LIttle Girl down the Street

LIttle Girl down the Street

You Know Her

She lives down the block from you. Her name is Kara and she lives with her younger brother and sister. She must be around 10 years old now and her sister and brother are 8 and 6. Her family moved in to the neighborhood about 5 years ago. Her dad is a salesman for a Dodge dealer across the river and her mother is a nurse for a nursing home on the other side of town.
I knew her parents from seeing them as I drive by and we wave at each other or when I walk my dog. We chat about the weather and about what’s going on with the neighbors.
Kara is a little bashful when I see her playing with the other kids. There are only a few kids for her to play with and most of them are boys but there are a couple younger girls. I see her once in awhile playing with the girls but they always want to play with dolls and she thinks she is to old for that.
Most of the summer I see her riding her bike with a couple of the boys, one is 13 and name Robbie and the other is 9 and his name is Joey. A few times I have caught them behind my house which has a small woods just inside my property line. Most of the time they are in their fort which they build using wood from the neighbors garbage before the trash man can pick it up.
One day I seen smoke coming from the fort and told them to tear it down before they set the woods on fire. The boys were pissed at me but I knew they would find another place to hang out which they did but with out me knowing it. I had a shed out back where I store all my lawn tools and things I never use. It was a large shed which was attached to my garage by a door. Of course the garage has windows on the one side.
Back to Kara now that you know my back yard. She is very short for a 10 year old girl, about 4’8” and thin but not skinny. Robbie is of normal height and so is Joey. Kara grand parents must of been part Asian cause you could see it in her eyes and color of her skin. She was one beautiful girl and just starting to mature with small breast and a cute butt. Her legs looked like they were formed by a artist working in clay. She liked to wear short skirts and a button up shirt with the tails tied at her belly button. She has her hair cut short with bangs. Some times she looks like a boy from a distant but up close you now she’s all girl.
Some days when I’m working in the yard I swear she is teasing me by riding by and standing up on the peddles and leaning over the handle bars so I can look at her panties or setting on the seat with her feet on the bars so I can see her nice legs.
One day I looked out the rear window and could see her and the boys out in the woods and Robbie was setting on the ground with Kara stand in front of him with his hands up under her skirt. You could see he was playing with her pussy and she was trying to get away but he had one hand on her butt while he played. Joey was standing there watching what Robbie was doing with Kara. When they seen me the boys jump up and ran off but Kara was staying right where she was, to scared to move. I told her to go home and I would not say anything to her parents.
It was two weeks later I caught them again but this time Kara was on the ground and Robbie was standing. Robbie had his pants down and was holding her hand on his dick. She was staring at it like it was a dog that she was not sure of. I could see her hand and his moving back and forth and he was yelling for her to keep it up. I stood there to see what happened. I seen him remove his hand and she kept moving her hand. Two minutes later Robbie was moving his ass back and forth and telling her faster. When she did he grabbed her hand as he shot cum all over her hand. She looked dumb founded but never took her hand off of his cock. When he was done he pulled his pants up and then walked away with Joey trailing behind.
Kara stood there looking at her hand dripping cum, she looked around and seen me standing there smiling and she smiled back but took off for home like the devil was behind her. Those short legs were running as fast as they could and her short skirt was up around her waist. I just stood wishing it was my cum that was on her hand.
The next day as I walked my dog she was out in the yard with her mother and I smiled at her and winked as I put my finger to my lips. She smiled and put her hand up and licked her fingers. Talk about being surprised, my eyes must of bulged out of my head. I tripped and almost choked my dog and Kara stood there and giggled like a 4 year old.
The next Saturday I was getting back from walking the dog around noon when I heard voices from the back yard. I walked around the house but no one was there. Then I heard them again, they were coming from my shed. I heard moaning and groaning but it was not from pain, sounded like pleasure sounds to me. I walked over and looked in the window expecting to see Kara rubbing Robbie’s cock again, instead she was on her knees with Robbie’s cock in her mouth and Joey’s cock in her hand jacking him like crazy. Robbie was holding her head in his hands as he pumped his little pecker in and out of her mouth. Kara was wearing a skirt today and I notice she had her other hand up between her legs. I just stood there watching while the two boys enjoyed them selves as I was also. I must of made a small noise because Kara looked over to the window and seen me looking. I though she would jump up and run but no she just kept on sucking on Robbie’s cock and I could see by her eyes she had a smile on her face.
Joey’s little peter must have been getting sore because he took her hand off of it and turned away with a painful look on his face. He happen to look up and seen my face in the window and nudged Robbie and pointed to the window. The look on Robbie’s face was one of fear. He grab Kara’s hair and yanked his dick out of her mouth so fast she was still sucking on air. As Robbie was doing this Joey had his pants up and was heading for the door as fast as he could move. While Joey was going through the door Robbie was trying to run and pull up his pants at the same time which is hard to do, he made it to the door and stopped to zip up his pants but his cock head was still sticking out of his zipper. He let out a scream that all the neighbors had to hear. I grabbed my crotch just knowing how much pain he was in. After the scream he was running so fast he was out of sight before Joey was.
