle.

"Yeah, I guess I did. But I guess I was thinking more along the lines of a ghost movie." Liz said laughing.

"Oops." Sam said laughing harder now. Liz still had her hand in her brother's hand. It felt good to hold some one close, that you loved. Liz knew they were family, but it still felt good to be here with her brother. She kept looking at her brother, but happened to notice a big bulge in his pants. She didn't know what she should do, so she decided to play it cool. She hoped that his bulge would go down soon. She also hoped, she didn't do that by accident.

"So what do you want to do now." Sam asked.

"Well, I am a bit spooked. But I at least haven't thought about Ryan the past 3 hours. I guess I learned my lesson today didn't I?" Liz said nodding.

"What lesson?" Sam asked, looking confused.

"I told my self on the way here, that I knew that I shouldn't have ever married that man. I knew one day I would learn my own lesson that you can not change people and you can't hold them down. No matter how much you wish or how much you allow them to do. They will do what they want to do. I know he liked how much I allowed him to do. Most girls wouldn't have let him do half the stuff I did, but it wasn't enough, I guess. So I guess I kinda punished my self." Liz said sadly.

"I think he still loved you though Liz, but you are right. He needed more, especially after all those years. He probably felt bad for making you feel like you had to allow him to do extra affairs, just so he wouldn't get bored or start to hate you. You are too nice of a girl, and he knew it. He took advantage of that. He knew you always liked him, and wanted him. He is an asshole, and you will find better. I guess it was kind of a lesson learned though. You already punished your self by marrying him." Sam said with a small smile. Sam was trying to cheer his sister up.

"Yeah I did. It was a hard punishment too." Liz chuckled.

"Well, you never answered my question. What do you want to do now?" Sam asked.

"I'm gonna punish my self again, by watching the 2nd Nightmare On Elm Street. Are you able to watch it for awhile with me, before bed?" Liz asked sweetly.

"Sure, I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow." Sam said. Liz let go of her brother's hand. He got up and switched the movies around.

"Okay here we go for your next punishment." Sam chuckled, while looking at Liz.

Liz could always cheer him up. He watched her, as she started to watch the movie. It seemed to him, that Liz was already punishing her self. She learned a lesson today. He wanted to be there for her, as much as he could. He decided to put his hand into hers, so she wouldn't freak out during the movie as much. She always liked comfort, while watching a scary movie. She wouldn't watch one without it.

The movie continued, and Liz jumped a lot more on this one. Her hand seemed to grip Sam's hand more and more.

"Okay sis, not so hard please." Sam chuckled.

"Sorry, this one is a bit more scary than the first one. I never seen this one before." Liz said, while letting go a bit.

"Here, let me put your hand on my thigh. It might not hurt so much there. I got more fat there, than my hand." Sam chuckled.

"Okay, sounds good to me." Liz said turning her head and smiling at Sam. She noticed the bulge didn't go down by much. Her hand wasn't far off from his bulge. Sam grabbed at Liz's hand, and it seemed to go up higher onto his thigh. She turned and watched the movie again. A scary part was on and Liz jumped, making her hand go even higher onto her brother's thigh. She felt his dick on accident, on the outside of his pants. Her brother's head was turned, looking at the tv. Liz decided to keep her hand there a bit longer, and accidently brush her hand against her brother's dick....

Chapter 5

Sam felt his cock throb even more as his sister’s hand rested in his lap, her finger separated from his cock by a layer of fabric. “Why is she doing this to me?” Sam thought. “She must know nothing will ever come of this, she is my little sister.” Sam was beginning to become really annoyed that she seemed to be purposely teasing him. He knew she was scoping him out with her hand, using the movie as an excuse to jump and move her hand. One time she misjudged when she went to place her hand back in his lap and her palm landed right on top of his hard cock. She didn’t miss a beat and just moved to the side enough to let her hand settle in his lap again.

Sam was relieved when the movie was finally over so he could go relieve himself. He had been sporting a huge hard-on for more than 3 hours now. It seemed every time he might get some relief from her touching him, she would sense it and move just enough for her hand to “accidently” touch his cock.

