Setting the First Table

Setting the First Table

Setting the First Table

Darien Kingford swept up the handle of his phone, pressing the flashing button for his private line. The Caller ID showed a number he didn’t recognize. “Yes, hello,” he said, almost with a bite to his voice.

“Hello, Mr. Kingford,” a young girl greeted. “Nice to talk to you. I hope you remember me? I’m the girl whose daddy rented me to you three weeks ago, and I sucked your cock and swallowed all your cum. You said you wanted to be with me again, so here I am. How have you been?”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Want me to send the video my daddy took, to refresh your memory? Maybe with copies to your wife and the District Attorney? I loved taking all your cum but other, important people won’t be as happy about it as I still am. You tasted really good.”

Kingford forced away panic. If he screwed up, and somehow lost his company fifty million dollars, he could still escape with a guaranteed nine-figure retirement package. Proof he had sex with an underage girl would destroy everything for good; no amount of money could save him. “Assuming that’s true," he fought, twisting meanings and ideas as is his forte, “what do you want out of your lies?”

“Therein lies the rub,” the young caller said, “as Shakespeare put it. You said you wanted to pleasure me if there's a next time, and I'm offering that 'next time'. But I’m stuck wearing a steel belt that keeps you from my pussy. I know the company that makes the lock for it, and the series. If you can get a master key, plus two thousand bucks, we can fuck all day until my daddy comes home. I keep the key and of course the cash. Plus all the cum I can get out of you. You get the disc when you leave.”

“I don’t do blackmail.”

“This isn’t blackmail. I simply want your cock again, but I need your help for us to play more and better. If you’re not interested, I’ll go elsewhere. But, really, would a man like you want to lose out because you flatly dismissed an eleven-year-old who wants you?”

“Give me the details,” Kingford sighed after a drawn pause, his pen in hand.


Gina hung up the phone and wrapped her arms about herself. She shook all over, for both violent sexual hunger and that she made her call. Gina knew the future she could have, as Daddy showed without realizing what he had done. But this first step came hard. Maybe everything to follow would be easier.

“Stupid dumbfuck Daddy,” the girl growled as she returned to her chores. “You never should have left me the Internet.”

Daddy had been further careless, to leave his concealed spycam on the bookshelf when he knew Gina cleaned house thoroughly as she's required. Discovery of that small forgotten thing was inevitable, and tracing the hidden wires back to the ‘family’ computer didn’t take rocket science. Daddy had painstakingly locked out websites like chat rooms, friends-connections, and porn so Gina couldn’t sit around getting worked up. He also didn’t want the risk she might tell about being his preteen sex toy. But Daddy-dumbfuck didn’t password his personal files, including the secret videos of what he made Gina do with Mr. Kingford and his own bitchkitty girlfriend Toni Ann. Daddy had been lazy, to rather watch the episodes after midnight without the ‘hassle’ of inputting codes to open them. And, too, Gina found more of his pet kinks. One day she would use all that to better advantage, as well as other things she learned since start of their sex life last year, when Gina was ten.

“Stupid dumbfuck,” Gina tittered. Of course Daddy didn’t plan blackmail; he had too much of an honest streak for that. But it seemed another betrayal that he would watch his homemade porn and jerk off to it; Gina sneaked downstairs late one night and saw him in action. In the end, Daddy had no need to beat off. He had Gina and also his bitchkitty girlfriend who, of late, he seemed to be screwing more than his loyal, willing play toy. Nothing seemed right with any of that, when Gina needed her orgasms, too.

Good for Gina that Daddy had, despite recent slips, overall and meticulous obsession with details and personal protection. For backup, he kept a daily planner other than on the computer. So Gina needed only to find it.

Five days after her forced trysts with Mr. Kingford and Toni Ann, Gina found the ledger hidden inside a stash made to look like a book—one of those things that cheap mail order houses sell for $9.99, plus tax and shipping. Daddy had always been an avid reader, but the title “Breaths of Summer” didn’t fit his collection. No way would he own a book titled like a compilation of sappy, Hippy love poetry.

One entry in the datebook catching Gina’s special notice would be indecipherable to someone who didn’t know her daddy and how he used his own system of abbreviation. He taught Gina how to do that, too--a leftover from his college days where he coded his class notes so, if they might be stolen, no lazy classmate could make sense of his scrupulous work. No wonder the betraying bastard graduated magna cum laud.

