Abusing Nadia - 5

Abusing Nadia - 5

Alex stepped into the room first and Nadia followed closely behind, a nervous excitement coursing through her, eager yet scared to see what this mysterious part of the house contained. The room, apart from the soft glow reaching through the doorway, was submerged in darkness. There appeared to be no windows, and if there were, they were very firmly shut and very successfully blacked out. Nadia stepped forward to stand next to Alex and he reached back and closed the door. It locked with a click and they stood next to each other in total darkness, breathing softly.

Nadia’s fingers reached out for Alex’s hand involuntarily. On finding him he gave her hand a slight squeeze and let her go. Then he flicked a switch to his side and the light in the room grew, slowly, almost imperceptibly at first, but then in the soft crimson light, Nadia could see the circular shape of the room, outlines of shapes within, furniture perhaps, items hanging from the walls, and the light continued to infuse the room with an eroticism Nadia could almost taste. She looked at Alex, who was smiling, arms outstretched, surveying all before him. He turned to look at her.

“Welcome to our room Nadia. Not our bedroom, not our bathroom, not our kitchen, not our playroom or painroom or fuckroom. Just…our room. Do you like it?”

Nadia was speechless. For the first time now she could see clearly what the room held. Benches with all sorts of possibilities; straps, buckles and screws, a set of stocks, a couple of poles with dildos on the end attached to some sort of metal contraption. On the walls there were rows of whips, belts, chains, cuffs and the like and many things she did not recognise. God, am I going to get an education she thought, and then fantasised of being naughty in their room (he had said it was our room!) and being punished for not learning quickly enough and a smile spread across her face. On the ceiling, closed hooks on rails held ropes that had been tied off to the wall and the spot lights of soft illuminescence shone from all around.

"It's beautiful!" she whispered.

“Let me show you around,” said Alex softly and he took her hand which she held tightly as she followed him. They walked around the wall and Alex, pointed out some item of bondage or other, describing its use, sometimes making her blush. He was very knowledgeable about the history of his craft and explained where certain artefacts had come from or were first used. They were almost exclusively European but it was hard to say with any certainty about some of the older and more recognisable objet d’arts.

He pulled a collar from the wall, thick black dull leather, the width of four fingers with a clasp buckle. He moved behind Nadia and, holding the collar in front of her in both hands, he drew it back against her throat and pulled the ends back until they met at the nape of her neck, where he fastened it quickly with dexterous fingers. The width was something that Nadia wasn’t used to. She had worn chokers before but nothing like this. She stretched her neck under the leather and Alex told her to turn around and face him. As she did, he pulled a small sharp knife from his pocket and reached up to hold it perfectly still in front of her eyes, one of the spotlights reflecting in its sharp metal. Nadia stopped breathing, and as quickly as she’d seen it, he moved it down, at her cleavage. He pushed the sharp pointed tip against her flesh but Nadia did not flinch. He took the silk material between his thumb and finger of his free hand and gripped it tightly, pulling it up to make it taut, then he slid the sharp side of the knife down through the material in one smooth, fluid motion, slicing the dress apart while being careful not to cut her. They watched as it fell to the ground billowing and rippling and she stood naked before him except for the collar he had adorned her with.

“Now, my little fuck slut, it is time for you to do as you are told. Do you think you can manage that?”
“I hope so. Master.” There was a pause between the two phrases, lending emphasis to her use of the word ‘Master’. Her breasts heaved as her excitement grew at the change in his demeanour. He nodded slightly at her response and grabbed her wrist, dragging her to the centre of the room. “Stand,” he said, not bothering to look at her. He went to the wall and unbowed a rope, letting the two ends fall to the ground. The two ends hung from one of the three closed hooks in the ceiling, like two long spindly legs and as they swung down from the wall, the weight of the rope pulled the hook along the rail towards Nadia. It slowed to a stop a few feet to her left and she turned her head to look. Her arms involuntarily crossed over her breasts. Alex watched her.

The ends of the rope coiled on the floor and Alex moved towards her, lifting one end without breaking his stride and letting it slide through his hand until he was behind her. He fed the end of the rope through a ring on the back of the collar and tied it off expertly. “Feet apart,” he said. She complied by shuffling her feet apart and Alex smacked her ass playfully. The hook directly above them clicked into place, held fast by an electromagnet. He returned to the wall, walking backwards, watching her, lifting the remaining end of the rope as he passed, feeding it through his hands as he passed to the wall.