When Sam got up from the couch to go to bed, Liz jumped up and gave him a goodnight hug and kiss on the cheek. Sam did his best to keep his cock from poking her in the stomach when they embraced, but she fought any resistance of that and once again positioned herself so his dick was pressed up against her stomach. Sam retired to his room and Liz went to the guest room for the night. Sam immediately began to hatch his plan for his lesson tomorrow where he would inflict a little payback for all his sister’s flirting, inappropriate touches, and all the tempting she had put him through recently. He planned to put his plan into effect first thing in the morning, now to get some rest for the big day tomorrow.

Sam slept pretty well, as he always does, and awoke around 9 o’clock to the sound of pots and pans clanging in the kitchen. Sam figured Liz must be making breakfast so he slowly made his way to the kitchen. When he rounded the door into the kitchen, what he saw almost made his jaw hit the floor. Liz had her head in the fridge looking for something on the bottom shelf and by the way she was bent over, Sam got a good look at her bare ass. She evidently shed the panties when she went to bed and now she just had on a t-shirt and nothing else. “This is the last straw,” thought Sam as he walked up behind her and scooped her up in his arms, threw her over his shoulder and turned to carry her out of the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” Liz yelled. “Put me down!”

Sam kept walking towards the back of the house with his sister over his shoulder wriggling around and not saying a word.

Once in his bedroom, he bent over some to let her fall back onto his bed. As she fell on the bed, her shirt lifted up to under her tits, fully exposing her shaved pussy. She just laid there not trying to cover herself or anything, she just had a sly smile on her face and looked at Sam direct in his eyes.

“Liz, I have to teach you a lesson here. You’ve been tormenting me with your sexy advances since you got here and I can’t take it any longer. You have no idea what I’ve been through,” Sam explained to her.

Liz giggled, “What are you going to do to me then?”

“I’m going to give you a taste of your own medicine.” Sam then jumped on top of Liz, straddling her midsection. He grabbed on arm and raised it over her head and bound one of her wrists to his headboard with a tie he had preplaced there ahead of time last night. After that arm was secure, he did the other one just the same. Liz put up no fight and seemed to enjoy what Sam was doing to her. After her arms were secured to the headboard, Sam turned his attention to her legs. When he turned his back to her and faced the foot of the bed, Sam had a good look at his sister’s shaved, wet pussy. He had to use some long scarves to bind her legs to the footboard because of her being so small but once he was done with her legs he had her spread eagle on his queen size bed. His next move was to remove her t-shirt and since he couldn’t pull it over her head with her arms tied, he simply grabbed a handful of fabric in each hand and began to tear it off her. The shirt ripped easy and in a matter of moments his sister lay exposed before him.

Her tits were perfect, little tiny nipples begging for attention. Her pussy wet with anticipation, she was ready for him to begin. “Go easy on me Sam,” Liz said quietly.

“Oh you ain’t getting that,” he replied. He had no intentions of fucking his sister. This was a lesson on what it was like to be tormented for hours till you ache for a release. “You’re going to be my little plaything much like I was to you last night.”

Sam began by running his hands over her naked body, purposely keeping his hands away from her tits or pussy. He started with her legs, moving to her thigh and then to her inner thigh, coming as close to her pussy as he could without touching it. Then moving up to her stomach and her sides, his hands covered nearly every inch of her flesh right up to the bottom of her tits and around them up to her neck, never once touching her beautiful tits. Liz arched her back as if to meet his hands and she attempted to squirm around so Sam might touch her in places he was trying to avoid.

Sam kept this up for some time, inching ever so close to touching her where she wanted him to so bad. By now, his cock was throbbing in his shorts and he needed to get more comfortable so he stood up beside the bed and threw off his shirt and pulled down his shorts and boxers all at once. His hard 6.5” cock sprung free at last. Since he had not taken care of himself last night after the movie, the tip of his cock glistened with a drop of precum. Liz couldn’t take her eyes off of her brother’s dick. She moistened her lips with her tongue and twisted her head to get as close to his cock as she could. “Is this what you want?” Sam asked as he moved closer to Liz on his knees. He held his cock an inch from her face.

