*Trisha’s story*
His lover #4, Trisha, was on her knees, hands behind her back ready to pleasure John. John set his semi-hard cock head on her tongue, running his fingers gently through her dark brown hair, then her cheek bone.
“I love your body round with child.. Our child. But Trish, I’ve grown tired of wilting in your mouth.” He said so as he withdrew his now limp dick from her lips, walking to the lounge in their room with unmasked displeasure on his face.

Trisha stood and brought him a glass of whiskey, rubbing his shoulders, trying to ease him. He’d been taking her pregnancy hard, having a hard time not being fully satisfied, and he strove not to penetrate her, to risk their child.

Johns mind wandered to a year ago. Trisha had lost their baby during a punishment. She had gagged, then bitten John’s penis and he ordered her five month pregnant body to be punished. She received twenty lashes with the leather whip, clamps to her tits, and repeated double anal penetration.
Her punishment ended when she miscarried. John, who was still furious about the biting, ordered her body be laid in the “alley” where worse punishment was to come.

Even though she had just endured the worst pains in the world, she still trembled in fear for the alley. The alley was where the worst of the worst slaves were sent. It could be compared to the stocks, in olden days, where they would lock people in wooden stocks and let the towns’ people at them.

In the alley, the slaves were lined up, bound, and strung up, in a position exposing the pussy, ass, tits, and mouth. Trisha was strung in similar fashion then left for all the men who wanted in. After four passers’ by had taken her bloody pussy and left their mess dripping out of her pussy and along her ass hole Trisha heard a stampede of footsteps coming her way.

All at once she was being fucked in every hole and she lost consciousness. Trisha still doesn’t know how long John let her hang there before he welcomed her back to his bed. And now all John wanted was to have her. John rose and strode to the door. “Clean up, I shall return soon with a present.”

Trisha was just coming out of the shower, towel wrapped around her bulbous belly and milk filled breasts when John entered their room with a small blonde girl in tow. He raised her arm by the wrist, “This is your present, my love. Number 39. She is to pleasure you, and myself. Her training and discipline is in your hands. Use her well.“ With that, John left Trisha with a box of training tools, and her very own slave.

*Trisha’s slave’s story*

Trisha was unsure of what do to, but seeing that she was naked, she decided to start there. “39, here, now!” she barked with a point to the floor next to the bed. Trisha sat on the bed and spread her legs, she couldn’t see her toes beneath her, but she guided the slaves young mouth to her pussy.

The little blonde began to lap sensitively at her wet pussy. Trisha pushed her face deep into her pussy and wrapped her legs around her, holding her there. “mmmmmm! I haven’t been touched in SOOOOO long!” just before she came she instructed her slave to swallow all her cum, all of it. Then she gushed, at least five large gushes of warm cum into her mouth and over her face.

“Pitiful” Trisha spit at the girl. She led the girl to their bathroom and into the bath tub. “How old are you, anyway?” “I’m twelve, mistress.” “Hmm, open up, and do NOT spill this or I swear you will be sorry.” She then began to piss her golden streams into the gagging girls mouth, she couldn’t even take on the first squirt, so Trisha plugged the tub, holding in all her fluids, then she pissed all over the slaves body. “Lick that up, now!”

Trisha returned to the bathroom with a split-tale whip and immediately began whaling away on her slave. Not aiming for any particular spot, just beating. The girl sobbed and cried but never begged her to stop. Once Trisha’s arm grew tired, she sprayed the girl off with freezing cold water and left her alone to dry off.
39 came crawling to Trisha’s bed side with her eyes down. Trisha decided she’d grow to like this girl, with time. “Lick me again.” Several orgasms in Trisha stopped her slave and presented her with a thick choke chain collar. She wore the thick heavy chain with great grief.

Trish then clipped a dog leash that was nailed to the floor, not three feet of length, to 39’s collar. “sit, stay” Trish giggled as she grabbed a tube of lube and a six inch long, three inch thick butt plug. Trish lubed it up sloppily and sparingly and then placed the tip at her slaves anus.

“Have you ever been fucked here?” “No ma’am, I’m a virgin.” “Oh… have you ever sucked a cock? Or fucked in your vagina?” “No ma’am, and your’s was the first cunt I’ve tasted.” Trisha slapped her slaves face repeatedly.

