I discover the real me Part 02

I discover the real me Part 02

I discover the real me – and I like it.

by Vanessa Evans

Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the earlier parts before reading this. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 02

The alarm repeater went off and I realised that I had to get up and go and have a shower. I slowly got off the bed and to my feet and was pleased to realise that I felt okay, apart from my pussy. I looked in the mirror and saw that my hair was a mess. I spread my feet and pushed my hips forward and saw that my pussy looked okay, apart from being a bit red.

I grabbed my shower things and set off. Going down the stairs, slowly, I was passed by a young man who said that I had a cute butt to which I didn’t respond.

As soon as I opened the door to the boys corridor I heard a male voice say,

“Naked girl in the corridor.”

I smiled as I saw heads and bodies come out of rooms to see the naked girl and I started to feel good, so did my nipples and pussy and I felt them tell me that they were happy.

In the bathroom I looked around and saw one naked man having a piss at the urinals and another naked man rubbing his hair dry. I smiled again and my pussy contracted.

I hung my towel up and went to the same, curtain-less cubicle and turned the water on. When I turned round I saw the 2 naked men and 2 others watching me. I stood facing them as I started my routine and I watched the 2 cocks rise then point to the ceiling.

I’d found more confidence than the previous day and I stayed facing the audience as it grew in more ways than one. When it came to shaving my pussy I spread my feet and pushed my hips forwards and got on with it.

Then I decided that I needed a pee. I put conditioner on my hair as I decided what to do, did I just pee there, did I go out to a toilet cubicle or did I try to pee in a urinal? I eliminated the toilet cubicle straight away as it was too private. Then I decided that I didn’t yet have the courage of confidence to try to pee into a urinal so I just spread my feet and let rip.

“Is she having a piss?” I heard one boy ask.

“Yep.” Someone answered.

Shower, and piss over I picked up my shower bag and the audience parted to let me get to my towel. As I was getting dried I remembered what Ethan said about a webcam and I looked up. All that I could see was one of those little electrics metal box with metal pipes coming out of 2 sides of it and disappearing into the wall or ceiling.

Deciding that there could be a miniature camera in it I started thinking about my pussy. I soo wanted to give those guys a good look at it but I couldn’t think of a way to do that without it looking way too obvious so when I was finished getting dried I picked up my towel and bag and left.

Three guys were coming down the stairs as I went up, I was in a bit of a hurry as I was eager to get my hands on my pussy and one of the guys said,

“Nice little rack, cute little wobble.”

I smiled at them and hurriedly continued.

As I opened the door to the girl’s corridor one of the girls was coming out.

“Hi Jenny.” I said.

“Oh Hi Dani, where have you been like that?”

“For a shower.”

“Where, have you been up to the fourth floor like that?”

“No, I went down to the first floor.”

“The boy’s showers, like that?”

“Yes, why?”

“Weren’t there any boys in there?”

“Yes, about half a dozen.”

“And you let them see you like that?”

“Yes, why?”

“But you’re naked.”

“And? Actually, it’s a great turn-on.”

“I bet that it is. I could never do that.”

“That’s what I thought, but here I am.”

“Wow, you are one hell of a brave girl.”

“Not really.”

“Sorry, gotta go, I’m late as it is, maybe we could talk about it later.”

“Okay, seeya.”

I returned to my room and was disappointed to find that Ethan wasn’t there waiting to fuck me. I flopped down on my bed, spread my legs and started to relieve the tension in my pussy.

My orgasm was just building when the door bust open and Ethan walked in.

“Stop that right now naked girl.”

My fingers stopped and I looked up at him with a puzzled look.

“Get up.”

I got off the bed and stood in front of him.


I did and watched Ethan unzip his trousers and get his cock out.


I opened my mouth not knowing what I was doing and felt Ethan’s hands pressing on the back of my head.

“Come on girl, you know what to do.”

I managed to shake my head sideways and Ethan pulled my head back.

“You must have given a blowjob before naked girl.”

I shook my head sideways.

“You gave 3 last night. Oh wait, you were out cold last night. Lick it, suck it and take it down your throat.”

Ethan moved my head so that the tip of his cock hit my nose. I started licking and sucking and I moved my hands, released his balls and started fondling them. I knew that I had to push down so that his cock went into my throat but I was scared of choking.

Ethan helped me by pushing my head down and I panicked but Ethan held my head firm.

“Relax girl, I’ll let you breathe when you need to.”

I forced myself to relax thinking that if I died he wouldn’t have a girl to dominate and fuck. As soon as I relaxed I started to enjoy it. It felt nice to have his cock in my throat. I wondered if I’d be able to see a bulge in my neck.

Ethan pulled by head back and I gasped for air and moved my head forwards again.

“Good girl, I’m glad that you are a quick learner.”

Ethan was moving my head backwards and forwards but I was also doing it, As I gasped for air and felt my saliva running out of my mouth, Ethan opened his hands and let me do it on my own.

Ethan pulled me forwards by my shoulders, off the bed and onto my knees in front of him. I started to feel his cock jerking in my mouth and throat and he moved his hips back so that his cock came out of my mouth. I moved my head forward to take him again but he grabbed my head and held it just short of his cock.

“Look up at my face and open your mouth wide.”

“I did, and was quickly rewarded by him shooting his load all over my face, some of it going into my mouth.”

Still looking up at his face I waited for him to stop giving me little bits of his jism.

