Aiming for Amy 2

Aiming for Amy 2

Amy lay near the lake sobbing for hours. Finally, she sat up and tried to figure out what she was going to do. She decided that first she should try to find her clothes and get redressed. Amy stood up on wobbly legs and began looking for her clothing. She first found her skirt and slid it back on. Amy couldn’t find her underwear and decided she’d go with out it. Then she found her tattered top, and with out being able to find her bra she put it on with it barely covering her. Amy found one flip-flop and then the other and slid both on. Amy thought about what to do next as she saw a pair of headlights in the distance.

Eddie had just gotten off work from the late night shift. He was driving back to his apartment in the city. Eddie’s social and sex life had completely died since he’d take his new job and was looking forward to his next day off. As he passed by the lake, he saw a figure. This was highly unusual, so stopped to se what this person was doing and if something was wrong.

He noticed it was a young girl, maybe 15 or 16, as he got out of his car and the girl was moving towards him. When he got close enough, he saw the girl was crying and her clothes were ripped. “What’s the matter, sweetie?” Eddie asked. “I was… I got…” Amy tried to say as she broke down. Eddie moved in to console her, but she shied away from him. “What’s happened?” Eddie said, “Were you attacked?” Amy nodded and Eddie took her into his arms. “There, There sweetie” Eddie whispered, “It’s all over now. It’s gonna be alright.”

When Amy finally calmed down and regained her composure Eddie let her go. When Amy pulled back slightly Eddie got his first real look at Amy. ‘She’s gorgeous’ Eddie thought. Eddie saw her long blond hair and beautiful face. Then he noticed he terrific body. He especially liked her sexy legs and he felt himself get slightly aroused.

“What’s your name honey?” Eddie asked. Amy answered him barely audible, “Amy.” “Do you need a ride home, Amy?” he asked and Amy nodded. Eddie and Amy moved towards Eddie’s car and they both got in.

As Eddie drove off he looked towards Amy. She was staring blankly out the window with a few tears falling from her eyes. Then he saw her start to slide her flip-flops on and off her feet. This took Eddie’s cock from semi-erect, to a raging hard on. He’d always had a thing for feet and couldn’t stop looking at Amy play with her shoes. Eddie felt guilty for being so aroused by a girl so young, especially one that had just been raped, but almost without thinking he turned off the main road and onto a rarely used country road where he pulled over.

“What are you doing?” Amy asked as she turned towards Eddie. He had pulled out a knife from his pocket and when Amy saw it her eyes grew wide with terror. Amy froze and Eddie moved the knife to her throat. “Alright Bitch, You are going to do exactly what I say or I’m gonna kill you and dump your body in the lake.” Eddie said, “Do you understand?” Amy didn’t respond at all and Eddie pressed the knife a little harder. “Do you understand?” He said again. Amy nodded as she began sobbing again.
Eddie quickly got out of the car and moved to the passenger side. Amy sat there crying when Eddie opened her door and pulled her out. He then opened up the back door and threw Amy onto the back-seat and Eddie quickly followed her.

Amy struggle slightly, but her sprit had pretty much been broken. Eddie pushed Amy’s top up to expose her young breasts him. Amy let out a soft moan as she felt her bare breasts being touched for the first time. Then Eddie moved his finger to Amy’s Nipples and began rubbing them. Then suddenly Eddie pinched hard causing Amy to let out a loud yelp. Amy began to struggle hard, but was quickly stopped when Eddie flashed his blade again. Eddie continued to rub and pinch Amy’s breasts and nipples for quite some time.

Eddie remove one hand from Amy’s left breast and moved it to pull out his dick. Amy felt Eddie bunch her skirt around her waist and adjust himself to fuck her. Eddie slid into Amy’s pussy slowly and began to fuck her gently. He also rubbed and squeezed Amy’s tits while fucking her. This time the rape felt different to Amy. She had been slightly aroused by Eddie playing with her nipples and was feeling some pleasure from being gently fucked. She didn’t like it, but she was nearing orgasm. Amy felt her first orgasm approaching as Eddie began to pick up the pace.

Amy let out a loud moan as she climaxed for the first time. Amy was so ashamed that she had cum for her rapist and just began crying as hard as she could. Feeling Amy orgasm sent Eddie over the top and came into Amy. She felt the familiar feeling and knew that Eddie had just cum into her.

