Sarah Loves Being In Charge part three - Redux

Sarah Loves Being In Charge part three - Redux

Sarah Loves being in Charge part 3 (redux)

Hi guys I was kinda drunk when I wrote the original part three made a number of errors, I think the biggest one by far was in reversing the tone. Having Sarah let Adam take the reins and having Sarah become a little submissive wasn't what I was going for so I decided to retry. Thanks for the feedback and again I'm still new to all this so voting is great and comments are better.

Sarah waited in the kitchen thinking over the night before she had lived out her ultimate fantasy pegging Adam. The response from Adam was unexpected. He didn't just allow her to do It he had actually enjoyed it. They were clearly a match with him being more submissive and her dominant. She had shoots to do today but Adam was running late... no bad thing she could punish him for it and that was becoming a bit of a turn on for her finding new things to punish him for and new and interesting ways with which to punish him. She did however have a problem, How does she remain dominant but at the same time allow her to fuck her. She was deep in thought over her coffee when Adam finally showed his face. She was relieved, even she thought last night was a bit extreme and maybe too much for him. Adam for his part had woken up uncaged for once but feeling a little tender down stairs. Last night was incredible. He had no idea men could get that depth of feeling from being fucked like that. He was, however, really physically tired and sore.

Sarah - Well?

Adam - huh?

Sarah - I said 9am... where the hell have you been? We have missed the best of the morning sun.

Adam - I'm sorry I'm just a little tired...

Sarah - Excuses! I've been waiting for 2 hours. I'm going to have to punish you later.

Adam - Oh... uh I don't think I can... it was great but... I'm a bit sore..

Sarah laughed at this, she knew he would be but he looked so pathetic when he said it.

Adam - ...No really.. it's not funny...

Sarah - oh but it is, you think you can tell me how best to punish you or not. If I want to fuck you I shall and you will thank me for it!

Adam - yes... mistress.

Sarah - Well for today you're off the hook, it's raining outside and I gotta hit town to buy some new toys. Tomorrow though I expect you down quarter too 9am prompt and have my coffee ready... Oh and I almost forgot. Time to cage you up again! you're getting far too used to freedom drop 'em.

Adam complied with her demands and soon had the familiar feeling of being caged. Sarah headed out and he headed back to bed for more sleep. He thought about the night before and how he had came being fucked he loved the sensation but it took a while for him to get over the "gay" thing. Back when he was at highschool it had been a big thing to be tagged with the gay handle. He wasnt homophobic by any stretch but he still wansnt into guys. He reasoned that a big part of why he loved it was because it was Sarah that had been doing it to him. Just the memory of her eyes as she fucked him with glee. She clearly had a kink for being in charge and that was a big part of why Adam had fallen so in love with her. He decided he would do anything for her, any kink so long as he was with her he was happy.

That thought would be put to the test the next morning but first Sarah had come home with chinese in the evening as well as a buttload of clothes that Adam of course was tasked with bringing in and up to her room. They ate together and watched some kung fu movie and then a disney. They chatted about movies and this, that and nothing before Sarah declared it was bedtime.

Sarah - Ok, I don't think I can make it up the stairs I want you to carry me

Adam - Sure...

He carried her carefully and slowly making sure not to bump her head.

Sarah - Good boy, you deserve a treat!

Adam - a treat?

Sarah - Yeah lay on my bed... nope not that way.. head off the side. Thats right.

He wasn't sure what she had in mind but she stripped off her top revealing her beautiful large breasts then her bottoms revealing her shaved pussy and some stockings. Adam wasnt sure If she was just wearing them from earlier in the day but the white stocking and the suspender belt with no panties was hyper erotic to his eyes.

Sarah - Ok first things first, Take down your pants to your knees, good boy you're still caged.

Adam - Yes mistress

Sarah - ok first i'm going to let you eat my asshole and then if you're good i'll ride your face ok?

Adam - ok.

She had gotten curious about having her ass eaten from the day before when Adam had moaned at the rimjob she had given him. She turned and faced away from Adam watching herself in the mirror as she straddled and lowered his ass onto his mouth. Adam wasn't sure about this he had never even thought about this position, his cock strained against the cage though clearly he wasn't turned off by the idea. As she lowered herself he could see her anus and it was actually very pretty and pink. He got his first taste of the tart asshole as he puckered up and kissed it. He realized she was watching in a mirror when he looked upwards and it was a hell of an image. There he was with his tongue up her ass and she wasn't just watching one had had a tight grip of a breast and another was fingering her pussy. This drove Adam on to put on a show licking then driving his tongue deep inside her. Sarah was loving the sensation but just couldn't bring herself to orgasm while he was so deep in her ass. She wanted more and for a moment actually thought of releasing his beast and ordering him to fuck her.

