Sweet Savannah

Sweet Savannah

It had been quite some time since I last saw Savannah and time had been good to her. Now at 17, she was even more beautiful than ever. Her light Puerto Rican skin had beautiful brown glow to it accentuating her curves even more than normal. She was a picture of pure beauty. Standing 5'6" with full D breasts, thick bottom, and solid legs she struck awe in her teenage counterparts. I was not so intimidated by her rather drawn to her. For all her physical assets, including her full luscious lips, she was rather intellectual. She went to school full-time, worked part-time, and had the drive to put herself through driver's education. A real catch for any man, regardless of the age.

Savannah came from a not so traditional broken home but it was broken nonetheless. Her father, Tony, has and continues to struggle with substance abuse and is an insane narcissist whose only motivation is to make himself look the martyr. Savannah has always been the rebel of the three kids while Nadia seems intent on obeying her father's every wish. Savannah on the other hand marches to the beat of her own drum. Don't get me wrong, she is a wonderful young woman and aside from her father's arcaic
expectations is doing very well in life.

I had playfully flirted with Savannah over the years but would never cross the line as I am quite a few years older than her. However, over the last two years I have become very attracted to her and quite honestly I think the feeling is mutual. Obviously with our age difference being the main road block, we were left to our thoughts of each other.

That all changed one fateful night when I saw her after work. I was near her place of business and happen to see her coming out of the building. Even in her work uniform and hair in a bun, she was stunning. As I drove by her, I lowered my window.

"Hello my dear, just getting done work?" I asked. "Yeah, what a long day. Twelve hour shift and now I'm walking home." she replied. Her work wasn't far from her house but I offered her a ride which she accepted. As I began to drive away from her work, she put her hand on my shoulder and asked "Can we go somewhere and relax for a minute?". I was a bit surprised as I know her father kept very close tabs on his daughter's whereabouts.

"Are you sure that's ok with your father? I suspect he wants you home immediately after work" I commented. "He does but I need some me time" she quickly retorted.

"Do you want me to bring you to a friend's house or something" I asked confused. "No, head to Greeley Park and we can just chat for a few." I'm sure it was no big deal to her but I was a little nervous. I had a hard enough time keeping my hands off her when people were around and now she wants to sit in a parked car alone with me. Talk about a true test of one's will. And with that, off we went. We found a nice little spot on the outskirts of Greeley Park where we parked and I shut off my lights. It was the end of summer so the nights were still warm.

It was when I killed the lights that I felt an ever present stare and turned my head to look at Savannah. Her face was slightly illuminated by the moon and she was breathtaking. It took every ounce of strength I had to resist taking her face in my hands and tasting those beautiful lips. Instead I asked "You look troubled, is everything ok?"

At that moment, I saw a small tear in her eye and she began to bite her bottom lip. "I'm fine, I'm just stressed. My dad is like a dictator and he won't let me do anything, EVER. I'm 17 and there is no make-up (not that she needs it), no boyfriends, dates, or anything. I'm really getting sick of it" she said.

Trying to lighten the moment up, I playfully chanted "Savannah's got a boyfriend, Savannah's got a boyfriend". She didn't take kindly to that and shot me an ice cold stare. Feeling the seriousness in her, I quickly changed directions and asked "Have you spoken to him about this?".

"Yes but he just turns into a dick and doesn't hear me. He even slapped me up pretty good a few months back. Not fun!"

"Damn, really?" I asked. "Not cool" she replied. It makes this little break before heading home, seem that much more logical. We sat in silence for a few minutes before she spoke.

"Can I be honest with you?" she asked. "Of course, this is a no judgement zone" I quipped. "There is a person I have been interested in for a couple of years but the timing has never been right" she stated.

It seemed odd to pine after someone for a few years so I investigated a bit further. "How do you have interest in someone for years and never make a move on it?" I asked.

"The circumstances were never right but I believe they are now" she replied. At that moment she leaned a little closer and said "In fact, I believe right now is the best time". I was a bit stunned at her forwardness and instinctively backed up. At that moment, I really saw her as a woman with her own mind and motives of what would happen next.

Not knowing the position I was in, I asked "Right now? How is that?" With a deep breath, she looked me in my eyes and stated "I see the way you look at me when no one else is looking. I can tell you are attracted to me but understand your hesitation. I am much younger than you, far less experienced, and the ties with my family run deep".

She had valid points including the way I looked at her. When she was around, I found it extremely difficult to keep my eyes off her. She was such a beauty with a wonderful personality. Who could resist such a person?

Frozen in my tracks for the first time in a long time, I simply didn't know what to say. Here I was with a 17 year old in my vehicle who for all intents and purposes was exposing my desires for her. Again, self restraint had to be practiced. I reached over and grabbed her hand and looked in her eyes.