Eddie pulled out of Amy and got out of the car. Amy laid there sobbing, thinking about all that had happened to her that night. Eddie looked down at the sobbing girl and saw that she was mess. Amy was covered in dried cum and her make-up was all smeared with sweat, tears, and cum. He decided that he would take this girl home and get her a shower. Eddie closed the back door and got back behind the wheel.

After driving for a short time Eddie looked back at Amy. She had fallen asleep with her top still pushed up and her skirt still bunched around her waist. Eddie focused back on the road and continued driving to his apartment

When they arrived at the apartment it was early morning and it was still dark outside. Eddie quickly looked around and saw no one. It appeared everyone was still in bed. Eddie opened the back door of his car and first corrected Amy’s clothes. Then her picked the sleeping girl up and carried her to his apartment.

Eddie got Amy up to his apartment without being noticed. Once in his apartment, Eddie carried Amy into his bedroom and gently laid her down on his bed. Eddie quickly stripped and got into the bed next to Amy and quickly fell asleep next to beautiful young girl.

The next morning close to noon Eddie woke up and looked at Amy who was still sleeping. He decided to let her sleep, because last night must have been rough on her. Eddie fixed himself lunch and got himself a beer. Just as he finished them, he heard Amy getting up. Eddie headed towards the bedroom

“Good Afternoon, Sweetie” Eddie Said as he approached Amy. “Where Am I?’ Amy asked, “Why are you doing this to me?” she said as she began crying. “Amy,” Eddie, “I want you to get on your knees and suck my cock. Then I’ll let you take a shower.” Amy obeyed and slowly got down on her knees and took Eddies cock into her mouth without resistance. She was expecting to be faced fuck, but it didn’t come.

“I told you that I wanted YOU to suck my cock” Eddie said, “I don’t want to have to any of the work.” Amy understood what he wanted, and began to move her head back and forth on his cock. Eddie liked the feeling of having her young mouth on his cock, but he wanted more. “Move your tongue around on my cock” Eddie told Amy. She quickly followed his order and began moving her tongue along with sucking Eddies cock. The new feeling of Amy’s tongue sent Eddie over the edge and he came into Amy’s mouth. “Swallow it Bitch” Eddie said forcefully to Amy. Amy obeyed and swallowed as much of the cum as she could, but some still leaked out of her mouth. Amy felt sick for having swallowed another load of cum.

“Alright Baby” Eddie said, “You need to go into the bathroom and take as shower. Amy nodded as Eddie continued, “When your finished I want you to put your clothes back on and come sit next to me in the Living Room. Do You Under Stand?” Amy nodded and quietly said, “Yes” as she moved towards the bathroom.

When he heard the water start running, Eddie put on some clothes and then went into the Living Room where he sat and watched TV. As Eddie sat there his cock became hard again as he waited for Amy to get out of the shower and come sit next to him.

Amy stood in the shower feeling the warm water move over her naked body. She wanted to stay in the shower for a long, but feared her attacker would punish her or even kill her if she took to long. Amy found the soap and used it to wash the dried cum off her body and face. Then Amy used his shampoo to wash her hair and get all the cum out of it. Amy was sickened by how much cum she had washed off herself. Amy turned off the water, got out of the shower, and dried off. Then she put her clothes back on as she was ordered and finished by putting her flip-flops back on.

Amy walked slowly down the hall towards the living room wondering and fearing what would happen to her next. Eddie looked at Amy as she walked towards him and sat down next to him on the couch. She sat down on Eddie’s right side and crossed her right leg over her left. This gave Eddie an excellent view of Amy’s right foot as she twirled her ankle and let her flip-flop fall off the bottom of her heel. This got Eddie even more aroused as prepared to make his next move.

Eddie rested his hand on Amy’s thigh and began rubbing her leg. “Listen good honey” Eddie said, “I want you to sit up on the couch and rest your feet on my lap. Amy adjusted into the requested position and Eddie nearly came as he saw Amy’s feet rested on his lap.

Eddie slowly removed Amy’s right flip-flop and gave her now bare foot as kiss and then gave the left foot the same treatment. Eddie adjusted himself so that he could now suck, kiss, and lick all over Amy’s feet. Then Eddie sucked every one of Amy’s toes and he extremely enjoyed every second of this. Then he kissed and licked every part of Amy’s feet and continued this for quite some time. Amy was a bit freaked out by this and slightly cried as Eddie worshipped her feet.

