Sleeping Sister Part 3

Sleeping Sister Part 3

I must of fell asleep because when I woke up my sister was gone. I checked my phone it was only 8am, I was about to get out of bed when my mom walked in, my mom is 5'2 and around 85 pounds. She also has long black hair with pretty green eyes.

"Hey I'm going to the store, do you need anything?"

"Nah mom I'm alright, why isn't dad going to the store with you?"

"Oh I thought you knew, your dad went on a work trip, he'll be back in a week."

I pretended like I went back asleep and my mom left the room. Once I heard the car pull out of the drive way I jumped out of my bed still fully nude. I ran out of my room and into my sister's room. But she wasn't In her room, I thought she might have went out with friends or something until I heard the shower start. My 6incher sprung to life not only was my dad gone for a week but me and my sister were home alone. I walked over to the bathroom door and walked in. My sister was on the floor spread eagle with a towel between her legs.

"What are you doing sis, are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm just cleaning off dad's mess. He came in and got me about 3 hours after you fell asleep." (I knew right away what she was talking about)

I looked at my sister's small figure sitting there on the floor, she was so beautiful and young. She was wearing a yellow low cut tank top that was showing the top of her breast. I couldn't see between her legs because the towel was in the way. I snapped back into reality and said "I have good news, no 3some with dad he went on a work trip. Mom just told me." My sister's face turned red when I said that. My sister's eyes drifted to my 6inch monster that was pointing right at her. I could have fucked my sister right there but I really didn't wanna just fuck her I wanted to love her. So I leaned down and kissed her on her soft pink lips and said "I love you." She smiled and said "I love you too, wanna put it in my ass again and I'll even let you cum in my ass too." I got a little dizzy after she said that. "Sis I love you but you don't have to pay me with sex every time I say I love you."

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you mad." ( Tears started to roll down her cheeks)

"No no sis, I'm not mad at all I just don't want you to fuck me unless you really want to. Now stop crying and I love you more than anything in the whole wide world."

She stopped crying and stood up, she looked into my eyes and got on her tippy toes and kissed me on the lips. "Okay big bro, tonight me and you in my room." I walked out of the bathroom and shut the door, I went back to my room and put on some boxers. I wanted to rub one out so bad but I was gonna save all my cum for my sister later on. The rest of the day dragged on, I was thinking about my sister nonstop all I could think about was making sweet love to my little sister April. Finally I heard a knock at my bedroom door and I was so happy my sister was finally ready. "Hey dinner is ready." It was my mom, I was pissed but the more I waited the better it'll be I thought myself. I ate dinner but still while I was eating dinner all I could think about was my little sister. Finally I heard another knock at my door and it just had to be my sister. "Hey bro, my room in 5." I was so happy my sister was finally ready. But I had to wait five more minutes, waiting five more minutes was like waiting a year.

The five minutes was finally up , I opened my door and headed towards my sister's room, once I got to her door and I took one deep breath and then walked in shutting and locking the door behind me. When I looked over at my sister's bed I thought I died and went to heaven because my sister was sitting on her bed completely naked. The moonlight looked just right on her. I walked over to her and said "You look beautiful." She started to blush and I pulled down my boxers and got into bed with her. I pushed her on her back slowly and I kissed her forehead, her cheeks and then her soft pretty pink lips. (I was laying beside her prompted up on my elbow)The kiss only lasted a few seconds but it was amazing, I whispered in her ear " You're so pretty and you smell so good. I love you sis." Right when I was about to cup her tit she kissed me back and I felt her tongue enter my mouth. Our tongues were now dancing together inside my mouth. " Lay on your back big bro." I did what she said.

