Horrors combined - Ch. 02 - The hunting

Horrors combined - Ch. 02 - The hunting

Horrors combined.

If this is your first chapter to read, It would be better to read chapter 1 first, inorder to digest this tale, thanks for your concern..

Chapter 2: "the hunting".

On the same night (Mado) was still not sure what the creature meant by saying "...YOU WILL HAVE POWERS OVER FEMALES, NO FEMALE WOULD EVER BE ABLE TO RESIST YOUR CHARM..."

What on earth does this mean? He needed to try before hitting the road with (Noga).

He couldn't think of a better victim than the young maid they had at home, and by young it means that she was younger than (Noga), no less than ten years, but older than himself, no less than ten years as well, (Badura) -as his parents used to call her- was a light-colored, plump, beautiful woman, who was divorced after having multiple abortions, she was the perfect subject he could experiment on.

He went downstairs looking for her, she was in the basement doing the laundry, he walked into the basement quietly, and stood by the door, inspecting her plump figure, she was hot, although she was thin enough to not be his usual type of lust.

She leaned over a basket, took out clothes, and put them in the washing machine, repeated that motion till the basket was empty, then she started the machine, he began creeping to her spot, and when he became only a meter away from her, she turned fearfully to see who was behind her.

When she realized that it was (Mado), she smiled and sighed in relief.

"Master (Mado), you scared the hell out of me! Why did you came down her for? No one of your family ever comes down here anymore."

"That is to my luck." He said to himself, but didn't answer, he approached her more, and she pulled back a step, then she said "What? What do you want?"

He began to hesitate and thought that the ability the creature mentioned was a fake!

"(Badura)!" He whispered "you are so damn hot." He continued in a desperate attempt.

She changed her reaction 180° degrees -as if by magic- when she heard that, she approached his vicinity -it appeared as if she was inhaling an invisible and odorless aroma, that altered her reaction and personality- she looked deep into his wide eyes saying, "Did you really mean that master?"

"Hell yeah! And I mean much more." He replied approaching her body, and began caressing her arms.

Her plump, ample breasts, were heaving with her heavy breathing, as she began to feel wet, he touched her right breast with his left hand, and put his right hand on her left butt, then pulled her to his chest.

She wasn't wearing a bra, in fact, he could feel her erect, firm nipples, through the thin fabric of her gown, he undid the buttons of her gown, till her cleavage began to appear, he bent his head and licked the apex of her naked warm smooth breast-verge, another button went off, and another lick polished her skin, button after a button; and lick after a lick, he found himself licking the inside of her rounded deep navel, she hissed when he twisted his tongue inside her umbilicus, he raised his torso, and pulled her now-widely-opened gown apart, revealing her mango-like breasts, that were firm but juicy, plump but delicate, full but smooth, that he thought they were wrapped in a waxy capsule, but it was her skin; Her nipples were epic, full, hard, erect, grape-sized beads, resting on two wide wrinkly saucers, as if they had already been sucked just seconds ago.

He couldn't help but lean towards those magical beads, stick out his tongue, began tasting the right one, while pinching the left with a delicate grasp; And she gasped.

The moment his warm tongue circled her bare nipple, she gasped, she hasn't experienced licking since her divorce three years ago, and even when she was married, there wasn't really that much of regular licking anything, so she was lifted up to the sky on that first lick, then the licking and sucking snowballed, he suckled like crazy on her now-excitingly-sore nipple that she almost came, but soon when he abandoned the right nipple, and fetched the left one, while grabbing and cupping her right breast, over and over, and the same licking scenario was repeated with her left nipple, she actually came in her panty, and he could feel her rhythmic twitches.

He pulled her gently to an old mattress, that was thrown down their months ago by his mother, he laid her down, and unwind the gown off her arms, and behind her ass, down to her legs, staring at her very sexy belly, purple panty, and full, elegant thighs, he felt his hard-on nearly tearing his pants apart, he pulled down his pants, and nothing was underneath, his erect meat was out there, crying for penetration, she gazed upon his meat, with glistening eyes, it wasn't unusually big, but it was hard, and thick enough to make her purple panty turn dark purple due to her leaking wetness.

She sat up, and grabbed his throbbing member, and began licking around the engorged glans, then she twisted her tongue around the shaft, moreover she thoroughly polished his shaft with her tongue, she returned to his glans and began licking the tip again, staring at his slit pee-hole, she noticed it was very long, and hence, wide enough, that she could swear it could admit a little finger-tip, actually he himself hadn't noticed that before, it was part of the metamorphosis, she licked the slit severally, and bit by bit, she pushed the tip of her tongue to gently open it, actually it easily gapped, and enormous amounts of his pre-cum flooded, she re-inserted the tip of her tongue again, and again, till about two centimeters of her velvety tongue could be wedged into his slit, and stayed there, that she could shake her tongue, along with his impaled member together to the sides.

He began to feel the boiling orgasm in his balls, but he didn't want her to see the blue cum he now pumps, so as not to freak out! He pulled her tongue out of his pee-hole, and felt a shivering breeze in the bare area where it was lodged for a few minutes, that was now exposed to the air.