I looked back in the window figuring Kara would be on the run too but no she was still on her knees with her hand still between her legs. As I watched her she looked my way and smiled at me. Then she started moving her hand faster and moaning louder. I watched as she pulled her skirt up so I could see her fingers playing all over her pussy. She screamed like a cat in heat and just kept smiling at me through the window. After about 30 seconds she licked her fingers and waved bye at me and went out the door in no hurry for she knew I would not tell anyone.
I went in the house and laid on the couch with a bottle of baby oil and jacked off thinking it should have been me she was sucking. After I had cum all over my hand, wishing it was her face and tongue I fell asleep dreaming of her.
A couple days later as I sat on the front porch here came Joey and Robbie walking down my street with Robbie walking bent over like he was still in pain. I yell hi and smiled while I put my hand to my crotch. Joey started to laugh and Robbie gave me the finger.
The next day I was mowing grass and as looked up here came Kara and her friend, as they got in front of my house Kara whispered something to her friend and they stopped walking. Kara must of decided her shoe needed tied so she turned facing away from me and bent over at the waist to tie her shoe. She was wearing a sun dress far shorter then I had ever seen her wear. As she leaned over I could see right up to her beautiful little ass which was bare as could be, no panties in the way and her bent over so far her head was almost down to her knees, what a site for sore eyes. Again Kara whispered to her friend and her friend turn to see if I was watch the said something back to her. She must of thought the other shoe needed tied too so she sat down on the grass, facing me this time, and spread her little legs so she could tie that shoe. My eyes must have been bulging out of my head cause she smiled and both girls giggled and waved at me.
Early the next day I was watching TV when I heard a knock on my back door. I went to answer it and there was Kara’s little brother standing there with a note in his hand. He handed it to me and turned and walked away but I notice Kara was standing along the house watching us. I looked at the note and it read ( can I play in your shed later in the day, the boys will not be there with me). Talk about being surprised. I just looked at the note not believing what it said. After I read it for the third time I looked up to see Kara was still watching. I nodded yes and she smiled and waved bye and walk back home.
I ran and jumped in the shower and was done in a matter of minutes. I thought the clock had stopped for the time seemed to be in slow motion. Every few minutes I was either looking at my watch or looking out the window to see if she was on her way. Findley after what seemed like hours I caught a view of her crossing the corner of my back yard headed to the shed.
After ten minutes or so I walked out and into the garage using the open over head door which I close as soon as I got in. I walk to the door that goes from garage to shed, not knowing what I was getting myself into, I open the door. Kara was setting there on the floor waiting for me with her yellow short sundress on. What a beautiful site, my heart jumped right up into my throat. I was shaking like a leaf in a storm and my cock was jumping in my shorts like a bull frog jumping into a pond. Kara never took her eyes off of me as I locked the door. When I walked up to her she asked if I should cover the window so no one could peek in like I had. Damn she isn’t dumb. I could just see my neighbors looking in and then watching me being led away in a squad car.
She took the lead and ask if I wanted her to do what she did for Robbie. I told her only if she wanted to and I asked if she liked doing it. She smiled and said she loved it. I asked her if her and Robbie did it a lot and she said a couple of times but she did it with her cousin a few times too. She said he was 16 but was small for his age. She said she had seen my hard on when she teased me while tying her shoes out front of my house and wanted to do it to me.
I sat down on a bench I had made for the shed and ask her to come set in my lap. No sooner said and she was on my lap facing me with her legs one on either side of mine. I ask her if she liked to kiss and she said she only kiss her cousin a few times, Robbie never kissed her. What a dumb shit I thought. She said she liked it when her cousin kissed her using his tongue while running his hands over her little tits. I ask her if she liked it when the boys kiss her between the legs. Her eyes doubled in size and said no one every did that. I asked if she would let me be the first one to lick her pussy, she couldn’t say yes fast enough.
As we sat there I moved my hands down her back as I moved my lips to hers. When I started kissing her my tongue found her lips had parted and she was searching for my tongue with hers. She tasted like strawberries. After the second kiss she was moaning as much as I was. I couldn’t get enough of her lips and tongue. She was rubbing her little nipples against my chest and driving me wild. I took my hands off her back and moved them to her breast which were just big enough to hold in the palm of my hand. She rubbed harder into my hands an moan into my mouth.
I asked her if I could unbutton the front of her dress and she just smiled and nodded yes. In a matter of seconds I had her dress open to the waist with my lips around one of her pink nipples and rolling the other nipple with my fingers. She was squirming all over my lap, I was afraid I was going to cum if she didn’t quit. I asked her to turn around so she was facing away from me, you would of thought I yelled at her, she just looked at me and ask why. I told her the reason and she smiled as she turned around. I started to kiss her neck and like most women she loved it. I moved my hands to her breast again and started squeezing both nipples at the same time. She moaned and moved her hand up under her dress and started playing with her self. I told her that was my job. As she removed her hands I run my hands up her beautiful thin legs right to the top. As I got to the vee between her legs I realized she had no panties on, she was ready.
