Would You Like That Orgasm With Fries?

Would You Like That Orgasm With Fries?

Hello! This is my most recent submission and is intended to be a stand alone story.

Thank you to my many friends who have prompted me to write again. I get a rush out of the idea people are enjoying themselves when they read the stories I submit.

English is my second language, but I am trying to do better with having others proof read and being more careful myself.

Enjoy it and let me know what you think!

Would You Like That Orgasm With Fries?

When I was younger like a lot of people I had a job working in a fast food restaurant. I'm not going to even try to pretend that I actually liked my job. It was just a way to make some extra money for things I actually did want to do.

The people I worked with were not anyone I would normally hang out with. The Manager, Kevin, was a 25 year old man who hit on the teenage girls working for him. He would always find excuses to be near us and make suggestive comments whenever he thought he could get away with it. He was a complete perv. I don't mind so much him being a perv, but his personality and vibe were both really bad.

Stacey, one of the crew, was a slut. That's the easiest way to put it. I often thought that since she was pretty lazy she was probably blowing Kevin to make sure she got hours.

Most of the others were just normal teenagers. The only guy who kind of made me nervous, for no reason I could put my finger on, was a geeky guy named Rick. Whenever I was alone around him I just always felt like he was watching me, but could never catch him at it. He never said anything wrong to me, or grabbed me or anything, he just made me uneasy. He had a certain cute factor but rarely spoke to me.

At the time I was only about 5'2” tall, slim, and had “b” cup breasts that rode perky and high on my chest. My body was well toned and firm from sports and swimming. I wore my long black hair in a ponytail and always made sure I had makeup on at work. The other thing that set me apart was that I am of Japanese ancestry.

Kevin figured out fairly quickly that I don't like being cornered. All it took was me looking scared and asking him what he was doing to get him to back off. Everyone at work thinks I am an innocent little good girl.

I am definitely not that person. I do well at school and I work hard, but I am smart. Simply put I love sex and porn. Using my pay to buy sex toys, and other things to make me feel sexy, is pretty much my vice. I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs. Masturbation is my drug of choice and I love doing it.

Under my work uniform I always wear things that make me feel good. Thongs are my underwear of choice and I love wearing sexy bras. I love how they make my pretty breasts look.

My active imagination usually strays to sex with a frequency that would scare a psychiatrist. I keep it to myself, because I don't want anyone to know that side of me, but it is there and a real aspect of my daily life.

If I thought I could have gotten away with being a stripper I probably would have become one. My parents would have killed me but I think I would have enjoyed the work.

One fateful night I was assigned to the last shift and had to close with Rick and an Assistant Manager. His name was Dave and he was basically chasing skirt all the time. All he cared about was his social life. Sure enough on that Saturday night he got a call on his cell and took off on us. He told me to text him when we were done and he would come back and lock up.

As soon as he was gone we locked the doors, turned off the dining area lights, and went to work cleaning up and doing prep work for the morning open. I was a little pissed off to be stuck there. What I wanted to do was go home and relax with a good porn. I had purchased a new vibrator and could not wait to plunge it in and out of my tight little pussy.

Rick was being his usual creepy self and I felt like I was being watched every second I was working. I kept looking over but never caught him staring. It was then that I realized he was watching me by watching my reflection off the various stainless steel appliances. When I was at the counter area I was bent over stocking the shelves and saw him watching my ass. By the reflection I could see he was touching his crotch through his pants.

I have to confess that my dirty mind started whirling and I decided I did not mind him watching me. I deliberately did things to tease him, all the while enjoying the fact he thought he was doing it secretly. Bending, reaching, stretching for things as I worked, knowing his cock was probably throbbing just from looking at me made my pussy damp. I actually started to have fun with the work.

After I had finished with the shelves I collapsed the boxes I had emptied and carried them to the back of the restaurant to put them in the recycling room. It has one door, no windows, and is illuminated with a single bulb.

I was putting the boxes into the various blue bins when I sensed movement behind me. I turned around quickly and saw Rick standing there staring at me. He was breathing hard and looked like he was losing it. Rick was really tall, around 6'1” and thin. He was looking right at my tits, concealed by my tight work shirt. I felt trapped and to be honest, my pussy flushed with juices. His face was clouded with lust and I knew he was going to do it, he was going to fuck me, and he didn't care about the consequences.

“Rick” I said softly “Are you okay?”

“I.... I can't take it anymore... I can't take it.” he said with frustration. “I want you.”

