A chance at a new sex life; Part 14 (Final)

A chance at a new sex life; Part 14 (Final)

“Hi Robbie!”


Sat on the opposite sofa from my mother was my ex, Kelsey. The fuck was she doing here.

“Hi sweetie!” Mom said standing up and coming over to me, giving me a hug.

“She just turned up at the door and pleaded to let her speak to you.” She whispered. “It’s not my choice to give her a second chance but that’s up to you. I’m really sorry but Ive just been called and need to go to work and I’m already late now. It’s up to you what you do Robbie but I love you and support you.” She embraces me in a warm hug and then hurried off gathering her things then headed out the door.

I still stood in the doorway to the lounge.

“Hi Robbie, please come sit?” Kelsey said in an innocent tone.

“Why are you here?” I almost growl.

“Please sit and let me explain!”

“Why?” I definitely growl this time.

Kelsey begins to sigh lightly, “please Robbie I’ve missed you please sit!”

I begrudgingly sit on the opposite sofa from her and say dead pan “talk!”

“Ok so” she started as fresh tears fell down her face.

“It’s true I have really missed you, I am so sorry for what I did. It was a moment of weakness. I was missing you so much and got lonely and missed the intimacy. It meant nothing between me and him.”

“How long?” I asked seriously.

“What?” She stuttered.

“How long?” I slowly said, pronouncing each word clearly.

“What do you mean?”

“How long were you fucking behind my back?” I said with heat in my voice.

“It didn’t mean anything!”

“Don’t lie to me!” I spat.

Kelsey sobbed harder before she managed she speak out, “about two months.”

Fresh hurt hit me. I was over her and what she did to me but the betrayal still hurt.

“Get out” I said through gritted teeth.

“No please!” She pleaded as she scurried over next to me. She was on her knees before me.

“Please give me an other chance Robbie, I am so so sorry baby. I never realised what an amazing thing I had until I lost it. Please take me back” her hands clasped together in prayer as she leaned against me.

I so wanted to chuck her out but old feelings were flooding in. How could I feel pity for her after what she had done. She looked so sincere and genuine but you can’t repair that trust.

“Kelsey I think you should go!” I said with evidently less anger.

“Please Robbie!” She pleaded more as she pulled herself closer to me. Her head was mere inches away from my crotch. “Let me make it up to you!” She said as she started to stroke my crotch with her hand.

She sat up a little pushing her chest out and showing off her large bossom.

“Let me she you how sorry I am!” Her tears had stopped as a wry grin took its place.

“Kelsey! It’s too late for that” I told her but made no effort to move her.

“Please baby, I know how you like it” she said as she fumbled at my jeans and pulled them open.

I didn’t say anything now as she pulled my limp dick from my pants.

“See he remembers how good I feel” she grinned as she slowly stroked me and I started to harden.

I was still beyond pissed with her and could never forgive her but hey what was one last fuck. I’ll show her.

“Suck my cock bitch” I commanded her.

There was a light in her eyes like she thought she was winning. She leaned forward and quickly gathered my semi hard cock in her mouth and instantly began sucking. I have to admit she was ok at sucking cock and I was hard in no time.

She had a stupid grin on her face as she looked up to me with her hands jerking my shaft. She genuinely thinks I’ve forgiven her. Pfft yeah right, I grab the back of her head and force it back down onto me. I hold my hand there and control the pace in which she sucks. She keeps up with my commands and moans around my shaft as she almost takes my full length.

I keep Kelsey sucking my cock for a good five minutes and I’m so engrossed with how good it feels that I miss Stacey coming home.

I only realise when my hand is slapped away and is replaced by hers as it grabs a fistful of Kelseys hair.

With a loud scream as Kelsey is yanked off of me as Stacey yanks her to the floor.

“What the fuck bitch” Kelsey screams as she holds the back of her head.

I sit there speechless and I look into Stacey’s eyes, full of rage.

She lunges again for Kelsey grabbing her by the hair again and dragging her across the floor.

Kelsey screams louder in pain “let go of me you fucking bitch, get the fuck off!”


I stare on as Stacey slaps Kelsey across the face, Kelsey stays silent. With impressive strength, Stacey pulls Kelsey up to eye level.