Eddie stood up and moved in front of Amy. “I want you to give me a foot job, Amy” Eddie said as he pulled out his cock, “Do you know what that is?” Amy shook her head no, so Eddie explained. “You need to move your feet and put them on both sides of my dick.” Amy did this and she started crying harder as Eddie continued, “Now move your feet up and down my cock, like jacking me off with your feet.” Amy began moving her feet on Eddies cock. Eddie loved the feeling of Amy’s teenage feet and knew he wouldn’t last long. “Go Faster, Bitch” Eddie said, so Amy moved her feet faster. Eddie pulled away and aimed his cock at Amy’s feet and let a load groan as he came. Eddie’s first stream of cum hit Amy’s right foot near where the ankle meets the foot. The next stream of cum landed on Amy’s left toes, and the top of her right foot. The 3rd stream of cum hit the top of her left foot and her left toes. He let the rest of his load go on Amy’s soles.

Eddie sat down next to Amy and said, “That was wonderful. Now, first put your shoes back on. Then walk to the bathroom, wash your feet, and then come back here.” Amy obeyed Eddie and put her flip-flops on and then went to the bathroom. In the bathroom she slipped off, quickly washed off her feet, and returned to Eddie barefoot.

“Come here and open your mouth” Eddie told Amy. She did as told and when she was near enough to Eddie stuffed a rag into Amy’s and then put duct tape over it. Amy was surprised by this, but that quickly faded as Eddie grabbed her hair and dragged her to his bedroom. Amy let out a muffled scream as she was pulled by her hair.

Amy was thrown down onto her stomach on Eddie’s bed and had her wrists bound quickly by Eddie with duct tape. Amy a new life in her now and trying to struggle away and scream through her gag. Seeing this Eddie quickly flipped Amy over and pulled out his knife and put it on to her throat. This took all the fight out of Amy and Eddie just said, “Good.”

Eddie rested Amy’s Ankles on his shoulder and gave her feet little kisses. Then he shoved up Amy’s Shirt and began to fondle her breasts. Then Eddie moved his cock onto Amy’s asshole. Amy started to scream through her gag when Eddie entered her asshole unlubricated. Eddie continued rubbing Amy’s tits and would periodically kiss one of Amy’s feet as he fucked her extremely hard.

This was the most painful fuck Amy had experienced. He was fucking her ass without lubrication and she felt as if she was being split in two. Amy was sobbing and was trying to scream through her gag constantly. Eddie just ignored Amy as he continued to pound Amy’s ass relentlessly. Amy was still screaming when Eddie shoved as far into her as he could and filled her bowels with cum. Eddie softened in Amy and then pulled out and left Amy to go take a shower for himself.

Amy was still lying on the bed crying when Eddie returned from his shower. “I’m gonna take out your, but don’t scream.” Eddie said. When he removed her gag he asked her where she lived and once she answered Eddie said, “Would you like a glass of water, Amy?” Amy nodded and said, “Yes, please.” Before Eddie left Amy to get her a glass of water he untied her wrists. Then he went to get Amy a glass of water.

Eddy poured Amy a glass of water and then added some sleeping pills. His ex-girlfriend had left them when he left Eddie because of the hours he had to work. Eddie took the glass in and handed it to Amy. She drank it all quickly because she was extremely thirsty, it had been a day since the last time she had drank. Eddie and Amy walked out to Eddies Car together. “I’m gonna take you home, Amy” Eddie said as they got into the car. Amy was thankful, but then felt the cold steel blade on her neck. “Don’t tell a soul about this, Amy, or else I’m going to have to kill you.” Eddie told Amy, “and that would be a shame because you’re so beautiful.” Amy nodded and understood he was serious.

As Eddie left towards Amy’s house, he saw the sleeping pills take effect as Amy struggled to keep her eyes open. The a little further in the trip Amy was out completely. She was a lovely teenage girl and Eddie kept looking at her. He felt an erection growing in her pants and he decided to fuck Amy again before he left her near house.

Once in Amy’s neighborhood, Eddie found a secluded spot near Amy’s House and parked there. Eddie pulled out his cock and laid Amy’s seat back. He bunched Amy’s skirt and quickly inserted his dick into her unconscious pussy. Eddie fucked the unconscious girl hard and came into Amy. Eddie then took off Amy’s flip-flops and kept them as souvenirs. Then he gave both her feet a kiss.

Eddie quickly got out of the car and pulled Amy’s unconscious body out of the passenger side. He laid her done on the ground in the secluded area and then took off for work leaving Amy alone and unconscious.

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