A guy and his...? 24 Full Circle

A guy and his...? 24 Full Circle

Jake had made his way to the kitchen realizing that he hadn't eaten all day. Reaching for the frig the table was suddenly groaning under the weight of all the food that was stacked high upon it. Shaking his head he had to try and remember that he had Jinns now all he really had to do was think about it, poof it was there. Sitting he was deep in thought when Gen touched his shoulder, apparently he'd missed what she'd said.

"I'm sorry Gen I was thinking I have a great decision to make and right now I am at a loss as to what exactly I should do." Jake told her, the worry on her face fading almost as fast as it had appeared. Sighing he knew that none of his Gens could really give him any help with this. He thought of the other Jinns but decided that they wouldn't be that great help in deciding this.

Finishing eating, he knew he had another appointment today, Christ just how many women were in Jumno's family anyway? He was moving toward the bedroom to check on Trully and Rashala when he heard a soft whimpering, huh? He'd not heard it before looking around he soon found a young woman curled in the corner naked, shaking, and apparently injured. Injured? She was the first that he'd ever seen appear injured.

The woman saw Jake approach and tried to crawl away from him, shit he thought she really is terrified. Quickly Jake wished a blanket around the woman though this helped to an extent, she was still trembling in fear at the sight of Jake. He could also see that she was in great pain, wishing her pain away the woman's eyes grew wide staring at Jake, she'd tried to talk several times but nothing was coming out of her mouth.

Sighing Jake was at a loss what to do when Trully appeared at the doorway. Again the woman's eyes went wide when she saw Trully. Trully looked over the woman then her eyes grew wide, making sure she went over all the wounds again.

"Master Jake did she appear this way?" Trully asked.

"Yes, I was on the way back to the bedroom to check on you and Rashala when I heard her light whimpering. She is the first I have ever seen brought back that was injured. Can you help her Trully? I do not feel evil from her if anything it is directly opposite, she also appears to be afraid of me." Jake told Trully, confused and afraid that all of this was his fault he didn't wish harm on any that were truly good.

"I do not know who this woman is which is strange, her injuries appear to be almost exactly the same as Sheeka's." The doctor told Jake, confused herself she knew all that were destroyed and in the mist but she couldn't place this woman.

There was a faint gasp from behind them drawing their attention toward Sheeka's doorway. Sheeka had felt something strange a feeling she hadn't felt in thousands of years. Startled awake by it she felt so heavy then several of her remaining severe injuries disappeared. Rising as fast as she could she had to help if what she felt was true then only she could help. Walking through the doorway she let out a faint gasp seeing the woman that was huddled in the corner.

The woman though weak saw Sheeka and tried to rise to go to her, collapsing Jake caught her. The fact that a male was helping her shocked her, though when Sheeka gasped again she was even more amazed. The man was so gentle she'd never felt a male be like this, trying to look him over she was sure that Jake was a woman in disguise.

Looking up after making the woman comfortable Jake went to Sheeka, "Do you know her Sheeka? Are you feeling well enough to be out of bed?"

"I... I do not deserve what has happened," looking at Trully Sheeka started to beg, "please doctor sever the bond for now, she does not deserve the pain, my pain."

Trully's mouth dropped open sever the bond? "I cannot do that Sheeka, only a master, namely your master can do that." Here Trully looked at Jake, "In many ways you are her master, Master Jake. There is nothing I can do, I'm not even sure the power of the wishes can help."

Jake thought a moment and rubbed the little bottle thinking of Rasmir. A moment later Rasmir was staring at the young woman, he could tell she was not doing well. After he was informed, Rasmir looked Jake straight in the eye, "Master Jake though she has no real power, she was made your Jinn temporarily. Only you can do this, a word of caution, if you do this she is your responsibility from now on. The council has decided that she would be in better hands with you than any other. Master Jake, please think carefully, this would be four Jinns the responsibility would be extremely great. Though the council trusts you absolutely, we still worry that this might be too much."

Jake sighed it was on him again as always it seemed lately, Gen, Rosalinda and Rashala who had appeared minutes ago were all looking at Jake with pleading looks in their eyes. Throwing up his arms he felt he was defeated before he even began to try and fight!

"Alright, Trully," Jake started, "I wish for you to sever the bond temporarily, long enough for Sheeka to heal."

Smiling broadly, Trully touched Jake's arm, "As you wish Master Jake." Jake could see almost thread like strands that were going from the woman to Sheeka reaching out Jake touched each feeling a jolt. Trying not to break them Jake felt the doctor almost crimp each strand, a sudden rush flew through Jake as he felt as if he'd grabbed a live wire. The woman on the floor started to breathe easier then she looked at Jake and tried to push him away but was too weak, then she saw that Jake was also feeling all the pain. Again she wondered who this male was to risk his life for her? No male had ever offered let alone tried to help her like this.

Sheeka ran to Jake throwing her arms around him, lightly kissing his cheek she told him thank you then collapsed against him. Jake was fighting to stay awake the whole transfer had exhausted him but he had to make sure they were all right. Looking at the woman he wished that she was now healthy with her healing power. He didn't want her to go, there was something about her that Jake felt was important. Finally done with that he turned to Sheeka. "Will she be ok now?" Jake asked. "I don't want her to feel the pain again I wish her healing to speed up to five times normal."

Trully's mouth dropped open, five times? Looking at the now unconscious Sheeka the doctor could see that she was indeed healing at an amazing rate, she should be fine in a few days.