“Use your tongue to get as much as you can into your mouth then open it and show me how much is there. When I’ve seen it, swallow it then open your mouth to show me that you have swallowed all of it.”

I did as I was told then Ethan pulled me to my feet and told me to sit on the bed. I did and he started talking.

“So naked girl, what do you remember from last night?”

“I remember you telling me to take my dress off then nothing until my alarm went off this morning Master.”

Ethan laughed then said,

“I must remember your inability to hold your alcohol. After you got naked you tried to learn how to play pool, then the guys lifted you onto the pool table and all of them explored all of your body.”

“Oh, what else did they do to me Master?”

“They turned you sideways on the table then took it in turns to ram their cocks down your throat and into your pussy.”

“They gang-banged me Master?”

“I suppose that you could call it that except that you didn’t tell any of them to stop.”

“How could I, I was out cold.”

“But you didn’t complain or tell them to stop so they kept going. They all helped to make you cum, twice”

“I orgasmed when I was out cold?”

“Yes, and you didn’t say stop so they kept going until all 3 of them had cum inside you.”

“Oh my gawd, I orgasmed when I was out cold?”

“Yes you did, and seeing you cum on a table like that was amazing.”

“So, you took my virginity yesterday morning and last night you let 3 of your mates gang-bang me. Oh my gawd, what has happened to me? I was an innocent, sweet little girl a couple of days ago and look at me now.”

“You are now a liberated girl who know what she wants and goes out and gets it.”

“I, I, I don’t know, …… Master, I don’t know that I want this.”

“Tell me that you don’t like it naked girl.”

“I don’t like it Master; wait, I do like it, it turns me on soo much.”

“Yes it does naked girl and you love it don’t you?”

“Yes Master, I do.”

“Can you make me cum please Master? I want to cum soo bad.”

“No naked girl, and from now on you can only cum when I tell you that you can. There’s one exception to that, for now, and that’s when you are showering in the men’s showers and men are watching you.”

“You want me to make myself cum when I’m having my morning shower Master?”

“Yes, that should please the guys as well as you.”

“But it’s so slutty and embarrassing Master.”

“Yes it is, and you will love it.”

“Yes Master.”

“Now, for today, you have some sort of project work later this morning and a lecture this afternoon. You will flash a tit to 2 different men and flash you pussy to another 2 different men.”

“No Master, please don’t make me do that.”

“Naked girl, you will do it.”

“Yes Master.”

“Two more things, tonight I will come here and administer your punishment for your indiscretions so far, and on Saturday I will take you shopping and I will buy you some more suitable clothes.”

“I have lots of clothes Master.”

“Are any of them see-through? Are any of the skirts and dresses so short that you can’t even bend over slightly without revealing you bare butt and pussy? Have you a bikini that is see-through?”

“No Master.”

“Then I will get you some. Now get yourself ready for your day. I’m going to my meeting now. I will see you this evening.”

“Yes Master.”

With that he was gone, leaving a frustrated me knowing that I couldn’t cum until at least when I saw him that evening. I quickly washed my face, put a little lippy on then a skirt and loose fitting tank top. If I had to flash my tits I needed something baggy so that I could bend over in front of them.

My day went well, if well was flashing my tits and pussy to different men and getting very frustrated. I managed to let 2 of the guys working on the project look down my top and I got to the lecture hall early and sat on an aisle side seat at the front. With such a short skirt and not crossing my legs I was sure that some of the male students going up the stairs next to me saw my pussy. So did the lecturer, I didn’t cross my legs and he walked up and down as he talked. At one point he stopped in front of me and I saw his eyes go from my face to my bare crotch and back. I so wanted to cross my legs but I didn’t and he came back and stared for a couple of seconds before walking away.

By then I was so horny that I really struggled to keep my hands away from my pussy.

When I got back to my room I got naked and worked on my project and wrote up my notes. Anything to take my mind off my pussy.

Ethan walked right in just before 7 pm and told me to get dressed.

“What shall I wear Master?” I asked.

He went through my wardrobe and selected a tube top and a blouse.

“I don’t need the tube top if I’m wearing that blouse Master.”

“The tube top was to wear as a skirt but if you’re happy to go out bottomless then that’s okay with me.”

“No, no, pass them to me. ….. Master.”

I put the blouse on first and Ethan told me to undo all but one button just below my tits. Then I stretched the tube top as it slid up my legs. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided that I was going to have to be careful, very careful.

“You finally done naked girl?”

“Yes Master.”

Ethan took me to a nice restaurant where we had a great meal, the only problem was walking there and back. With every step that I took the ‘skirt’ rode up exposing my butt and pussy. On the way back to my room Ethan told me to leave the ‘skirt’ to do whatever it wanted and I was glad that it was dark because it was up to my hips by the time that we were on my floor. Fortunately none of the other girls were in the corridor.

In my room Ethan told me get naked and that it was punishment time.

“Will you fuck me first please Master, I really need to cum.”

He ignored me, instead going to a backpack that he’d brought to my room earlier and left there whilst we went out. He told me to turn my back to him and put my hands behind my back. Before I realised what was happening my wrists had handcuffs on them.

“What are you doing Master?” I asked.

“Getting you ready for your punishment.”


Then Ethan got out a collar and leash, put the collar round my neck and attached the leash to it.

“Come on naked girl, let’s go.”

“What; we can’t go anywhere with me like this Master.”