“Let me suck on you Sam,” she purred.

“Oh I’m not giving you that satisfaction. I’m gonna make you beg me to get you off,” Sam said to her. “I’ve got all day at home here and I have no intentions of letting you free today. I’ve got some things in store for you. We’ll see how you like to be teased and denied relief.” Sam got on top of her again now, straddling her stomach with his cock resting in the valley between her tits. He knew she was liking this but he also knew that after a few hours of this, she would be putty in his hands and would do whatever he wanted just so he would let her have an orgasm.

Chapter 6

While my brother Sam was straddling my stomach, his cock touched my tits. I moaned out loud. I so badly wanted him to touch my pussy. I didn't care to be fucked, just touched. He is my brother after all. I wanted to be able to at least relieve my brother from his pain, since I accidently got him hard last night. He wouldn't let me do anything to him though. All I could do was watch him touch every where, but my pussy. I couldn't even reach over for his cock. I was tied to tight to move. I have to admit, it was really kinky. He touched me every where except my pussy, ass and tits for a few more minutes and then got off me.

"Well, sis all done for now. I am gonna leave you here for a bit, while I go get a drink of pop. I want you to learn your lesson from last night. You tease so well, and you always have. You always wore those sexy clothes, and it made me hard then. It's about time you learned your lesson." Sam said, while getting up. Sam left for a bit. It seemed like forever to Liz. Liz had to lay there and wait. Liz felt warm every where. Her pussy was so wet and wanting something more. Even just something simple done with it. Liz kept moving around. She was trying to be able to at least move on the bed to get her self off, but couldn't roll over. She felt so horny. It had been awhile since she felt like this. Her ex gave her pleasure, but not within the last month. Her ex had always brought home a girl for her to have, but she didn't get to have him. He had always left, when the two girls started touching each other. She liked other girls, and it was hot for her. She still wanted her husband though too. He just didn't want her anymore. She really had learned her lesson, and now it looks like she was learning another lesson right now. She learned not to tease her brother any longer. She told her self she was ready to be let go.

"Are you missing me yet, sis? Did you learn your lesson yet? Do you feel the pain of not getting relief?" Sam asked, coming into the room. He could see that Liz was struggling to get off, and he enjoyed watching it. Now she knew what it felt like, and how he felt last night.

"Yes I learned my lesson, and I am in pain. Horny pain, like you was last night. I am sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel like that. Can you let me go now?" Liz asked, looking at her brother with a pout.

"Not yet. I want to make sure." Sam asked.

"Oh come one!!" Liz yelled out.

"Nope, it's only been 15 minutes Liz. I had 3 hours of pain last night. You will have to hold out at least as long or close to it." Sam said, while looking at the wall clock. Liz could see that Sam was no longer hard. Lucky bastard, Liz thought to her self. Sam sat down by Liz on the bed. He just sat there and watched her for awhile.

"Well, I am gonna get something to eat now, since it's been half an hour. We haven't had breakfast yet. Are you hungry? Sam asked.

"Yeah, a little." Liz said.

"I will go get some toast to hold you over. I will feed it to you." Sam said, while getting up off the bed. Sam was gone for about 5 minutes and then came back with some toast and jelly.

"Okay here it comes." Sam said while putting it to Liz's mouth. Liz ate in silence. It took a couple minutes to eat the toast.

"Now I am thirsty, Sam." Liz said.

"I'll go get you some orange juice." Sam said, while getting up. Sam went down and back up with some juice. He helped Liz drink a few sips. It was a challenge, but it got done.