What she did instead was raise herself up off of Adam, took a couple of steps away and ordered him to lay the opposite way on the bed. This was so she could see herself in the mirror. She climbed on the bed and squatted over his face just far enough that Adam would have to struggle up to her. He did so but with great effort and the effect in the image was super erotic to her but her pussy demanded more attention.

Sarah - Poor Adam just can't stay up long enough to satisfy me. I guess I have to do everything huh?

Adams reply was muffled as she lowered to her knees grinding her pussy onto his mouth. His tongue was deep in her and again she caught herself in the mirror posing which got her juices flowing even more. She then felt a finger on her asshole she was initially surprised but curious enough to allow it. Adam moved to her clitoris and she used her hand on the back of his neck to grind him against it. Then his fingers entered one in her pussy which she loved and one in her ass which she wasn't used to. She again thought about letting him out but then another part of her told her to keep control. She looked at him in his cage and knew what to do next. Adam felt his fingers in her and the tightness of her ass. He couldn't believe she was letting this happen but he had reasoned she had wanted to experiment with it before so why not? He then felt her lower herself forward towards his cage. A memory from the day before where she had said she might let him fuck her came to him and he railed against the cage with renewed excitment but she didnt she began to suck on his balls one at a time and it felt great but really frustraiting. She then licked him through the cage with the tip of his cock and he was losing his mind. He felt a finger on his anus then two... they swirled around as she teased his cock... then both entered Adam moaned around Sarahs clitoris It felt exquisite and unbearable at the same time. Then Sarah tensed and Adam was reminded of his duty he doubled his efforts and was rewarded which she convulsed and hit a great orgasm. Sitting up on his face his fingers went all the way inside as she did so and to Sarah it was an odd sensation of both her ass and pussy squeezing around a finger each.

Sarah - God Adam that was nice...

Adam - ugh...

Sarah - Well it's getting late I guess we best get some sleep, you have a punishment to get tomorrow still. Night.

As the door shut behind Adam he wondered at the punishment. He thought that was the punishment. Shaking his head he went to bed.

The next morning Adam was up super early to make sure he was ready for Sarah in the morning with her coffee as requested. He had not found sleep easily the night before but he got up showered and dressed and had her coffee waiting when she came down the stairs. She had a box but she was dressed all in black with black lipstick on. It was almost like a gothic teacher or something Adam had no idea what the cosplay was today but it was pretty plain. It was like a shift she was wearing and all in one very plain.

Sarah - Ah the coffee thanks... take this.

Handing him the box in exchange for the coffee she tried not to smile at what was coming. She had planned this the day before and knew he would be shook.

Sarah - Ok, im gonna get a few things ready, you ready for your punishment?

Adam - Yes, mistress.

Sarah - Ok today Adam I'm gonna be the photographer and you are gonna be the cosplay artist, maybe then you will appreciate the effort I put in and be on time.

Adam - Mistress?

Sarah - The box is clothes for you to put on.

Adam looked at the box, this was new to him he was a shy guy he wasn't sure about dressing up. He slowly opened the box and inside was a japanese sailor style schoolgirl outfit complete with wig, false breasts and underwear. For the first time Adam wondered if he could go through with it. He looked up at Sarah and that glint was in her eyes again. He knew even if he wasn't into this she would make it worth it. Slowly took the items out the box and laid them one at a time on the kitchen worktop. Sarah watched all this she had seen the look of doubt as he opened the box then resignation when he looked at her. She knew he was reluctant with this but was going to do it for her. He undressed in silence in front of her when he was naked she stopped him and uncaged him.

Sarah - It would probably be too big for the underwear.. besides I want you to feel everything.

She then handed him the cotton panties she wanted him to wear he put them on but already he was bulging them. Then the thick black tights which felt really oddly comfortable and sensual once they were on. She had to show him how the skirt went on. Then laughed as he struggled with the bra ultimately helping him. The blouse and the tie went on easily and she took a bit of time with the wig hiding his natural hair. He thought he was done but then she pulled out her makeup box, by this point adam was resigned to it and actually enjoying it more than he thought he would. She was a practiced hand with the makeup and managed to hide his masculine facelines with clever touches she had learned over the years. When he was finally done she led him by the hand to a mirror.

Sarah - Well you make a beautiful woman... A bit big at the shoulders but not much I can do about that.

Adam - wow I look really like a girl... I don't recognize myself...

Sarah - Welp time to get the shoot done daylight is burning.

Adam - Wait... you can't be serious

Sarah - Oh but I am Ad... wait we can't call you that! Anna sounds good

Adam - Uh.. I... Sarah... I'm worried about... being seen... It's a lot... you know...

Sarah - You're such a cute girl Anna, So shy... I promise it'll be worth it!

