Saturday Afternoon_(0)

Saturday Afternoon_(0)

As a pretext: This is all 100% true. No embellishment, no exaggeration, and no fictional component.

It had been a while since I’d seen Jim. We didn’t talk as much as we used to. We used to hook up as teenagers. Have a few beers, get naked. Mostly teenage experiments. We’d got chatting online, and out of the blue he said to me “I want to come see you, it’s been too long”.

I wasn’t sure, but he was right, it had been a long time. He’d always had a certain hold over me. I can’t explain it. But as a teenager, he’d always loved coming all over my face, cleaning it off with my panties, then making me wear them. Just that certain dominant kind of feel.

I gave him my number, and we said 2pm, Saturday. He texted me on Saturday morning and said “White shirt, no bra, white panties, black skirt, stilettos. Don’t fuck around”. It was the outfit I was wearing the first time we’d slept together.

I complied. I don’t know why, but I did. He turned up and knocked on my front door. I’d spent an hour putting on the right clothes, putting on the right shoes, putting my make up on. I was nervous. The anxiety was turning me on.

I opened the door. I lived on a main road – four lanes of traffic right outside my door. He stepped into the doorway and pulled his hard on out, and pushed me to my knees. I started sucking his cock, door open. I was amazed that he hadn’t even said hello. He stepped through the door way, grabbed me by the hair and asked “where’s the shower?” He pulled my shoes off and shoved me into the bottom of the shower, stepping up on the ledge. He said “I always hated you with make up, wash it off” and started to piss on my face. I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say. I started rubbing my eyeliner off. I was humiliated and surprised. My cheeks flushing. My white shirt was now wet, and my rock hard nipples were poking through.

I was so surprised. He grabbed my hair, shoved his cock in my mouth, looked down and said “much better” He turned the cold water on in the shower, leaving me soaking wet. He pulled me out of the shower, dropped me on my knees on the hallway floor, wrapped his belt around my throat and walked me to my couch.
“You like the feeling of my belt around your throat, don’t you, cunt” I breathed a quiet yes.
He pulled my wet skirt down and I squirmed out of it. He marched me to the couch, me still on my knees and pushed me until my hips were flush against the cushion, face pressed into the back. He pulled my panties down and pushed them into my mouth. He asked if I’d ever had anal sex before. I hadn’t. I shook my head.

He pushed my ass cheeks apart and spat on my ass. I could feel my cheeks flush. I was so embarrassed. I was humiliated. I’d never had someone piss on me, never had someone shove my panties in my mouth. Certainly never had someone spit on my asshole. He started rubbing his cock up against my asshole and I tried to breathe and relax. Without much warning he shoved his cock straight into my asshole. He started fucking it slowly. He felt huge inside me. He reached around and touched my pussy. He whispered “You’re fucking wet, aren’t you. You like this, don’t you?”. I nodded. As much as it hurt, I was so turned on. He said “if you come, properly, I’ll use your pussy later on. If you don’t, I’m just going to use your asshole until it’s so sore you beg me to stop.” He started to rub my clit, hard and I came easily. He stopped as I was coming. He said “I want you to find your biggest dildo and bring it here. And if you get up off your knees, I’m going to make you regret it.” I crawled to my bedroom and found a 25cm long dildo. It was so fat that I couldn’t even come close to wrapping my hand around it. I put it in my mouth and carried it back. The belt wrapped around my throat dragging on the floor.
I got back to the couch, where he was sitting playing with his cock, and he looked at my big pink comedic dildo – a joke gift from a friend – and laughed. He said “Oh slut, your ass is going to regret this.” He took the dildo from my mouth, as I looked up at him, still wearing my wet see through top. He squeezed my tits and said “Now get back over the couch like before, and put your panties back in your mouth. Clasp your hands behind your back”

I did exactly as I was told. I leaned over the couch, shoved the panties in my mouth. He took hold of the belt around my throat, and pulled it a little tighter. He pushed the dildo into my pussy and started rubbing my clit. I came. Hard. Repeatedly.

He pushed himself back in my ass and fucked as hard as he could. He came in my ass. He whispered “you should thank me for doing that, it’ll act as lube.”

He took the belt off my throat and put his pants back on, pushed the dildo into my ass, working it in deeper and deeper. He finally had it in all the way and was working it in and out and in and out. Pulled it out and said “spread your ass cheeks”. He took a photo, and pushed the dildo back in. He said “I want you to stay here, and don’t let that dildo fall”.

He sat down in the cheer opposite my couch and started to masturbate. He got off listening to me come. He came over to me, blew his load on my face, and walked straight out my front door.

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