Innocence Pt 1

Innocence Pt 1

Codes: D/s, NC, V, M/f

Disclaimer: The following story contains mention of the state of Vermont. This may bring back traumatic images for anyone who has ever gone through that sort of experience. If Vermont is objectionable to you or anyone in your household then you are strongly advised not to read on. If you do read on and are offended by the presence of Vermont, then you were warned.


There is just something to be said about ruining innocence. Many people glorify the raping of a virgin, but they never ask them selves why. Is it the fact that they are able to do something that nobody will ever be able to do again, or is it something more insidious? I believe that it is the simple joys of watching the spark of a youth wink out in a moment of pain.

A moment I say! Well perhaps more than a moment. It is an experience best savored. It is like a life it can only be taken once, and then it is gone forever.

I tell my self that every time I get a new pet. Today is no exception. I have just acquired a youth from the better quarter of Vermont.

This youth is young and virile. She is of good breeding, though she has never bred herself. I find that the concept of taking this delightful thing for the first time gently would be a crime in much the same way that you may see what I am about to do as a crime. To take her with all of the force of a flower would be like forging a sword with a feather. I would not do the world this injustice. My hammer would hit hard, and she would be made into a fine young pet.

As a connoisseur of fine women I knew that there had to be clever way to do this more effectively. I had a mind and I was well educated. This was an advantage that I preferred to share with those I captured. My pets would have to be of above average or better intelligence, and they would have to have a good aptitude for learning. As a discerning rapist I wouldn't have anything less.

I considered what I knew about the little flower that I had tied up hanging from a hook in my ceiling. She was about average height, she had long red hair and brown eyes, and she had skin that was essentially perfect. Her skin had a decidedly red complexion and she was les than ample of chest.

She was wearing the dress pants that were required for her school, as well as a white dress shirt. Her less than ample breasts had come as a surprise when I saw that under her shirt she wore a water bra. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail and she wore glasses.

I had taken away her shoes, because I found that when pets were first being groomed they tried to run. I had sharp gravel leading up to my driveway. Most girls found it quite difficult to run as their feet were being shredded.

She was fit, she had even taken a job for this very purpose. I would certainly enjoy taking her down with a fight. Ah, the joys of the chase. I savored every moment of the hunt with a relish that a lover of fine wines has when tasting a new and wonderful vintage.

But I digress. I needed to figure out what I knew of the woman.

I thought for several moments and I considered what I had learned from observing the flower for so long. The little flower petal was afraid of heights so if I felt like torturing her I would simply suspend her from the chandelier in the ballroom. That was of a sufficiently high height that she would have her delightful screams echoing through the place.

The sweet thing also had a dominant personality. She liked to think of herself as better than those around her. In truth she was better than the people that she had grown up knowing. On the other hand she hadn’t grown up knowing me. I would have to teach her humility if she was to become one of my pets.

I would have to take her in such a way that she was ashamed of the way that she performed. She would have to loose in a way that her will power and her strength were called into question. This would be quite delightful, but the main thing that I had to avoid was sending her into catatonic shock. I had lost several to this and I knew that it was one of the most annoying things that I ever had to deal with. The will on this one was strong, so I didn’t think that I had to worry about that, but I knew that it could be a possibility.

The room that I was in was a hidden second basement below my home. I had three basements in the building, and I had grown quite fond of them. This room had three exits and only one of them went to the ground floor. The first one was a trap door upwards. It was the only way up to the ground floor, and it wasn’t obvious. The second way was to go to the north exit. This led to a rather large meat locker. It was kept quite cold and I used it to store big game that my sister sends me periodically.

The south exit led to the calls where I kept some of my other pets. In that direction were the stairs to my third basement. In that basement I kept the pets that I had fully broken in. they helped me look after the new pets and also do work that kept this entire establishment working.

At the foot of my chair was a handgun. It would be quite lethal in the hands of one of my untrained pets, and it would be a liability to keep around the scene of a rape. It was there to give the wrong impression. The gun was empty, and the weapon had its safety on. I had put fake inert shells in the gun. It was a non-standard gun in any case. It was an eight-shooter revolver that resembled a magnum of some sort.