An hour went by, and Liz was no longer struggling. She didn't seem as horny now. Sam came back to check on her, after he had ate some cereal. Sam seemed disappointed that Liz was not struggling anymore. He was hoping she would be in pain for 3 hours. He forgot that she wasn't like most girls. Most girls would struggle through for a few hours, but Liz was more unique. She didn't get horny and stay horny for long. Liz had medical issues when she was younger, and it makes her not like sex as much as most girls. Liz has to be touched a lot before she gets horny and stays horny for a bit. Sam hadn't seen his sister much for the past 8 years, so he forgot that detail. Sam decided he better touch some more or the lesson wouldn't be stuck in his sister's head.

Sam started touching Liz on her sides. He then touched her thighs and down onto her feet. Liz started making her oh my god, that feels good faces again. He knew a few more touches would help her to get back into the mood again. Sam touched for another ten minutes. Liz was finally back in the mood again.

"Okay, you got me again." Liz said.

"Okay, good. I will leave for a bit again." Sam said, while getting up. Sam left for another half hour. Liz heard a door, and then foot steps.

"You poor girl." Sam's ex-girlfriend came into the room. Sam's ex came over and started touching Liz....

Chapter 7

Sam had forgotten his ex girlfriend still had a key to his place. Kristin had been waiting down the block for Sam to leave the house so she could sneak in and retrieve a few things she had left behind after their breakup. Kristin was 5’6”, slender, brunette with big blue eyes. Sam really knew how to pick them as she was gorgeous.

Kristin entered the house and went straight for the bedroom where she suspected her belongings still were. As she opened the door and saw what her old boyfriend had tied to his bed, she remembered a time once at a college party where her and another girl put on a little show for a bunch of guys. Ever since that time, she had always wanted to be with another woman again but had never repeated the experience. The sight of Liz lying there spread eagle quickly made her forget her real reason for being there. Liz looked up at Kristin without saying a word. The look on her face was enough for anyone to know what was on her mind. The look of “help me get out of this” was easily recognized on Liz’s face.

Kristin walked over to the side of the bed and put her finger to her lips, “shhh”, went Kristin. She sat down next to Liz and started to caress her body lightly with her hands. It was if this was the first naked woman Kristin had ever seen. She explored every bit of Liz’s naked body but unlike Sam, she let her hands run over Liz’s breasts and over her pussy. Liz was becoming extremely wet and was soon telling Kristin to untie her so she could undress Kristin too and touch her all over. Kristin didn’t listen to Sam’s sister’s request but she did stand up and remove her cut off tank top and stepped out of her little skirt. Next came the bra, setting free Kristin’s tiny A cup tits and lastly her panties to reveal a nicely trimmed pussy. Kristin got back on the bed and straddled Liz and laid down on top of her planting a kiss right on Liz’s mouth. Liz returned the kiss and their tongues explored each other’s mouth. As Kristin lay on top of Liz, their tits pressed into each other, each of them feeling each other’s nipples poking them.

Liz could feel Kristin as she ground her hips against Liz. She could feel Kristin’s pubic hairs tickle her bare pussy and it sent a tingling sensation down her spine.

Liz was enjoying all the touching she was getting from Sam’s ex that she didn’t get from Sam. Kristin massaged one of Liz’s nipples and rolled it between her fingers before giving it a pinch and moving on to her other nipple. Kristin’s other hand slipped between their bodies and soon found the wetness between Liz’s legs that it was seeking. Soon one finger slipped into Liz, then another. Liz was getting fingered and was finally getting what she wanted for the last couple hours. The deeper Kristin’s fingers went, the wetter Liz got. She could feel an orgasm start to build deep down but needed more to push her over the edge.

The two girls kept kissing and thrusting their hips against each other, trying to push each other’s pussy into one another. Liz was moaning loudly and nearing her orgasm as Kristin fingered her faster and faster, thrusting her fingers into her new friend. Just as it appeared Liz was going to get her much needed orgasm, Sam appeared in the doorway. “What the hell is going on here?” Sam interrupted.

Both girls jumped and looked up at Sam. Kristin quickly removing her fingers from Liz’s wet pussy and rolling off to the side of Liz.

