A Score to Settle

A Score to Settle

A Score to Settle

"So why the fuck won't you leave me alone?"

He grimaced in spite of the time and distance that separated him from the memory. It was his little sister, by all of eleven months, and it had been two years ago that he had last spoken to her. Or, more appropriately, two years since she had last spoken those words to him.

Robbie shook the memory from his head and stepped under the bar. He took three deep breaths and held the third one as he heaved upwards. He raised it off the rests and stepped back into the cage. Three plates to a side, he squatted down until his thighs were parallel to the ground, then dipped another inch. He rose smoothly, exhaling as he did so. Another breath at the top and he repeated his performance. After another four repetitions he stepped forward and reseated the bar on the rests, then slipped from under it and blew out a heavy breath.

He glanced around the gym, noting how empty it was except for the girl at the counter, a man on a treadmill, and another girl working on one of those stupid machines designed with the sole purpose of sucking in the attention of every man in the gym while a woman tries do hamstring curls. He scowled in spite of himself, wishing he could tell her how many better ways there was to work her ass and hamstrings, even without jumping into the perverted ones.

He glanced back at the girl at the counter. She had a killer body but she was off limits. Not only was she the owner's daughter, but she also had a preference for dark meat. Robbie shrugged and turned back to the power rack he was working out in. He loaded up a smaller 25-pound plate on each side and figured he would shoot for another four or five reps on his sixth set, then call it good.

Three reps later he realized his mind was not on the workout. He racked the weights and staggered out from under it, feeling lucky to be alive. After a few moments of heavy breathing to restore the energy in his legs, he unloaded the weights and headed to the locker room.

Unseen and unnoticed, the eyes of the girl doing leg curls followed him.

Robbie showered and found himself still aggravated. He lightly punched the wall of the small shower cell, wishing he could hit it harder. That would only damage the tiles and break his knuckles, hardly a productive solution. His problem was not the workout, nor was it the classes he had just finished nor the ones he was about to start. His problem was Noreen, his sister.

He was leaving later that very day for a four hour car ride home for the holidays. His father had all but begged him to come home this year, something he had managed to avoid doing last year. This time he had no excuses, the football team was not in any bowls and they were not going to be practicing.

With a sigh, Robbie turned the water off and exited the shower. He toweled off slowly, postponing the inevitable. Opening up his locker he even ignored the sound of someone walking through the locker room behind him. He could tell by the sound who it was and where they were.

"Heading home for the holidays?"

Robbie grunted, surprised. He turned and nodded. "Yeah, I guess," he said.

"Most everyone already left last night," the man from the treadmill, a professor who kept himself in shape to run a yearly marathon, said.

Robbie shrugged. "Didn't see the need to rush, going to be there a couple of weeks."

The professor chuckled. "Have a safe trip," he said, heading for a shower himself.

Robbie thanked him and dressed, grabbing his gym bag and heading out. He nodded to the girl who had moved from the leg curl machine to the crunch machine. This time he did not even bother feeling disgust at the semi-useless machine; his mind was elsewhere. The girl at the front desk waved and said goodbye as well, her tone as flirtatious as always. He had learned quickly from watching her that she just acted that way, she did not mean anything be it; she was just a hopeless flirt.

Sighing, Robbie walked through the cold morning air the mile and a half to his apartment and started throwing things into his suitcase. His roommates had already bailed for the Christmas holiday, leaving him to lock the place up and shut everything off. He triple checked everything, telling himself it was to make sure there was nothing left on. The truth was that he was procrastinating.

Finally Robbie had no more excuses. The 6' 3" junior headed down the stairs, suitcase in tow, and headed for his beat up Ford Ranger. He promised himself that when he graduated with his BS in Criminal Science one of the first things he would do would be to buy a new truck. Until then, Old Blue, as he called the powder blue six-cylinder stick shift, just kept on chugging along in spite of the miles and abuse.

Home was about half an hour north of Chicago in Wisconsin, a good 12 miles or so off of I-94. A suburb named Bristol. His parents both still worked and were only in their late forties. They enjoyed being empty nesters but, of course, missed their children as well. Especially around holidays. Guilt had been their trick to bring him home this year, although Robbie had to admit he missed them too.

What really had him bothered was Noreen. Nora and he had not parted on good terms, as much as he wished it otherwise. She hated him with a passion, and he supposed he deserved it. Out of a misplaced sense of chivalry he had done his best to avoid her to make her life better. Then again, that was his way of justifying the simple fact that he was afraid to see her. Afraid to be reminded of how much she hated him. Afraid to be hurt by it again.

He went over it in his head for the entire agonizing drive home from Ferris State University, conjuring up conversations in his head that he imagined were destined to take place. Conversations that turned into fights and fights with words harsher than bullets and knives.

She had slapped him last time, and that had stunned him and hurt him more than any spanking he had received as a child or hit he had taken playing college football since then. Then she turned and stormed out and he could only stand and watch her leave, tears running down his face in shame.

Pulling into the driveway Rob saw that his parents cars were in the garage and in the turn around another car was parked. This was a Chevy Cobalt, stained with salt from the roads but otherwise looking impressive for its relative newness. He wondered what kind of job Nora had landed to buy herself a new car.

He parked on the far side of the driveway, blocking his dad's trailblazer in the garage, and took a deep breath before he reached over and grabbed his duffel bag full of clothes. With a grunt, he lifted it up and opened his truck door, then took the first of many difficult steps towards the front door of the house.

It opened before he got there. His mom and dad, Frank and Jenny, were all smiles. Frank took his bag from him and Jenny wrapped her arms around him, gushing all sorts of happiness and praise over him. In spite of his trepidation, Robbie found himself smiling and deeply touched by the homecoming.

Inside he took off his shoes and looked around. There she was, sitting in a chair at the bar that separated the front room from the kitchen. She was wearing a red sweater with a plunging neckline that clung to her body in a way that made Rob just as uncomfortable as she had always been able to do. She was his sister still, even if she hated him. Other girls could dress like that, but not her.

He smiled at her in spite of himself, his eyes pleading for peace and forgiveness with her. She smiled back at him, her face a blank mask outside of the smile. His mom and dad pulled him in, breaking the frozen moment in time. They all but pushed him towards the kitchen and the various gourmet treats his mom had baked for he holidays; everything from cookies to pies to candies.

Robbie could not help but chuckle at the spread. His mother had always been one hell of a cook. His large frame, worked into a lean and impressive running back build, he had inherited from his father. His father's build had suffered one too many cookies though, Robbie loved to tease his dad. His dad just shrugged and grinned, he had given up the strapping young man archetype to his son years ago, he was content now to slip into middle age as a proud parent with a bit of a spare tire.

Dinner was served, with Nora and Rob sitting opposite each other just like old times, but they scarcely talked to each other the entire time. The lack of conversation was hardly missed, however, thanks to Frank and Jenny filling them in on all the latest happenings in the neighborhood, at their jobs, and with relatives on both sides.