“Shell I called out getting her attention.

Her head popped up, but she was blind folded and her arms were tied above her head. What do you want you bastard? her voice was angry and even. I would need to teach her a few lessons before I let her go.

“You consider your self a clever girl don’t you? I asked her this in a calm voice as I walked over to her. Well as an intelligent girl you have no doubt come to the conclusion that you are in danger. I took a deep breath and smiled. She was not going to enjoy what came next.

I reached up and took her blindfold off of her. Her beautiful brown eyes flashed in fury at what I had done to her. Conditioning teaches us that punishment and a system of rewards is useful in altering a behavior pattern. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a collar that my sister had used to train one of her more vicious hunting animals. The thing was keyed to my watch, but with a little ingenuity on my part I made it look as though it was connected to a remote control.

I hooked the collar onto the girl’s neck and locked it closed so that it couldn’t be taken off. I pointed the remote control at her and the remote control hit my watch. Her entire body went ridged. I must confess that part of my body did the same in a form of sympathy action.

She had been concentrating on how much she hated me no doubt. Now all she could think of was how much pain she was in. A little pain is a wonderful tool for breaking the concentration. Beads of sweat appeared upon her brow as she thrashed about. The movement was like an elegant dance.

“Can I expect you to be civil now? I knew that I couldn’t, but I decided not to destroy the internal battery in one sitting. The delights of the flesh are scorned because people believe that they are an attempt to chase after the pleasures of heaven. I can tell you for certain that should I ever see a beautiful angel in my presence who had the delights to offer that my pets did, that I would certainly cherish raping it more than I would raping a mortal woman.

I used my remote control to lower her down and I kissed her upon her angry lips. I pressed the remote against my watch and her body had a spasm again. So are you going to kiss me? I asked her. She did nothing and I placed my mouth inches from hers.

She leaned forward and placed her lips upon mine. I held her close to my body and I felt her breasts against my body. They felt nice even though intellectually I knew that they were in actuality mostly her bra.

“There now, that wasn’t so hard. I think I will reward you for that. I really could care less about conditioning at that point, but it gave me an excuse to let her down. I walked back to my chair and sat down. I pressed a button on my remote control and shell immediately dropped to the floor.

She loosened her bonds quickly and rubbed her wrists. At this point she decided to look around. I could see her eyes light for a moment on my gun and then on the door. It was clear what she was thinking, so I invited her to come over and sit upon my lap. I did this to force her to do something that she disliked even when she thought that she had some measure of control over the situation.

I knew for a fact that Shell was a virgin, and I also knew for a fact that she hated to sit on people’s laps. She found it awkward and uncomfortable. I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that she is subconsciously afraid of sex. Something in her past had scarred her. She probably didn’t even know what it was.

She walked towards me and sat on my lap. My hand smoothly slipped between her legs. I knew that she felt uncomfortable, but that was how I wanted her to feel. If I weren’t going to take advantage of her mental weaknesses I wouldn’t have spent so much time looking into her.

A wise man always takes every bit of information that he can get before he is forced to commit him self. I gently pulled her legs apart and began rubbing her slit. She was incredibly unaware of her own sexuality. She began to wiggle uncomfortably with the sensations that she was getting. It would be imposable to give her a full orgasm during sex, but I figured that I could reliably bring her close to orgasm.

With my free hand I began to undo her pants. She knew that she couldn’t allow me to do that, so she chose that moment to reach for the gun. As her hand grabbed the gun she rolled off my lap. I smoothly reached into my pocket and took out the remote control. She had expected me to do this so she smiled ever so briefly.

Her control over her smile spoke well of her inward coolness under pressure. She now was certain that she had the upper hand. I decided to take that moment to reach into my pocket and grab a cigar and a lighter. The foolish girl didn’t know that she held no cards.

“Hand me the remote! she commanded in a loud angry voice.