“Pardon” I said gently.

“I want you Risa... I want you... I want to fuck you.” he said in a far away voice as he suddenly advanced on me, grabbing a hold of my upper arms. He pulled me into him and I could feel his hard cock, straining at his pants, pushing into my stomach. He leaned down and locked his mouth onto my neck, licking it, as he pinned me against the wall.

I yelled “Take it easy! Let me go!” I knew what he was doing and that I was simply reaping the reward of well executed teasing. I had made this poor guy loose his mind. I was pretty sure I had been on his mind for a long time. I decided to go with it.

Rick worked a hand into my hair, pulling my head back, allowing him to keep licking and biting my neck. His other hand moved up, sliding under my shirt, and fastening onto my left breast with a firm grip, squeezing it almost painfully. He was mauling my tit and biting my neck. Two things I love.

I decided to let him know I did not mind, that I was as horny as he was. I moulded my body into his and moaned as he continued molesting me. When I did that I swear the heat factor jumped up exponentially.

Rick brought his head back and looked at my eyes. “You hot fucking slut...oh God I am going to fuck you.” he growled, suddenly spinning me around and bending me over, my arms against the wall. His hands went to work on my pants and began unfastening them and pulling them off. I was not idle and pulled off my shirt.

“Come on Rick... I know how bad you want to shove it in me... come on fuck me... fuck my tight little cunt with that big dick of yours you fucking bastard.” I moaned out in a begging tone.

When my pants dropped he had pulled my thong down with them. My tight little ass and wet shaven pussy were on full display for him.

“Holy shit, you're wet you fucking whore.” he said just before he buried his face in my pussy from behind. He began licking and sucking on my pussy like a mad man. He drove two long fingers into my pussy as his tongue moved up to my ass. I could not help it and came hard, squirting all over his fingers and face. “Oh fuck yeah!” he yelled as I cried out my orgasm.

I was still shaking from it when he pulled my fingers away causing me to whimper in frustration. I was not frustrated for long. I did not get to see his cock before he plunged it into my vulnerable and soaking wet cunt, but did I ever feel it.

He plunged in like a maniac and grabbed my ponytail with one hand, pulling my head back, as his other hand took a firm hold on my waist. He hard pounding cock was heaven to me. I could feel another massive orgasm approaching. It had been months since a real cock was inside me and the big dick he was fucking me with was just what I wanted.

Rick was fucking me harder and harder, grunting with his exertions. There was nothing I could do as I felt my small body being jerked around by the force of his rough fucking. I screamed when my orgasm hit and he began spanking my ass.

“You fucking bitch... that's it... cum for me your nasty fuck slut... I knew you were a dirty... fucking... teasing... whore!” he yelled as he punctuated his words with deep cervix battering thrusts.

“Oh... yes.. fuck me... fuck me Rick... oh please... keep fucking me.” I moaned out like a bitch in heat. I was burning up and could not believe I was begging Rick to fuck me.

He suddenly pulled his cock out of me, but before I could say anything, he spun me around and picked me up by my ass and lowered me onto his cock. I was impaled, my feet not touching the floor. I threw my head back and cried out as he began lifting me and dropping me onto his hard cock. It was nudging at my cervix and making me insane. When the tip of one of his fingers began probing my ass I went insane and came again.

Rick pulled me up and locked lips with me, our hunger fuelling us as he sucked on my tongue. He carried me out into the kitchen area and laid me down on my back on the stainless steel counter. My heated body jerked as it hit the cold steel. I didn't care though. Rick grabbed my legs, bending them upwards, and began fucking my wanton pussy with abandon. He was driving me insane. I could feel his balls slapping my ass as he thrust into me. My whole body was on fire and I was delirious with pleasure when I screamed out and squirted my hot cunt juice all over his cock and stomach.

Rick pulled out and began spanking my clit and tits. I was writhing as he did this. The sweet pain was so fucking hot.

“Holy shit Risa, you're a fucking slut... I never realized what a wild fuck you would be” he said in fascinated lust as he kept spanking my exposed tits and pussy.

“Tell me what you want baby... come on... beg for it... beg for it you bitch.” he growled.

“Please fuck me... fuck me... put that big cock back in me please... I'll be good... I'll do whatever you want... please just fuck me.” I pleaded.

“Whatever I want?” he said teasingly as he grabbed my nipples, pinching them hard. Stretching them out.