“You’ll never speak to me that way again. Pucker up bitch.” With that she shoved the plug into her slave’s tight tight tight virgin asshole, completely until it popped into place. “That’s better.” Trish Said.
Trisha climbed into bed to rest her tired pregnant body. Hours later she woke to hear John’s moans of pleasure. She stretched her arm over the bed but felt only cold sheets. She whirled her head around until she saw him..Her.. Them.

He was sitting on the FLOOR, with her mouth spread over his cock, running his fingers through her hair.. like.. like he did Trisha’s. John then pulled her off his ready to pop cock and un-hooked her, laid her down, and ate her pussy. John had never even tasted Trisha’s. He ate the slave’s pussy with vigor, using his tongue and only his pinky. He let her cum in his mouth moaning loudly. Next john did the unthinkable.
When he stood Trisha froze in the bed and pretended to still be asleep. “yeah right, who could sleep through that.” She thought as she felt the bed move once, then twice with john and 39’s bodies. John laid her down and slowly guided his hard prick into her tiny teen virgin pussy.

Slowly he pushed in and out gently hitting her hymen a few times before leaning down, putting his lips over hers and pushing through it. He fucked her slowly.. No.. He made love to her slowly. With each thrust and grunt grew Trisha’s jealousy. What truly doomed the slave was the fact that John came inside her newly deflowered cunt before sending her back to her chain.

Trisha punished her slave brutally, fuelled by her jealousy. First she stuffed the teen’s swollen pussy with two cock shaped dildos. She loved making her scream, feeling her body writhe under her influence. Then she tied her thighs together tightly, cutting circulation off to her feet, and holding the ridgid cocks inside her slave. Then she rolled the girl over exposing her once-used asshole.

Trisha filled an enema bag with cold water and drained it into the unsuspecting slave’s bowels, emptying three quarts into her then plugged her ass with another large cock shaped dildo, pushed in to the hilt. Trish ordered her onto her back and to lay still.

She then put nipple clamps on the girls little tits. Trish straddled her slaves face and made her lick her horny cunt, then her anus. Finally, sticking her tongue into Trish’s asshole while she rode her face. Trish squirted her cum all over the girls face and chest. Each time Trish would cum she would tug on the nipple clams roughly.

When she grew tired of this she left the girl there, strung and filled on the floor. “Have you begun to have your periods, slave?” “Yes, yes Ma’am.”

“That’s too bad for you, really. If you should become pregnant with my husband’s child I will see to it that you become a cow for the rest of your life.” The young girl shivered thinking about being milked for the rest of her life, forever pregnant.

Worst of all, she feared never
being touched again like her master had touched her last night. Her pussy tingled and it reminded her of how full she was. Three cock shaped dildos stuffed inside her.


John sought pleasure with the slaves in the alley. He stayed for hours, watching the whores being taken and abused. Finally John was ready to join in; and to take out some frustration on one of these filthy girls.
First he took her mouth, dropping his ballsack into her already cum-filled gullet. When her mouth fell open John slapped her cheeks hard forcing her to suck his balls. The excitement had him hard in an instant. He then deep throat fucked the girl. Shoving his thick mushroom head into her throat, then deeper, watching the skin on her neck tighten around the bulge in her throat.

“Mmmmm!” He held it there until she started to struggle, gagging on his cock to remove it before he let her breath again.

“Your mouth leaves something to be desired, cum bucket!” he moved to her pussy, wet, wide pussy. He slopped his large cock into her wasted vagina, feeling the other men’s cum sluff around his cock as he thrusted in and out of her.

Seeing her body not reflect on the pummeling he was giving her he moved to her always tight asshole. This got some movement out of her, eliciting an ear splitting scream from her. Just what John wanted. His cock twitched inside her tight anus before he began his long rough strokes.

Just before John came he pushed into her pussy and let all the shit from her ass slide in, off his cock. Then he came inside her pussy like all the other men had before him. One thing he did that the others hadn’t yet was once his balls had emptied, he sent streams and streams of piss into her vagina. She screamed as the hot urine burned her split-open pussy.


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