As much as Robbie had hated to come home, and as much as the potential for awkwardness remained, Robbie found himself having a good time. Memories and a sense of the familiar flooded into him and before he knew it, he was even smiling and trying to crack jokes with Noreen. To his surprise, she played along, ribbing him right back. Robbie kept up the façade, knowing with a crushing pain in his chest that it had to be for the benefit of their parents.

Robbie had never told anyone about their falling out. From the way his mom and dad acted, apparently neither had Nora. It was there secret, something that connected and bonded them in a way that Robbie desperately wished did not exist.

As the night wore on eventually Frank and Jenny decided it was getting late and that they needed to head to bed. Robbie glanced nervously and Nora and saw her looking at him as well, her expression still mercurial. He muttered that he was pretty tired too, and was going to head for his old room. Noreen piped in to say much the same, ending the magical reunion and crushing any hopes Rob may have nursed that things had gotten better between them.

Rob woke up later that night, sensing something was amiss. He looked around his room, his eyes piercing the darkness as best they could, and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Shrugging, he found sleep would not come. He got out of bed and went down the hall to the upstairs bathroom, passing Nora's bedroom on the way. He glanced at her door, wondering if she was having trouble sleeping too, then shook his head and kept going.

In the bathroom he fished his business out of the flap in his boxers and took care of things, then glanced over as he reached down to flush the toilet. Resting on top of the dirty clothes in the hamper was a scrap of cloth that he did not immediately recognize. He reached into it and pulled it up, holding it up in the light.

Rob's cheeks burned as recognition came flooding to him. He was holding a silky red thong! It was resting on top of Nora's red sweater, adding proof that it was hers. He stared at it again, realizing it was not even a thong; thongs had more material to them than this thing did. It was a g-string! Rob threw it back in the hamper quickly, as though it burned his fingers to hold it.

What the fuck was Nora doing wearing clothing like that? She was his sister, damn it, not some slut! He stared at it again, as though if he looked long enough it would change into something else, then he closed his eyes and shook his head. He reached down to shove himself back in his boxers and discovered, to his great embarrassment, that he was hard as a telephone pole.

Frustrated beyond words, he slipped himself back inside his boxers and pinned his member against his abdomen with the waistband of his shorts. He flushed the toilet and hurried back to his bedroom, cupping one hand over the head of his cock that was poking out above his shorts as if it were trying to broadcast to the world what a pervert he was.

Back in his bed he spent a long time replaying the image in his mind of his sisters panties. He could not believe, nor understand, it! He nearly went back to confirm what he had seen twice, but stopped himself both times. Finally, in the waning hours of the morning, he fell asleep again, though his sleep was troubled with disturbing dreams of Nora running around in red panties.

The next day, hardly rested, he vowed he would confront her about her clothing. He stopped himself, remember that behavior like that had been part of what had driven them apart. Sighing in frustration, he realized he had to leave her alone. He had to let her do her own thing. She was an adult, and it was no longer his responsibility to protect his little sister. Especially if the protection would be from herself.

Nora and Jenny went shopping that day, leaving Rob and Frank to do whatever they wanted. They talked about football, of course, and went out into the heated garage to spend some time in Frank's workshop. He was working on welding up a frame to another custom dune buggy, a hobby that Frank had undertaken years ago. He sold three or four a year now, making a tidy profit off of them for a hobby. He always joked that he had so many orders that even after he retired he would be working until he was 100.

Robbie let himself be lost in conversation and then the work, as they worked on the dune buggy. It felt good to immerse himself in physical labor and trivial conversation, it spared him from the thoughts and the guilt. Of course the beer they kept drinking helped as well, lifting him from the somber mood that had threatened to overwhelm him.

Time flew past them and before either one knew it, Jenny and Nora were back from shopping, multiple bags in the back seat of Jenny's Impala. Both men jumped up to help and, after the girls sorted through a couple of bags that they did not want them seeing, were instructed on what to carry and where.

Robbie caught himself wondering what it was Nora carried in her bags. Was it more smutty underwear? He glanced down at the ones he was carrying but then looked away, embarrassed at what he was doing. He set them on the floor near the stairs to the second story and turned to head back to the garage.

"What, you're not going to carry them all the way up?" Nora asked him.

Robbie nearly jumped; he did not realize she was right behind him. He opened his mouth to reply but then shrugged. "Sorry, I didn't know," he mumbled. He was at a loss for what to do or say.

"Well make it to me," she said. "Grab 'em and follow me!"

Robbie nodded, which was unseen by his sister as she had already pushed past him and headed up the stairway ahead of him. He grabbed up the bags anew and followed her up the stairs, realizing that if her skirt had been a little shorter he could have seen what pair of slutty panties she was wearing that day.

Robbie looked away, a tortured gasp escaping his mouth. What the hell was he thinking? It was none of his business what she wanted to wear. He knew dozens, if not more, girls at college that wore things just like that... that or worse (better?). What was the big deal?

They were not his sister.

"What's wrong?" Nora asked, turning at the top of the stairs and looking down at him.

"Nothing," Robbie said quickly. "Lot of shit here, that's all."

"Some big brother you are," she chided him, teasing him.

Robbie scowled at her, which made her smile, and followed her down the hall and into her bedroom. He looked around once inside, remembering it as though he had been in it only yesterday. It had, in fact, been two years. Still, it had no changed.

"Thanks Rob," Nora said, taking the bags from him and setting them on her bed.

"Yeah, um, no problem," he said, wondering why he was such a lumbering brute. Normally he was a pretty quick guy. Witty and funny, he never had a problem holding up a conversation. Lately though things had taken a turn south for him and he felt like he was struggling to tread water.

He turned and left the room, heading back downstairs and wondering if he should grab another beer or go and try to find something else to do. He was sure some of his old friends would be in town. Of course he had not kept in touch with any of them in a few years.

"Honey, will you and Nora be okay?" Jenny, his mom, asked him when he walked into the kitchen.

"What?" Robbie asked, eyes widening fearfully. Did she know?

"Your dad and I have that Christmas party for his work to go to tonight, remember?"

"Oh, that," Robbie said, relieved. He did not remember, but it made sense. Every year they went to the Christmas party his dad's work put on, staying late and enjoying themselves. "Sure, you guys have a good time."

No sooner had the words left his mouth than he realized they were going to leave him and Nora together. Alone. He felt a chill run down his spine and his gut clenched in fear.

237 pounds and strong as an ox but he was terrified by the thought of spending the evening with a girl half his size. Even Robbie realized he was being ridiculous, but that did nothing to stem the growing anxiety he felt as his parents disappeared to get ready for their party.

When his parents came down to leave Robbie did a double take. His dead was dressed up in a suit and, he had to admit, he looked pretty damn good. For an old guy, that is. His mom, on the other hand, he nearly had to look away from. He glanced at Frank and saw him practically leering at his mother, who looked devastating in the black cocktail dress she was wearing. Robbie shook his head and heard Nora whistle appreciatively.