To this I smiled and lit my cigar. If I don’t hand it to you then you will of course shoot me. Yes?

“Yes she replied in a quiet angry voice. I was certain that she would do it, but on the other hand she would have trouble doing it with inert bullets. I knew that she had never fired a gun before and that the safety on this gun was rather hard to find so I decided to play with her a little bit.

“Why don’t you take off your shirt? My suggestion infuriated her she pointed the gun at my head and pulled the trigger.

I breathed in deeply taking a good puff of my cigar. I blew the smoke into her face. Do be a doll and take off your shirt. To drive my point home I took the remote out and put my finger on the button. I saw her close her eyes and her hands slowly went to the top button of her shirt.

“Oh, and Shell, the safety is on the bottom of the gun. It’s a nonstandard gun.”

Her eyes snapped open and her hand began fiddling with the gun. Her blood pressure was rising, and she was not sure if she should be angry, afraid, or embarrassed. She hid the other two with anger and pointed the gun once more at me. The remote! Now!

I handed the remote to her with a smile. The thing only had two functions anyway. Neither of the functions had anything to do with her collar. She also couldn’t harm me or escape with the knowledge that she had.

True to form she aimed the gun at me once more and fired. Again the hammer hit the fake bullets and the only sound that could be heard was a little click. She would have killed me then and there if she could. Unfortunately for her I knew that she couldn’t. She decided to take that time to look at the remote.

She saw a button labeled shock, and another button labeled release. She pressed the button labeled release and the door to the cells locked. She turned to look frightened at it and turned to attempt to run towards the other door.

It was time for her to realize that she was totally helpless in all of this. I leapt at her and she fell to the ground. Her momentary surprise was quickly overcome, but not before I had hold of her shirt. I ripped it open and several buttons flew off. I knew I would get quite a lot of enjoyment out of the recording of this delightful escapade.

She attempted to hit me, but I took hold of her wrists seconds after the first punch landed harmlessly upon my chest. With a pair of handcuffs that I had acquired expressly for this purpose I cuffed her hands behind her back.

Finding the sound that ripping fabric made erotic, I chose to completely strip my pet. Her bra was a bit of a loss, I liked the way it felt against my chest, but her breasts were a much greater reward. She had taken the time to pierce her nipples. This was certainly a pleasure as the piercings looked quite enticing on her.

Also pierced was her navel, and of course her ears. For a girl her age she had quite a flair for body art. She had quite good taste in metal though. I had to remember that skill after she had been properly trained. Perhaps I would have her give piercing to the less obedient of my pets.

Her pants were much more difficult, they were of good quality despite the fact that they were dress pants. I unbuttoned them and unzipped them. Shell thrashed about, but couldn’t have done anything no matter how hard she tried. She clamped her legs together to prevent my entry into her. This actually made it easier to get her pants off of her.

Now all she wore were her panties. A woman’s underwear has been thought of as a work of art, but I never had much of a use for it. I took a knife from my pocket and cut it off of her. I didn’t spare any time doing the cutting. The cuts were fast, straight, and drew blood with every swipe.

I turned her over and slashed her back twice. Today you will remember that you bled. Some girls block out the fact that they were raped. I trust that you are stronger than that, but I want you to at least remember that you bled today. The cuts were incredibly deep and the blood that they spilled was like art.

I now simply had to spread her legs. This was an easy task, as she wasn’t expecting me to abandon her back and grab her ankles. Her legs were spread in no time flat. I was sitting between her legs and fiddling quickly with my pants. They were off within moments.

I took my member and placed it against her dry slit. She would not be easy to enter at this moment, so I decided not to take the effort. You can go for a moment or two.”

I rolled off of her and walked over to the door to the cooler. I opened it and she ran through. She realized where she was a second later. She ran around in the dark and stumbled into pieces of meat. I flipped on the intercom and spoke to her. Some girls like it in there because it makes their nipples stand oh so erect, but you probably didn’t think of that. So there you are stuck there in the dark not knowing where the balcony is, and not being able to figure out how dangerous it would be to fall.”