“Yes we can.” he replied and pulled on the leash.

I had no choice, I had to follow him. Out in the corridor one of the girls saw us and giggled.

Ethan led me to the end of the corridor and out onto the stairwell.

“Where are we going Master?” I asked.

“To find an audience.”

“What, no, you can’t.”

“I can and I will, you need to learn a lesson and what could be better than you getting spanked in front of an audience.”

I pleaded with him as he almost dragged me down a flight of stairs and onto the boy’s corridor. My pleading was heard by boys in their rooms and by the time we got to the Common Room there must have been over a dozen young men watching us.

Ethan pulled one of the arm chairs to the far wall and turned it so that the back was facing the room, then he pushed me over it and told me to spread my legs wide.

I was a mixture of annoyed, embarrassed, humiliated and horny. Then he lifted a hand for silence.

“This girl, Dani, has been a naught girl and I am going to punish her. She needs to learn a lesson. Just in case you are wondering, this is the girl who used the boy’s shower yesterday and today and she will be using it at the same time every morning from now on so if you want to go and watch please do. She may even masturbate for you but don’t you dare touch her while she is on this floor. If you do you will have me to answer to and believe me, you don’t want that. Showering was not her crime and I won’t bother you with the details. Suffice to say, her crime warrants this punishment. Get comfortable guys, you are about to see a very red girl’s butt.

Dani, after each swat you will count the swats and after each swat you will say out loud, the swat number and thank me. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

There were a few cheers and I tried to bury my face in the folds of the chair’s material.

Then it started. I screamed as the first swat landed on my butt and some of the guys cheered.

“One, thank you Master.”

There were 9 more swats in relatively quick order and after each one I managed to say what Ethan expected, but the pain was excruciating and I had started crying.

Ethan paused for a few seconds and he started gently rubbing my butt. His hands went between my legs and I felt a finger invade my vagina. I gasped quite loudly and could vaguely hear some of the young men talking, presumably about me.

Then Ethan started rubbing his hand up and down my pussy. To my horror I realised that I was very wet and as horny as hell. I started to question how that was possible but my thoughts were interrupted by the eleventh swat landing on my butt.

“Eleven, thank you Master.” I said.

Nine more swats landed on my butt and I have to say that my butt must have been going numb because they started hurting less. Ethan stopped again after the twentieth and started rubbing my butt.

When his hand slid down to my pussy and touched my clit an orgasm exploded out of me. It had been building all day and it finally exploded with a great force. It was a good job that I was bent over the back of that chair. If I had just been standing on my feet I would have been a crumpled heap on the floor.

It was only when I started to regain my composure that I thought about our audience. If my face could have go any redder it would have. If I could have got any more embarrassed I would have. If I could have got any more humiliated I would have. I just wanted to slide over the chair and disappear into the cushions; but I couldn’t move. I wasn’t even sure that I could stand up.

But my ordeal wasn’t wasn’t over.

When the cheers and comments died down Ethan asked if anyone wanted to help him out. Unsurprisingly, nearly all of them did and Ethan told them to line up and when they got to the front of the queue they could land 2 swats on my butt then feel it to see how hot it was.

Oh my gawd, Ethan was inviting all those young men to fondle my butt, and no doubt, my pussy as well.

My tears may have dried up but I was still terrified and in total shock. How could Ethan do that to me? How could I let him do that? Then after a few seconds I realised that I had been looking forward to it. Oh my gawd, I hated myself.

As over a dozen young men, one at a time, spanked my butt then groped my butt and pussy I still very annoyed at Ethan, but my pussy was begging for more. My butt had stopped hurting and the swats had no effect on me; but the fingers that groped my pussy certainly were having an effect on me. As the number of different finger in my pussy increased, so did my arousal.

I had 2 more orgasms before it was over. As things started to calm down I heard Ethan tell everyone that the show was over

Ethan told me to stand up straight and it was a big effort to do so, especially as I couldn’t use my hands. I looked at him smiling at me and burst into tears. I put my head on his chest and sobbed as he pulled me to him.

He let me cry for a few minutes then pushed my shoulders back to arms length.

“Tell me Dani.”

The crying was starting to end and I said,

“I’m so pissed off with you. I never told you that you could do that to me. It hurt like hell and I certainly didn’t tell you that you could invite dozens of men to finger fuck me.”

“True, but you want to find out what you like and what you don’t like don’t you?”

“Yes but …….. “

“But you enjoyed that didn’t you?”

“No, yes, damn you, yes I did. How many times did I cum?”


“Wow, 3 orgasms

I was disgusted with myself, how on earth could I have allowed that to happen to me but Ethan was right, I had enjoyed it, all of it, the embarrassment, the humiliation, the pain, the fingers, and especially the orgasms. I wanted to thump Ethan, but instead I went up onto my toes and kissed him.

“Thank you,” I said when I finally broke the kiss. “I would have hugged you but my hands are still cuffed behind my back.”

Ethan smiled and replied,

“And they’re staying that way until I’ve fucked your brains out naked girl. Things go back to normal now and I’m your Master.”

“Yes Master, just where is this fucking taking place?”

Ethan didn’t answer me, he pushed me down onto one of the sofas, lifted my legs high and wide and took me right there and then.

It was difficult getting into some of the positions that Ethan tried to fuck me in because my arms were cuffed behind my back and a leash hanging from my neck was getting in the way but we still fucked like the proverbial rabbits for ages. Half way through I noticed a couple of the dorm boys watching us, but I didn’t care. If anything it pushed my arousal up a notch.