Jenny blushed, then tried to smack her husband when he added his own wolf whistle for affect. Robbie found himself chuckling in spite of himself. They said their good byes and made them promise not to wait up, since the parties often ran all night long. Robbie almost wondered what it was they could possibly end up doing all night at a party, but he refused to let his mind go down that path. They were his parents, after all!

Then the door shut and it was just him and Nora. He took a deep breath and turned around, knowing he had to face her sooner or later. His only problem was, she was gone. He looked around, surprised at her ability to melt away, and then shrugged. He went to the fridge and grabbed a couple of beers, then headed downstairs to the game room.

Rob was through his second heated game of nine ball when he heard Noreen coming downstairs. He glanced at the stairway just in time to see her emerge from the doorway. Earlier she had been wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, now she was wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants, both of which with dried paint stains on them. Her dark brown hair hung down around her shoulders and it was obvious she was in her comfort zone.

She placed two more beers on an end table and gestured at them before saying, "I brought some more beer."

No shit, he almost said. Instead Robbie just looked at her, a little confused. "Thanks, I'm almost out."

She shrugged and looked at the pool table. "What are you playing?"

"Nine ball, but I keep losing."

She laughed. "You're playing against yourself!"

He grinned, happy that his stupid little attempt at humor had worked. "Yeah, I suck that much."

She giggled again and let it trail off into a sigh. They looked at each other and Rob could tell Nora wanted to say more. Robbie did too, but neither one of then knew what to say or how to say it. It was maddening. Finally Robbie broke the moment by finishing off the last of his beer, then heading for one of the replacements she had brought down.

"Want a real challenge?"

Robbie spun around, nearly spilling his beer in surprise. "You play pool?"

Nora shrugged. "I'm not gonna hustle you, if you're worried."

He chuckled and shrugged, his smile betraying his feigned indifference. "Sure, grab a stick."

Nora grabbed a stick and looked down it, pretending she knew what she was doing. Robbie hurried to gather up the balls and re-rack them in the diamond shaped nine ball formation.

"You want to break?" He offered, stepping away from the table.

She shrugged again and bent over the table. Robbie noticed how, in her awkward position, she had managed to avoid the infamous "freshman 20" that most first time college students put on. He nodded absent-mindedly, proud of her self discipline, and watched her aim down her stick and taking a couple of practice shots. Finally she drew it back and sent the cue ball rocketing into the gathered balls.

None of them went into a pocket, but they were spread out fairly nicely on the far side of the table. Robbie smiled as he drew mental lines between the balls he needed to hit. The first one, the gold number 1 ball, was almost perfectly lined up for him.

"Wait," Nora said as he moved to drop the ball into the side pocket.

"Huh?" He asked, looking up at her across the table.

"Let's make the game more interesting," she suggested.

Robbie's clueless expression made her laugh. For a normal college girl to say something like that, he would assume they were drunk and trying to get into his pants. But this was his sister!

"I mean let's put some stakes on it, you know, like a bet."

Robbie straightened up and raised an eyebrow. "What do you want to bet?" He asked cautiously.

"Truth or dare!"

Rob's eyes widened and his bottom jaw actually dropped a little. He laughed after a moment, not believing what she had suggested. "Aren't we a little old for that?"

He watched as some of the light he had noticed in her eyes started to go out of it. She glanced away and shrugged. "I just thought-"

"Let's do it," he said, changing his mind. He realized that, though it might mean he was destined to go to Hell, he could possibly use the game to his advantage. He could finally get some answers from her. And maybe, just maybe, he could let her know how much he missed her.

She looked at him suspiciously. "You mean it?"

Robbie nodded. "Yeah, I do. I think it's a good idea."

"Okay, I'll ask you before you shoot, if you make it then you get to shoot again or pass it to me without me asking the question," Nora explained.

Robbie nodded that he understood and took a healthy drink from his beer. He suspected he was going to need as much liquid courage as he could get.

"So, truth or dare?" She asked him.

"Truth," Robbie said, not ready for whatever vengeance she might have planned for him. His sister was an angel on Earth, and she looked every bit like something fallen from Heaven, but he knew she had a temper and a wicked imagination too.

"Now shoot and if you miss I get to ask my question," she said.

Robbie nodded and lined up the shot again. After taking aim he let the cue ball go, sinking his targeted ball decisively. Unfortunately, in the excitement he forgot to control the rebound of the cue ball to line up his next shot. The two, his next ball, ended up behind the number five ball.

"You can shoot again or pass it to me," Nora said.

Robbie studied the table for a long moment, thinking. Aided by the beer, no doubt, he decided that he could bank the cue ball off the edge of the table and knock the two into the corner pocket, which was a good eight inches away from it. "I'll shoot," he said, a cocky tone to his voice.

Nora just smiled sweetly and let him line the shot, which he missed by a lot. "You ready?"

Robbie scowled at her but nodded, already reaching for the fortifying drink. Suddenly his knees felt a little weak and wobbly as he realized he had no idea what she was going to ask him.

"Why haven't you talked to me in two years?" She asked, not beating around the bush.

Robbie blew out a breath, feeling like he had just been punched in the solar plexus. He looked at her and saw a very serious and very interested little sister looking back at him.

He opened his mouth to respond, then realized he was not sure what to say. Finally he just forced words to tumble out. "I was scared."

"I was afraid I'd make you angry... and of getting hurt again because of it."

She opened her mouth but then closed it, nodding. "One question at a time, we stop whenever you say so."

Robbie watched, surprised, as she moved to the table and lined up the two ball, which now was a direct line to the corner with nothing else in the way. She looked up at him and asked, "well?"

"Oh! Um, truth or dare?"

"Truth," she said, then sent the cue ball straight into the two ball, sinking it. Her next shot was a long cross table shot, and the three was cloistered in next to a couple of other balls.

"Your turn, I'm not that good of a shot," she admitted, gesturing at the table. "Truth or dare?"

Robbie looked at the table. It was possible, he realized. He didn't know if he could thread the cue ball between the other two, but it was worth a shot. "Truth," he said.

Concentrating on the shot was difficult, now that he suspected what Nora's game was. Still, he did his best and let loose the stick, sending the ball rocketing into the seven instead of the three and knocking several balls into different positions. Robbie straightened up and looked at her, a miserable look on his face.

"I was just confused," she said. "Okay, maybe a little hurt too. Why were you so afraid of hurting me? You've picked on me and made my life miserable for years before that."

"I didn't want to hurt you," Robbie admitted, confusing her because she thought he had already said that. "What I meant was I didn't want to get hurt again. You were a pest, but I loved you and wanted the best for you. I still do, you know. I was afraid that if I found a way to get in your life again I'd get in the way again... in the way of letting you live it the way you want to."

"What... damn, I have to wait," she said, stamping her pool stick into the carpet.