“Yes... anything... please Rick... please fuck me.” I begged.

Rick took my ankles in one hand and lifted my legs higher, pushing them up over me. I felt his cock rubbing over my pussy and moaned in pleasure. When he slid it down to my tight little ass and began pushing it in I screamed. He popped inside and buried his entire length deep inside my tight ass. I went weak from the pain and pleasure of it.

“You like that you fucking whore? You like getting your ass fucked?” he asked as his hand slapped my tit again.

“Yes! Oh fuck yes! Fuck my ass!” I screamed as he began pounding it like a machine. He turned me onto my side, and spanked my ass as I pulled my leg up out of the way. When his hand came up and he grabbed me around my throat I felt like nothing but fuck meat. I could not believe the way this slutty act of surrender was turning me on. I loved the way he was pounding my ass and using my body.

“I'm going to cum... tell me where you want it... tell me where you want my cum.” he demanded.

“My mouth, come in my mouth!” I yelled out.

He abruptly pulled out of my ass and spun me around easily. He turned me onto my back, my head hanging off the counter. He grabbed my head and both hands and drove his cock into my mouth. He began face fucking me, my drool running out of my mouth and onto my cheeks, nose and eyes.

“I'm going to cum... swallow it you sweet slut!” he yelled as he buried his cock in my throat and held my head in place, his balls slapping into my forehead.

He shot hot spurt after spurt of his cum deep into my throat. When he was done cumming he pulled out of my mouth and leaned back against the opposite counter. He was standing there panting and looking at my body. There I was.. spread out on my back, my drool covered face and heaving breasts on full display. Me legs were splayed apart and my well used pussy was still gaping open.

I slid up and wiped my face with my hands. I looked at him and could not believe it. He was still hard as a rock and apparently not done with me.

Over the next hour he fucked my face, my pussy and my ass again. He dropped his loads in all three holes before collapsing onto the floor next to me. I loved licking our combined juices off his cock like a good little slut.

We got up, dressed, and finished our clean up. Dave pulled up and said he thought we forgot about him. We said we hadn't. Dave was a little shocked when I accepted Rick's offer of a ride home. Rick was a little sheepish on the drive and apologized for being so aggressive. I just laughed and said he was exactly what I needed at that point. He asked if we could do this again sometime and I said sure. When I got out of the car I gave him a sweet kiss and went inside.

When I went to work the following weekend Kevin called me into his office and had me close the door. When he played the surveillance camera footage of my romp with Rick I thought “Oh shit.” He had hidden cameras out there.

Kevin was staring at me like a starving man and said “If you want to keep this quiet you're going to give me what you gave him.” he was smiling happily and told me to come sit on his lap.

I was pissed off. Now this smelly bastard was going to blackmail me? I did not want to fuck him. Rick may have been a geek, but at least he showered, had a great cock and actually wanted me to cum.

Getting up I walked around the desk. I stood there for a second and he said “Sit down sweetie” patting his lap. I turned around and moved back like I was going to sit on his lap and felt his hands come to my waist. Fuck him!

I grabbed the keyboard for his computer and spun around smashing it against the side of his head. His head flew to the side. I grabbed his feet and jerked them up, causing the chair to tip over and he fell back on the floor. He was laying there flat on his back as I kicked him in the nuts. After that he was just laying there groaning.

Ejecting the tape from the machine I took it. I removed my hat and threw it on his chest. “I quit you fucking pig! Don't think you will ever get what he got asshole.”

“You fucking bitch.” he moaned as he was clutching his balls.

“You have no idea fuck face.” I said as I kicked him again.

Looking over I saw he had eight tapes on a shelf in the open safe. I walked over and looked at them. They were labelled “Fav's Stacey”, “Fav's Erica,” and continued like that naming different girls. I grabbed them all.

I looked back at him and said “I hope you know I better get an awesome reference and a nice going away cheque... or these tapes go someplace you don't want. Like maybe head office and the cops.”

Looking at his face I saw the fear there. That pleased me. “You better give all these girls raises and if I hear you touched any of them again... the tapes go to bad places. If you try to fire Rick I will fuck you up forever. You're going to give him a nice raise too. I've got my eye on you fucker... don't screw up.”

I walked out of the office with a big smile on my face.

Things worked out, and I got everything I asked for.

Whatever happened to Rick? He became Assistant Manager after Dave got fired for being away all the time. We hooked up often and I got fucked by him for the next year until he left for school out of the city.

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