Comforting Cousin Claire

Comforting Cousin Claire

As I relaxed on the train journey, staring out of the window at the passing scenery, I let my mind wander to thoughts of the very person I was off to see: My cousin Claire. She and I had been very close for years, and she was now in her first year at university, I in my second. We’d obviously known each other for a very long time, but it was in the past few years that we’d become much, much closer.

I’d been through a particularly harsh breakup, and Claire was there to pick up my spirits and take me on nights out where I wouldn’t have to deal with the friends who betrayed me for my ex. It didn’t take long for our nights out, or our nights in to become for all intents and purposes, dates. We’d go to the cinema, or stay home and watch a movie, but while it was outwardly platonic, I was definitely developing other feelings for her. One thing we did do was talk a lot about sex: Who we’d been with, what positions, etc.

Fully in my daydream, memories of a beach barbeque started flooding in. I can’t remember how the situation arose, but it seemed all the teens were playing some sort of hide and seek game. In the darkness of the nearly empty beach, I had found myself hiding between two small fishing boats, lying on the cool sand. Claire found my little spot and needed to hide herself, so she squeezed in next to me. There wasn’t much room, so her soft, smooth skin came into contact with my own. Her full round tits pressed against my chest, with only her skimpy bikini top separating us. I could feel a stirring in my swim shorts, and I tried to hide it. I remember suddenly only wanting one thing, and was tempted to kiss her, but what if she wasn’t willing? I held back, and that moment haunted my thoughts since then.

The commotion of the train arriving at its destination snapped me out of my daydream. Claire was waiting for me on the platform. She looked stunning. Her piercing blue eyes and wide smile; her curves showing off in tight clothing; her naturally blonde hair dyed black; all gave her an exotic and fresh look. I tried not to betray my lust for her we greeted each other with, “Hey Cuz,” as we normally would.

I was up at hers for her birthday weekend. The first day was pretty much as expected. She showed me to her small dorm room, with a squeaky single bed that I was going to sleep in, and she’d camp out on her floor. I can’t say I didn’t notice any extra sexual tension over that time. In fact I was almost giving up hope that something might ever happen. I might just have to keep my forbidden thoughts to myself for ever.

The following was her party. We were keeping things fairly casual. I wore jeans and a shirt. She was wearing jeans showing off her peachy bum, and a blue floral print tube top. She wasn’t wearing a bra so her juicy C-cups bounced around as she moved. She wasn’t heavily made up, but blue eyeshadow complemented her top. It was just us two and two girlfriends of hers. I thought maybe she was trying to set me up, but it turned out they were lesbians being set up with each other. “Oh well, no matter. I’ll just enjoy the night and see how it goes,” I thought.

So I did. Most of the night was unremarkable, but late in the night, at the nightclub we ended up in, was where things changed forever. I was dancing with our new lesbian friends, and I noticed Claire getting up close with a guy near the bar. I started to feel a touch of jealousy, but I didn’t dare intrude. We’d fallen out in the past when I’d interrupted her with a guy. However, moments later I saw her in animated conversation with this guy, and I watched as it became heated enough for her to storm off. I thought I’d see what was wrong.

On the side of the dancefloor, I approached her. Without any words, or any warning, she took my hands in hers, and pressed them up against her boobs, over the thin fabric of her top. I was stunned, and lost for words.

“Do you like them?” she asked. “They’re firm right?”

I could only muster a simple, “Yes, they’re amazing.”

She encouraged me to fondle her firm, round tits for a moment longer, then put my hands down and gave me a wink. My mind raced. She really felt the same way for me as I did her. Was this really happening? I followed her to the bar, we had a drink together, found her friends and danced, flirtatiously, until closing time.

As we left the club, I put my hand on her arse cheek.

“Patience, Cuz,” she whispered.

I daren’t do anything once her friends left the taxi at their stop. I did as I was told, and waited until we were back at her dorm. As she popped to the bathroom to freshen up, I came to the realisation: I was going to fuck Claire for tonight. I waited in her bed, and when she came back to the room, she switched off the light and invited me down to her little nest on the floor.