“My mother and brother may have given you a second chance but I won’t. Get the fuck out of my house and don’t you ever come near my brother or family again or I’ll rip you’re fucking head off, understand?” Stacey roared at her.

Kelsey full on sobbing just nods her head as Stacey pushes her back towards the door. Kelsey takes one look at me before running out of the front door crying hysterically.

With a slam of the door Stacey then comes in and stares at me.

“Stacey I wasn’t!” I began to defend myself.

“Mom told me she was here!” She growled and quickly closed the distance to me then grabbed me by my collar “you’re coming with me!” She demanded as she pulled me up.

I was impressed by her strength as she dragged me upstairs to my bedroom. She tossed me onto the bed and slammed the door. She pulled off her top and t shirt, quickly followed by her jeans. She climbed onto the bed in her bra and panties and pushed me back. My cock now sticking out free.

Wordlessly she grabbed my cock and stuck it into her mouth.

“Stacey I....” tried to speak but was overtaken by pleasure as my sister got to work.

She sucked my cock with a hunger I’d never seen. Her head was bobbing up and down with a fast pace as she was almost at the base each time. Saliva was dripping out her mouth and rubbing down my shaft and coating the base and my balls. She moaned with each suck as she took me deep into her throat.

“Holy fuck” I gasped.

Stacey now placed her right hand at the base of my shaft and work in tangent with her mouth. As her head bobbed up and down, her hand followed and twisted it as it went. Damn it felt good.

“Ugh Stacey, keep going!” I groaned as my head tilted back onto her bed as I gripped the bed sheets.

Her head was bobbing faster as she sucked with more force, fuck I was close.

“Stacey, Stacey I’m gonna cum!” I tell her as the pleasure starts to take over.

Some how Stacey goes even faster and it sends me well over the edge.

“Uuhhhhh” I grunt loudly as I almost painfully explode into my sisters mouth. My hips press up off the bed as they buck with each shot of cum. Stacey sticks at it and continues to suck me off and she swallows my load.

“Holy fuck” I collapse back into the bed as she keeps her mouth wrapped around my shaft. Her pace slows but she stills sucks. After several minutes of slow sucking with a pop my cock leaves her mouth.

“Stacey, holy fuck” I begin to speak before she cuts me off.

“Don’t speak, get over here and eat my pussy!” She demanded as she sat herself against the wall, pulling her panties to the side.

I did as I was told and lay myself in between her legs. I could see that she was already wet and oh so inviting. As I got closer to her, she grabbed my head and pulled me into her. My face was smothered with her sweetness as I got to work.

I started to lap up her juices with my tongue as I trailed it up and down her slit. Her juices were flowing and although a little tangy it wasn’t distasteful.

“Fuck yes Robbie” she moaned as her hips bucked about a little.

My tongue continued to lick up and down. Occasionally swirling around her tender little nub. Each time I came across her clit her grip on my head got tighter.

“Stop teasing me” she growled as she held me in place.

I began to pay more attention to her clit as I sucked it into my mouth.

“Uh fuck yes little brother, suck it” she groaned.

Using my lips and tongue I payed special attention to her clit. Sucking it in and nibbling it before gently biting and tugging it with my teeth before swirling my tongue around it.

“Oh god, feels so good!”

I continued my motions but with more pace. Every so often I would trail my full tongue flatly up her lips before devouring her clit again. Stacey now had a firm grip of my head to the point that it was almost hurting.

“Right there baby, right there” she cried bucking her hips.

I managed to squeeze my hand up and inserted two fingers inside her. Using my mouth on her clit and finger fucking her I brought my sister to orgasm.

She held my face to her crotch tightly as she came into my mouth. Her juices flowed as she screamed out in pleasure. Her legs clamped into my sides as her body flushed with heat. She held me there for several moments before releasing me. Her hands now cupped the side of my face and pulled me up to her.

As soon as our heads were level she launched into a deep passionate kiss. Her tongue was instantly in my mouth as she explored it full. Our kiss wasn’t like normal as there was the combined taste of our orgasms. It wasn’t something I was into but the raw passion had me ready to go again and got me right into it. I kissed her back with equal passion as she breathed heavy.

“Fuck me” she simply said breaking the kiss.