So Gina learned from Daddy’s planner the name and private number of the rich stranger she sucked off. A Net search of Who’s Who provided further details of Mr. Kingford, and a confirming photograph. He wanted to be with her again, he said that night, and he had money to burn. But the damned chastity belt Gina had to wear posed a major problem.

Having another sprout of intuition, Gina dripped hot candle wax on a sheet of paper in a thick layer. When it became tacky, she pressed it to the base of the padlock keeping the cruel belt in place. To her satisfaction, she got the number of the lock series impressed into the wax. Twisting with a hand-held mirror in front of the standing one in her room, she saw the name of the manufacturer etched into the body of the lock. The next day, she redid her trick with the wax to be sure she had the series number right the first time; reading negative images, with everything backward, was tricky.

Then came two weeks of building nerve to make her call. If anyone could get hold of a master key to free her, Kingford had to be the one. Then she could have him in full, to enjoy his huge cock and secretly sock away two thousand dollars. Gina also decided to sweeten the deal for more, to charge a thousand a shot after their first exuberant time together. She held fear that he might want to fuck her ass with his over-size shaft, so she would deter that sure risk of pain and possible injury by charging five thousand more for that part of her. But it would be a huge 'oh-shit' if he was willing to pay.

Gina decided not to fret over that, because Kingford might not respond at all with favor. He had long been a man of influence, someone not to be taken lightly. Only time would tell if Gina could spite Daddy, and secretly enjoy such a big cock in all its inviting glory.


Kingford pulled to the curb past the house where he spent an hour one night, a month ago. His car, a rented Hyundai of all debasing things, wouldn’t be out of place in a neighborhood such as this. A loose off-the-rack suit, with a stock shirt and tie, fell short of his decades as a corporate head and captain of industry. The empty briefcase, a prop covered by vinyl and not Italian leather as he normally carried, felt like a weight to his self-respect. But he had to appear common and average, innocuous. Kingford felt almost nude without all his gem-studded rings that also showed his success in life. For today, he wore only a fourteen-carat wedding band bought at a pawn shop for fifty dollars, and a Timex watch.

Before climbing the steps to the doorbell, Kingford looked about to make sure no nosy neighbors peered from behind closed curtains.


“Welcome, Mr. Kingford!” Gina greeted, stepping aside. She wore a pink satin robe falling to mid-thigh. “Please come in, sir.”

Kingford stepped inside and the girl closed the door, leading to the kitchen. She leaned with one hand on the dining table, the other resting on her cocked hips. Gina had tied her curly waist-length blonde hair in a ponytail to one side like on that first night, and the steel collar wrapping her neck gleamed in the mid-morning sunlight shining through the picture window.

“Can I offer you coffee, sir? There are no cameras or other recorders. You can look.”

“Let’s get this nonsense done,” Kingford snapped after searching the kitchen as might the most paranoid agent of the CIA. Given his position, he probably knew plenty about how to find and defeat hidden tools of corporate espionage. “You want money, so I have what you demand. I get the disc.”

“Do you have the key, too?” Gina asked.


“Show me, please?”

Kingford set the key and an envelope on the table. “You must hate that thing,” he noted.

“It makes life difficult, yes,” Gina confirmed with a smile. “But it helps me stay horny like the collar. I enjoy being a kept woman.”

“How do you pee wearing that contraption?”

“A grate lets me go without making a mess. Then I squirt water inside from a laboratory wash bottle to clean myself.”

“Sounds like a lot of over-creativity to me. I normally fire people who needlessly complicate what is best left basic and simple. They waste too much time and money.”

Grinning at that, Gina counted the cash before trying the key. The lock keeping her steel belt in place opened, letting her free her smooth pussy. Her pulsing clit throbbed harder. “Now you can pleasure me like you wanted,” the girl cooed. She came close to wrap her arms around the adult’s neck, kissing his mouth with a tongue insistent like a drill into a deep-sea oil well.

Kingford pushed against the girl’s shoulders to break the intimacy. But not as determined as might most such refined men caught in traps of their own making.

“C’mon!” the raucously horny girl pleaded. “I want you to fuck me and there are no cameras. You’re so hot, and your cum tastes so good. I want your big cock cumming in my pussy, too, now that you can have it. C’mon!”

“I don’t…,” Kingford started.

“Yes, you do. I have the disc to prove it. And your cum still rumbling in my tummy.”

Kingford seemed to tense.

Scooping up the key, belt, and envelope of cash, Gina took his hand to lead upstairs, telling him to look all he wanted on the way and to search her room for cameras. She didn’t want extortion, she promised, but to be fucked by him. He's spending his money, after all, so he gets what he's paying for--a good deal all around.