He pushed her back, and slipped off her panty, gazed upon her hairy bush, that she had no motive to shave, as her womanhood was long abandoned, and he brushed the hair aside with his fingers, till he reached her engorged clitoris, he literally and mercilessly ate it!

She was lying there, vigorously shaking, and tremoring in waves of orgasm, which was followed by another, and another, till she just couldn't open her eyes for one second, he then entered her heavily flooded vagina, with his tongue, and licked for some time, till she was nearly lost it.

His erection was really stretched, that he looked back at his cock, and found, to his amazement, two fleshy minute protrusions, emerging from his own slit! He stared at his penis, and slightly opened his slit, to find that they were the tips of two tentacles, that came out from his urethra!

He didn't know exactly what their functions were, and what to do with them, and on fantasizing about pushing one of them in her anus, they actually moved!

He again tried to move them on his free will, and they astonishingly responded, he mentally aimed one of them two her anus, and invaded the virgin, puckered opening, thin as it was, she only sighed with pleasure, as her anus was gently manipulated; Not knowing what to do with the second one, he moved it around her vulva and decided -on just-messing-around basis- to impale her urethra with it, and he did push it towards her pee-hole!

When he shoved the slender head inside her urethra, she squirmed, and mumbled in ecstasy, and sighed again, in arousal.

It was tight enough, that the slender tentacle felt squeezed on its way inside, a second later, he felt its tip being boiled in some pool of hot fluid, it was her urine, the tip of his tentacle was now swimming in her bladder submerged in her urine, the idea, as bizarre as it was, turned him even more, he pulled the two invaders back, and penetrated her welcoming pussy with both of them, followed by his cock, that was the event that made her open her eyes, gasping and cooing, he began thrusting forcefully in her pussy, it was so tight, because of her long abandonment, but the lubrication was more than enough.

He began building up his orgasm, when he felt a strange, but now seemed logic enough, sense of further penetration, he could feel the two tentacles emerging from his cock, pushing through her clutching cervix, and entering her uterus, whereas each one of them squeezed itself into one of her uterine tubes, searching for her egg-stores, her ovaries, that was the catch then, the creature's goal wasn't to only transform his sperms, but it was also aiming at transforming the mating females' eggs as well, and plant its genes in them, so the out coming breed is all the creature's offspring, purely, not half-creature half-human, a demonic plan that he was gladly playing the main role in, right now.

After feeling the two tentacles finished their mutating job, and smoothly retracted to his urethra, he completed the unfinished fuck, rubbing and plunging, until he came with tremendous power, that he almost felt the blue cum would come out of her nose, or mouth, but it sure didn't.

She convulsed vigorously, with successive orgasms, shooting down her spine, and opened legs.

So, he thought to himself, that was the two tentacles' actual function, to plant the seed in females' ovaries as well, what a devil!

He pulled back, and laid by her side for a moment, he was not sure she knew what has happened to her body, and that, in eight weeks, she would be fully pregnant with the creature's offspring, so she had less than a month, to escape to the cave of her new master, the only place left on earth, where she could just live!


It was now so obvious to him that no woman, no matter who she is, could resist him, nevertheless could (Noga), so he decided to cut the chase, today was more than perfect to execute his own mission and capture his lust!

This day was when his parents decided to travel to visit an aunt who lived on the other edge of the country, which means he had the whole house, and (Noga), not to mention (Badura), whose belly started to seem full, to himself, for at least a week.

He told (Badura) not to let any visitor in today, and told her that he was going to fill her up again but after he nails (Noga), she was his little servant now.

He went to help his parents finished their packing, (Noga) was already there, helping his mother, she was as plump, and as full, and as gorgeous as ever, he barely could hold himself from staring at her huge boobs, not to mention her full, big butt.

Having finished packing, his parents said goodbye to (Noga), and he gave them a ride to the airport, all through the way back home, he was designing different maneuvers to nail her and get the fuck done.

When he reached his house, he went looking for her in the first floor and found (Badura) asleep in the room beside the kitchen, up to the second floor he went, found het also asleep in a room that was near his parents' room, she was charming as it is.

Lying on her tummy and having one of her thighs bent up and the other extended, wearing a black stretch pants that very much described her butt cheeks and detailed every fold and crack in them with a strong trace of a pantie-line that followed the outer folds of her ass, her dark green, mini-sleeve, see-through blouse was lifted baring her lower back and embracing her buried tummy.

He knew from before that she was a really deep sleeper, so he sat on the bed beside her and gently touched her butt, caressed the fat cheeks and squeezed them lightly, he began pulling down her pants revealing her blue panty and went down with it until her bare upper thighs' flesh appeared.

He took it further down traversing her groins and exposing her fleshy plump calves, until it passed her ankles and was ultimately off, he thought to himself that this was such a pathetic way to fuck her while asleep, he of course wished to have her as the delicious meal that she is, while she is awake and watching.

So, he locked the door of the room and put the key in her pants' pocket, then took off all of his outfit and kept only his briefs, gently entered her panty with his hands and grabbed her ass cheek and rocked her, calling out her name.

"Auntie (Noga)... Wake up... C’mon (Noga), wake up already!"