I didn’t replay as I scooted back from her as she moved onto her hands and knees. Her plump ass staring at me as I got in behind in. We didn’t hang about as I quickly and forcefully entered her.

There was a small wince from Stacey as I invaded her womanhood. I forced myself fully into her before I started to fuck her with hard fast thrusts.

Our bodies slammed against each other as I fucked my sisters pussy with primal lust. This had been building for days and it felt fucking great.

Stacey gripped the bed and tried to match my rhythm. I grunted with each thrust as she moaned with each slam into her.

I tried to keep up the hard fast pace for as long as I could and for a good few minutes I did. Then I started to slow. I was till bottoming out in her each time but it wasn’t as fast. Don’t get me wrong it still felt amazing.

“Fuck my ass Robbie!”


“I said fuck my ass!” She demanded.

As I pulled out of her she lay down flat on the bed but pushed her hips and ass upwards.

“Be quick and don’t go slow. And don’t stop!”

I moved up closer behind her and grabbed her ass check pulling them apart. My cock was glistening in her juices and I lined it up with her puckered hole. There was a little resistance as I tried to squeeze my member into her tight ring.

“Nngghhh” she cried through gritted teeth as I tried to push in.

With a little more force and a sudden pop my cock sank into my sisters ass. I pushed myself in deep and held there.

“I said don’t stop, fuck me!” She growled.

I did just that and began to fuck her with a renewed pace and vigour.

Holy fuck she was tight. This was my first experience at fucking a girls ass and holy fuck it felt great. Her tight little ring gripped my every inch.

I fucked her for several minutes hard in the ass and was enjoying every second. I could feel her raise her hips up further and watched as her hand disappeared under her and between her legs.

“I want you to cum in my ass Robbie! Dump that load inside me!” She groaned as she brought herself closer to orgasm.

With meaningful thrusts I was close. My balls tightened and seconds later I exploded.

I sank all the way into her ass as I filled it with hot cum. Just then she had rubbed herself to orgasm and came as her ass was filled with her brothers cum.

“Uuuhhhhhh” we both groaned as we enjoyed our combined climax.

I lay there for several moments gathering myself before I slumped over next to her. Stacey still laying face down.

“Fuck that was hot” I gasped.

“Yeah” she said as she lay there non moving.

The next thing I know I awake to the sun shining through my window. I look around in a panic and there’s no sign of Stacey. I still had my t shirt on and my jeans were still down by my ankles. There was no sign of her clothes either.

I throw my clothes off and tossed on some fresh ones and went to look for her. As I left my room I bumped into mom.

“Hey watch where you’re going silly!” Mom scoffed as I tumbled into her.

“Oh my god I’m sorry mom, I wasn’t paying attention, I was just heading to the toilet!”

“Be more careful next time” she smiled as she moved away from me. “And you’re sisters in the bathroom so you are welcome to use mine!” She said as she headed downstairs.

“Thanks mom!” I shouted as I waited for her to get downstairs before I knocked on the bathroom door.

“Occupied” Stacey shouted back.

“I know let me in!” I knock again.

“Who is it?”

“Stacey. It’s just me!”

“Hi just me give me a minute.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle in frustration. A few moments later she opens the door in just a towel wrapped around her middle.

“Oh hello little brother” she smiled.

“Stacey what the hells wrong with you?”

“What do you mean?” She said in mock offence.

“Well last night? With Kelsey and then us and now acting is this!”

“Listen ssshh” she said reaching her finger out and pressing it against my lip.

“Are we still in for tonight?” She asked.

I simply nodded.

“Good we will talk tonight! Now let me get back, thanks” she smiled and closed the door.

“But I need the toilet” I said to the closed door but she didn’t reply.

I ended up just using moms bathroom and heading back to my room.

The rest of the day I spent doing chores around the house helping mom. Mowed the lawn and some garden work.

It was late afternoon and I was just tidying away the garden tools when Stacey came out to speak to me.

“Hey there show off!” She said to me. Admittedly I did have my top off as it was an other hot day.

“Hey” I said as I wiped my brow.

“You excited for tonight?” She asked as she eyed me up and down.

“Sure am” I involuntarily flexed.

“Good, I want you to dress smart please!” With that she trailed her finger down my chest and then walked away.

I watched her as she did. She purposely swayed her hips to emphasise her ass, that perfect juice ass. I was getting myself worked up.