When we finally stopped fucking we got to our feet and got some applause from the watching under grads. Ethan got dressed and led me by the leash back to my room. There were 2 girls returning from a night out and they saw us. One asked if I was okay and when I said that I was she replied.

“Well Dani I never expected you to be into that sort of thing, but okay, whatever rocks your boat.”

I heard them giggling as we got further apart but right then I just didn’t care.

Back in my room Ethan removed the cuffs and the collar and told me to go to bed. Before leaving he reminded me that I still had to shower at 8 am in the boy’s shower on the first floor.

I went to sleep a happy and well fucked girl.

When the alarm woke me up I quickly jumped out of bed and looked at my butt in the mirror. I grabbed my cheeks and they didn’t hurt much and the mirror told me that although my butt was still quite red, there were no dark red wheals and no blood scabs. I decided that I need to thank my Master again for a wonderful evening.

When I got to the boy’s bathroom I decided that I needed to pee. Still being on a bit of a confidence high from the previous evening’s fun I decided to try to piss in one of the urinals. Remembering what Ethan had told me I stood in front of a urinal, spread my legs, bent my knees and leaned back. When I let rip I was amazed to watch my pee squirt right into the urinal. So were the 2 boys that were watching me, one said,

“Fucking amazing. I never knew that girls could do that.”

The other said,

“Awesome, I gotta get my girlfriend to try that. Think of the time that they can save in busy pubs by going into the men’s toilet.”

I was pleased with myself and I was smiling as I walked back to my towel and shower bag. I picked up the bag and went to my shower cubicle.

The guys who came and watched me shower kept telling me to turn around so that they could see my red butt. I did so but quickly turned back so that I was facing them again. It wasn’t my butt that I wanted them to see, it was my pussy and tits.

Shower over I was still happy and confident as I walked back to my room. Opening the door I saw that Ethan wasn’t there so I dumped my towel and bag and went to the girl’s common room.

Two girls were there, one in the kitchen area making herself a coffee. The girl sat down, Liz, said,

“Morning Dani, forget something?”

“Nope, just been for a shower on the first floor and decided that I needed a coffee.”

“So it is you that showers in the boy’s showers Dani.”

Emily, the other girl, said,

“We thought it might me you, there’s only 3 girls on this floor that walk around without clothes and the other 2 say that it isn’t them. Are you some sort of nudist or exhibitionist? Are you going to be this uni’s Tami Smithers?”

“Who’s Tami Smithers?” Liz asked.

“A girl who went streaking and got caught, she had to pretend that her religion was nudism so that she didn’t get thrown out. Had to stay naked for the rest of her course.”

“Wow,” I replied, “I have no plans to go streaking but I guess that I am some sort of exhibitionist.”

“So do you get off by letting guys see you naked?” Liz asked.

“Yes I do, don’t you?”

“Maybe we should have a ‘support Dani’ party where all us girls are naked and invite a load of guys.” Emily said.

“That sounds like fun,” Liz replied, “So are you planning on being naked all the time Dani?”

“No, I’ve met this guy and he tells me when to get naked.”

“You let a guy tell you when to get naked?” Liz said, “isn’t that a bit dangerous? I mean he could tell you to strip in a lecture or a busy street. Does that mean that you are a submissive as well?”

“I think that maybe I am, I sort of like it when he tell me to get naked or pulls my clothes off.”

“You let him strip you naked, in public?!”

“Yeah, it’s a real turn on.”

“Wow.” Liz said,

“Wow,” Emily said, “It isn’t that Ethan guy that I’ve see around is it? Some of the other girls have said that he tried to get them to stop wearing underwear.”

“Yes it is, he’s quite nice really and he’s very protective of me.”

“I bet he is, any man who finds a girl who’ll get naked in public places should protect her. Does he spank you as well? I mean, you have got a red butt.”

“Yes, he spanked me last night, hence the red butt. He did it in the common room below with loads of the boy’s watching.”

“Fucking hell Dani, are you a pain slut as well?” Emily asked.

“Maybe, I did cum when he did it.”

“You orgasmed in front of a load of boys? Wow, I couldn’t do that.” Liz said.

“I didn’t think that I could, but I orgasmed 3 times, the second and third time was when the boys were spanking and fingering me.”

“Fucking hell Dani,” Emily said, “you are a true slut aren’t you? But you certainly look happy on it. How do you take your coffee? Let’s sit and you can tell us all about your little naked adventures, you’ve got me intrigued.”

“There’s not a lot to tell, the semester only started a short while ago and I only met Ethan a few days ago but okay, I suppose that I’d better start at the beginning.”

We sat down, me totally naked, and I told them everything. As I was talking 2 other girls arrived and on hearing what I was saying, they joined us. When I was done Emily said,

“Spread the word girls, we’re going to have a ‘support Dani’ party and all girls have to be naked.”

As I walked back to my room I wondered what I had maybe started. I imagined a whole floor of naked girls, and guys coming from all over the campus to see us. Then I imagined all the girls at the whole uni wandering around and attending lectures and lessons totally naked. Wow, what if I had started something like that.

Ethan wasn’t there but there was a text on my phone from him telling me that I’d done good, last night and in the shower that morning. It also told me to keep Saturday free because he was taking me shopping.

