Sexy BFF's Chapter 2

Sexy BFF's Chapter 2

Gracie's knees buckled as she felt that juicy strawberry followed by Jenny's still sticky fingers invade her dripping mouth. Her tongue snaked out to lick up the juice from the fruit, then the tip of Jenny's cum covered fingernail and finally Jenny's entire soft creamy finger while her tongue swirled around it mixing cum, saliva and juice in her sloppy mouth. Jenny shoved two more juicy strawberries in her gooey mouth and watched with amazement as Jenny shoved three huge strawberries in between those juicy lips of hers. In one swift motion Jenny grabbed her with one hand and a bottle of Whipped Cream from the counter. Jenny deftly flicked the cap off the bottle and before Gracie knew what was happening cream filled her mouth to overflowing. Jenny took a huge hit of the Whipped Cream herself then pulled her close for one of the most amazing kisses Gracie had ever had in her life.

Jenny's gorgeous berry flavored lips, followed by juicy juice from the strawberry, followed by her wet tongue covered in sweet cream from the Whipped Cream, mixed with some leftover sweet cream from Gracie's load from earlier. Soft wet tongues met, licked and swirled around each other mixing all those flavors letting them spill, ooze and drip between two gooey creamy dripping sets of lips and tongues. Gracie's eyes rolled back once again from the pleasure and as she felt her she cock harden and leak, she felt wave after wave of pleasure spread from her clit up and down and throughout her entire body.

Gracie barely had time to swallow when she felt another gooey sensation flow over her tongue. Jenny had the whipped cream bottle in one hand and the bottle of chocolate sauce in her other. A spray of whipped cream filled her mouth once again followed by chocolate sauce oozing over it. The cream and sauce was overflowing from her mouth and oozed down over her slutty tank top. Looking down she saw Jenny's gooey tongue lapping away starting from her messy lips, down her chest and finally circling her belly button now covered with a combination of sauce, cream, cum and fruit juice. Jenny let a line of sauce cover Gracies chest followed by a stream of cream. Jenny rubbed another strawberry around Gracie's sloppy lips, down her chest and circled the tip of Gracie's now hard as steel girl cock.

Gracie took the other bottle of whipped cream and spurted out a creamy line across her finger and slid it between Jenny's creamy lips. Jenny sucked and licked at Gracie's creamy fingers and pulled her close. The two girls raised their canisters of cream above their heads and let a flow of cream ooze out as if it was two cocks above them spurting out loads and loads of sweet gooey cum. The cream slid down over their faces and the two girls shared another long gooey, cream and sauce mixed french kiss, dropping the bottles on the floor and letting their hands roam up, down and all over two creamy shivering shuddering bodies.

Soft moans echoed through the room and Gracie thought to herself, "I'm so glad I bought that tarp!". Their kisses intensified and as Gracie slid a creamy finger up the crack of Jenny's tight ass, she could feel Jenny's painted nail slide up her tight pussy. Another gooey finger followed and Gracie matched finger for finger up Jenny's creamy ass. Three fingers and Gracie let out a soft growl. Four fingers and Jenny let out a stifled gasp. Now five fingers deep in each other, tongues down each others throats and their free hands stroking each others rock hard clits both girls started oozing and leaking over soft but sticky hands.

Without warning Gracie felt Jenny's fingers slide from her creamy gooey pussy and she felt Jenny spin and push her up against the refrigerator. Gracie felt her legs being kicked far apart and the tip of Jenny's she cock press up against her puckering hole. With a wet moan, Gracie spread even further and instinctively pushed back. Jenny slid effortlessly inside Gracie's pussy and grabbed her soft hips. "Jenny...", was all Gracie had time to moan before she felt the length of Jenny's she cock slide all the way up inside her. Gracie's hips rocked and Jenny impaled her sloppy hole. Jenny let out a low hiss and unbelievably slid even further up Gracie's gooey cunt. Jenny was so deep up inside her she could almost feel her cocoa cock up the back of her throat.

"Deeper!!", Gracie screamed and Jenny obliged and drove her girl dick up Gracie's hole and began to pound her mercilessly. "Fuck!! HARDER!!!!!", and Gracie felt her forehead start to bang against the freezer door. A box of cereal fell to the floor followed by a bowl of flowers. Jenny fucked her like she had never been fucked in her life and she could feel Jenny's cock grind, twist and slip in and out of her sweet pussy. Jenny grabbed the back of her hair with one hand keeping the other on her hip. Gracie could feel Jenny's razor sharp nails digging into her creamy hips and began to leak freely adding to the creamy mess on her kitchen floor. Gracie bucked back on Jenny's cocoa clit and seconds later felt Jenny erupt with another hot gooey load of girl spunk deep up inside her pussy. Gracie screamed as she felt the creamy girl cum fill her tight cunt to overflowing and felt Jenny's teeth softly sink into her soft shoulder.

Jenny's thrusts finally slowed and Gracie turned her head so the two girls could softly kiss as their spasms subsided a little. Jenny was panting heavily while Gracie moaned and finally slid out of her. The two girls sank down to the gooey, sticky creamy floor and wrapped their arms around each other. They shared soft still creamy, gooey kisses and lapped up as much goo off each others bodies as they could. Jenny reached behind Gracie and scooped up some of the cum that was oozing freely from her freshly fucked pussy adding to the creamy mess on the floor. Jenny slid her creamy finger between Gracie's lips and helped her lick and suck the creamy mess from her finger before pulling her close for another amazing cum covered tongue kiss.

Gracie finally pulled back and Jenny could see Gracie's glazed eyes, filled with overwhelming lust.

"Wanna take a bath...??"

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