I managed to re focus myself and finished up before heading back inside.

“Well hello there” Mom teased as she wolf whistled me.

“Hi mom” I said slightly embarrassed.

“Hey there my handsome good looking boy strutting about.”

“I was just heading for a nap, hard work that garden work” I half chuckled.

“Oh there’s my mr helpful, thank you sweetie. I’m going to be heading off for my night shift soon so I will see you both some time tomorrow morning!” She said as she came over and gave me a kiss on the head.

“Ok mom, see you tomorrow! Love you!”

“Love you more” she smiled broadly before I went upstairs to my room and crashed onto my bed.

After what seemed like minutes I was back up again and getting myself ready. I took a hot shower and trimmed my face. I had a small amount of facial hair but just wanted to tidy it up a little bit. I styled my hair as best I could before I went to get dressed.

I wasn’t exactly sure how well dressed Stacey meant. I’m sure she didn’t mean a three piece suit. I went for a pair of nice brown brogue shoes, dark denim jeans, a white shirt and a navy suit jacket. I must admit as I looked at myself in the mirror that I was looking really good.

I went downstairs, sat on the sofa and waited for Stacey to come down.

I only had to wait about ten minutes when I heard the tell tale sound of heels on the stairs. I stood up, fixed myself and went to greet her. My heart stopped.

“Robbie? Why are you staring like that?” My sister asked slowly stepping down the stairs.

She looked incredible. She had black strap heels on where the string ran up to her mid calf. She was wearing a tight red dress that hugged her figure so well. It came to her mid thigh. It had a cross strap across her back and two folds that came down each side of her very exposed ample cleavage. Her long brown hair was a straightened down to one side. Her make up just brought out her natural features even more.

“Robbie?” She asked nervously as she now stood next to me at the bottom of the stairs.

“Stacey... you look truly amazing” I said, my mouth wide open.

“Oh stop” she blushed.

“Serious. You look incredible!”

“Well thanks” she said as she gave me a tender kiss on the lips, “you don’t look half bad yourself.” She gave me a warm smile that melted my insides.

“Shall we go?” She offered.

“Yeah lets.”

Stacey threw on a black leather jacket and we headed out the door. I offered to drive as a gentleman should and because I wasn’t sure Stacey could drive in those heals.

Stacey told me that she had booked a place across town by the bay. It only took us just under twenty minutes to get there and the drive was really nice and pleasant. We both just felt so at ease and comfortable. The brother sister relationship was there but there was an added level to it.

The restaurant was called The Marine Room. It was on the pier and looked out onto the bay. It was such a beautiful setting and the interior of the place was even better. You could tell it was a classy establishment and I’m glad we dressed up.

“Good evening and welcome to the Marine Room, do you have a reservation?” A small cute Mexican girl asked. She was wearing a tight black dress that looked very conservative but still looked great on her.

“Yes it should be under Henderson?”

“Ah yes, right this way please.” We followed the young waitress through the restaurant and to a really lovely seat by the window.

“May I take your coats?” She offered.

“Yes thanks” Stacey said as she took off her jacket. She was definitely turning a few heads. I took my suit jacket off as well and handed it over.

“Your server tonight will be Sarah and she will be right over.” She gave us both a warm smile and then walked away.

“Stacey this place is amazing!” I gasped as we sat down. It truly was amazing.

“I’ve always wanted to come here and I couldn’t think of anyone better to be here with!”

“Aww Stacey you really didn’t have to but yeah, thanks.” I said weakly.

“It’s the smallest of thank you’s for everything you’ve done Robbie!” She said, her cheeks becoming rosier.

“I thought this was a date?” I joked.

“Robbie” she whined as she playfully slapped my hand that was on the table. “I’m serious, just that whole thing with Brad. I could never thank you enough.”

“Stacey you really didn’t have too and I would do it all over again for you. I would do anything for you!” I took her hand in mine.

I could see the shine of fresh tears gathering around her the bottom of her eyes. We just stared at each other. A deep understanding and love that was strong and we both felt it.

“Sorry to disturb you both” a tall tanned girl was stood there. Her black hair in a pony tail behind her. A warm smile on her face as she stood there patiently waiting.

“Sorry” Stacey said as she quickly retracted her hand.