I looked at my red butt again and felt proud of it, and me. I tried to think of ways that I could show my red butt to lots of people but all I could think of was wearing a short, light weight A-line skirt and hope that it was a breezy day. I looked out of the window and it didn’t look breezy.

Putting my disappointment to one side I sorted out what I needed for my day then opened my wardrobe. I pulled out a halter top and the A-line skirt that I was thinking of. As I put them on I hoped that the wind would get up.

As I walked to my first lecture I got another text from Ethan reminding me to sit at the front and not to cross my legs. I smiled knowing that that was what I was going to do anyway.

The rest of the day was a bit boring, the wind didn’t get up but I had to go up a few flights of stairs and, from what I could hear, some guys did see up my skirt, and yes, they did see that I wasn’t wearing any knickers.

The evening was also quite boring, I stripped naked and got on with my work then I went to the common room. There were a few girls there and a couple of boys who stared at me as I prepared some food for myself. I heard one of the girls say,

“Don’t worry about her guys, she’s the floor’s nudist.”

I smiled then decided to eat my food there rather than taking it back to my room. I did, and I made sure that I sat somewhere that the guys could see up my legs to my bald pussy.

I went back to my room and brought myself off.

The next morning was a repeat of the previous day’s shower only with a slightly larger audience. I didn’t have a red butt to show them but I don’t think that they were disappointed when I started rubbing my clit in front of them. I didn’t do it long enough to make myself cum but I’m sure that it got some of the guys imagination working overtime.

I got another text from Ethan reminding me where to sit in the lecture hall and I hoped that I wasn’t going to get one prior to every lecture, he must know by now that I always pick a seat where I can flash my pussy to the lecturer. I decided to talk to him about it.

The text also asked me if I could swim. I replied saying that I tried out for the school team. Then I wondered what he was scheming, I wondered if it involved me getting naked in front of lots of people.

That evening I got another text telling me that he’d pick me up at 10 am the next morning (Saturday) and that I was to wear just a dress that comes off easily. I smiled, knowing that since I started buying my own clothes, all of then come off easily.

There were more people, including more guys, in the common room when I went to prepare myself some food. Some of the people said hello and some just stared at the naked me. I got on with preparing my food and when it was ready one of the girls, Tracey, invited me to join the group that she was with, including 2 boys.

I looked at them, accepted that they didn’t look weird or freakish, and joined them. Tracey introduced me to everyone, not even mentioning my nudity, but it was inevitable that the conversation would get round to sometime. And it did.

“So Dani, how long have you been a nudist?” One of the girls asked.

I smiled and replied,

“I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as a nudist, more of an exhibitionist and I only discovered that a few days ago.”

“Is that when you started using the boy’s showers?”

“Well I guess so but I was sort of forced to use the boy’s showers and I found that I liked it.”

“Who forced you, did a boy drag you down there?” One of the girls asked.

“No, I net this boy Ethan and he told me to do it.”

“Ethan, the same Ethan that I’ve seen walking along the corridor?”


“That bastard made me strip naked and lean against my window as he fucked me from behind. I’m sure that people in the building opposite saw my tits and pussy as he fucked me.”

“And did you enjoy it?” I asked.

“Well yes, but that’s not the point, people could see me.”

“But didn’t that knowledge make it a better fuck?”

“Well yes, but people could see me.”

“I rest my case,” I said, “maybe all of you girls should try it. I’m sure that Ethan will help you.”

“What about me,” one of the guys with us said, “I’ll help any girl who wants to be fucked.”

That got a few chuckles and one of the girls said,

”No chance mate.”

We chatted some more then I got up to wash my plate and go. As I walked to the sink one of the boys said,

“Nice ass Dani.”

I smiled.

Back in my room I checked my schedule and say what I had a free morning. I was just looking outside to see what the weather was like when there was a knock on my door.

“Come in.” I shouted, knowing that it wouldn’t be Ethan because he doesn’t knock.

It was Tracey.

“Hi Dani, have you got a minute?”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“It’s this nudity and exhibitionism thing, it’s sort of got me intrigued.”

“Do you want to try it?

“Maybe, you see when I was at school I went to a party, drank some alcohol and ended up naked. The thing was, I didn’t want to get dressed again and I stayed naked for the rest of the party. I really liked being naked when everyone else had their clothes on.”

“And was there any other things that made you think that you’d like to do it again?”

“Well I called my little brother into my room one day when my parents were out and I was naked spread out on my bed and I let him touch me all over.”

“Nice. Anything else?”

“A couple of times that me and my friends went to the leisure centre I swam in my bra and knickers instead of my bikini and the bra and knickers were slightly see-through.”

“Were your knickers granny pants or smaller?”


“Cute. Anything else?”

“Not that I can think of.”

“Well I did a few things as well.” I said.

I went on and told Tracey everything that I did and by the time I was finished Tracey was a bit more relaxed.

“So Tracey, you want to try a few things here, where there’s no parents around?”

“I was thinking about it but I don’t know where to start.””

“Tracey, will you trust me?”

“To do what?”

“To help you show off that cute body of yours.”

“I guess so.”

“Stand up Tracey.”

She did.

“Take your top off, I can see that you don’t have a bra on.”

She did, and I saw her probable ‘B’ cup tits with cute, hard nipples.

“Now take your top back to your room then come back here.”

Tracey looked at me for a second then did as I told her.