Nadia glanced at him nervously, then straight ahead, then back to her master. He was pulling the rope, steadily but firmly. Nadia felt the collar tighten around her throat until she felt immobilised. Her soles were still on the floor but she was paralysed by fear. Her knuckles turned white as they crossed in front of her and gripped her shoulders. Alex, seeing her apparent discomfort, tied off the rope at the wall and walked quickly to his charge. He stood stock in front of her. Her eyes, wide and scared, held the floor and he lifted her face to his with a finger on her chin. Suddenly she burst into tears. Sobbing, scared, upset with herself, wanting to leave, wanting to please. Alex waited and counted to ten in his mind Then he slapped her across the cheek; hard. The tears slowed but the gasps and heaves of her sobbing continued and he hit her again with the palm of the same hand. She stopped.

“Arms down, slut,” he said, the hint of a smirk on his lips. Her arms immediately fell to her side. A drop of blood appeared on her lip and he raised the same hand again. Nadia did not flinch but he merely drew his index finger across the blood stained lip. He examined the blood, and then staring into her defiant eyes, he brought his fingers down quickly and shoved two into her. Nadia braced herself for the pain but was astounded to find her sex dripping wet. She would have looked down if she could, to see the pool of cunt juice on the floor but instead her head tilted back, crying to the heavens as his fingers pushed in and out of her roughly, with no care or feeling. Hot and hard and aggressive, fucking in and out of her cunt. She came almost instantly and as he continued his attack, she came again and again. Her legs grew weak and she used the collar as much as she dared to hold herself up. The path of oxygen to her brain was restricted as the collar pressed against her trachea and her senses heightened, bringing ripples of electricity from the depths of her cunt, spreading across her core and pulsing at the outer extremities of each limb and into her brain. The metamorphosis from abject fear and despair to absolute devotion and ecstasy had taken but thirty seconds.

He pulled his fingers from her and pushed them into her mouth, she pushed her head forward as he plunged them in and took them to her throat, fucking her own mouth on his hand, sucking her cream from his fingers, hungry to swallow him, to have him become at one with her. She grabbed his wrist with both hands and he pulled away. Instantly she knew she had done wrong and she pleaded to him with her eyes. He moved to the wall and picked the wrist cuffs that matched the collar. The same dull black leather and the same thickness. The only difference was the circumference when closed to make the loop designed to restrict its wearer. She put her hands behind her back, wrists together. Alex ignored her and moved to his right. He took a riding crop from the wall, stiff, barely flexible leather. It was not hollow and its weight felt good in the hand. Nadia saw and arched her back and humped her hips at the thin air, she whimpered as she fucked her pussy back and forth.

“Hit me!” she hissed. Alex ignored her. He moved behind her and placing the crop on the floor he fastened her wrists. She turned her head to him as best she could. “Whip me master!” she implored. He picked up the whip and stood in front of her. He took one end of the crop and placed the other end on her cut lip.
“Shhh,” he said softly. Her eyes sparkled as she watched him, her tongue flicking out at the tip of the crop. “Shhh,” he repeated. He ran the tip over her jawline, then down over the collar to her shoulders, first one then the other. Down between her full breasts, teasing her. He stopped, a sign. Then pulled the crop back sharply and smacked at her right breast, the sting across the top, two inches above the nipple. Nadia let out a keening wail and pulled back momentarily, only to push back almost instantly. “Yessssss!” she wailed. “Yesssssss, master. Please!”

Alex continued his teasing, drawing the tip of the crop across her skin, before smacking her again on the other breast, carefully avoiding her nipples. The pain was indescribable to Nadia. It was as if the whole world had focused on giving her pleasure, every man and woman on the planet wanting to bring her to orgasm. Her pussy clamped and released, juices trickling down her outspread thighs. Alex hit her harder, striking at her nipples, deliberate, impassive. Nadia cried out and came as the hard leather whipped across her tender swollen buds, a long shuddering intense orgasm. Her knees buckled and Alex moved in quickly to hold her up. As he held her in his arms his hand moved behind her back and he slashed at her ass cheeks. His hand in front went to her soaking cunt and rubbed over her swollen clit.

Nadia’s next conscious thoughts were that the lights looked so pretty and the glow of the room was so warm. Her eyes opened slowly and she saw him next to her, naked.

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