Roxy Bottom no. 1

Roxy Bottom no. 1

Roxy Bottom and Chance Infinity

Roxy Bottom sighed heavily as she flung her tired body onto her firm queen size bed. She had just finished taking a long-deserved shower after she finished moving into her new apartment. The process had been two days of hard work, but she was finally settled in.

The cool comforter on the bed contrasted with the warm fluffy towel wrapped around her body and the stimulating sensation made her snuggle into the bed more. She was so comfortable and happy in that moment. The sun had long since set on the day and her belly was full of pizza and beer.

Her friends had gone home for the night and she was all alone. She was so happy to have moved out of her parents’ house. It had taken her a long twenty-seven years, but she had finally managed it; she was on her own now.

There was only one thing that could make her night any better. She was proud of herself, so she decided to treat herself to that one thing. Her hands clasped the towel where it was knotted together at her breasts and she pulled the fabric apart. The ends of the towel separated and revealed her naked chest to the cool room air. Her nipples perked at the sensation.

She was so horny, she wanted to slide her hands down to the pleasure center between her legs, but part of her wanted to enjoy her first time in her new apartment. With all of her self-restraint, she slid her hands over her breast and concentrated on the soft touch. In her mind Chance Infinity had come to her. Chance was the sexy figment of her imagination that always left her thoroughly pleasured. He was breathtakingly handsome with his short dark brown hair and a five o’clock shadow. His chocolate brown eyes were flecked with gold specks that sparkled when he looked into her eyes. He was always so good to her; he was always there for her when she needed him.

His broad shoulders and muscular arms always comforted her when she was sad or lonely. His muscular warm body was always only a thought away. She had fantasized about Chance holding her and comforting her on many occasions. Her favorite pass time with Chance, though, was when he used his big, sexy body to pleasure her.

In her mind, his big hands slid over her breasts. As her hands squeezed her silky flesh firmly, Chance did the same in her dream. The palms of his large and calloused hands kneaded and caressed her firm globes and his dexterous fingers pinched her hard nipples. As she laid on her bed arching her back and moaning her pleasure, she dreamed of Chance's full lips sucking and fondling her sensitive nubs.

The sensations from the manipulation of her breast shot down to her wet pussy and made her even more horny and impatient for the main event, but Chance was teasing her. He wasn’t done with her succulent globes. Her soft and silky tits were a little more than a handful to her, but in Chance’s hands they barely filled his palms. She loved the feeling of her soft warm breast skin gliding beneath the palm of her hands. Her sexy breasts were full, soft and sensitive.

She rubbed her mounds for a moment, imagining his big hands caressing her feminine curves. She pinched her nipples, imagining him nibbling on the sensitive nubs with his pearly white teeth. She mewled at his ministrations. Chance always intensified her pleasure and drove her crazy.

“Oh God!” She gasped, as she rubbed her breasts and imaged him pleasuring her.

Her right hand slid down her body to her shaved pussy. She slid the tip of her middle finger through her pussy lips to dip into the nectar at her center. She swirled the erect appendage around her moist opening coating it with her natural lubricant. With the sweet liquid coating the tip of her finger she pressed the prepared appendage over her clitoris.

She moaned out in ecstasy. In her mind, Chance had kissed down her body and kissed her nether lips. She felt his tongue lick through the folds of her pussy. His strong hands caressed and kneaded her breasts. Chance was pleasuring her body like it was and instrument and he was its master. Roxy couldn’t help the muffled whimpers that escaped from her sealed lips.

The feeling was too good as she played with her pussy. She imagined Chance licking her so good and sucking on her clit so hard. “Yes, Chance, eat me!” she cried. “Oh, fuck yeah, Baby.”

Roxy humped at her fingers as her pleasure built. The imaginary Chance sucked harder on her clit. Roxy bucked on her bed and rubbed her clit furiously as her body exploded in pleasure. “OH GOD YES!” she screamed. “Oh, FUCK ME!” Her body bucked uncontrollably as she climaxed.

She hung suspended in her heavenly bliss for a short moment before her arms went limp and the pleasure began to fade. Stars danced before her eyes and she hyperventilated as she rested on the bed, patiently waiting for her body to calm down. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Even though Chance wasn’t a real person, she was still grateful to have him.

Chance always took good care of Roxy. She felt that it was a shame that he would never be anything more than a figment of her imagination, but she was thankful for the gifts that her imagination had granted her. Besides, real life relationships were challenging and uncertain. Roxy knew that Chance would never leave her or grow to find her unattractive, because he only existed in her imagination.

If Roxy were being honest, she did long to have an actual human being sleeping next to her. She would love to have the arms of a real person wrapped around her. Hell, she would give anything to fuck a real person (it had been so long since she’d had sex). But those things weren’t in the cards for her.

Roxy was a shy and introverted person. She had managed to make a hand full of friends in her adult years, but she was too socially awkward to actually date and have a relationship. Besides, she was getting too set in her ways to have a conventional relationship anyway. She liked her space and her privacy.

She didn’t want a boyfriend to move in and share her space. She just wanted a man to come by and fuck her sometimes… or maybe even a woman. In her late twenties she was becoming more open minded about sexual proclivities. The thought of sucking on a woman’s breasts and eating her pussy only turned Roxy on more. It would be so nice to have a cock to suck, or a pussy to eat, or some lips to kiss…

After her long day of moving into her new apartment and unpacking as much as possible, coupled with the intense orgasm she just had, Roxy was tired. As her mind conjured up sexy human figures that she could fantasize about later, her eyelids drifted closed and her body relaxed into the mattress. Roxy drifted off to sleep, sprawled out naked on her bed with her feminine nectar leaking from her shaved pussy.

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