Two minutes later she was back, smiling, topless and making no effort to cover herself.

“Now take that skirt off.”

Tracey unzipped it and it fell to the floor.

“And the thong.”

She did and I saw a small landing strip on her pubes.

“Now take those back to your room, collect your shower things and go and have a shower. When you are there don’t close the curtain and shave off every last pubic hair.”

“I, I, which bathroom?”

“Which one do you want to use?”

“I want to use the boy’s one but too I’m nervous and scared.”

“Okay, let’s not push it too far this time, use the girl’s one then tomorrow morning you can come to the boy’s one with me.”

“Phew, I was expecting you to send me to the boy’s one.”

“Tomorrow. Now off you go.”

While she was gone I checked the weather and saw some sun and a few tree branches fluttering. I decided that I was going for a walk around the campus. I got out an appropriate skirt and a halter top, one that is tight but cut deep at the sides. When I’d bought it I’d put it on I pulled the sides to my breastbone and shaken my tits. They didn’t wobble much but I liked the way that I looked with them out.

When Tracey got back I looked her up and down. Her pubes were bald and I have to say that she looked quite cute.

“What time is your next lesson or lecture?”

“2 pm.”

“Good, fancy a coffee? Come on, lets go and make one.”

Tracey gulped then followed the naked me to the common room. There were only a couple of girls there and both of them just had a quick glance at us then got back to what they were doing. I put the kettle on and told Tracey to get some mugs out.

“Still happy?” I asked Tracey.

“I’m Good thank you, it’s not such a big deal is it?”

“No, what are you going to tell me to do next?”

“If I tell you you’ll have time to think of a reason not to do it.”

“Good point, I am still quite nervous.”

“That’s understandable, you’ll soon get used to it. Have you ever gone out in a short skirt and no knickers?”

“Yes, of course I have, don’t all girls do that at some point?”

“I doubt that, there’s still lots of prudish girls around.”

“Where did you go?”


“Ah, when it’s dark, the lack of light gives you extra courage.”

“Hmm. That makes sense.”

“Let’s go and sit on one of the sofas.”

We did and Tracey automatically crossed her legs, but I didn’t.

“Uncross your legs Tracey. There’s no point in being naked if you’re going to hide everything, even your pubes, and it isn’t as if there is anyone to see you anyway.”

Tracey thought for a second then uncrossed her legs.

We finished our coffee’s then started back to our rooms. As we walked along the corridor I said,

“Fancy going for a walk around the campus, it’s a nice day out there.”

“You’re not thinking of going like this are you?”

“No, I don’t think that the university is quite ready for that yet.”

“Can I have a look through your wardrobe Tracey, have a look to see what showing clothes you have.”


We got to Tracey’s room and I immediately was jealous of her.

“Your windows looks over to another dorm block.”

“Yes, I have to keep my curtains closed when I’m getting changed and it’s dark outside.”


“So that none of the men that I’ve seen looking this way can see me.”

“I think that maybe you should consider leaving them open all the time. Let them see you like you are now, I’m sure that they’ll be impressed with you and you’ll definitely get some hot dates out of it.”

“Maybe, I’ll think about it.”

“Good, now where do you keep your summer dresses and skirts?”

I browsed through them and pulled out the shortest dress and a short A-line, thin skirt.

“I bought that skirt one day last summer when I’d been to the pub. I’ve never had the courage to wear it out in public.”

“Well today is your lucky day girl. Tops, have you got any sheer or totally see-through ones?”

“I’ve got a sheer black one that I sometimes wear over a black bra.”

“Let’s have a look, we may just have your outfit for a walk.”

“I wasn’t planning on wearing a bra.”

“And you won’t be.”


The top was ideal and I grabbed them and walked to the door.

“Oh, and a couple of shopping bags and shoes.”

“Are we going shopping?”

“No, but put some books in the bags.”

When Tracey was ready I said,

“Come on, I thought that I knew what I was going to wear but I’m going to have to have a rethink now that I’ve seen what you’re going to wear.”

In my room I rummaged through my tops until I found a yellow see-through top. The skirt that I’d picked would do.

“Get dressed, we’re about to give some people a nice surprise.”

Just before we left my room I looked at Tracey the rolled the top of her skirt until it only just covered her butt, which was about the same length as mine.

“I can’t go out like this Tracey.”

“Why not, I’m going like this.”

“But you’re used to being nearly naked out in public.”

“And you will be soon.”

“Oh my gawd, I’m really going to do this.”

When we were both dressed, and each of us had 2 shopping bags with something in them, we set off. As we walked down the stairs Tracey said,

“I feel naked, I can hardly feel these clothes.”

“That’s the idea.”

Outside I was happy that it was a bit breeze. I knew just where we were going to walk and with a shopping bag in each hand the potential was good.

“I feel so naked.” Tracey said.

“Are you complaining?”

“No, I guess that I want to do this. It will get me used to wearing next to nothing then I guess that I can progress to a bit of flashing another day.”

I smiled and hoped that Tracey was going to jump in at the deep end. After about 50 metres Tracey said,

“I still don’t see why we are carrying these bags.”

“Trust me Tracey, and look straight ahead or at my face, DO NOT look down.”

“Err okay.”

We kept walking and I could see that Tracey’s skirt was fluttering all over the place and I assumed that mine was too, my skirt was made of a slightly lighter material so it should have been.

“Can you feel your skirt on your legs Tracey? No don’t look.”

