Moving furniture

Moving furniture

Before I began I want to start out by describing my self. I’m a 17-year-old boy in good shape. I have long blond hair that I let grow down until it almost covers my eyes. I’m about 6’ 3” and have a very large cock. And because of that fact I am not a virgin. In fact I think I’ve fucked every girl in my high school.
I rang the doorbell and then shifted my feet nervously. After a moment or two the door opened. Standing there was the hottest babe I had ever seen. There is no other way to describe her. She was in her mid-twenties, and she was tall with long legs. She had brown hair that went down to her waist, a tight ass and medium sized boobs. Instantly my pecker started to get hard. I moved my hands down to hide it.
Then I said ”Hi, I’m the boy from down the street and I think your husband hired me to move some furniture.” She simply nodded her head and led me inside. As she walked I noticed her ass swaying back and forth with so much rhythm it took all my strength to hide my ever-growing cock. Se led me into a bedroom and she told me where she wanted everything. She then bent down to pick up something off the floor showing her perfect boobs. I had a sudden urge to just rip off her clothes and fuck her but I resisted it.
I then started to move the furniture. It wasn’t very hard work, but for some reason she stayed in there. After a little while she asked me if I wanted a drink. I declined since I needed to get home as soon as possible. Then she asked me if I was too strained. I said no but if I did get too strained I had some tools in at home.
Then she drew up beside and I instantly pulled up from what I was doing. She then pulled me around so I was facing her.
“You’re a sexy boy, do you have a girlfriend” she asked
“No ma’am, my girlfriend was reluctant to lend me some sugar so I broke up with her”
“Oh that’s to bad, you look like you need a woman, are you a virgin”
“No ma’am, not at all”
“Have you ever seen an older woman’s body”
“No ma’am”
“Would you like to see one?”
At this point my pecker was so hard if she didn’t notice it then I was a failure. It seemed she did not need an answer though because she drew closer to me and guided my hand towards her breasts. When my hand got there she told me not to be afraid, so I instantly began fondling like my life depended on it. Then she moved her hand down and began to fondle my dick through my pants. The she stepped back and sat down on the bed where she quickly removed her blouse and I saw she was wearing no bra. She then lifted up her skirt and I saw that she had no panties on either. She then looked up at me with lust in her eyes and she commanded me to suck. I was very happy to oblige, so I got down on my knees and sucked like kingdom cum. She was slamming her pussy against my face until she finally came all over me. Then she ordered me to strip down. I did this very quickly wanting to please her as much as possible. When she saw my fully erect dick, she gave a barely audible gasp. She then swooped down and took the whole thing in her mouth. She was very good at giving head and I came about 30 seconds later. Then she pushed me down on a chair, straddle my growing cock, and slowly slid onto me. We both maoned as she entered. She then began bucking like a wild bronco all over the place, while I was pounding in and out of her. We slowly worked to our second climax, until we could not hold it any longer and I spurted inside of her as she flailed all over the place. We then heard a moan that was not our own and we looked over to see her husband jackin’ off like crazy.

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