Liz’s body went limp in frustration, she was 2 seconds away from having an orgasm of her life and now she’d have to wait once again.

Chapter 8

You have got to be kidding me?!! Liz thought to her self as her brother yelled out. Sam came all the way into the room fast, and started yanking on Kristin.

"Get off the bed Kristin, and get out! I am teaching my sister a lesson here." Sam yelled, pointing at the door. Kristin starting pouting a bit. She didn't want to leave. She knew something was up, and it felt so hot in the room right now. She wanted to know what was up. She was going to find out just what it was.

"Really? What lesson? Can I help?" Kristin said, with a sly smile on her face. Sam thought about her question for a bit before answering.

"Well as a matter of fact, you can help me. This might be better yet." Sam said thoughtfully. Sam pushed Kristin back onto the bed. He got on top of the bed and started touching her breasts and then went down her sides. Kristin started moaning out loud. He started touching her already wet pussy. He inserted two fingers inside.

"Oh Sam, that feels so good. I forgot how good you felt." Kristin moaned out. Sam went faster and faster until he felt Kristin cum on his fingers.

"Really, you're gonna make me watch this? Is this more punishment big brother?" Liz asked. Liz was watching the whole thing, and it made her hornier than ever before. It's was hot watching some one else get touched.

"Yep. This is only the beginning of what you are about to see now sis. You will be begging by the time we are done here. It will be a good lesson learned." Sam said, while taking off his undies. Sam's cock was hard and he inserted his cock inside Kristin's wet waiting pussy.

"Oh my god Sam!!" Kristin yelled out.

"Oh Kristin, fuck yeah!!" Sam yelled out. Sam thrusted in and out, faster and faster. They fucked like animals for half an hour. Liz had to watch the whole thing, and couldn't do a thing about it. She was so horny now, and she realized she had learned yet another lesson.

"Cum inside my wet pussy Sam!!" Kristen yelled out.

"Oh god yess, I'm cumming!!" Sam yelled out.

"Oh fuck, yesss!!!" Kristin yelled out a second later. Sam and Kristin laid there for a minute and waited for their breathing to slow down. Sam then got up and went over to the night stand to get some toliet paper. He cleaned him self off and then handed some paper to Kristin to clean up with. Kristin cleaned up and then got up.

"Thanks for the fuck, Sam. Can't wait to do it again soon." Kristin said, while getting dressed.

"No problem, any time. Call me later." Sam said, while putting his undies back on. Kristin waved to Liz and left.

"Well, that was fun. I am gonna go back down stairs now. I am gonna go get something to drink. I will be back sis." Sam said, while walking to the door.

"You bastard, you will pay for this. I will get you big brother." Liz called out to him.

Sam could see that Liz was really horny now, and he enjoyed every minute of it. He wanted her to feel like he did last night. It was working well now. It's only been a little over 2 hours now total. She still had about an hour to go. He couldn't wait til then. Sam left and went down to get a drink. He waited downstairs, and watched some tv...

Chapter 9

As Sam sat watching tv, his thoughts kept returning to his naked sister lying in his bed. Although Kristin and he had just had amazing sex, he was still hard thinking of his little sister. Soon he was daydreaming of Liz and stroking his rock hard cock when all of a sudden he was snapped back to reality by Liz hollering his name. Sam quickly ran back to the bedroom to see what it was that she wanted. “Sam, you’ve got to finish me off, I can’t stand it any longer. I don’t care what you do, just make me cum,” Liz begged.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Sam told her. He reached down and felt her pussy, still finding it quite wet still. He put his index finger as far into Liz as he could and with his thumb rubbed her clit. His actions immediately brought a moan to Liz’s lips. She was soaking wet and the more he rubbed her clit, the more her hips moved to match his fingers in her pussy. Sam pulled his hand away from Liz and put his wet finger up to Liz’s face and touched her lip. “Taste yourself,” Sam said.

Liz opened her mouth and her tongue licked his finger. “Mmmmmm, that tastes great.” Liz moaned. “You taste me now big brother.”