When I cupped her pussy with my hand I could feel a little peach fuss at the top of her slit. As I rubbed she squirm, the more I rubbed the more she squirm and moaned. I started to run my finger up and down her little outer lips, she was getting wetter by the minute. After a few minutes I had my finger pressed at the top of her slit and found her clit which was almost to small to feel but I knew when I found it because she let out a screeching moan and press my hand to her. I started rubbing it and she could not stop wiggling her hips and moaning. I felt her juices start to flow like a few women I have been with. Her ass was rubbing on my dick so hard I had to hold her still. I couldn’t take much more rubbing.
After awhile she cooled down enough for me to slide my finger tip inside of her. She was so tight I knew I would never fit my cock in her cunt without hurting her and myself. I asked her to stand up so I could remove her dress, as I wanted to see her wonderful body in all its glory. She stood up and moved a few feet away and turn to face me before she raised her dress up and over her head. She just stood there then ask if I liked the way she looked. What a body she had for a 10 year old girl. Her waist was so small and it seem to flair out just at the right places to form her hips and her ass. I thought her legs were thin but after seeing her standing there they were a perfect match for the rest of her body. Just a bit for baby fat on her little belly that told you she was not a teenager yet. I was in awe of her. God created woman but the devil help create this little girl. She had a body so beautiful it was wicked. God help the boys and men that sees her the way I see her standing there now.
Kara then reached over and ran her hand over my cock which was stiff as a board under my shorts and ask if I liked her. I told her no words could decribe how much I liked looking at her. She smiled then kneel down and laid her head in my lap. When I felt her face laying on my cock I almost came in my shorts. An old man can’t take much more of this I thought. She lifted her head and put one hand up under each leg of my short and started rubbing my cock. I told her she had to quit for the time being because I wanted to kiss her cunt and run my tongue over it. She pulled her hands out and stood up. I got an old blanket off the shelf and ask her to lay down. With out a thought she laid right down and giggle with a smile on her lips.
I dropped my shorts while she watched. Her eyes got big as saucers when see got a full view of my cock swaying before her eyes. Its not big but with 5 inches and a head like a ping pong ball it looked mighty big to her. I laid down with my cock near her head and my face a few inches from her pussy I could smell her pussy. It was like a perfume that no one could bottle. If they could, I want to buy into the company that bottles it. I ran my hands up and down her legs then let my tongue do the same thing. Nothing turns me on like a young girls nice legs. I let my tongue slip up her pussy slit to her clit, by this time she was moaning so much I had to ask her to put her fingers in her mouth and suck on them so she didn’t make the neighbors call the police. I took my thumbs and spread her lips and run my tongue right up to her clit. When I started tongue her she started shaking and moaning so hard I had to stop. I moved around so I could attack her cunt from the bottom and place her legs around my head. She was so wet I could shower in her juices. I did wash my face with them. All at once I heard her scream through her sucking fingers and she went stiff and locked her legs around my head. I felt like I was in a vice. After a few minutes I pried her legs from around my head and sat up. I turned around and started kissing her with my lips and tongue that still held the juices from her pussy. She opened her eyes and smiled then started licking my wet face. I ask if she liked the taste of her own pussy and she said I like cock better.
She sat up and push me to my back then sat on my chest. She slid up and down on my chest and then moved her cunt over my face so she could rub her juices all over me. After she had me wet as I could get she scooted down and licked me dry. I was amazed a 10 year old girl would do that. Next she move down and sat between my legs and reached down to hold my cock in her hand. She moved over it and began to rub the head on her pussy slit. I stopped her saying she was not ready for that, she smiled at me and said she knew it would not fit and she didn’t want that, she just wanted to feel it on her clit. After a few rubs she laid her head on my stomach and started to slid her hand up and down my cock. I was in heaven. When she moved her mouth to the head of my cock I was not ready for the warmth of her mouth. She started with licking the head and used her hand to feel my balls. She then said no boy had let her hold his balls in her hand. I told her anytime she wanted to she was more then welcome. As she took my cock in her mouth she used her little tongue to lick the ridge of my head. Now I was moaning as load as she had been while I ate her. I grabbed one of her little feet and started sucking on her toes so my moans would not alarm anyone out side the garage. She tried to take me all the way in but found out I would not fit there either. After several time trying and gagging she just sucked as much as she could which was find by me. She was sucking and running her hand up and down my cock and using one hand to play with my balls, I just couldn’t take any more. I told her I was going to cum and to pull it out but she started to suck harder and looked up so I could see my cock in her mouth. That was all it took I moaned and shot my cum into her very warm mouth. She started to hum on the head of my cock and it sent me out of my mind. I tried to jamb it down her throat but she held me back. I held her head till I could not take her tongue on my cock any longer. I pulled out and she was smiling like she just found out she got all As on her report card.
After we got dressed she ask me when could we do this again and next time would I try to fuck her pussy. I sat her in my lap and said yes we can do it again but no I will not fuck her little pussy and I don’t want any other man or boy doing it. She said why not and I said she is not old enough. I told her when she is I will gladly fuck her. I said next time we can do more if she is willing.
She does have a nice ass and I bet I can get a ping pong ball up it with very little pain. I might try that sometime.

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