The new woman arose and aggressively approached Jake, "WHY!? Why did you let her do that? She will die and when she does I will do all that I can to kill you also!" Waving her arm she expected to vanish closing her eyes she snapped them open and growled at Jake. "What have you done to my Jinn powers?" Again advancing on Jake Rashala stepped in front of the woman.

"You will not hurt our Master! You may try but I can guarantee that all three of us will die trying to stop you!" Rashala growled at the now startled woman.

Three? Then what she'd heard Rasmir say was true, plus Sheeka was his also?!

Sighing and defeated she sat and calmed herself, this was more than good news and Sheeka was involved in it too!

Feeling that he was losing the fight against the sleep Jake told the woman, "I want you to stay 'til I can talk to you; I feel that you are important to Sheeka."

The new woman nodded and replied , "If you are who I think you are, then I will not leave this place. I have a great need to talk to you also and to Sheeka." Bowing to Jake, he nodded as the darkness started creeping up on him, wishing that Sheeka was in her bed and he in his. The new woman asked to watch over Sheeka the doctor agreed and gave her several things including the foul smelling salve. Gen and Rashala weren't that trusting and soon followed the woman just in time to hear her say, "Why Sheeka? It is too dangerous if the bond isn't restored soon we both could die you know this."

"Is there anything we can do to help you?" Gen asked the woman.

"No thank you, Gen? Is it? Please tell me when your master is awake I have many questions for him about Sheeka. I owe this silly Jinn more than I can ever start to repay including my life. I have to say your master is a strange one indeed, very strange." The new woman told a now smiling Gen.

"He is a very fair and compassionate man, you will see." Gen told the woman as she and Rashala stayed near the door to keep watch.

An hour later Jake rolled over reaching across the bed, to his huge disappointment his hand found no body, breast, or any other female part. Sighing he opened his eyes when he heard Rosalinda and Gen giggling, "Sorry Master we were watching you and Sheeka," Gen lowered her eyes then smiled brightly, "but if you wish Master we could climb into bed with you. Though I am afraid it might be some time before you left it!"

Jake's face held a huge smile no matter what. Gen always had a smile and sexy words of encouragement. "Thank you though I don't think that the woman would hurt Sheeka, she seems far too important to her."

Jake arose still slightly feeling the effect of the transfer from earlier but thanks to his Jinn's
protection he was recovering quickly. Walking to Sheeka's room Jake saw that the new woman was still keeping a constant vigil over Sheeka.

"Has she awoken at all?" A concerned Jake asked the woman, turning she saw that concerned mirrored on his face. "Not as of yet," sighing she arose and walked to Jake. "She is a silly little Jinn for what she did, it could spell the death of both of us." Jake shook his head affirmative with the experience he'd already had with Jinn bonds he could believe it. "I wish to thank you for the care and fairness that you showed her, most master's would have discarded her like trash."

Jake's face twisted into a mask of anger, the new woman noticed that as soon as he became angry the sky darkened. So it was true! He was who she thought he was! Plus Sheeka was tied into this somehow?

"I am sorry Master Jake I did not mean to imply that you are like any other master, you sir are the rarest form of master there is. You actually care for how your Jinns feel, what they want. For that and for what you have done for Sheeka I thank you." Here the woman bowed low to the floor the only male she'd ever felt was worthy of this privilege.

"I thank you for the care you have shown Sheeka," Jake replied further shocking and impressing the woman. "Though now that we are to this point, may I ask who you are? Even Rasmir didn't seem to be able to identify you."

A smile lit up her face then she asked, "I understand that my power is dependent upon you sir. May I have it back at least some of it?" The woman asked this was a first for her asking a male for anything. Jake nodded then closed his eyes a moment, suddenly ALL her power flooded back to her! Just as strong as it had always been. As tears rolled down her face she waved her hand and her whole appearance changed! There standing before them was a nearly exact copy of Sheeka!

"Thank you Master for the trust you just showed," she said as she again bowed to him. "Now then as to who I am, my name is Akeesha. I am Sheeka's twin sister as you might have guessed, though I am older."

From behind them they heard a soft angry voice say, "Only by a minute! That does not make you wiser!" They both turned to see Sheeka's eyes open a few stray tears falling from them. "It should have been me dear sister not you, I am sorry I wasn't faster, that blast was meant for me."

"No sister, your protection is stronger than mine, but that is all, what happened was supposed to happen," Akeesha replied.

"I am too tired to argue with you," Sheeka said then turned to Jake. "You have fulfilled your promise as will I mine, when I am better I will resume my duties."

"No Sheeka," Jake told them both. "I have re-thought your punishment as I told you before," here Jake rubbed the bottle charm and the council appeared.

Almost all of them gasp when they saw Akeesha, "You have reached a decision Master Jake?" Rasmir said staring at the two women before him.

"Yes, please restore all her powers except her ability to transport." Jake told the council each staring at him with open mouths. Then each in turn nodded and stretched forth their hands Sheeka's mouth hung open; her face showed total shock.

"Master," Sheeka said as she bowed to the floor tears flowing freely beginning to puddle slightly. "I am undeserving of this honor, please Master reconsider!"

Akeesha only nodded she could see now that yes Jake was a true master not a beast that deserved to die like so many others. "I thank you for my sister's life." She told Jake again bowing.

Smiling Jake bowed to both of them, "For what you have done Sheeka, this is nothing to repay you. I am in your debt as you say you are to me. As your Master I will do all I can to protect you."

Smirking Akeesha was about to comment when she felt the layer upon layer of protection around Jake. Sucking in a deep breath she thought by the great Jinn! He truly is the Ever Last Master! Looking at her sister she thought, was Sheeka the fourth Jinn?

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