"You are too beautiful to put into words and I am flattered you noticed my wandering eyes but we really should get going." I weakly said with no hint of confidence. "Perhaps if the situation was different, we would have the opportunity to explore one another but unfortunately this is where we are at." With that, a long pause in the conversation until she looked at me with those beautiful eyes and asked "Do you find me beautiful?". "Of course" I said.

"Do you ever fantasize about me", she asked. Not wanting to cross any lines I simply replied "At times you cross my mind but I make sure to not act on those thoughts". My resolve was slowly whithering away and I think she felt it. What she did next really took me by surprise. Ever so innocently, she leaned in close to me and said "I don't care what my dad says, what society says, or what you say for that matter". And it was then that she slowly brought her face to mine and pressed her full lips to mine for our first kiss. Slowly, our mouths opened and our tongues met, dancing as if we had been here a million times before. At this point my will power had vanished and I returned the sexual energy she was emitting. After a short time of kissing this beautiful young woman, I pulled away from her not knowing what to say. She looked at me so innocently asking "Did I do something wrong?".

"Of course not" I said, "it just took me surprise". With that she flashed that beautiful smile and I was hooked. "We can't stay here" I said, "if someone comes around I'm in big trouble and I suspect you would be as well". Her answer was "Take me somewhere safe and we can explore each other the way we've both fantasized about. With that, I drove off to the closest motel which was a Motel 6, not far from her high school. After securing a room, she scurried from my vehicle to the room where we quickly locked the door and closed the curtains. Feeling like a virgin, I didn't know what to do while my hands were sweating and shaking.

"Are you sure you want to be here with me?" I asked. "There is no where else I would rather be nor with anyone else" she whispered. I slowly walked to her nestling her face in my hands and slowly began kissing her. It was like magic. "Are you a virgin Savannah?" I inquired. "Yes, I am. With my dad being so overprotective, I have no time to explore and quite honestly there are no boys that I'm interested in" she replied. Since she had just exited work not long ago, I suggested she take a quick shower to which she replied "By myself?"

"Yes, I want you to clean your body and.." was all I could get out before she interrupted. "Why don't you shower with me and make sure I do a good job?" she quipped. To which I replied "I have some things to do so go shower and I'll be waiting when you're done". With her pouty face in full effect, she turned and entered the bathroom closing the door behind her. Like a rabid animal I moved to square away the room pulling the bed covers down halfway. I ran to the front-desk where a nice woman found some candles I inquired about. Entering the room, I splayed the room with lit candles when I heard the shower turn off. My mind was racing with all the possibilities about to come my way. The door opened slowly and Savannah emerged wearing nothing but a towel. Her hair had been washed flawlessly and she was the vision of beauty. Her fingers and toes were painted and well manicured with her hair sticking to her face in areas. I wanted to run across the room and take this young woman but instead slowly walked towards her. Feeling her nervousness, I again took her face in my hands and whispered "If you want me to stop at any time, please tell me".

"You won't hear me say stop. I've been waiting for this moment for three years and nothing is going to get in the way" was her reply. With that we began to passionately kiss. While doing so, we slowly made our way to the bed where she fell back with me gently landing on top of her. I was supremely excited but knew it wise to take my time with this young beauty. I slowly began to open her towel for my first glimpse of her very sexy body. While still kissing her beautiful mouth, I began to caress her breasts extracting a soft moan from her. While I was still fully clothed, I'm sure she could feel the firmness in my crotch which caused her to open her legs and allow me access. I slowly moved down to her breasts and took her nipples into my mouth gently nibbling on them. Her hands held my head in place for some time while I expertly attended to her breasts. Sitting up, I slowly pulled my shirt over my head revealing my upper half. She reached up and gently caressed my chest and stomach muscles while moaning. Diving back down our tongues met again but not for long.

I had to taste this never before accessed flower and with that, I moved in between her legs immediately smelling her sex. I placed my mouth on her pussy and began to lick from her clit to her entrance. It was cleanly shaven and tasted of nectar from the gods. I couldn't get enough as she began to grind her pussy into my face while holding my head with both hands. I slowly pushed her legs up exposing her ass and then gave her the best ass eating I had. She was moaning very loud at this point and I knew she was getting close to cumming. I re-focused my attention on her clit and slowly inserted a finger pushing it in and out. Her hips were in rhythm with my finger when I slipped a 2nd finger inside feeling her hymen. Not wanting to hurt her, I was careful not to break her hymen and instead focused on her clit. It didn't take long before I felt her trembling slowly working her way to orgasm at which point she whispered "I'm cumming". She started bucking her hips and I felt her juices covering my face creating a puddle on the bed. When she calmed down from her orgasm, she lifted her head staring at me and said "I've never felt anything like that. Can you do that again?"