"Go ahead, I'll give you a freebie," Robbie said, happy about the questions in spite of how vulnerable he was leaving himself.

"Alright, what makes you think I wasn't living the way I wanted to?"

"You hated when I got in the way," Robbie stated, surprised at her question. "You hated when I scared your boyfriends away. You hated when I got in the way of you going out partying. You hated when I'd tell mom and dad and get you in trouble... I wasn't being a bitch, I was trying to protect you... and I'm sorry."

Robbie looked up at her, realizing he had been staring at the pool table. He saw a strange look in her eyes. It was not the anger or resentment he had feared, but something else. Sadness, perhaps?

"And I still think and feel that way," he admitted, crossing what he suspected was a line he should not cross. Still, the disclosure felt good to him, cathartic in a way. "I saw your underwear in the hamper last night and I thought to myself how inappropriate they were. I wanted to take them and throw them away. I wanted to tell you not to wear stuff like that because of how guys will think of you if they find out."

"That's bullshit," Nora said. "I've seen the magazines you used to hide in your room! I've seen the websites you looked at on your computer! You love girls that dress up like that!"

Robbie was embarrassed and irritated at the same time. What right did she have to snoop through his stuff? He almost called her on it then realized she had as much right to it as he did to look through the dirty clothes at her underwear. Still, his had been an accident, and she did it deliberately.

Robbie opened his mouth to respond, feeling justified in his anger, but then he remembered how much he did not want to push her away again. As it was, she was hardly back as being his friend, and lashing out at her might only forever make her hate him.

"That's not it," he said, changing his pace and trying to help her understand him. "Sure, I'm a guy, and I'm one of those guys. I like girls to act like a lady when it's appropriate, and I like them to act like a slut when it's appropriate... or when I want them to. That's my idea of a dream woman, in fact."

He took in a breath after admitting he was a pig and pressed home his point. "I know how I am, and how most guys are... and I want something better for you! I don't want you settling for some jerk that just wants to put a notch on his belt and brag about having banged you."

"Is that what you do? Count notches?" Nora asked him.

"What? Um.... No, not exactly," Robbie admitted. The truth was... well, the truth was he wished he could collect a few notches, his life might have been easier.

"Okay, okay, it's my shot. I'll take truth again," Nora said, looking thoughtful as she bent over the table and lined up the three ball for a long angle shot that proved to be doomed to failure.

"I don't know what to ask," Robbie admitted.

"Oh come on, no holds barred... this is your chance, Rob. Anything you want to know... anything at all, I'll answer honestly. I promise."

"Well, this probably ain't what you expect," he warned her, smiling weakly, "but do you know how terrible I felt about what happened the last time we talked?"

He was right, she was not expecting it. She stared at him, extra moisture gathering in her eyes for a moment. She nodded and sniffed before speaking. "Yeah, yeah I think I do know. I didn't, really, until now. But you shouldn't feel all bad... I overreacted. I was a dumb kid that didn't know how to appreciate what you were trying to do for me. I'm sorry too, Rob... sorry I hit you, sorry I yelled at you... sorry I hurt you."

Robbie could not help it, he walked around the table and grabbed his sister, pulling her into a hug that she returned. Tears fell from both their eyes and the embrace lasted a very long time. Finally they parted, both sniffing a little and smiling embarrassed smiles at the other.

"It's your shot, truth or dare?" Nora asked.

Robbie laughed. "What, there's more to ask?" he said.

She nodded, grinning. "Yeah, lots more."

"Alright then, truth."

Robbie's luck with the three ball was no better than Nora's, but he was at least able to knock it into position for her to have an easy shot on the next round. As penance for his missed shot she struck a thoughtful pose before asking her question.

"So how many notches do you have on your belt?"

Rob's eyes widened again in shock. "That's none of your business!"

She grinned. "Maybe, but I'm making it my business. I asked a question, you have to answer it."

Robbie nearly asked her what the consequences would be for refusing to answer. Doing so would make the game meaningless though, so he felt honor bound to adhere to it. "Fine... none."

"None? You mean, you're still a virgin?"

Robbie nodded, color flooding his cheeks at the admission.

"That's unbelievable! You're a star football player, you're gorgeous to look at, you're cool as hell -- when you're not giving me grief. And you're still a virgin. Wow."

Robbie shrugged, ready to move on. "Take your shot, truth or dare?"

She grinned at him and said, "truth."

With a prolonged slowness, she sighted in the long but simple shot. The trick was in getting her five foot six inch frame bent across the table to drive the ball. Robbie glanced at how her sweatpants were clinging to her legs and ass as she stretched, then looked away, embarrassed again at his unhealthy interest. He did note that she was probably wearing another one of her skimpy panties, since he saw no panty lines.

She shot the ball and cursed as it hit the three ball at an angle, sending it bouncing back and forth between the two edges of the corner and making the next attempt at it impossible.

Grinning victoriously, Robbie realized he once again did not know what to ask. Seeing his hesitation, Nora spoke up to remind him, "anything at all, Rob. Extra points for being inappropriate."

He could see that she was enjoying herself. She knew, from his admission if nothing else, that using that word to him would push his buttons. He nodded slowly, deciding that if she was going to push him, he would push back.

"What about you, how many notches in your belt?" He asked, trying to leer at her but feeling all confused inside at the same time. In fact, he was not sure he was ready to hear her answer.

"None," she admitted, though she did not look nearly as embarrassed by it as he was.

"No way," he countered. He believed her, of course. In fact, he could not tell her how happy he was to hear it. Happy for her, of course. But still, it was surprising.

"You're gorgeous... you can't tell me guys aren't tripping over themselves trying to get you in bed," he pushed.

"They are," she said, smiling mischievously. "But they don't get me. It's stupid and I know it, but I'm saving myself for someone special. I've fooled around... but well, I've never had a dick in my pussy."

Robbie stared at her in open mouthed shock. He had heard her swear plenty of times -- usually at him. But such candor about sex and her body... he realized it turned him on.

As for her waiting, well, Robbie knew and agreed with her, yet he could not help but feel the same way. "I know what you mean. It's not like trying to make the first time magical and perfect, really, it's just not wanting to get trapped with somebody that's going to screw you over the wrong way."

She nodded. "Exactly! You do understand... that's so cool."

Robbie nodded, then dropped the three ball in the corner pocket.

"Hey! You didn't say if you wanted truth or dare!" She accused him.

"Oh come on, it was right there, no way to miss it!" He said defensively.

"What if you'd have dropped the cue ball in to?" She asked.

Robbie clamped his mouth shut. She had a point. He shrugged and grinned. "Truth," he said, then looked for the four ball.

It was nearby, but the angle he would have to hit it at did not seem promising. He had made harder shots though. Another drink from his beer and he let the ball fly, hitting it perfectly and sinking it, and then sinking the cue ball in the side pocket of the table that it deflected into.