“Oh no don’t be, it’s nice to see a couple in love” she smiled before continuing “here are your menus and also the specials.”

“Thank you” we both said in unison as we took our menus.

“Can I get you a drink?”

“I’ll have a glass of house red please” Stacey said.

“And you sir?” She turned to me.

“Just a water for me please” I smiled in return.

“Of course right away” with that she swirled around and walked away.

“You don’t mind me having a drink do you?” Stacey said with a hint of nerves in her voice.

“Not at all. I said I would drive and you can extra enjoy yourself!” I teased her.

“Oh such a gentleman” she giggled.

“As always” I winked.

Almost two hours later we walked out of the restaurant. It was by far one of the best meals I’ve had in my life and the company I shared with my sister made it even better.

“You really didn’t have to pay for that Stacey” I said as she linked her arm through mine.

“It was my pleasure, you know how I earn my extra money and things have been good recently.”

“You bad girl” I teased.

“Oh you know I am” she grinned as she pulled me away from the direction of the car and towards the edge of the pier.

“But honestly thank you Stacey!” I said seriously as we stood next to the waters edge.

“You are welcome” she smiled as she looked up to me, our eyes met. No more words needed said as we leaned closer and kissed. It was a warm tender kiss. My hands wrapped around her waist as her hands came up and wrapped around my neck and shoulders. The kiss wasn’t rushed. I could have kissed her in that moment forever. We just embraced each other.

Eventually we broke the kiss and just stared at each other. A small wry grin grew across her face before she kissed me again. This kiss was different, very different. It was hot and quickly turned passionate. Her hands pulled me in tighter as I did the same. One hand pulling her firmly into me as the other caressed her ass.

She groaned into our kiss as our tongues explored each other’s, now all too familiar mouths.

“God Robbie” she horsely whispered as she momentarily broke the kiss. Her tongue was back into my mouth.

We stood there making out and groping for a good few minutes. My dick was now rock hard and as much as I was loving this, I needed more. We both needed more.

“Let’s get home!” I said to her.

“Why wait?”

“What do you mean?”

“Come on Robbie, don’t be naive” she teased.

I followed her eyes as she looked over to the car.

“You can’t be serious?” I half chuckled.

“Deadly” she had the devilish grin back.

She then took me by the hand and hurriedly led me back to the car. We both jumped in.

“Start the car and start driving” she demanded.

“Ok” I simply said and did as she said.

She directed me to a large empty parking lot for a mall and told me to part in a corner more covered area.

As soon as I pulled up and switched the engine off, Stacey was on me. Her kiss hungrier than ever. Her tongue was inside my mouth within seconds. Her hand was almost instantly on my crotch as well, grabbing at my hard member.

“I can see you’re ready” she grinned that devilish smile again. “Quick into the back!”

We both quickly jumped out and into the back seats and almost instantly started kissing again.

She kissed me deep for several more minutes before she repositioned herself. Her hands fumbling at my pants trying to free my cock. I was all too happy to help as I helped undo my pants and pulled them down slightly.

“It looks bigger every time” she whispered as she takes hold of it at the base. Her fingers firmly gripped it as she gets her self closer.

Soon enough her warm mouth engulfed the head and I was in heaven. She instantly took up a rapid fast sucking motion. I could feel her tongue slashing all over as she sucked me off with vigour.

I couldn’t help but lean my head back basking in the joy and pleasure I was receiving.

It felt like Stacey was making love to my cock with her mouth.

“Ugh Stace” I groaned.

The sound of her slurping and moaning filled the car and it was one of the most surreal erotic situations I’ve ever been in. The immense overwhelming pleasure mixed with the anxiety and worry that we could be seen or caught.

Stacey was either feeling the same or didn’t care as she seemed all too happy with what she was doing. It felt like all that mattered to her in this moment was her mouth wrapped around my cock and I was all too happy to leave her be.

Stacey happily sucked me off for a good ten minutes and I was loving every minute but like she could read my mind we both wanted more.

Without saying a word she sat up and then again repositioned herself so she was half lying on her back, her shoulders resting against the door. She then spread her legs, her left foot resting on the front seat and the other resting along the top of the back seats. Whilst doing this she lifted her dress up to expose her Pussy it was bare and so inviting.