Once I was on my back she kissed me one more time on my lips and then crawled over me until her crotch was over my face then she sat down on my face. The first thing I felt was her pussy on my mouth and the first thing I smelt was that wonderful musky scent of her wet young pussy. I stuck my tongue out and entered my sister's pussy with ease. It was so warm and wet, it tasted so good kind of a tangy taste. While I was penetrating her wet warm pussy with my tongue I reached up with both of my hands and grabbed her ass. Her ass was so soft, it just melted in your hands when you touched it. I started to squeeze her ass cheeks, one hand for each cheek. I then removed one hand from her ass then with that one free hand I stuck a finger it her wet warm pussy while I was still licking it. I could hear her breathing picking up and I could feel her pussy bucking into my face. I moved my tongue up to her little clit and licked it, she let a loud moan out. I managed to get my mouth free for a second and I said "Sis, not so loud mom is in the house." She nodded and I went back to her clit. I licked it a few more times then I leaned up a little and started to suck her clit and she went nuts. I guess she couldn't take my hand squeezing her ass, my finger in her pussy and my mouth sucking her clit anymore. Because she slammed down on my face really hard and her juices flooded my tongue and mouth. She was breathing and sweating a lot while I was just trying to breathe because my face was drowning in her pussy juices. She fell over beside me, and she looked into my eyes.

"I love you bro."

"I love you too."

She started to move down the bed to give me my pleasure but we heard the bedroom doorknob start to turn. (I was so happy I locked the door) My sister said "Who is it?" "It's me your mother, where's your brother at?" My sister thought of something quick and said "He went out with his buds I thought he told you." "Oh okay just let him know that dad called and he'll be back early in about 3 days or so." We heard our mom walking away and we both looked into each other eyes. "Now we have to have a 3some with our dad in 3 days big bro." "No we don't have to, it's up to you. It's your body do what you want with it and I love you." I leaned up and kissed her lips. We started to kiss again and then she started moving down my body and without any warm up she stuck all 6inches of my rock hard cock in her mouth.

She moved her head up and down then she removed my cock from her mouth just leaving the tip in her mouth. She was now just sucking and licking my tip. This level of pleasure was new to me, with one of her hands she started to play with balls and that felt so damn good. "I'm not gonna last m..uch longer sis." She took 4inches of shaft in her mouth while still playing with balls. She started to suck and lick my shaft while it was deep in her mouth. "Sis I'm about to b...b blow, you might wanna take it out." But she just kept sucking, the thought of my sister wanting to suck down my cum made me go crazy. I shot load after load of thick white cum down my sister's warm wet throat. I was breathing so hard and sweating like a whore in church. She crawled up beside me and laid her head down on my chest. We were now cuddling some what. "I love you bro." "I love you too sis."

I started rubbing her back and then she rolled over on top of me, with her ass cheeks on my upper thighs. Her tits looks so amazing in the moonlight I thought to myself. My cock was now rock hard oozing pre cum. My sister grabbed my cock with her warm hand and pointed it up, then she sat up and impaled herself on my cock. My cock felt a warm wet and tight pussy embrace it. It felt so good, she started to move up and down on my cock. I went to grab her ass cheeks but she pushed my hands away then I tried to grab her tits but she pushed my hands away again. She said "I got this, just enjoy yourself." This couldn't be real it just had to be a dream my sister was too perfect for this to be real but it was all real. She kept moving up and down on my cock, she started moving her hips back and forth with my cock still deep inside her wet walls. This felt so good, I was in heaven. She then sat up leaving only about a inch in and then she slammed all the way down on the rest of my cock. It felt too good, I knew I was about to cum, I reached up and hugged her pulling her down on me, her tits felt so good on my chest. Right before I cummed I whispered in her ear " I'll love you forever and forever." I shot load after load of cum deep into my sister's tight wet warm pussy. When my limp cock fell out of her pussy it made a pop sound. We were both breathing heavy and sweating big time. She fell off me and she put her head back on my chest.

I woke up with the sun in my eyes and my sister was still sleeping with her head on my chest. I rolled her off me slowly and then I stood up and threw a blanket over her. I put my boxers on and unlocked and opened my sister's door hoping my mom wouldn't see me. I tiptoed to the bathroom for a shower. After my shower I walked in the kitchen.