“I haven’t felt the skirt since we walked outside, I feel like I’m bottomless.”

“You’re not, you’ve got a skirt on that’s long enough to cover your butt and your pussy.”

“I hope so.”

I smiled and very shortly we arrived at the place that I wanted to be, the main university reception building with all the statues and a fountain out front. There was, as usual, a lot of people walking around as most of the other building form a circle around the main one. The thing is, because of the layout and design of the buildings, when it’s windy, the wind whistle around the area like a micro tornado. I’d discovered it the first couple of days that I was there and given a few people a pleasant surprise.

I smiled again as I felt the stronger wind on my face. I wasn’t looking but there was a good chance that both our skirts were well above where they were designed to be.

“Wow, it’s breezy around here.” Tracey said, “I hope that my skirt is staying in place, I wish that I could feel it, I can’t even use my hands to check it.”

“Relax Tracey, you’re good.”

We got to the other side of the ‘square’ and went where I knew that the wind would be calmer.

“Tracey, look at me.”

“Oh my gawd, your skirt is up around your waist, I can see your slit.”

“So is yours Tracey and it’s been like that for a couple of minutes. No Tracey, leave it, gravity will take care of it in due course.”

“You mean I’ve been flashing all those people and I didn’t even know it.”


“Oh my gawd. Oh my gawd.”

We walked about 100 metres with Tracey looking down at her skirt which had fallen back down but was still fluttering about.

“Right Tracey, round 2, you’ll know this time but don’t you dare look down, eyes straight ahead all the time.”

“I’m nervous.”

“I am a bit as well, but we can do it. Come on.”

We did, and I spotted a few people looking our way, I guessed that mother nature was helping us. I also took a quick look at Tracey and saw her skirt around her waist. I was happy, both for me and for Tracey.

Out the other side again I tried to think of another place that I could take Tracey where I’d known that I’d ‘accidentally’ put on a show before. The only place that I could think of was the shopping centre in town, the escalators had given me some pleasure, but we didn’t have the time to go there.

“How are you holding up Tracey?” I asked.

“Okay I guess, I’m still shaking but I’m really pleased that I did it, thank you Dani.”

“I’d love to take you into town for some more fun but I haven’t got the time right now. Some other time if you’re still interested.”

“Hell yes, whenever you’re ready Dani.”

“In the mean time how about going back to the dorm and getting naked again. We can hang around in the common room and hope that some boys come to visit one of the girls.”

“That’s a bit obvious, but what the hell, why not?”

“And set your alarm for 7:45 am tomorrow, you and me are going to shower in the boy’s showers.”

“Hmm, I’m sure that I’ll be wet in more ways than one. Is your pussy all wet now Dani?”

“My pussy has been dripping since I dried myself after my morning shower.”

“I’m pleased that it isn’t just me.”

“No Tracey, it isn’t just you, I’ve been as horny as hell since I first got naked outside my room. I’m really pleased that I met Ethan, he’s been pushing me to go further and I really love it. Did you hear that he fucked my brains out after him and all the boys spanked me in the first floor common room?”

“That was you, I heard about the spanking but not the fucking, were the boys watching you?”

“A few of them.”

“Wow, fucked with people watching, that’s always been one of my fantasies and now it’s happened to my new friend not me.”

“If your interested Ethan may be able to organise something for you.”

“Sounds good, would it be just me or both of us? I’d prefer it if it was both of us. And would it just be flashing or fucking. I want both, but not the spanking, I can’t stand pain, I’m even scared of needles at the doctors. I don’t want a full-time relationship but us girls have needs.”

“Yes we do. I don’t want a full-time relationship either, maybe in 10 years or so, but definitely not now.”

“Me too.”

“I’ll talk to Ethan.”

“Thanks Dani.

We got back to the dorm and our rooms. Thirty seconds later I walked to the common room only to find a girl and a boy there playing on one of the Xbox machines. They didn’t see me and I went and sat on a sofa. Twenty seconds later Tracey came in and saw the couple.

“I wasn’t expecting anyone else to be here.” Tracey said.

“Neither was I but what the hell. ….. Are you starting to relax a bit? Are you getting used to being naked in public?”

“A bit, but I’m still as horny as hell.”

“I thought so, your nipples are hard and it’s not cold in here.”

“So are yours Dani.”

“And I’m as horny as hell as well. I’m going to have to buy a dildo or a vibrator.”

“Me too. Maybe we could go and find a shop that sells them together.”

“Or we could go online and see what we can find?”

Just then we heard the sounds of the girl on the Xbox being victorious then they both got up to leave. When they saw us the boy said,

“Fucking hell, I didn’t see those 2 here. Are there often naked girls in here?”

“It is the girl’s floor so you’ve got to expect these things.”

“Can I come and visit you more often Claire?”

When they’d gone both Tracey and I laughed then I told her that we were going to my room to get on the internet to see what we could find.

We did, and what a choice. We were really spoilt for choice but we both decided on an Ohmibod remote controlled vibrator. They cost a lot of money but we both reckoned that they could be a lot of fun. I suggested that we both let Ethan have access to them via his phone and Tracey liked that idea.

When we’d ordered them I looked at the time and realised that I had to get ready for my lesson so Tracey left with a promise to meet me in the corridor at 8 am.

I got ready and put the same skirt and top on that I’d gone for a walk in. I was going to walk to the lesson via the main uni entrance, I wanted some more people to see my pussy and butt.