“No panties?” I raised an eyebrow.

“They get in the way” she said as her right hand moved down to her bare crotch. I could already see the dampness. She used her index and ring finger to spread her lips wider as she used her middle finger to trace up her slit. She moaned lightly as she trailed her finger over her clit before lifting her finger to her mouth and sucking her juices off.

My cock twitched as I moved closer to her. I scooted forward on my knees. With my right hand I held her left leg and guided my cock with my left. It was a little awkward but I managed to line myself up and sunk into her.

We both let out low groans as I slid in as deep as I could.

“Ugh yes Robbie” Stacey moaned as I just held myself there. Enjoying the feeling of being inside her again.

Readjusting myself I got comfy and started to pump my hips back and forth.

I had went a few minutes and I was already sweating from the heat in the car. Whilst still inside her I pulled my suit jacket off and tossed it in the front. I then pulled up the hem of my shirt and held it up as I went back to sinking into my sister.

I could feel the car shaking as we fucked. Easily the best sensation in life is the feeling of her tight pussy contracting and trying to grip every inch of me as I slid in and out.

“Fuck Robbie, that feels so good!” She grunted as she held up her dress with one hand and the other was pinned against the roof.

“Keep going” she ordered “don’t stop, don’t stop, right there, right there!”

I did as I was told and kept going. I kept a constant speed, thrusting deep into her. Her words were inaudible now and were mostly made up of grunts and moans.

After several minutes I knew the end was coming, literally. I could feel her inner walls tighten even more.

Suddenly there was a loud knock at the window.

“Fuck fuck!” I shouted as I scrambled off Stacey.

“Fucckkk” she whined in utter frustration.

“Who is it?” I whispered.

“I don’t know but tell them to fuck off!” She told me as she sat up and half fixed herself.

Another knock came. I quickly fixed myself and lowered the window.

My heart sank. It was a police officer. A big police officer at that, he was built like a house.

“Sorry. Hello officer” I said in a very timid voice.

“Look son” he began in a deep gruff voice. “I could easily pull you both down to the station and book you.”

I’m pretty sure my face was pure white.

“However, I’m near the end of my shift. So here’s the deal.” He went on. “I’m going back to my car and taking a ride around the block. You better be gone by the time I’m back!”

“Yes sir, of course officer!” I said as I exhaled a massive sigh of relief as he walked away.

“Fuck that was way too close!” I panted as I turned back to Stacey.

“We’ve got till he gets back to finish!” She said as she scooted her ass lower on the seat.

“Stacey you cannot be serious?”

“I’m so close though” she whined.

“We can finish at home” I told her as I got out of the car and jumped back into the drivers seat. The police car was just pulling away as I did so.

“Well I’m staying back here and finishing myself off” she huffed as she moved again to where she knew I could see her.

“Suit yourself!” I said to her as I switched the car on and began to pull out of the parking lot.

“Oohhh Robbie, it feels so good” she teased. I readjusted my mirror to get a direct look between her legs. Her middle and ring fingers were sliding in and out. She was moaning each time and getting louder as she got faster.

“I want that cock again” she groaned from the back.

“My pussy needs it so bad, I want you to fill me up and make me cum. I want to cum all over that big hard cock of yours!”

“Fuck” I gasped as I struggled to keep my eyes on the road.

“Ugh Robbie, I’m going to cum, aahhhhhh” she squealed as she clamped her legs shut around her hand.

Thankfully we were just minutes from being home as I sped up our street and hurtled into our drive.

“My room, NOW!” I turned to tell her.

Stacey simply grinned in return.

Moments later we had clambered into the house and up into my room. The second my door was shut I grabbed her and kissed her with reckless abandon. I kissed her with force that I backed her up against the door, still not breaking the kiss. I was rock hard and horny. I lost a bit of mojo when the police officer came but the show she gave me in the back I was right back were I was.

I then took a fistful of her hair and pulled her over to my bed. I was rough enough to show I was in charge and was going to take what I wanted but I didn’t hurt her. I pushed her onto my bed and bent her over. I grabbed her dress and threw it up as I pulled my cock back out of my pants.

Without warning I sank back into her. Her head flew back at my forceful invasion. I took a handful of her hair and held tight as I fucked her hard and rough.