She slowly opened her eyes smiling but soon felt the young stud's grab on her butt, she got up fast pulling his hand out of her panty and pushed him back yelling

"What on earth do you think you are doing (Mado)? How could you?"

He lied in front of her nearly naked rubbing his hairy chest and replied calmly:

"How could I what? I didn't do anything... YET!, look auntie (Noga), I have been dreaming about you, and your body has been my lust for about five years now, all my fantasies are about your body, and fucking you, I haven't passed a single day without jerking-off, to your pictures or my fantasies about you, at least one time, so face it my delicious lollipop, you're just mine today!"

She ran to the door shaking her wiggling butt, but couldn't find the key that was in her own pocket now, she turned to him and yelled:

"I'll scream and (Badura) will hear me and come to the door and it would be a scandal!"

"Be my guest..."

She began yelling...

"(Baaaaaduraaaaa)... (Baaaaduraaaaaa)…!"

She went on, over, and over.

A few seconds later, they heard (Badura) coming to the door but didn't attempt to touch the handle.

"Yes miss (Noga), what do you request?"

"I want..."

He stood up and interrupted her sentence and told (Badura) -in front of (Noga)'s surprised scared eyes-:

"(Badura), go down stairs until I finish fucking miss (Noga), and don't let any guests or any one up here till I order you, if anyone asks, me and Miss (Noga) had travelled with my parents, O.K. there (Badura)?"

"Yes sir of course... I'm at your service."

And they could hear her steps go away.

(Noga) yelled desperately...
"What are you damn bitch saying?! Come back here and call the police!"

But no answer ever came back!

Finally, she walked towards the bed and said:

"I'll kill you if you touched one hair of me."

Sticking out his hand and teasingly smiling, he grabbed a tuft of her now loose hair and kissed it.

She jumped onto him and tried to grab his neck, but he twisted her arm and while still lying in bed grabbed her twisted arm and pulled her back towards him, that his erected bar got buried in her panty-covered ass cheeks, he took off his briefs, plunged his shaft in her crack, and grabbed her other arm and whispered in her ear:

"I could take you during sleep, or more even, I could take you right now, forcing you such like this, but..."

And he let go of her arms, and continued while massaging her boobs...

"I really love you, and I want you to give into it, and share me the fun and satisfaction."

"You lunatic, I will never... n… n… n… n..."

He turned her onto her back, and swallowed her ripe lips in a deep painless bite, he licked her tongue, and her lower lip, and bit that lip intensely with his lips and sucked it, and in the same instance, she began inhaling that magical aroma and began to loosen up.

"Oh (Mado)... mmm... I love you too, and I want you too."

She began kissing him back, and turned to face him where her hands embraced his trunk, and one of them began stroking his erection, he smiled, while unbuttoning her blouse open, un-clasping her blue lace bra, revealing her breasts!

He was nearly out of breath during that moment, for the first time he finally sees her breasts, the ones which he has been fantasizing about for the last five years, they were just gorgeous and extremely sexy, her breasts were in the size of a small melon each, very, very soft and ripe, extremely hot, as if they were on fire, redundant in her lay-back, dangling on both sides of her chest, with brown, full, firm, cherry-sized nipples, in the centers of her wide delicious areolas.

He barely could breathe in front of that scene, a little while he began grabbing her melons and squeezing them hard in between her sighs and coos and hums, he leaned on top of her monstrous boobs and began eating her nipples, licking, sucking and chewing them one after one, taking into consideration that she was a spinster, she have never had her breasts or nipples manipulated like this ever before, except for sometimes, when she used to grab and massage her own breasts, and lift one of them up, to celebrate her nipple, with her own tongue, but this was her first time with a man.

Thereafter, only three minutes of him eating her boobs and teats, made her explode with pleasure in a tremendous orgasm, her panty was heavily soaked, that he felt her juices escape her cunt to soil his naked cock.

He got down to her pussy, ripped off her panty, vigorously grabbed her pussy lips and opened them apart, deep there, at their apex, her clitoris was deeply buried in her fatty mound, he dug for it until delivered, and Sucked it strongly deep into his mouth, that it got stretched like hell and she screamed of pleasure, he introduced one finger in her vagina and felt gently around, felt a thin membranous diaphragm that made him cut his clitoral meal.

"You are a virgin still?!

"Yes!" She whispered.

"Oh no! I can't do this to you!"

"What is it?! Go on and continue."

"I can't, I really can't rip off your virginity, and I really loved you."

She wasn't under the aroma effect anymore, but she really felt he was the one to nail her, but he was really not going to, she laid over him and said.

"Look dear (Mado), when I woke up finding you were about to rape me, I was really frustrated and refusing, but I can truly feel your love and care about me now, that I really want you to fuck me and take my virginity, I really loved you but I was afraid at the beginning, but now, you are my only love, and my stud boy, who will enter me with his stallion, come, come baby."

She laid back and pulled him to sleep over her, now awakening to his conscious he remembered the creature, and the tentacles in his urethra, looking down he found no trace for them, but he thought to himself, he can't do this to (Noga), his true love, he can't breed her with the creature's seed!


To be continued...

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