"Shit," he muttered.

Nora giggled and pulled the balls out of the pocket and set them back on the table, then she turned and tapped her chin thoughtfully.

"I had a crush on you as a kid. You were my big brother; strong and perfect. I loved you more than I should have, I think," she began.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Robbie asked, suddenly concerned. "You're supposed to be asking me a question."

"Shut up," she snapped. "I'm not done yet! I wanted to say that so you knew what I was talking about."

"Anyhow, I wondered if maybe you felt the same way, and maybe that was why you were such a dick to me. Like maybe you were jealous I might meet somebody else... did you ever feel that way, maybe even a little?"

Robbie felt the floor slip out from under him. Only his hands on the table and the nerveless stumps he stood upon kept him from crashing into the floor. "Um, I... That was..." He stammered stupidly for a moment before finding a way to put his thoughts together.

"I guess I don't know. I mean, I never really thought about it like that. It bothered me when you went out with those losers. But you're my sister, it's not like I ever thought about you like that."

She nodded. "Thanks Rob... for the honesty."

He nodded back, glad to have answered correctly. He realized that he was being honest too. He wanted to say more though, wanted to admit more. "I'm kind of surprised I didn't, I guess. I mean, you're beautiful. I know a couple of my friends talked about fantasizing about you back in the day. They got beat up for it too. I don't know why I never did, probably just because you're my baby sis."

"What about now?" She asked, her voice quieter as though this time she was the one that was afraid to hear his answer.

"Now what?" He asked, not entirely sure what she meant.

"You're not that dumb, even for a boy!" She said, teasing him.

Robbie blushed and admitted, "Okay, well, I dunno. You put the idea in my head so who knows... maybe I will."

"I could leave you another pair of my panties to find," she said teasingly.

Rob's eyes widened. "You did that on purpose?"

She grinned. "Yeah, I hoped you might see 'em. They were gone in the morning, or didn't you check back."

He shook his head. "Wow... no, I never thought to check back. I... wow."

She grinned and shrugged. "Robbie, I've missed you so much, I had to do whatever I could to get you back in my life. I was willing to do anything!"

"There you go with that 'anything' thing again," he said, chuckling.

"I mean it... I'd have done anything. Just like I'll answer anything you ask if I fail my next shot," she paused and then looked at him, a question on her mind. She smiled and turned back to the table instead; she was saving it for her next truth question for him.

Predictably, her next shot missed in spite of how she was able to pick almost half the table to place the cue ball. She turned to Robbie and smiled, leaning against the pool table and resting her hands on her pool stick, which bisected her body and ran to the floor between her spread legs.

"Anything," she reminded him, a definite twinkle in her smile.

Robbie stared at her, feeling a little dizzy. He took another drink and shrugged. "I can't think of anything... I'm just so happy to be talking to you again."

She pouted. "Aw come on, Rob... would you prefer a dare?"

Robbie blushed. She laughed at how she had made him uncomfortable. "Okay, maybe next time... so just ask me a question."

"Like what?" He asked, glad she dropped the 'dare' option.

"I don't know... what do guys want to know about girls? Do I spit or swallow? Do I like anal sex? Do I... no, you already know I'm a virgin. Come on, pretend I'm not your sister for once. Pretend I'm just another girl. Treat me that way, please Robbie?"

The room spun around him at her words and he found himself focusing on her last request and trying to block the first part of her response from his mind. She had said she was a virgin, but she specifically said she had never had a dick in her pussy. Did that mean... He shook his head, muttering, "wow," a few times before he finally looked at her.

"Why do you want me to treat you like 'just another girl' and not as my sister?" He asked her, not realizing he had found a question after all.

"Because I want to feel special, Robbie," she said without missing a beat. "Not special like you've already got me on a pedestal because I'm your sis, but special because you see somebody special in front of you. Somebody you want to get to know better. Somebody you want to spend time with. That's why."

Robbie stared at her, seeing her in a new light as he came to understand what she was talking about. She was right; he did put her on a pedestal. He expected certain things from her and took for granted the things that made her who she was.

"You're right, Nora," he said. She smiled at him and he found himself returning her smile.

"I guess I never really thought about it... about you. I mean I really compare all the girls I meet to you without really noticing that I do it. Or noticing you. You're smart, you're funny, you're beautiful... Sure, I'm biased 'cause you are my baby sis, but other chicks still don't measure up. I blame it on good breeding," he finished with a grin.

Nora laughed at his joke and blushed at his praise. "Thanks Robbie, I knew there was a good guy under that stupid jock body."

Robbie tried to scowl at her but he ended up just laughing instead. "Truth or dare, jock?" She asked.

Robbie glanced at the table. The shot at the four ball was impossible. It was behind the eight from his angle, and the six was also in the way of the side hole closest to it. "Truth," he said, then added, "and I'm fucked."

Nora raised her eyebrows but kept her retort behind closed lips. She watched as he tried to find an angle to bounce the cue ball into the four and finally took the shot. Miraculously, he hit it; unfortunately, it ended up going nowhere for him.

"Are you going to masturbate later?" Nora asked him, making him spray his drink of beer out his mouth and nose.

After several moments of laughter and trying to regain his composure she tapped her foot and said, "Well, are you?"

"Nora... you're-"

"-just another girl, not your sister," she finished for him, interrupting him.

Robbie sighed. "Geeze, okay, yeah, I prolly will. Perv."

"Why? Does all this turn you on? Did I turn you on?"

On the defensive, it never occurred to him that his sister was violating her one question limit. "Duh," he said, as though it was obvious. "I'm a guy, any talk about anything sexual is going to flip that switch."

Nora laughed at his response. She opened her mouth but he caught up to her and held his hand up.

"Uh uh, you got your one question in, now shoot," he said, pointing at the table.

Nora pouted but turned around, bending over in an exaggerated fashion so that her ass stuck out towards him while she aimed down her pool stick. She even wiggled it a little bit, then glanced back to catch him staring.

Nora grinned and said softly, "it's okay, Robbie."

Blushing, his eyes rocketed up to hers. "What's okay?" he asked weakly, hoping she did not mean that he was checking out his sister's ass. What she said ended up being even more damning.

"It's okay if you think about me while you...you know, beat off."

"Jesus Nora!" He said, pretending to be disgusted. He did a bad job though, and suspected from both the growing lump in his pants and how much he liked that thought in spite of himself that she knew better.

"No, really, I think it'd be cool to know that you were fantasizing about me while you sprayed burst after burst of hot and sticky c-"

"Okay, that's enough... take your shot already," Robbie interrupted her forcefully, his face burning red from her suggestion.

She smiled and turned back to the table, giving her ass one more wiggle then dropping the four ball in the pocket. She stuck her tongue out at Robbie and then looked around at the table. She had inadvertently lined up the five ball perfectly, and short slide down the rail dropped it into the corner pocket.

"Hey, you didn't say truth or dare," Robbie said, coming out of the fog she had put him in.