“Oh my fucking god! Yes yes!” She cried as I slammed into her.

Stacey was holding herself up by her hands. My free hand was firmly placed on her hip as I pulled her back into me as I fucked her. The room quickly filled with the combined noise of our bodies colliding and Stacey moaning and shouting profanity.

“Ugh ugh ugh” she grunted with each forceful thrusts.

“Yes yes fuck me, fuck my pussy!”

I wordlessly continued. I only had one goal in mind. That was to explode my seed deep inside my sisters wonderful pussy. If she got off as well then it was an added bonus but at this moment in time I was only concerned with getting myself off.

A few minutes later and I was there. As I upped my pace even more Stacey screamed and squirmed below me as she came hard. Her hands gave way as her upper body collapsed onto the bed. I kept going though. Forcing my dick deep inside her as I came.

I grunted loudly as I filled my sister with my cum. Thrusting hard making sure every last drop came out. With a couple more slams into her I was spent. I pulled myself out and Stacey gave an audible whimper.

Stacey stayed in her position as I sat next to her on the bed and then fell back.

“That was... incredible” she panted, as she turned her head to look at me.

“It was wasn’t it!”

“The way you took control, holy shit.”

“Well you did tease me in the car and I needed to finish off.”

“God you can finish off like that anytime” she giggled as she flipped herself onto her side facing me. Her legs and heels half hanging off the bed. “That was good fun in the car” she added.

“Which part?”

“All of it” she grinned.

“The first and last part yes, maybe not the getting caught part” I chuckled.

“That was such a thrill, you were fucking me so good as well. Maybe need to find somewhere a bit more secluded next time.” She said with a wry smile on her face.

“Next time?”

“Oh yes, we will be having sex in the car again!” She said so sure of herself.

“Only if I get the same show in the back?” I grinned.


I leaned over and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “I’m going to shower!”

“Ok, I need to get this make up and outfit off.”

With that she lifted herself back up too her feet and edged closer. She trailed her hand down my cock before she wandered off out of the room. I was sure my cock even twitched at the feeling of her hand.

I lay there for five more minutes before getting up, stripping off and heading for the shower.

The feeling of hot water cascading down the body is always a good feeling. That feeling is made even better when I sense the presence of my sister as she slips into the shower beside me. Her hands snaking around me and wrapping me into a tight hug. I let her hold me for a moment before I turn around to face her. With one hand I cup under her chin and pull her into a kiss. It’s soft and tender at first but all too quickly it turns hot and passionate.

My hands roam her naked form and rest on her chest. Her tits are a great handful to squeeze and caress. Stacey moans against my tongue as her hand finds my hardening cock.

She strokes it lightly as I tenderly caress her mounds, her hard nipples poking out. I break the kiss and lean down to take a nipple into my mouth. She gasps loudly as I suck hard on her little nub. Her one hand still slowly strokes my shaft as her other hand cups the back of my head holding me against her.

I switch between nipples as I suck and nibble each one. Stacey’s breathing becoming heavier as I do so.

With one of my free hands I trail down her flat torso and between her legs. Even with the water falling down us, I can still feel how wet she is. Her juices are flowing as I slid a digit inside of her. She gasps louder as I press in.

“Fucckkk” she groans as her nails dig into the back of my head.

After a few pumps with my finger, I add a second and begin to finger fuck her.

Again Stacey’s held falls back in pleasure as her grip loosens in my head. After several minutes of fingering her I feel her hand leave me as she grips the side walls for balance. Her chest heaves up and down as she breathes deeper and deeper.

“Oh yes Robbie, keep going” she encourages me as I pump my fingers faster inside her. My tongue and lips still giving each nipple plenty of attention.

It does take long before I feel her body go weak and she cries out in pleasure as she cums all over my fingers. Her hand slapping onto my back for support as her legs tremble below her. I do my best to keep her upright as I take my mouth away.

With her eyes closed she wordlessly and waywardly opens her mouth with her tongue out trying to find my mouth. I meet her with mines as we make out again.

Once she comes down from her high, her hand is back onto my throbbing member. She pulls me towards her as she backs up against the shower wall. She lifts a leg and curls it around the back of my leg as she continues to guide me forward.