Gina flopped onto her bed, lying to one side with her head propped in a hand while Kingford explored. He took his time and, when he uncovered nothing after a thorough search, he leaned back on the dresser.

“Satisfied?” Gina asked, crinkling her nose a second for a tease. Smiling, she undid the belt of her short robe to reveal her body.

“Your father made a mistake trying to blackmail me,” Kingford menaced. “I’ve crushed bigger men.”

“I lied about the blackmail thing. Daddy only jerks off to the video a few times a week. I figure he wants you coming back, since he enjoys watching. The money you give him goes to my college savings.”

“Why would he masturbate when it’s obvious he’s sleeping with you?”

“Daddy is a complete voyeur, and sometimes I’m too tired to be fully pleasing. Other nights he’s too tired to invest the time to get me wet.”

“What happens when he finds the video is missing?” Kingford asked.

“I created a new file under the same name,” Gina lied, “that replaces the original with a black screen. I even altered the computer calendar to make everything match. Daddy will think the video somehow got corrupted, and he'll never know the difference. Guaranteed to piss him off!”

“You’re a smart little girl, savvy and a bit cutthroat. If you were older, I'd put you on my payroll.”

“Oh, but I'm still working for you! You need only to come over here and get what you’re paying for.”

Kingford sat on the bed. Gina took his hand to guide a caress over her hip, down one thigh, then up the back of it to her ass. The preteen let go when Kingford began kneading her shapely firm flesh. Gina rolled to her tummy, looking over her shoulder with a bright approving smile while the rich adult man played with her body as he pleased.

The sure hand massaging her back and shoulders eased the remaining tension Gina felt about renting herself for the first time. Kingford’s other hand occupying her little bottom excited her higher, which the adult noticed right off. With a sly grin, he slid a finger between her butt cheeks to tease the opening there, then moved farther down to Gina’s slit. He nibbled his lip to find her moist.

“You like ass play, don’t you?” Kingford asked.

“What you did that night with your tongue turned me on!” Gina breathed. “I never had that done before.”

“Well, then…”

Kingford climbed on the bed, pushing wide the little girl’s legs before settling in place. Spreading her ass with determined hands, he lowered his face to begin circling the tip of his warm wet tongue at her nether place. Gina gasped when, soon, he reached a little inside.

“Mmmm!” Gina moaned. She rose on stiff arms and arched her back, wondering if the delightful probing, by itself, might make her cum.

“You taste so sweet!” Kingford gasped. “Soooo sweet!”

Gina collapsed when the older man pinched her clit between two fingers, his exploring tongue relentless. She raised her bottom in plea for more, holding her cheeks wider. If Kingford were to penetrate either opening, the needful girl would instantly cum hard enough to soak him with nectar.

Instead, Kingford began kissing a trail up Gina’s spine. She could only lie there gripping the sheets of her bed, sensing from behind squeezed-shut eyelids that Kingford had begun stripping without missing a single touch to her. He kissed another track back down, to nibble with careful but firm teeth all over Gina's fanny. Lingering there for what seemed too short a time, he began another odyssey upward.

Fully stripped at last, Kingford added the full attention of his hands to his adventure. He kissed, nibbled, and caressed Gina's back, and soon the girl could smell her own womanly scent on the air. Kingford slipped off Gina's robe and undid the bow tying her luxuriant locks, to play fingers in the curls while nipping her neck and shoulders. Gina then realized this rich old man was making love to her! Gina and Daddy always fucked; they never made real love--the price of being a willing fucktoy, Gina always told herself.

Kingford rolled to his side, bringing Gina with him. He turned her face to his for a lingering soulful kiss. His hard cock pressed against her little-girl clit from behind her tightly-closed thighs, making Gina struggle to keep from guiding the long tantalizing shaft where she needed it so desperately.

Gina squealed when her adult lover rolled her to her back and began suckling her little pink nipples. “Oh, harder!” she pleaded. “Bite down!”

Chuckling, Kingford did as asked. Gina arched her back and held her new man's face to herself, rolling her head side to side in a rapture not even Daddy ever brought. Gina's nipples had been more sensitive of late, and the deep heavenly nibbling drove almost straight to her clit like through electric wires. The sweetness of her little-girl pussy flowed to her nether opening.

The quivering, wildly-responsive girl started at every touch of Kingford's soft lips while he planted light kisses over her tummy. “You like tickling?” the adult asked with a wry grin, his deft fingers pinching, pulling, and twisting Gina's dime-size nipples with measured roughness.

