Loving Babysitter Part 1 revision

Loving Babysitter Part 1 revision

It all started when I was 16. I remember it like it just happened, how could I ever forget? My parents were going out of town for a few days, moving trucks. My older brother was staying with my aunt, and I insisted I was old enough to take care of myself. However, my parents gave me a big fat no as the answer. They knew I didn’t do well spending long periods of time alone. They asked one of my dads friends, Jamie, to stay with me while they were gone. Jamie was 28. I always thought she was kind of weird with her really short brown hair, never wearing girls clothes, hiding her eyes behind sunglasses, and driving a big truck. What kind of girl did that?

Jamie came in as my parents were packing to be ready to go, and my brother was gone. I was still a bit pissed so I just sat there playing on the computer with my dirty blonde hair pulled back into a neat pony tail.

Jamie smiled at me and said, “Don’t worry Lisa, we’ll have lots of fun. We can do anything you want.” I just shrugged without looking t her for more than a glance and said my goodbyes then went to my room.

I changed into more comfortable clothes which were shorts and a tank top. I was pretty happy with my body at this point because I was quite mature physically and already had fairly sizeable breasts. I have always been petite so I knew I could look good in little but my dad always threw a fit, telling me to “put some damn clothes on” as he put it.

I was already like a sex crazed teenager but I knew NOTHING about sex. Sex Ed. was not required at my school so I wasn’t really sure how it REALLY worked. All I knew was that 2 people get naked, nothing else. I knew about how to french kiss from hearing people talk but I had never even had a closed mouth kiss. I knew you could do sex stuff with your mouths too but not much else. All in all, I was pretty naive.

I came out and turned on the tv, flopping on the couch. Jamie was just sitting on the loveseat, reading and looked up at me, face getting red, “A girl your age really shouldn’t dress like that.”

I rolled my eyes, “Oh come on. It’s just shorts.” Then I flipped it to comedy central.

I could feel that she was watching me which made me curious about her. I looked her up and down out of the corner of my eye with envy. Why couldn’t I have big boobs like hers? Why does she hide them under those baggy shirts? I wonder how thin she is. She walked to the kitchen and I saw she was in mens pants and remembered having to wear my brothers hand me downs and it always made me so mad. What would make a woman want to do that? Then I noticed the sway of her hips and was intrigued by it.

When she sat back down, I walked to the kitchen to get a drink, trying to walk like she did. Jamie stifled a laugh behind me which made me mad so I hid behind the fridge door. I took longer than I needed in picking to drink tea and tried to get a cup but it was out of my reach since I was so short.

”Um, Jamie?” I said shyly.

”Yeah honey?”

”I can’t reach.” I said in a defeated tone.

She smiled and came over and got a cup out for me. As she reached up, her shirt lifted a bit and I could see how toned she was. I also saw she had a tattoo, SO COOL! It was on her left hip and it was two girls symbols locked together.

I blurted out, “What’s that mean?” and poked at the tattoo. She almost dropped the cup and sat it on the table.

”Oh, well, you know how girls usually date boys?” She asked, her face a bit red. I nodded.

”Well, I’m a girl that dates girls.” She said and walked back into the livingroom.

I stood there for a minute before I poured my drink. What? Did she just say that? I quickly poured it and rushed into the livingroom.

”Whoa whoa whoa. What do you mean? I thought that girls HAD to date boys? I mean, that’s how it works. All my friends look at boys and... I don’t get it. How would that even work? I mean, don’t you have to have girl parts AND boy parts to do it?” I was a bit flustered in my asking then blushed, “Well, so I’ve been told. I don’t really know for sure.”

Jamie looked a little shocked, “Wait, you haven’t been told about sex?”

I shook my head no and said, “But I really wanna know. All my friends seem to and I’m too embarrassed that I don’t know to ask.”

Jamie took a deep breath and patted the seat beside her. I sat down and sipped at my tea. “Well, do you know where babies come from?”

”Yeah, I know they grow inside a girl then come out between her legs.”