I let her stay there for a while. I didn’t want the cold to kill her, but then again I also didn’t want to go in after her. I turned on the lights near the door and opened it a crack. When you feel like coming back and having something warm stuck inside of you then by all means here is the door.”

She of course complied, after the few moments that it took to swallow her pride. She was a proud girl, and she was learning that I was playing with her. She came inside and sat in the opposite corner of the room. That was to be expected. I pointed the remote at her and pressed a button.

She flinched, but it wasn’t going to shock her. I used the restraint controls and removed the hanging manacles and replaced them with floor cuffs. It was a sure bet that she wouldn’t simply walk over to them and cuff her self. First off she had her hands cuffed behind her back, and second she wasn’t broken in yet. She didn’t even have her cherry broken in yet.

I decided that it was time that I took her. She would be weak willed at the moment, and I wanted to have some fun with her. I sat next to Shell and rubbed her leg. She shied away from me, so I grabbed her ankle and stood up. She was now dangling nearly inverted. It was a simple task to drag her to the manacles I had her ankle in the first one before she started kicking. The second one was quite a bit harder. I grabbed her leg and slammed it into the clamp.

The clamps were adjustable so that they could spread girl’s legs apart even if she could do the splits. There was also an adjustable platform that could be placed under her hips if I wanted to have easier access to vital areas of my pet. I spread her legs and lifted her hips to the point where it was excruciating to do anything other than lie back. She was flexible, but I had seen more flexible girls before.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a vibrating cit stimulator. I placed it on her lower lips and turned it lovingly on. She was now going to be really mind fucked. I picked up the gun and placed it against the top of her head.

“I hardly think that you are going to go through all this effort to get me in this position and then kill me.

I began taking shells out of the gun and placing them on her chest between her breasts. She was most certainly going to be quite frightened, but she would play the game anyway. She had eight shells on her chest and was staring intensely at them. I picked one up and placed it up against her perfect lips. Will you swallow my bullet?”

“Fuck you! No I won’t swallow that”

I shocked her once for the harsh language and once for her refusal. I then put the bullet into the gun before her eyes. I spun the eight-chambered roulette wheel and pulled the trigger. There was a click and she jumped. I placed the next one against her mouth and she ate it without a question. With one hand I fed her bullets, and with the other hand I began to press the clit stimulator onto her. She was wet, and she began to moan.

I let her go for about twenty minutes on this treatment before I decided to up the ante. You have one more shot to swallow.

She opened her mouth and I put the barrel of the gun into her mouth. I pulled the trigger once and the chamber turned. She began to suck with all of her might. Don’t worry you’ll get that shot out eventually. I pulled the trigger once more and she began bobbing her head up and down on the barrel of the gun.

“Or would you rather suck on another type of gun entirely?”

She nodded her head yes and I removed the gun from her mouth. She was beginning to moan again and she and I both knew that she was going to come in moments I placed dental guards into her mouth to make sure that she wouldn’t be able to bite me and placed my shaft into her mouth. She began to suck, but all that she was really doing with those dental guards in was getting me damp.

I pulled out of her and maneuvered my self between her legs. I only had moments before she would orgasm and I needed to get into her to do it. I slammed into her and began working myself deeper and deeper. Her screams were epic, and I was glad that I had a good audio system to pick all of this up.

As I came in her I decided to unload the rest of the shots from the gun. The terror at my rapid pulling of the trigger made her thrash about and attempt to get away from the gun. She was terrified for a few moments, but I decided eventually to tell her that the bullets were inert.

She glared at me for a while, but all and all I had a good laugh. It was now her turn to do a little of the work in our relationship. I called a few of my best-trained pets and they hauled her off to her cell. In her cell was a word processor. I told her to write down the details of her ordeal.

Author's notes:

All of the stories I have written have been by request. The lady who requested this wasn't even all that messed up in the head if you can believe it. Total sociopath would be more the term I would use to describe her. This story was about the only fantasy she had that bordered on legal.

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