"Oops," Nora said. "Guess you get to pick then." The six ball dropped into the next pocket right after that, making Robbie think that his sister might have been hustling him after all. The seven went nowhere productive for her though, so she hopped up on the edge of the pool table, again supporting her arms with her pool stick, and smiled at him.

"What's it gonna be, tiger?"

Robbie looked at her and wondered just what he was going to do. He had a hunch that he could get away with just about anything... and by anything he meant her definition of it, not his! It made his palms sweaty and his heart race as he tried to figure something out.

For some reason the vision of the red panties came into his mind again. He tried to get them out of his head so he could think of something else, but he was fixated on them now. In frustration he asked, "truth. Are you wearing something like those red panties tonight?"

Nora smiled happily. He had no idea what that was about, but it was obvious that his question pleased her, for whatever reason she might have had. "No, I'm not."

He frowned. "But I don't see any panty lines on your hips..."

"You been checking my ass out?" Nora asked innocently. She knew better, but she was determined to give him a hard time.

"Well, you made it hard not to," Robbie muttered, opening the final beer and taking a much needed drink from it.

"It's okay, it makes me feel good to know you're doing it," she said, turning around and arching her back so her ass stuck out. She ran her hand over her hip and then smacked her ass.

Robbie blushed anew as his eyes followed her hand and stared greedily at her butt. He took another quick drink to distract himself and then looked at the pool table, moving up to see about sinking the seven ball. He had already forgotten about both his question and her answer, so disruptive had her movement been on him.

He pulled back to shoot the ball, a fairly easy shot that required only a slight angle, when he sensed Nora near him. He just barely felt her breath on his ear as she whispered, "by the way, the reason you don't see any panty lines is because I'm not wearing any."

The cue ball not only missed the seven, but he jumped it off the table and made it bounce on the floor and into a wall. Nora laughed triumphantly while Robbie cursed and blushed.

"I think I should get to do that again," he muttered, heading over to pick up the scratched ball.

"Aww, poor baby," she said, teasing him.

"It ain't fair, pulling that shit. I don't believe you!" He said, shaking his head. His eyes kept going to her waist, searching for signs of panty lines in spite of her claim.

"You don't believe me? You want me to prove it?" Nora asked, her hands sliding down and her thumbs hooking in the waistband of her sweatpants. The weight of her hands pulled them down a little over an inch, showing off a creamy expanse of smooth skin and the wonderful curves of her hip bones.

"No... I... um... I meant that, uh," Robbie stared at her lower abdomen, his mouth suddenly dry and his thoughts hard to assemble. "I meant I don't believe you did that, you know... pulled that trick on me. Distraction, I mean, that you distracted me like that."

Nora laughed, amused at his fumbled speech. "So you do believe I'm not wearing any panties? That there's only this flimsy old pair of thin cotton sweatpants between me and the world? Between my ass and my pussy and... you? I don't have to prove it after all?"

"What?" Robbie said, having trouble understanding her words. "Yeah, I guess. I mean, we're being totally honest with each other, so yeah, I believe you."

Nora pouted a little, then winked at him and nudged the waistband down another full inch or so before slipping her hands up and out of it. It slid back up a little around her hips, but still left her pants riding lower on her hips and showed off a tantalizing amount of flesh. She turned around towards the table and bent over again, her pants low enough now that Robbie found his eyes burying themselves in the top of the cleft between her cheeks.

She aimed at the seven, taking a long time and adjusting her stance repeatedly, much to Robbie's enjoyment. It was also to his discomfort as his jeans were mercilessly tight on him.

"Truth, Robbie," she said with another shake of her ass. She shot the ball and the seven went in, leaving a long shot at the eight ball, which was on the opposite side near the rail between side and corner pocket. She frowned and looked back at him, noting that he was still staring at her ass.

She slid towards the table, letting the pool table grab the fabric and pull it down a little more. It barely budged, especially when she straightened and walked around to the new position the cue ball was in. She shot the ball, trying to angle the eight across the table into the opposite corner. It failed to find the pocket.

"Your shot, big guy," she said softly. She turned and walked over to a recliner in the corner and sat down in it, legs spread. She watched him and smiled, sliding back in the chair so that her pants slid down her thighs another half an inch or more. "You've got to ask me a question first though."

"Do you do that often?" Robbie asked her, clutching his beer can for dear life. His hand was actually shaking a little so worked up was he.

"Do what?" She asked, uncertain.

"Not wear panties."

"Oh, sometimes when I'm just lounging around. Being comfy, ya know. Kind of like not wearing a bra when I'm relaxing at home," she said.

Robbie's eyes rocketed upwards to her chest at those words, staring at hers and finding almost instantly the twin bumps on her white t-shirt from her nipples. He gasped a little and felt a twinge of pain as his cock tried to stiffen again in its cramped environment.

"Yeah, like now," she said, her eyes following his. She reached up to her chest and, in front of him, started to rub her right nipple through her shirt. He watched as, a moment later when she moved her hand to the other side, the bump was more prominent.

"You gonna shoot?" She asked him innocently.

"Huh? Oh, yeah," Robbie said, turning back to the table and trying not to think about the possible double meaning of her question.

He moved to the far side of the table from her, which meant that lifting his gaze only a couple of degrees from the table and he was looking at her. She rose from the chair and he felt his breath catch in his throat at what he saw. Not only were her hard nipples jutting into the worn thin fabric of her t-shirt, but her sweatpants were even lower now than they had been before. So low that he was certain he should have seen more than a little hair peaking out from under the waistband, yet he saw nothing. That merely sent his mind to racing even more, of course.

The shot at the eight ball was a miserable failure.

"Robbie, what happened? You used to be good at pool?" Nora asked innocently.

He shrugged. "Guess I'm just distracted tonight."

She grinned. "Must be... so, you never told me if you wanted a truth or dare... guess I get to pick."

"What? No, wait, I..." he stammered, his stomach lurching. He had no idea if it was fear or excitement that caused the butterflies, however.

"I pick a dare for you," she said, winking at him.

Robbie swallowed nervously, then looked at her, forcing his eyes away from the teasing flesh she displayed at her waist. "What, um, do you have in mind?"

"Don't worry, this won't hurt... I just dare you to watch me," she said, walking with a very pronounced, and sensuous, sway to her hips toward him.

"Just watch?" He asked nervously.

"Uh huh," she said, smiling. "No touching," she added, sliding between him and the pool table.

"Or at least, I'm the only one allowed to do the touching," she added mysteriously.

Robbie wanted to ask her what the hell she meant, but before he could get around to it he saw her hop up and sit on the edge of the pool table. She glanced back at it, seeing both the eight and the nine ball were near the far edge of the table, and slid her butt back onto the green felt.

