Party Store Fuck

Party Store Fuck

Party Store Fuck.

When I was in my mid-twenties, I worked in a party store near the downtown section of town. We sold liquor and wine, and a few high-end snacks too. I worked the 3 to 11 shift, but after about 7 at night we didn’t do much business. So for the last four hours of my shift I usually spent them reading or watching TV, hoping someone would come in.

It was during that time of day when Wendy started coming in. She sold cars at a new car lot near by. She started coming in about twice a week to get a bottle of wine, and after a few weeks, we started talking a little more. One night during a chat, she said that she hadn’t eaten yet and was going to pick something up on her way home. She explained that she lived alone and didn’t like to cook for just herself. I told her that one of the problems working here was if I didn’t bring it with me, I didn’t get to eat, and I got tired of sandwiches. She asked if I’d like her to bring me something when she comes in. I told her that I’d like that. The plan was that she’d call me before she left work, and we’d decide what we wanted.

A couple of days later she called and I told her that something from the Bar B Q place would be fine with me. Twenty minutes later she came in with a bag of food and asked if she could eat with me. I said yes immediately.

Now let me tell you about Wendy. She’s about 5’10’ with a voluptuous body. An old school body like the movie stars for the 40’s and 50’s, with big tits, a small waists, and big hips. She had an elegant face with fine features, topped off with dirty blond hair that she usually had pulled back in some fashion. She wore business suits most of the time, but always showed a good bit of cleavage. Very classy and stunning!

She came around the counter, I got a couple of stools to sit on, and we spread out our food on the side counter. As we were eating, a good-looking woman and regular customer came in. I waited on her, then went back and continued eating with Wendy. Wendy said she noticed that the woman was sending out a vibe telling me that she was available for me. I told her that I didn’t think so. She reached out, patted my hand, and said to take her word for it, as a woman, she knew what she was talking about.

A couple of weeks latter as we were having another dinner she’d brought in, I told her of a party I’d gone to over the weekend. My wife went with me, but we split up a few minutes after we got there. I drank way too much; I got blasted and soon found myself in a dark room making out with a woman I’d just met and who’s name I didn’t know. We didn’t do much more than kiss and feel each other up when I heard my wife calling me, so I eased away from this woman, found my wife, and went home.

Wendy looked at me with those big Caribbean blue eyes, and said she was a little hurt. I asked why, and she said because she had hoped that she would be the one I’d be kissing and feeling up before some one else. We had finished eating by then, so I took her by her hand, lead her to the back room for some privacy. Then I took her in my arms and kissed her. It was a slow wet kiss, the kind you used to dream about as a kid. We both seemed to be enjoying it, as we started breathing harder, and holding each other a little tighter. She pulled back, and asked with a soft voice, when was I going to start feeling her up.

I may be a little slow on the pick-up, but I’m real good when lead. My hands started moving from her back to her ass, and God what an ass! She spread her legs and was slowly rubbing her crotch up and down my leg. I pulled her skirt up and I found she had stockings with a garter belt on, and a thong coming up between her ass cheeks. Oh God, now I was massaging her bare ass. She started humping my leg harder now. Then I brought my hands up and started unbuttoning her blouse. I opened it and the jacket and moved my hands to those silk encased tits. We were licking and sucking on each other’s lips and tongues while I was working to unhook her bra. After I got it unhooked, I pushed it up and cupped each one. I bent over and started sucking her big pink nipples. She unzipped me pants, pulled my dick out, squeezed it, and said that she might like this.

As my pants fell to my ankles, she had me turn around and sit on the edge of the desk. She sat on the chair and pulled herself right up between my legs. She stroked my dick, looked up at me and said she always liked dick for desert, and was hoping that I would give her the cream filling. She stared fondling my nuts with one hand still stroking my shaft with the other.

Now the desk sits right next to the doorway to the front room, and it has no door. Nobody could see us unless then came around the counter, and nobody ever did, but anyone that came in the store would surely hear me moaning like I did as she put my cock in her mouth. She started by sucking just the head, swirling her tongue around it, and paying extra attention to my piss hole. I was glad I had my ass on the desk, ‘cause she had my legs shaking in just seconds. Slowly she started taking more into her mouth. She was stroking my dick and the slobber and precum were dripping onto my balls. It was an amazing sight, looking down at her, with her blouse and jacket open and her tits flopping around as she was working on my dick. She her hand from my dick, pulled her thong out of the way, and started rubbing circles around her clit.