Ethan came round that evening and the first thing that he said was,

“What have you got that could pass as a bikini?”

“Wow, err hang on a minute Master.”

I delved into my clothes drawers and brought out a few thongs and a couple of bras that I never intended to wear again.

“Try them on naked girl.”

I started, swaying my hips about as I did so, I wanted to tease him a bit but he wasn’t having any of it.

Ethan selected a bra that has soft, mesh cups that is see-through and shows the bulges of my nipples. It also has strings, not the horrible, conventional fastenings. It was my favourite at school because of those qualities. He also chose a thong that is also see-through mesh. When I’m just standing there you can see that front of my slit and if I open my legs I may as well be naked. I liked wearing that one at school under my short skirts.

“Why do I need these Master?”

“We’re going swimming, the university pool.”

“Okay, any special reason Master?”

“Yes, a few of my mates have reserved it for an hour and they need a girl as an incentive to score and I volunteered you.”

“Oh, okay, I guess that I’ll enjoy that, why a bikini, I would have thought that they’d have preferred me to be naked Master.”

“They do, and you will be, it’s just that the pool is across the leisure centre and to use the pool you have to walk through reception and round the big pool.”

“Right, so how does this incentive thing work Master?”

“Simple, it’s water polo and when a guy scores he gets to use you in the water until someone else scores then you’re passed over to the new scorer.”

“So I’ll get fucked under water.”

“Don’t you want to try new things naked girl, I can easily find another girl.”

“No, no, I love trying new things, it’s just that I hadn’t thought of that before Master.”

“Right, bikini off, dress on, grab a towel and let’s go.”

Ten minutes later we were walking into the universities leisure centre. There were separate changing rooms, unfortunately, but I was soon stood outside them men’s changing room wearing just the see-through bra and the see-through thong.

For some unknown reason it took Ethan ages to appear and when he did he was with 5 other guys. All 5 of them looked me up and down and all 5 of them came out with both complimentary and rude comments.

Ethan led the way, followed by me then the other 5. I guessed that they all wanted to look at my ass and imaging what they were going to do to me. Me, on the other hand, was looking around, at the place, and to see if anyone was looking at me.

We even had to, I think, pass the squash and badminton courts and Ethan turn and told me that he would be taking be to those as well. I imagined me playing both squash and badminton totally naked and with an audience.

We arrived at the small pool and the guys locked the door behind us. I guessed that they didn’t want anyone to see them fucking me.

“Bikini off naked girl, and get into the water.”

I did, with all of the guts watching me, then I dove in. It wasn’t as cold as I expected.

The game soon started and I watched the 3 a side game until someone scored. The lucky guy swam over to me with a grin on his face.

Has anyone out there ever tried fucking in 2 metre deep water. Well none of those guys, nor me, had and those guys tried every way that they could think of but the only way that they could get their cock into me was if they were underwater and pulling me down onto them and by the end of the game no one had cum, not even Ethan who was quite forceful in trying to pull me onto him to the extent that I was gasping for breathe most of the time.

The result being that they they only managed to be inside me for a few seconds before the game ended.

Ethan decided that I would bend over beside the pool and hold my spread ankles for each of them to fuck me, in the order that they scored, before we got out of the pool.

He didn’t even thing about the big windows but I never saw anyone looking in.

I left that pool with 6 lots of man cum seeping out of me. The other thing was that Ethan told me to walk back to the changing room carrying my thong and bra.

As we walked through the big pool and the badminton and squash courts, I kept looking around to see if anyone was looking at me but, amazingly, I didn’t see anyone.

All was good until we got to the reception area where a middle-aged man shouted,

“Excuse me young lady but you can’t walk around here like that.”

As he walked over to us Ethan spoke,

“Why not, she’s not harming anyone and everyone here is over 18.”

“That maybe true but we can’t have naked girls wandering around the place. It’s against the rules.”

“Show me the rule that says that girls can’t walk around naked.”

“Right, come with me.”

We all followed the man into a little office where the man opened a desk drawer and started looking through the pages of a booklet that he got out. After a minute or so Ethan said,

“So you can’t find a rule then, I guess that you’ll just have to get used to seeing her naked, because we will be coming here on a regular basis.”

“But, but. ...”

“But nothing. No rule banning nudity so expect nudity. Maybe us men will start walking around her naked as well.”

“No, please don’t.”

“Okay, just girls then. Maybe we’ll put up some posters telling everyone that it’s okay for girls to be naked in the leisure centre.”

The man knew when he was beaten and he just quietly said,

“Okay then.”

This time it was the Ethan waiting for me outside the changing room as I had to wash and dry my hair.

When we got back to my room I told him about Tracey, and what we had done.

“Good girl naked girl, recruiting other girls for me to fuck. I’d fuck you as a reward right now but those guys cum will still be leaking out of you. Are you taking her to the showers in the morning?”

“Yes Master, but Tracey doesn’t like pain so she doesn’t want to do anything that involves pain, is that okay Master? And ‘yes’, she will be taking a shower with me tomorrow.”

“I’ve been thinking about that, tomorrow go up to the third floor then alternate each day between first and third floors. That way more guys will get to see you, and that Tracey girl.”

“Yes Master.”

“I’ll be back at 10 am tomorrow to take you shopping. Don’t forget to wear something that comes off in seconds.”

Then Ethan turned and left.

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