Robbie watched, eyes wide, as the felt grabbed her sweatpants and pulled them down her ass. From his angle, beside her, he could see all of her hip and the graceful arch of her lower back into her buttocks, but only from the side. Her sweatpants stayed up in the front, preventing him from further glimpses. She smiled at him and laid down on the table, her shoulder blades touching the felt but her back arched so that her breasts strained towards the sky.

"You can watch from anywhere you like," Nora said, raising her legs and hooking her heels under the edge of the rails of the table so that her knees were bent and spread open.

"What am I watching?" Robbie asked, his voice a throaty whisper so strangled was his breathing.

"Thissssss," she hissed, sliding one hand along her stomach and across her exposed skin, then under the lowered waistband of her pants at the union of her thighs. Robbie gaped as he saw the cotton fabric at her crotch moved by the undulations of her fingers as they did what he could only assume they were doing.

Nora's satisfied moan gave further credence to what she was doing. Robbie nearly stumbled, so rooted to the spot had his feet become when he tried to move so that he could stare at her from between her legs. Nora's eyes followed him, a lazy smile on her face. Once he was there her other hand slid across her stomach and up under her t-shirt, raising it so that he could see the tantalizing underside of her left breast while her hand enveloped the right one and teased it directly.

Robbie fulfilled his dare, watching his sister as she pleasured herself and stared at him. After a few moments her breathing had quickened to the point where instead of moaning and groaning she was whimpering. Her eyes closed for a long moment and then she shuddered on the table, her back arching even more. Hey eyes opened and locked with Robbie's, who suddenly found himself drawn to her gaze instead of the show she was putting on beneath her clothes. Her chest drawing up higher in the air, she yanked her hand out from beneath her shirt and threw it to the side to support herself. Her right nipple was exposed to the air and half of her left breast was likewise free for his ravaging eyes to devour.

She grunted as her breath exploded out of her. Her body collapsed back to the table, her muscles no longer able to support her. She smiled lazily at Robbie and he was convinced he had never seen anything more erotic or more beautiful than his sister at that moment. Her nostrils were flaring with each breath and he could only stare in worship of her sexuality. He could also feel the growing wet spot in his pants from the fluids that had leaked out of his tortured cock.

"That's to help you out later," Nora said, smiling. She glanced down at herself and saw her partial chest exposure, then looked at Robbie, making sure that he knew she knew he could see her.

Nora pulled her hand out of her pants, wiggling a little as she did so, and took care to keep her hand from touching anything. Robbie felt his eyes drawn to it, as though he expected to see something magical in her hand. All he could see was that it glistened a little with wetness. Without realizing he was doing it, he licked his lips.

Nora sat up, her shirt falling back down to cover her chest and belly, and slid to the edge of the pool table. She stood up and Robbie realized she was less than a foot from him. His entire body was shaking with need and desire, but he knew he should not -- could not -- touch her. Nora raised her hand up between them and slowly slid her fingers into her mouth, taking care to let them rub against her pursed lips as she sucked them clean of her juices.

Robbie groaned and felt a spasm pass through him. His cock actually hurt, he was so hard and so confined. He was terrified of touching it or thinking about it though; afraid he might cum in his pants right then and there. The moment passed and he stared down at Nora, breathing in the scent of her, a mixture of soap, shampoo, sweat, and sex. He wanted to grab her and devour her, and his arms started to raise a little because of it, but he forced them back to his sides with a grunt.

"That was beautiful," he whispered, then cleared his throat and grinned. "You're trouble... a lot of trouble."

Nora grinned at him and walked away, her hand going back to her sweatpants and lowering the waistband so that the top half of her ass was exposed to him. She grabbed her stick and spun around, walking back towards him. He saw that still there was no hair poking out even though her pants were practically ready to fall off of her, so low were they riding. And of course they still hid her sex from his view, the one thing he burned with desire to see, whereas a few hours earlier he might have passed out at the mere mention of.

"Looks like you're the one in trouble," Nora said, looking directly at his pants.

Robbie risked a glance at himself and felt his eyes bulge. There was indeed a wet spot at the end of his dick, which in itself was an obvious bulge against his jeans. The wet spot was the size of a half dollar and he was more than a little amazed by it.

"You're a bad influence," he mumbled, shrugging helplessly.

Nora laughed and licked her lips. "I've got more ideas... I hope you keep missing," she said.

Robbie shook his head, blushing a little. He grabbed his beer from where he had set it down and took a healthy drink of it, then frowned when it ran empty. "It's your shot," he pointed out.

Nora glanced at the table, then looked back at him. "Want some more beer?"

Robbie shrugged. He barely felt a buzz, and he wondered if more beer would help him or not considering the unbelievable events that were unfolding. Before he could answer Nora grinned and leaned her stick against the table, then sauntered over to the stairs deliciously and headed up them.

When she returned she was carrying three more beers and a bottle of chilled water cradled against her chest. "Water?" Robbie asked, confused.

"It's for me, I don't feel like drinking right now," she told him, bending over the end table and setting the beverages on it.

Robbie admired the view as she placed them there, with her sweatpants still hanging dangerously low on her ass. Still, even seeing as much of her rear cleavage as he did, it only ignited a desire in him to see more of it. Or to see her cheeks spread wide so that he could watch her...

Robbie shook his head and looked away. That was his sister! What the hell was wrong with him? He glanced back at her as she turned to face him, her shirt damp from the condensation on the drinks and clinging to her curves suggestively. He let loose a sigh and remember that she kept insisting he treat her as just a girl, not as his sister. He knew he was going to Hell at that point, but he really did not care.

She handed him a beer and reached up to take a drink of her water. "Thanks," Robbie said, opening the beer and taking a healthy drink of it.

She nodded as she drank, water spilling around the corner of her lips and running down her chin. It was absorbed by her shirt, making the material stick to her skin even more. Robbie stared at her shirt, wishing she would spill more of it. A lot more.

"Now it's my shot," Nora said, setting the water on the edge of the table and bending over it slowly to line up her shot.

Robbie watched with a critical eye, judging her form as she prepared the shot. Right before she shot he remembered and said, "wait! Truth or dare?"

She looked back at him and winked. "You pick," she said, and shot the cue ball without even looking.

Robbie was amazed. In spite of the blind shot, the cue ball hit the eight and sent it amazingly close to the corner pocket. It bounced off and ended up at the end of the table between the two corner pockets.

"Alright," Robbie said, growing bold. "I dare you to spill more water on your shirt."

Nora looked at him and grinned. "Wow, Robbie, I'm impressed!"

Robbie blinked. "You are?"

"Yeah," she said, reaching for her water. "I figured I was going to have to pretend being clumsy every time I did it!"

Robbie laughed and refused to let himself wonder what he was getting himself into. Nora raised her water up and opened her mouth. It seemed normal enough, except that the mouth of the water bottle was a couple of inches away from her lips. Her eyes were on Robbie as she tilted the bottle more and more, until the first of the stream of water escaped it and fell towards her mouth.