“Well, for the baby to start growing, the girl has to have sex with the boy. It only works if she’s old enough to though. Have you started your period?”

I blushed and said, “YEAH! DUH! I mean, I’m not some little kid! I know it’s something about an egg for the baby breaking down and coming out. I’m just glad it breaks down! I mean, I’m not a chicken, I don’t want a whole egg coming out!”

She laughed then said, “Well, for the woman to have a baby, that egg has to get fertilized. Then it grows into a baby inside her for 9 months.”

”Huh, that’s weird. That’s why pregnant ladies get fat? The baby growing inside?” I asked then thought out loud. “How do you fertilize the egg? I don’t want some dirt in my belly if I ever want a baby!”

Jamie busted up laughing, “No no no, it’s not like gardening. Boys have the stuff that fertilizes them.”

”How do you get it?” I asked.

Here she got bright red, “Well, with sex. See, if a boy touches himself, his penis will get hard. Then, he puts it inside the girl, where the baby can come out, and starts pushing it in and out.”

”OH MY GOD! EWWW!! They pee with that thing!! I NEVER want something like that inside me!” I made a gagging face.

”I don’t blame you there, they’re really gross. Well, once he’s been doing that a while, white stuff squirts out of where he pees and that’s what fertilizes the egg. It’s called sperm or cum as slang.”

”Wow, that’s gross. Can girls make cum?” I asked.

”Well, sort of. It’s not something that fertilizes though. Well, if a girl is really worked up, and wants sex, she gets wet down there. That is girl cum. She can also make more if she has an orgasm.”

”Well that explains a lot. I’m almost always wet down there. I was so embarrassed! I thought I just peed a bit! But what’s an orgasm?”

Her eyes got huge, “Well, it’s a REALLY good feeling a girl gets if something feels really good on her privates long enough. How often do you get wet? Does something cause it?” Jamie asked me, fidgeting in her seat.

”Well, if I touch down there and sometimes when I’m hanging out with my friends like when we’re changing or hugging. But you can’t have sex with a girl, there’s no,” I whispered this, “penis.”

She seemed intrigued by what I said but just asked, “You already touch yourself? I do too.” Jamie said biting her lip.

”Yeah but it starts to kinda hurt after awhile so I stop. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. How do you do it right?”

Jamie smirked a bit, “Well it’s hard to explain. You just gotta keep trying till you find what feels good to you.”

”Show me?” I asked, truly curious. I mean, I’ve changed clothes around other girls so what could be wrong with this?

Her eyes got big a bit and she started stammering, “I don’t think I should do that.”

”Fine, I’ll show you and you can tell me what I’m doing wrong.” I said.

She started stuttering and saying no but I took off my shorts and panties and laid on the couch. She was just staring at my pussy which made me start to get wetter.

”Why is this making me wet Jamie?” I asked, feeling around down there to feel the moisture.

Something seemed to crack in Jamie. Her emerald green eyes lit up as she locked onto my chilling blue ones and she groaned and came over. “Well, it helps if you take your shirt off. I’ll do it too.” She said as she pulled off my shirt, undid my bra, and sat it all by me.

Somehow this embarrassed me and made my face red. She took off her shirt and bra too, her nipples were darker than mine. A kind of brown color whereas mine were really pink. Her breasts were a lot bigger too and I couldn’t help but stare.

Jamie smiled at me and asked, “Do you want to feel them? Yours will be this big when you’re older probably too.” She asked, tweaking her nipples.

I saw them get hard like mine and reached out slowly with both hands and touched them. Jamie sighed and leaned back her head a bit. Her skin was so soft. Her body looked so firm but when I squeezed her tits a bit, they were soft. I tweaked her nipples like she had and she jumped a bit.

She then removed my hands, “Now show me how you do it, and I’ll show you how I do it.” She said as she took off her pants.

I blushed and said, “Well I hear girls talking about fingering but my fingers can’t reach that far, so I just play with this.” Then started rubbing my hard nub of flesh.