As my cock is at her entrance she places her hands on my shoulder and urges me on. I try to dip my hips to slid into her but the angle isn’t right. I try to readjust myself but it doesn’t help.

“Here quickly” she says as she climbs out of the shower. I follow behind her not worrying to turn the shower off and watch as she hoops up on to the bathroom sink counter top. I close in on her and line myself up. It’s still not ideal but it works better.

I slid into her and quickly begin to fuck her. Her legs curl up behind me and lock themselves around me. Pulling me into her as I fuck her.

Her arms are outstretched behind her as she holds herself up.

I fuck her like that for a good five to ten minutes before my balls start to swell.

“I’m close” I grunt as I slam harder into her.

“Do it” she growls “cum inside me again, fill me up!”

Seconds later I do just that as for the second time that night I cum into my sisters pussy.

We both grunt and groan as I empty myself into her. Her legs still firmly locked behind me. Completely spent again I hold myself against her.

We exchange an other brief tender kiss.

“Now I really need to shower” I teased.

“Let me wash you” she offered as she finally released me.

This time we both did actually manage to shower and took turns in washing each other. Even though it didn’t led to anymore sex. It was a very erotic experience cleaning and washing her beautiful incredible naked form. We eventually got out of the shower and dried ourselves off.

“Will you sleep with me tonight?” I asked, a hint of shyness in my voice.

“Where else would I sleep?” She teased back before she smiled warmly “I’d love too.” She extended out her hand and I took it as she led us back to my room.

We both climbed in and snuggled up. We lay on our sides and Stacey shuffled back up against me in a spooning position.

“I love you” she said softly.

“I love you too” I told her squeezing against me.

“Do you promise to love me forever though?”

“Stacey I promise to love you till the day I die. You mean the world to me!”

“You mean the world to me too!” She replied as she hugged my arm against her.

I smiled broadly as I held her against me. I was so happy and content. Could easily of lived in this moment forever.


Stacey and I had sex again during the night and once again in the morning. This continued for a few years. We limited it in the house. We had sex a few time’s in the car and even at college once, that was a real thrill. It was still the most erotic sex I’ve ever had. We still continued to do our cam shows as well. Mom never caught us but I did have a very sneaky suspicion that she knew about us but never said anything.

I also continued to have sex with Jessica and Melody. Most of the time it was the three of us but there was occasions when it was just Jessica and I. She was one horny woman. Melody and I did team up for our class project which turned out went a massive way towards our qualification. We ended up filming two movies. One a serious one that was submitted for grading and we also made a porno. It was an experience to say the least. We made it with a storyline and everything. This one I did not show to Laura though. A few weeks after my confrontation with Holly at work I decided to quit and got an internship with a small video production team.

Fifteen years on and things are going very well for me. I am head camera operator for a major film production company where I met my now wife. Jemma is a producer within the film company and we have worked on some big films in the last couple of years. We’ve been married for seven years now and have two kids, Paul and Nicole, both four and two.

My sister is also married to a great guy. Stacey managed to get a job as a fashion designer in a top clothing brand and that’s were she meet Mark. He’s a manager in the marketing department for the brand. They have a lovely little girl, Ashley, aged two as well.

Life really is great and I’m so proud of were my sister and I have gotten too. We no longer engage in anything sexual as we both love our partners dearly. Unfortunately I lost contact with Melody and Jessica after graduation but I still remember my time with them fondly. I have also never seen Brad or Kelsey again either thankfully.

Mom is doing great, she is however still single. She did date a few guys for a while but nothing ever lasted. She tells us many times that now she has grandkids they are all she needs to be happy.

I’m glad that I saw Kelsey for what she was. The heartbreak I went through but it gave me so much more. It really did give me a chance at a new sex life and a new life for that matter.


Authors note:

Below are the rough real life actresses I would use for the characters. They are not based on any of them nor do they resemble any. Purely for a visual representation.

Melanie Henderson - Angela white

Stacey Henderson - Dani Daniels

Kelsey, the ex - Lexi Belle

Miss Laura Davidson, teacher - Lauren Phillips

Holly, work colleague - Elsa Jean

Diane, moms friend - Kendra lust

Melody classmate - Siri

Jessica, melody’s friend - Lucy Kat

Lexi - Anna Ball Perks

Becky, nurse - Dillon Harper

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