Nora's tongue was extended, a sensual invitation if Robbie had ever seen one. The water hit the tip of her tongue and slid down it into her mouth, followed by more and more as the angle of the bottle increased. Her mouth filled and instead of swallowing it she let it overflow her lips, running down her cheeks. The bottle was upside down now, burbling as air was forced in between spurts of falling water.

Then the water ceased flowing, reduced to a trickle and stopping as she tilted the bottle back down with only a third of it remaining. Robbie stared at his grinning sister, his eyes homing in on how the worn thin t-shirt now clung to her curves like a second skin. Not only that, but the water induced a translucency to it that made the dark pink tips of her breasts obvious through the shirt. Her nipples, hard from her earlier exploits now jutted out as though they ached for someone to soothe and warm them with their lips and tongue.

"Wow," Robbie whispered, staring nearly dumbstruck at her.

Nora grinned, ignoring the cold and made sure her chest was thrust out as far as possible. Her sweatpants had gotten wet as well, for a liter of water was too much for the shirt to absorb on its own. Unfortunately they simply got heavier with the added water, instead of letting her brother have a glimpse of what lay beneath them. The added weight did, however, make them sag a little lower on her hips.

"Your shot," Nora told him, heading towards the far side of the table.

Robbie watched her go and loved the way her shirt clung to her back and how the water made her pants sag even more. He wanted to use his tongue to lick her dry. He focused and saw the cue ball was nearly in the middle of the table, and the eight ball at the far end. It was a stretch for him, and then Nora complicated things even further by bending over, facing him, from the other direction to stare at the cue ball from behind the eight.

While that was not so difficult in itself, the way her wet shirt hung from her chest, the neckline stretching and letting him see all the way down to her belly through the valley between her breasts, made him forget all about playing pool for a long moment. She cleared her throat and he jumped a little, then she grinned sheepishly. He shot, hitting the eight straight on instead of at an angle. It bounced off the end rail and right back into the cue ball, stopping both so that they were resting within an inch of each other.

"Aw shit," Robbie muttered. Not because he had missed, but because he had forgotten to pick truth or dare again.

Nora grinned. "What do you think, Rob? Should this be a truth or a dare?"

Robbie shrugged. "I guess it's your call."

She looked at him, coming around the table as she did, and tapped her chin thoughtfully. "You sure do look uncomfortable," she said, gazing at him.

Robbie shrugged on the outside. On the inside he practically screamed in agreement with her.

"Would you like to fix him?" Nora asked.

Robbie found himself nodding, what remained of his sense of propriety being the only thing that had kept him from reaching into his pants and rearranging himself the entire time now.

"Would you like me to help?" Nora asked, even quieter.

Robbie's eyes widened. His head was still nodding so he stopped it, suddenly feeling as though he was standing over a precipice. He took a hefty drink of cold beer, noticing that Nora had stepped closer to him while he sought counsel in the alcohol.

"You already asked a truth question," Robbie gasped, stopping her before she crossed a line he honestly did not know if he was ready to have crossed.

Nora looked at him and smiled. She held up her finger and wagged it at him reproachfully. "Alright, I'll give you that one," she said.

She spun around, surprising him, and leaned over quickly, pool stick in hand. Her ass pushed against his upper thighs, pushing him back a step but not until her left cheek had brushed against the tip of his member buried beneath his jeans.

"Jesus," Robbie muttered, stumbling to keep his balance. He stared at her ass, realizing how close he had been, and very nearly stepped back up to rub himself against her. Only a quick shake of his head stopped him.

The balls were too close to one another for Nora to do anything with them, especially considering she drove the cue ball directly into the eight. Predictably, both went nowhere, save that the white and the eight ball ended up separated by at least four inches and were a few inches further away from the end rail of the table.

"Kind of chilly down here," Nora said, turning to face Robbie and raising herself to a standing position after her shot.

"Is it?" Robbie asked, glancing at her still rock hard nipples. He suspected them capable of cutting glass, so hard were they. "That's odd, I feel pretty warm."

"I could turn up the heat," Robbie suggested.

Nora laughed at how hard he was trying to sound coy.

"Or maybe you've just caught a chill in that wet shirt," he said.

"Maybe," she said, a sparkle in her eyes.

"I dare you," Robbie began, then hesitated a moment. He told himself he was prolonging the suspense to keep Nora on edge, but the reality was he was shoring up his own courage to actually go through with it and say it. "To warm up a bit."

Nora blinked, then laughed. "That's your dare?"

Robbie nodded, his mouth suddenly dry. He finished his beer, hoping to resolve the situation. It did not seem to work.

"Care to suggest how I do tha

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Now Is Your Chance Boy

Fbailey story number 415 Now Is Your Chance Boy Our family is quite close and we always have company on weekends. Dad is a vice-president in a manufacturing company here in town, Mom is an executive secretary at another manufacturing company in town, and I’m fourteen years old and I’ll be going into high school in the fall. The ninth grade is kind of scary for me. Being a computer nerd, a virgin, and having a big house in the best part of town will certainly set me up as a target for the jocks. I’m not looking forward to it...


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Papa and Megan-The Conclusion

The next morning, when I arrived back to work, I was met with some upsetting news. It seemed that my last project that I completed two weeks ago, the client was having some problems implementing the protocols that I laid out for him and he had requested my presents to walk him through them. That meant that I had to fly out to Los Angeles as soon as possible. He paid big bucks to our company to produce these protocols, so my boss wanted me there to assist him in any way I could, “No matter how long it takes.” The...


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Seduction of a Conservative Wife

Liz and I married young, I was 21 and she was just 18, little more than c***dren really. Our parents didn't think it would last long but somehow we grew up and built a solid happy marriage together. I wish you could see the pictures of Liz in her wedding dress, she looked like a perfect china doll! She's 5ft 3 with dark brown hair and darker brown eyes, 110 lbs and has a curvy figure and gorgeous, perfectly shaped 34C breasts that sit well and high up on her chest. She has pretty little girl looks and even though she's...


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Detention 15 Conclusion Part 1

There was a knock at the door...my mother. I didn’t realize that she had come home. I’d been so caught up in my thoughts of Chris and Luke, that everything around me faded and disappeared. But the sound of her voice brought me back to reality. I wished she had just left me alone, so I could be peacefully miserable with my thoughts. “Brandon, are you in here?” I thought about being quiet, hoping that she would think I was gone and wouldn’t bother me. But even still, she would’ve opened the door and come into my room anyway. There was...


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My husband doesn't know_(0)

Hi everyone, well this is my first story I am writing about my sexuall experiences and I hope you enjoy,. My name is Kristy, I am 29yo , live on the North Coast of NSW, Very Petite only about 5ft 2, I have extremely large breast's for my size, a nice petite Pussy and Ass to match, this story is about a sexuall encounter I had with a guy whom I became friends with while I was working for a large Retail company. He was our delivery driver and a lot older, in his early 50's but looked a lot younger...


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