“No!” Gina shrieked, her mind reeling in overload from so many new sensations with a new lover.

“Yes, you do. All little girls like being tickled.”

Clamping one of the preteen’s legs between his own with a knee against her clit, Kingford gripped both Gina’s wrists in one hand and held them to the mattress at the top of her head. He tickled her tummy a while, then her underarms for a spell, then her ribs. The new sensual torture seemed more intolerable than Daddy's firmest erotic spanking or hours of orgasm-denial. Writhing and pleading, and despite herself, Gina's pussy continued building desire like a swelling balloon.

Climax hit with such suddenness and force the girl stopped breathing. Pinned helpless with her adult lover's knee tight to her clit, Gina's petite body seemed to ricochet the mind-expanding release back and forth between her head and toes, and all through her. Her pussy slammed with pleasure, while all her nerves tingled and every muscle rippled.

“Oh, God!” Gina gasped when she could breathe, somehow conscious after the short consuming blast of what could only be described as a full-body orgasm. “Oh, God! Oh, God!”

Without granting rest, Kingford moved into a sixty-nine with his preteen lover. He did no more than nibble her mound, while Gina enjoyed his scrumptious cock in her mouth. Daddy had been teaching her for weeks to deep throat, but this huge organ might be too big. After teasing the head of the thick shaft and pumping its eight wonderful inches a few strokes with her hands, Gina went for broke.

Before long, she had Kingford all the way down to his hilt and close to orgasm. Gina backed off, using her tongue and lips with care, before taking his wonderful manhood all the way again. Kingford groaned, but Gina wanted more control of him. His nibbling of her mound would never make her cum, and she wanted to cum. "Fuck me, sir," she panted, a sly reminder he never before had that part of her. “My pussy is yours, as I promised. Please fuck me, sir.”

Needful now, but too dignified to appear in a rush, Kingford turned to settle between the long slender legs spread for him. He gripped little Gina’s ass with both hands to lift her, and started into her inviting warm wetness. The slow almost-gentle widening of her tunnel an inch at a time made Gina shudder, until she could control herself no longer.

Screeching in orgasm, Gina slammed her hips upward to at last be fully impaled on the cock she dreamed of for a month. She bucked wildly, thrashing her head, the pain of having a shaft past her cervix adding to her untamed revelry. Kingford seemed content to let her enjoy herself, but Gina's demanding hands on his ass at last coaxed him to match her rhythm.

They fucked like rabid beasts, kissing hard and deep between their moans and grunts. Kingford seemed to be holding back, while Gina thrilled to orgasm after orgasm, the ebb of one climax racing to grow into another.

"Cum in me!" Gina demanded.

Hugging tight and holding deep, Kingford froze in place. With a drone like from a fleet of old B-17 bombers, the adult man at last spilled his load into his young lover's wanting depths. Gina threw back her head and rolled her hips, overtaken by another climax that got stronger with each blast of cum jetting into her. With his cock so deep, Kingford's every spurt hit the wall of Gina's womb for another new experience of pleasure.

They collapsed together, sweaty and out of breath. Kingford’s cock remained in place, barely softened. He had shot so much cum into Gina that she felt some of it escaping down between the cheeks of her ass and onto the bed.

“That was too short,” Gina complained half-heartedly.

“Who says we’re done?” Kingford countered.


Kingford withdrew and, straddling the still-horny little girl, offered his cock to her lips. He stiffened to full hardness right away, while Gina savored the softness of his skin. The glistening coat of manly essence and Gina’s own nectar tasted wonderful on her tongue.

Enamored, Gina pleasured that wonderful cock with all she had to use. Working slow, she mixed her hands, tongue, lips, and throat to raise Kingford's passion in controlled stages, easing off when it seemed he might cum too soon. Gina caressed his belly and pinched his nipples, sliding gentle fingertips along his ribs. She played with her new man's large balls. She would hum and moan, exaggerating her lust more than its real, undisciplined intensity. Kingford responded as expected, to become more needful of release. But he hadn't become quite enough surrendered as Gina wanted.

"Make me cum again, sir" the girl whispered without missing a beat. "You have me so turned on!"

Kingford reached behind and slid a finger into Gina's cum-slicked love tunnel. The girl shuddered with enhanced pleasure, to moan for real desire when her lover slipped out and started the digit into her ass. He thrust part way inside a few strokes, then drove all the way in. At the same time, his thumb slammed into Gina's pussy.