“The bed’s too loud,” she whispered.

I lay down next to her, my hand run up her stomach, over the soft, smooth skin until I found one of her breasts, now nothing separating my touch from it. As I did so, she leaned her head over. We kissed, softly at first, then deeper, as my fingers caressed her nipple and got it hard. Our tongues danced, and the kiss became even more passionate.

My hand lowered down towards the ultimate prize. I enjoyed the wonderful surprise of her entirely hairless pussy. My fingers became to explore the folds of her lips, parting them, searching for the warm wetness.

“Here,” she whispered, and with a free hand guided me over her clit. “Rub me there.”

I obeyed, the tips of my fingers finding the delicate nub of her clit. I could sense her arousal as her breathing intensified, her pussy got wetter. She reached across and started stroking my cock. She slowly rubbed me up and down to ensure I was getting hard. I felt myself getting bigger in her small hand, which stroked the length of my shaft and pulled back my foreskin to expose the sensitive tip beneath.

She reached up for a condom from her bedside table. She opened the packing, and used her mouth to apply it to my erect dick. In the low light I could only see the silhouette of her head bobbing up and down. She was side on to me, so I could still reach her sopping wet pussy. She then straddled me, looked me in the eyes and lowered herself down onto my throbbing dick.

I was now in heaven. This pussy that I’d imagined for years was wrapped tightly round my rigid cock, milking it for all its cum. Claire rode me slowly at first.

“Move with me, Cuz” she whispered.

I began to raise my hips to match her movements. Each thrust plunging deeper into her welcoming wet cunt. Her heavy breaths turned into soft moans.

“Yes, just like that. Suck on my tits now.”

She stretched up so her tits were now in my face. My hands grasped them, and I took a proud nipple into my mouth. She continued to bounce on my thick cock. I began to control the rhythm now, driving up into her. Her moans got louder. She didn’t care who knew what was going on. She just wanted anyone nearby to know what good dick I was giving her. Then…



The condom broke. Passionate we may have been, but we daren’t continue like this.

“Shit, Cuz,” she said. “That was my last one.”

“Well what can we do?”

“I know…”

She lay on the bed and spread her legs. In the low light creeping from the street I could see her wetness glistening.

“Use those fingers,” she suggested.

I sat down next to her, and began to finger her pussy. One finger seemed far too easy at this point, as did two. I jammed a third finger in there.

“More,” she begged.

“I’m not hurting you, am I?” I courteously checked to make sure, though I sort of knew that she was a bit of size queen already and could take just about anything I offered.

“No. Keep going.”

I moved up to four fingers. I began to feel the strain of her pussy lips, the pressure put on by the walls of her now tightening cunt. I placed my thumb in too, and began to push. Her moans became staccato, cut short with every thrust of my hand. I kept going, knowing she’d stop me if I went too far. I could feel her stretching to her limit, when suddenly she gave way. My entire fist was now inside her, and the sounds of pleasure kept coming.

I began to fuck her harder with my fist, her high pitched moans now joined by the wet sloppy sounds of my hand abusing her pussy.

“Yes, just like that! I’m coming, I’m coming!”

Suddenly her body rose as she arched her back, her stifled moan cut short in her throat. She held herself there for a moment, and I felt her pussy twitching and pulsing around my wrist. She then collapsed in ecstasy. I slipped my now soaking hand out from her now raw pussy, dripping and making the sheets below it wet. She pulled me down alongside her.

“Let me finish you off now.”

She rolled onto her side, and tossed me off. I was already fit to explode anyway from the shear excitement of what had happened so far. So it didn’t take long before I convulsed, and shot a huge load out over my own stomach.

We embraced and slept together in that tight single bed. In the morning, I got up, and washed up in the little washbasin at the end of the room, just to feel clean before going to shower. She got up, still naked too, walked up to me, pressing her boobs into me and whispered in my ear, “Thank you.”

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