As I was in the troughs of passion, with my dick deep in her mouth, the front door bell rang. Wendy quickly pulled away and I pulled up my pants. I left my shirt un-tucked trying to hide my raging hard-on, and walked into the front room trying to look normal. I know my face was flushed as I waited on this guy. He bought a bottle of something and I got him out the door as fast as I could, and then hurried back to the storeroom.

Wendy was still sitting back in the chair, with her skirt up around her waist, finger fucking her self with one hand, and pinching her nipples with the other one. She looked at me with wild eyes and told me to get back on the desk so she could get my cock back into her mouth. I dropped my pants again; she grabbed my cock and stuffed it back into her mouth. She continued finger fucking her self as she was sucking my dick all the way into her mouth. She was a wild woman. She acted like she needed my dick instead of wanting it. I couldn’t take my eyes off this beautiful, classy woman, looking like a slut with spit sliding down the side of her mouth as my cock was rapidly sliding in and out.

My orgasm was rising and I told her I was getting ready to fill her mouth with hot cum. She looked up at me and smiled as much as she could with a dick in her mouth, and sped up her sucking. I could tell that the finger fucking she was giving herself was getting her close to cumming too. I grabbed her head then, shoved my dick as far into her mouth as I could, and I started shooting a heavy load down her throat. She was starting her own orgasm, but kept swallowing shot after hot sticky shot of my spunk. As my orgasm was slowing, I looked down at her and saw strings of my cum and her spit running out of the sides of her mouth and dripping off her chin on to her tits, but she never stopped working on my cock, even while still quivering from her own orgasm.

She finally took her mouth off my dick, wiped the back of her hand across her lips, and then stood up and kissed my full on my mouth. She was holding my face with her sticky fingers and talking to me while she was still kissing me. Holding me tightly, she was telling me that she loved to suck dick. She loved everything about it. She loved the way a cock throbbed in her mouth. She loved the way a man would lose all control when she swallowed their cum. She loved the taste of sperm. I smiled and told her that I loved that she loved sucking dick, and she could suck mine any time.

Her skirt was still pushed up and she then felt my, surprisingly, still stiff dick was throbbing against her belly. She pulled back a little to look at it, then back into my eyes, and said it looked like someone wanted some pussy. I smiled and told her to turn around and bend over the desk. She kissed me before she turned around She leaned over the desk and started wiggling her sweet ass at me. I got up behind her and put my cock at the opening of her wet, juicy cunt. She reached between her legs, grabbed my dick, and guided it in, and she pushed her pussy back onto my shaft. Then she growled and told me to fuck her, and fuck her hard. She said there wasn’t going to be a long fuck session with her, just hard, sloppy, fucking. I started pounding her pussy as fast and hard as I could. I could feel her hand stroking her clit as she was squealing with delight from the friction between cock and pussy.

She started yelling for me to cum into her love hole. She was matching my every thrust, and never stopped yelling at me to cum into her hot pussy. After about a minute more, I grabbed her hips, pushed my cock as far into her tight cunt as I could, and started shooting my second load of the night into her pussy. She was screaming at me to fill her cunt with my love spunk. As my orgasm was subsiding, hers took off. She was grinding per pussy back onto my cock, fingering her clit, and screaming things I couldn’t even understand. Her pussy was gripping my dick so hard that I couldn’t move it. When she loosened her grip, I fell back into the chair, and my dick plopped out of her cum soaked pussy.

AND THEN THE FRONT DOOR BELL RANG AGAIN! At first I couldn’t move. Then I heard one of my regular customers call out my name, telling me to stop fucking around and come wait on him. I stuffed my sticky cock back into my pants and stumbled out to the front. He looked at me, with my flushed face, and said it looked as if I was having a good evening. I knew I smelled strongly of sex, and there was no hiding it, so I just smiled and got him what he wanted. When he left, I came around the counter, locked the door behind him, and turned the outside lights off.

I went back to find Wendy sitting on the edge of the desk. She had our juices flowing out of her pussy, down her legs, and she was scooping them up and sucking her fingers clean. She gazed at me at asked if anyone else was coming in, and if not, we still had more fun ahead. I told her that I’d locked the door, and then I dropped to my knees and began licking that cum filled pussy. I stayed late that night.

We had sex at least once a week for a couple of months till she met a man and felt she had to stop. She still comes in the store a couple times a week and brings me dinner every once in a while, but she doesn’t stay for desert any more.

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