"Of course I can, beautiful. Anything for you" was my reply. Getting nestled up to her pussy again, I attacked her clit with excitement as evident by my very hard cock. I felt like I could poke a hole in steel with the erection I was sporting but that would be tended to later. Again, I inserted a finger in her pussy and assaulted her until again she climaxed. She was ever so slightly sweating when I looked up again and she wore a smile that coudln't be matched. "You have made me feel so wonderful" she said. I could have died right there and been a happy man but there was more to be experienced. She sat up and sat cross-legged with a curious look on her face.

"What's wrong" I asked. "Not a single thing is wrong, but I am wondering why you still have your pants and shoes on?" she replied. I didn't have an answer for her. I stood up and began to undo my belt when she said "Wait, let me do that." She reached forward, finished unbuckling my belt, popped the button and slid the zipper down. She put her index fingers in my pants and slowly slid them down my legs exposing my raging hard-on. Her eyes grew big as she had never seen a real cock in her life nevermind this close. She looked up at me and then slowly reached her hand out to grasp the shaft of my cock. Her hand felt like silk grasping me and she began to slowly stroke my already hard cock. "I want to make you feel the same way you have made me fee" she stated. She hesitantly leaned forward and licked the head before opening her mouth and allowing me in. Such a sweet warm mouth was now wrapped around my dick and it was heaven sent. She couldn't get much in her mouth but I gently put my hands on the back of her head and forced more in. Her reflex gag kicked in and she popped off with a string of saliva running from my cock to her chin. Her eyes were watering a bit and I told her "That's ok baby, it's good to have saliva on it. It helps lubricate the activity." With that, she went back to bobbing on my cock and in no time had engulfed me all the way. She was a natural and it took a lot of self-control not to cum right then. For the next ten minutes Savannah expertly sucked my cock with pleasure, periodically moaning onto it.

I was getting close to cumming when she popped her head off of me and looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes. I knew what the look was and slowly pushed her onto her back and crawled between her legs. Leaning down and passionately kissing her full lips all while my cock was pressing against her soaked pussy. I asked "Are you ready?" to which she replied nervously "Yes but go slow". I positioned the tip at her entrance and slowly began to slide in until I reached her hymen. I could feel her tense up in anticipation. "I have to push through and it's going to hurt a bit, are you ready?" I asked.

With a deep breath, she replied "Yes". And with that I pushed through her hymen feeling it pop as she quitely screamed "Ouch, my god that hurts". I paused to give her time to adjust to me filling her up while I stroked her face and kissed her neck. Damn she tasted and smelled wonderful. "I'm ready" she stated. Slowly I started pulling out and pushing in at a good rhythm and I could feel her getting wetter with each stroke. Wrapping her legs around my waist, pulling me in closer with her feet she whispered in my ear "Fuck me, baby. Fuck me good". I continued to sex her with all of my being and before long we were a well lubricated machine. I could feel her tensing up readying for an orgasm so I picked up the pace.

Louder than expected she screamed "I'm cumming, oh, I'm cumming. Keep fucking me with that cock". That's exactly what I did as she constricted my cock with her pussy muscles and came all over me coating my pelvic region. Sweating and panting she looked me in my eyes and said "I have never felt anything like that before. That must happen again. "It will" I replied as I slowly pulled out of her much to her dismay. "Why are you pulling out, you didn't cum yet" she disappointedly asked.

"Just need to clean us up a bit" I replied as she saw the blood from her ruptured hymen. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed a warm wash cloth and gently cleaner her pussy and then my cock. Once I was done, I positioned her with feet on the floor and hands on the bed. She looked back a bit confused until I re-entered her from behind at which point she lowered her head onto the bed and enjoyed the stroking I was putting on her. After her sucking my cock and fucking her missionary I was so close to cumming that I couldn't hold back. I pulled her hair to arch her back and started stroking her long and deep while she moaned.

"I'm going to cum soon and I want you to see it up close, understand?" I asked. "Anything you say baby, I just love you being inside of me" was her reply. I could feel my climax reaching the top at which point I told her to turn around and get on her knees. With her big brown eyes staring up at me, she instinctively opened her mouth as I stroked my member. Tilting my head slightly back, I exploded into my orgasm with the first rope of cum hitting her in the right cheek, the second on her top lip and the rest all over her beautiful teeth. My body was tense and shaking when she took me in her mouth and started to clean me.

"That was amazing Savanna, I can't believe we just did that" I said with reality setting in. "Me neither and just so you know, this will not be the last time" she replied. With her on her knees, she gathered the remaining cum from her face and guided it to her mouth. "You taste wonderful" she said, "Can I have more?".

"Maybe another time, but now we need to get you cleaned up and home before you're in trouble." I stated. A frown appeared on her face when I said that but she knew it was accurate. She stood up and planted the most passionate kiss on my lips with our toungues dancing again. I immediately started to swell again but told her "We need to take a shower". "We?" she quipped, "that would be excellent. With that we entered the shower together for the first but most definitely not the last time. This was the beginning of sexual escapades dreams are made of.

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