Anna wondered about that, It was a big thing to dress as a girl another to be outside where people can see. He reasoned no one really came up the garden path though and when she promised it was worth it he knew she would keep that promise. Sarah held out her hand and Anna took it and followed her out into the garden. It was weird feeling the skirt and the wind blowing against the stockings and up his crotch. He hadn't noticed or thought about the camera in her hand. She led him to the side and then stepped away taking pictures as she did.

Anna- Wait... uh... what are you gonna do with the photos?

Sarah - Depends, If they are good enough I might submit them... you really do look like a cute female asian..

Anna - I don't want you to show them....

Sarah - I'm joking this is just between us... now are you gonna just stand there all stiff or are you gonna try and enjoy yourself?

After that comment and reassurance Anna began to throw himself into the roll posing the best he thought he could and actually began to enjoy the attention of the camera. Sarah convinced him into one or two poses that were a bit revealing and it was one big laugh. Then the postman arrived in the back garden and Anna realized he was dressed as a woman in front of a guy.

Postman - I have a package for you Sarah.

Sarah - Oh great, pass it to Anna would you *indicating anna with her hand*

Anna hesitated; he couldn't believe Sarah would do this to him. He turned and took the package and with a light voice thanked the postman as he looked her over.

Postman - Sailor moon?

Anna - uh no, just a schoolgirl outfit.

Postman - Oh yeah, I mean they wore the same but they had them crown things huh?

Sarah - Tiaras

Postman - I guess, you look good anyway hope the shoot goes well. See you later Sarah?

Sarah - bye Joe

After he was gone Anna fell back onto his backside exhaling as Sarah had a fit of laughter before firing more shots up his skirt.

Sarah - Now that's a keeper!

Anna - I... wish the ground swallowed me up..

sarah - What are you talking about the way he looked at you I thought he was gonna swallow you

Anna - Sarah! ... I'm not that sort of girl

They both descended into laughter for a few minutes as Sarah packed the Camera's away. They made their way back inside much to Anna's relief though Sarah set up camera's in the living room saying she wanted some more risque photos. She began by capturing a few with the skirt held up from behind then the top undone and bra showing. Then Sarah grabbed her shift and pulled it over her head revealing a full set of black lace bodice stocking suspenders and matching panties. She grabbed a bondage whip from where she had posed it Anna watching all the while growing in excitement. His cock now straining inside his panties.

Sarah - Ok now you're gonna listen to what I say slut.

Anna - Yes mistress.

Sarah - Lift your skirt up at the front. Good now hold it in your mouth... yeah now I want you to cup one tit while you do it... now rub your cock..

Anna complied with every request even ripping the tights upon her request.. Sara tossed him a small vibrator telling him to use it on himself first on his cock then balls then finally to put it in his ass he did and it felt great she then took out a bigger dildo with a suction cup on the end to hold it in place.

Sarah - I want you to put it in you slow slut I want to take as many shots as I can of it entering your ass.. stop at the base ok

Anna looked dubusly at the cock but did as he was told slowly, posing over it the tip against his anus his panties around one leg, his own cock just as stiff.

Sarah - lift your skirt, you know you love being videoed

He thought about being recorded as he slid the tip inside his hands holding the skirt up as Sarah's excited eyes looked on. He was at the base before he knew it and he noticed Sarah walking closer..

Sarah - too fast slut, I know you're hungry for cock but I want it slower this time Halfway down I want you to kneel on it.

Anna concentrated on the sensation as she again lowered herself onto the cock he kneeled taking it all the way to the base. Sarah encouraged him, lightly whipping him as he went down. She then undid her panties from the side and slid them off. She straddled his cock and then lowered herself to his tip.

Sarah - Well, I guess now you're gonna get fucked from both ends.

She took his big cock inside of her porposley baring down hard on his cock so he would feel the cock at the other end she moved fucking him as he was fucked from below and he felt it on his prostate.

Anna - Oh god...

Sarah - You better hold on a bit longer or else....

Anna grit his teeth at this he knew he was close but he also wanted to please her. She pressed his head into her breasts and he attacked them with his tongue as she began to moan and he held on with everything he had. He felt her climax and worried he wouldn't get to cum himself.

Sarah - Wow Anna your such a slut I guess I got to fuck it out of you.

She got off of him and reached behind the sofa for something. It was a bigger strap on and instead of being worried Anna was jubilant at the sight as he got off the smaller cock on the floor she pushed him down on the sofa and lifted his legs apart. Slowly she entered asking a couple of times if her little slut was ok. Eventually she was all in and began to move to a rhythm it was then she grabbed his shaft and mercilessly began to stroke him when he finally came it was an orgasm like never before he felt his ass clench uncontrollably as she fucked the cum right out of him refusing to let up until he was spent.

Some weeks later after the parents had returned Sarah had decided to move out to her own place and asked Adam if he would move in with her to help her make rent. He leapt at the chance and they never parted. In secret they were married and not even their parents knew... Sarah always loved being in charge and Anna/Adam loved it

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