The girl screamed with the pleasure of another sudden orgasm, bucking her hips to make it last. Caught up in yet another cauldron of sexual heat, Gina couldn't help working her lover's cock faster and harder.

"Take my cum, baby," Kingford whispered. "Swallow me at the same time you're cumming. It'll taste so much better!"

Gina didn't need to believe that to want his cum washing over her tongue before she took it all down. With all abandon and insistence, she went at her man's cock like it would be the last one of her life. When he at least released, Gina's lingering orgasm hit a grant finale that made her brain feel like it somehow caught fire.

Gina had no choice but to gulp the first spill right down to keep from losing any, so much did Kingford give. She savored the next huge spurt for a second or two before swallowing every drop. The rest she had time to longer relish, until at last she drained him. Somehow, it seemed he this time granted more of his gift than those before.

They lay side by side exhausted, dozing an hour. When Gina woke, she found her rich adult lover fully dressed. The sun had come around to shine through her bedroom window, telling the time to be early afternoon. "I hope you got your money's worth," Gina said, her voice sounding dreamy to her own ears.

Kingford climbed on the bed to kiss Gina’s temple. “You’re a beautiful, exciting lover,” he assured. “Well worth every penny.”

“If there's a next time, it's half price. You're worth a grand yourself.”

“Fair enough. I hope you're going to clean up the evidence? We made quite a mess."

"I have everything covered, and the time to get it done. Daddy will never know a thing."

“Good,” Kingford said. "And as I expected, after seeing you're smart and quite conniving."

Gina smiled.

“What about that disc?”

“Right top drawer, where I keep my panties," Gina said. "Daddy never goes in there.”

“How do I know this is the real thing,” Kingford asked after finding the disc, "and the only copy?"

“I want you to fuck me again of your own desire. Not even Daddy gets me off like you did today, and he's good when he takes me. Screwing you over will keep you from being the lover I want so bad even though I need to save for college, too. I said I lied about the blackmail; Daddy isn't dishonest.”

"Very well, then. It's hard to mistrust a girl who wants to work her own way through school."

"Would you like a pair of my panties, too," Gina offered, "to help keep you thinking about me? Like I said, Daddy never goes in that drawer. He likes me naked, with only my collar and the belt."

Kingford selected a pair, which Gina rubbed over her pussy to collect the scent. She kissed him, and stuffed the garment into a pocket of his suit jacket. The wealthy older man returned the lasting passion, to then leave for other business of his day.

Gina lay on the bed, recounting her cash. She also tested the master key in the lock of her collar, to find it worked there, too. A bigger boon, for she could at last roam this new neighborhood after a year here, without obvious evidence she lived a life other than that of a normal eleven-year-old. Gina could secretly meet boys and girls more her age, to expand opportunities for sex. Maybe she could seduce some of the adults, too, for extra money and added pleasure.

Daddy would go positively bat-shit if he found out all Gina got away with today, and God knows what kind of punishment he might dole out. He might never let Gina orgasm again, or he might use a whip on her for real. Gina had found other sex videos on the computer, many of which involve flogging, temporary piercings, and other forms of genuine pain. Hopefully, Daddy would never want to indulge far beyond the mild erotic tortures he already inflicts. But if he learned his girl sold her body without permission, Gina might be in serious trouble.

One day though, long from now, she would deliver her final spite of all the money, sex, and power she finessed right under Daddy's nose. He had wronged his daughter--his play toy--who had been loyal to him for a whole year. He took a girlfriend, rented Gina to another man, made secret videos, and jacked off to them rather than take care of his daughter's sexual needs. Daddy betrayed Gina too many times, and treason has a price.

After hiding her money and the master key, and starting the washer, Gina showered to clean the last remnants of her day of hot gratifying sex with a new man. She replaced the steel belt after roughly masturbating to orgasm several times, finding a fresh hate for the contraption. But thanks to her rich-man lover, she could now take it off without Daddy knowing.

Everything seemed wonderfully in hand. Gina lied about wiping the video of her blowjob to Mr. Kingford, so that Daddy would never know her sneakiness. Gina also made a second copy, and one of what she did with Toni Ann while Daddy watched. Daddy may never plan blackmail but Gina might be willing, some time in the future. Though Daddy taught to plan ahead, he dropped the ball by leaving his most secret and damning files unprotected. Too bad for him, the betraying bastard.

Yes, all held well in hand. And it felt oh-so-sweet!

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