I made some breakfast and headed off for work. Once I got home I couldn't wait to see my sister again. When I walked in the house I saw my sister laying on the sofa watching T.V I came up behind her and kissed the top of her head. I thought she was gonna say something but she didn't. I walked in front of her and saw that her eyes were shut. She must have passed out, she was wearing a bright green shirt with a black skirt on. I called her name a few times but nothing. I assumed she took some pills her breathing was normal so I leaned in and kissed her lips. But after the first kiss I stopped myself. I didn't want her to get mad at me for kissing her while she was sleeping. I wanted to make love with her not just fuck her and I couldn't make sweet slow love to her if she's sleeping. As I was walking back to my room I saw a note on the table. It read "If you're reading this then that means I'm sleeping and I want you to fuck me. Don't make love to me, I want to be fucked while I'm sleeping, make me your slut."

Within seconds after reading that note I had all my clothes off. She was laying on her side so I pushed her on her belly. Then I pulled her skirt up passed her ass. Now I had a great view of her pink panties. Her pantie clad ass always looked good no matter what she was wearing. I pulled down her underwear and I wasted no time I slammed all 6inches deep in her ass. It felt good to be in her ass again, it was so tight. I kept slamming in and out of her sweet little ass It felt so damn good. I pulled all 6inches out then I'd slam all 6inches back inside her tight ass. Every time I slammed in her ass I grunted and I did that about 5 times. I pulled out and cummed all over her back. I was sweating and breathing like I was being attacked by a bear. I grabbed my shirt off the floor and cleaned my sticky cum off her back. Then I fixed her clothes, I put my clothes back on (Not my shirt) and I was off to play my Ps2.

I was playing my Ps2 for not even 10 minutes when I heard my mom's car pull up. Then fear ran over my body, what if it was dad and he got back super early. I ran out of my room and looked out the window in the living room and sure enough my dad was home. I had to act fast because if my dad saw my sister he'd surely fuck her awake or asleep. I stuffed that note my sister left for me in my pocket then I carried her to my room and I put her in my closet with a pillow and blanket. I shut my bedroom door and then right when I shut my closet door I heard the front door open and shut and my dad's footsteps kept getting closer and closer. I grabbed my Ps2 controller and jumped on my bed . I acted like I was playing my game, right when I started to play my game my dad opened my bedroom door.

"Hey, where's your sister I wanna get off really fast, maybe we can take turns."

"Sorry dad she's out with friends and she said she doesn't wanna be touched anymore." (I lied)

"That's too bad when I see her I'm gonna fuck her like there's no tomorrow."

"Why dad? Why did you start doing that to my sister your own daughter? When you have mom?"

"Your mom is a great and beautiful girl but she's not as tight as your sister. Plus mom doesn't get as wet as April."

Right when he said that my sister must of moved in the closet because we heard a thud coming from there. My dad gave me a she's in there look. Within 3 seconds of hearing that noise my sister opened and stumbled out of the closet. My dad had a big smile on his face. My dad grabbed my sister by her arm and I lost it. I jumped up and smashed the Ps2 controller right across his fucking head smashing it to bits.

"No one touches my girl and dad if you touch her again I'll kill you!!"

My dad was now bleeding and he looked pissed my sister walked behind me for protection. "Now dad back up ." My dad was about to swig at me but we all heard mom pull up. My dad said "You're lucky she's here." He walked off, I turned around and looked into my sister's eyes and said "Let's get out of here, I love you!" Me and my sister packed some clothes and headed for the car. I told my sister that I'd tell mom what's going on. I walked in the living room and saw my dad and mom watching T.V My mom said "Hey, did you know dad hit his head out side, he's bleeding and where are you and your sister going?" "Mom this is going be hard to understand but me and April love each other more than brothers and sisters should. We're going away forever." My dad was giving me that don't tell on me look and my mom started to cry. (I didn't tell her about what my dad did because she's already gonna have to deal with her son and daughter loving each other) I walked out the front door, me and my sister are about to start our life together.

I really hope you liked this 3 part series, any request?

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