She laid back on the floor with her bottom in my direction. I couldn’t help but notice how round her ass was and wished mine was too. “You mean like this? On your clit? That’s what it’s called.” She said as she started rubbing her clit too.

I nodded and kept going before long I started to feel that painful pressure and stopped. “See, now it hurts.”

Jamie got up and sat between my legs. “Don’t stop, it starts feeling better after that.”

”But it hurts, I don’t want to.” I whined.

”Then I will for you.” She said and started rubbing my clit. I started squirming.

”But Jamie, it feels weird.” I said in a slight moan.

Then she leaned down and licked it which really made me jump.

”W-what are you doing?” I asked confused but it felt good.

”Trust me Lisa.” She said then started sucking on it and all of the sudden the pain vanished into spasms of the greatest feeling in the world. Shocks of pleasure shot through all of my nerves. I felt juices flow out of my pussy and they squirted at her. I immediately snapped out of it.

Jamie sat there with a shocked look on her face, with my cum on her face. I didn’t know what it was. Too a young girl, it seemed like I had just pissed on her face.

”Oh god! I’m so sorry! Here, let me get you a towel! Oh I’m so sorry. I can’t believe I did that.” I said flustered and tried to get up.

She wiped her face and licked it and at first I was grossed out until she said, “Wow, you’re a squirter! That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!”

”B-but didn’t I,” I blushed hard and whispered, “pee?”

Jamie smiled sexy and kept wiping it off and licking it, “No, it’s cum. Most girls can’t squirt it out like that though. Do you wanna try that on me?”

”I guess. It felt so good. Was that an orgasm?”

”Yes it was sweety. Now you get to give me one like I just did for you.” She said and laid back. “Just do what I did. I’ll help you.”

I nodded and leaned my head down and licked her opening a bit. “It tastes funny.”

”It’s an acquired taste. You’ll grow to like it. Play around a little. I know you’re curious.” She said breathing heavily.

So I used my fingers and spread her lips, just looking at it all over. I put a finger inside, curious what it felt like. “Oh yeah, now feel around.” Jamie said and I did so. I felt all the walls. It was slimy and soft but with rough patches. She moaned a bit as I did so. I thought that meant I was hurting her so I stopped.

”No, it’s okay babygirl. Moaning means it feels good and you’re doing it right. Keep playing.” She said, a bit desperately.

I put my finger back in but felt I still had space so I put in another and wiggled them a bit. She moaned again so I figured she liked it so I kept wiggling them.

”Now use your mouth. Lick and suck on my clit.” Jamie said, somewhat pushing against my hand.

I leaned my head back down and nibbled her clit. “Oh, that’s good just don’t bite hard.”

”O-okay.” I said then started nibbling it again, then sucking it, still fingering her. I started following instinct and slid my fingers in and out of her pussy, making her moan. Then I made circles around her clit with my tongue, sucking it some. I started just making random patterns with my tongue, starting to have fun with it. I didn’t want to stop even though my mouth was hurting and my tongue was tired.

”Oh god, don’t stop Lisa, I’m so close.” I took this as a cue to do it all more and before long her whole body started spasming. I didn’t know if I should stop but she seemed to like it so I kept going. I could feel that thick stuff coming out onto my fingers and chin but that didn’t stop me.

Soon enough she reached a hand down and pushed me away. “That’s enough baby. You’re really good at that. You want to do more?”

”No,” I said with a clenched jaw, “My mouth hurts.”

”Aww, poor baby.” She said taking me face in her hands. “Let me kiss it and make it feel better.”

She then kissed my cheek, then my lips. I closed my eyes and parted my lips a little. My first kiss! With a girl! An older girl! Jamie slipped her tongue into my mouth and I followed her lead, letting her direct this tongue dance.

I copied some movements she was making until I couldn’t do anymore and she stopped. We stared into each others eyes dreamily. Emerald and ice, locked toward one another.

”Come on Lisa, let’s go get you cleaned up.” She said and lead me to the bathroom.

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