Sam got up on the bed and maneuvered between his sisters legs and leaned in close to her pussy. First he kissed her inner thigh and worked his way to her waiting pussy. As his tongue glided over her clit for the first time, Liz let out a small moan. Sam got his first taste of his sister and he liked it. Soon his tongue was buried into her, lapping up her juices and softly biting and pulling on her clit and lips. Liz was beginning to really get loud and it looked as if she might be nearing a start to an orgasm. Sam brought her as close as he dared before he stopped licking her pussy and looked up at her. “How are you doing?” he asked her.

“Damn it Sam, I need it now!” Liz yelled. “Fuck me now please. I promise I’ll do anything for you. Fuck me hard.”

“Oh you want your brother to fuck you?” Sam asked sarcastically. “I suppose I could give that a whirl.” Sam got up on his knees between her spread legs and pointed the tip of his cock at her waiting pussy. As he placed the tip of his hard cock against her pussy lips, he could feel her warmth and wetness. He grabbed the shaft of his cock and brushed it up and down over her wetness getting the tip covered with her juices. Once the head of his cock was wet and slippery he pushed against her. Liz was very tight and once the head of his cock was inside her, he could feel resistance as he slowly pushed into his sister. Liz slowly relaxed enough for Sam’s cock to fully fill her up. Sam had never felt a pussy this tight before. He could literally feel her heart beating with his cock. For the first couple minutes, Sam just remained motionless with his cock inside Liz. Once he felt her muscles relax some, he pulled back a couple inches and slowly pushed back inside her.

The feeling was incredible and the thought of actually fucking his younger sister was quickly getting Sam to the point of having his own orgasm again. He tried to think of anything but what he was doing, but everytime he looked down at his sister, he met her gaze as they looked into each others eyes without saying a word. Sam slowly fucked his sister, her tits bouncing with each thrust. He picked up the pace and she seemed to be handling Sam’s large cock fairly well. Liz wasn’t afraid of anyone hearing her as she yelled, “fuck me harder, harder! Oh god, I think I’m gonna cum!

Sam couldn’t stop when he heard his sister announce her impending orgasm. He just stepped it up and began fucking Liz harder than before. His own orgasm started to build as he felt his cum start rising up. “Oh god Liz, I’m gonna cum!” Sam exclaimed.

“Shoot it inside me!”

“Ok sis, here it comes.”

When Liz felt the first spurt of cum inside her, it sent her over the edge. Her body tighted up and she began having the biggest orgasm of her life. With each shot of cum in her pussy, Liz screamed uncontrollably. She could feel Sam’s cock throbbing inside her. Sam kept cumming and after about 7 or 8 good shots of cum inside her, he started to relax some. They laid there for a few minutes catching their breath looking into each other’s eyes…

Chapter 10

Sam and Liz just laid there looking at each other for a couple minutes.

"That was incredible Sam, Thank You big brother. You are awesome!! I love you!!" Liz said, while still looking into her big brother's eyes.

"You're welcome Liz. That was awesome, I agree. I love you too!" Sam responded, looking into her sister's eyes. Sam untied Liz and helped her clean up with toliet paper. Sam cleaned him self up as well. They both got dressed and went down stairs to eat lunch together.

Liz was finally left with relief. It felt so good to be able to feel relief. She had suffered for 2 and a half hours. It was close enough from when Sam was hurting, and hers was by accident. This was no accident, it was punishment. She learned her lesson very well. She also was glad though that she could finally be with her brother. It was really hot, even though it was morally wrong. It made sex feel like heaven though, because it was "wrong". Liz was able to forget about her medical issues for awhile and actually enjoyed sex. It was the first time in over a year to actually love sex. Her ex-husband Ryan, didn't really get her off anymore. He was not home enough to help Liz feel better. She only got off because of a few girls that actually followed through their promises to her. She didn't have to many girls that wanted her though. She felt wanted this time around. Liz hopes one day, her brother and her can do that again.

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