A fun weekend with teen sluts, part 2

A fun weekend with teen sluts, part 2

I woke around 10 am feeling quite refreshed and very horny. Reaching for my bedside phone,
I called one of my mates, Alan, who I knew could boast of a respectable 8,5" manhood.
I decided to let him help me with my next step in playing with the girls.
Quickly filling him in on all the details, I did not have to persuade him much.
He took no time in agreeing to help me and told me he would be there in two hours.

I found the dvd I had made last night, and played it on my laptop for the two sluts,
persuading them to keep quiet about our past endeavours and what were to come.
Lisa needed no convincing it soon proved, and even Mary T warmed up to my "charm".

Being certain the girls understood the predicament they now were in, I let them both loose,
but made them walk around naked the whole weekend, unless we would go out in public.

Lisa was supposed to follow Mary T to school on monday, so I had two more days of fun!

I ordered the girls into the tub and followed them, eager to continue my "education".
Placing Mary T in the bottom of the tub I had Lisa on all fours, 69'ing her.
Kneeling in front of Lisa, I took my limp cock into her mouth and let my warm piss flow down
into her stomach. Lisa was a pro and downed nearly all of my dark morning water.
Telling the girls to also empty their bladders, Lisa's pee started to pour down on Mary T's face.
I ordered her to open her mouth and swallow as much of it as she could, while Lisa bent down and
tried to suck as much of Mary T's flowing pee as possible, although most of it ran down her ass
and in the tub.

After they had finished, I had Lisa continue sucking me, which she eagerly did, rubbing my balls
with her petite hand. Mary T, without any direction, began licking Lisa's pussy, making her
moan and suck even more vigorously on my cock. Not letting Mary T feel left out, I fingered her
cunt and clit with one hand, massaging her tits with the other.

Lisa came first, shaking hard and biting lightly on my cock, which in turn began gushing load
after load of seed into her mouth. Soon Mary T joined us and I could feel her cunt vibrating hard.
Lisa now turned around towards Mary T, kissed her and began swapping my cum with her.

When I regained my senses, I turned on the shower and made sure we were all clean before
exiting the tub. I let the girls dry each other, while I dressed myself in a morning robe
and went downstairs. Feeling a bit famished, I decided to cook a healthy breakfast, with eggs,
bacon, tomatoes and several jams to go on freshly heated bread. The girls came downstairs and
joined me, almost throwing themselves at the food, hungry and hungover as they were.

I enjoyed my cup of coffee and watched them, thinking of new ways to satisfy them.
The thought of punishing anyone was gone and I decided it was better to let them have
a good time with Alan and me, although I would make sure we had our way with them.

After our morning feast was over, I had the girls do the dishes.
On my way out of the kitchen, I gave them both some good spanking, making them squeal and giggle.
I sat down in my living room with the morning paper, waiting for Alan to join us.

In no time, he came knocking on our front door, and I let him in and introduced him to my
two sweet bunnies. Mary T was a bit uncomfortable being naked in front of this stranger,
but Lisa seemed none the worse. Sensing Mary T's discomfort Alan suggested we both should
disrobe, in order for us to be more equal, and I agreed, hanging my robe on a kitchen hook.

Alan was quick in shedding his clothes and both girls gasped as they set eyes on his limp,
but still impressive manhood. Lisa, fearless as few, moved over to Alan and took his member
in her hands, not managing to grasp all of his flesh. She moved her mouth down to his cock,
kissing the head, letting it inside her mouth, while slowly stroking his staff.
This had an immediate effect on Alan's cock, which started to swell to it's full capacity.
Tears appeared in Lisa's eyes, as the cock inside her mouth began to grow and stretch her
lips painfully. She let his cock slip out, but kept on stroking it.

"Hmm! If Lisa is not able to handle his dick, who then?" I thought.
Encouraged by Lisa's endeavour, and as if reading my mind, Mary T approached Alan.
Taking hold of his cock, she opened her mouth wide and tried to slide the monster inside.
Lo and behold! His dick slowly sank into my daughter's mouth, until half of it was buried.
Tears were now streaming down her chin, but I could also sense a resolve in her eyes.
She moved up and down his shaft, gagging a little when the beast met her throat, saliva
flowing almost constantly down his cock and her hand, but she was not bothered by this.
On her fourth attempt to swallow the giant, she vomited and ran to the sink to spit it out.

We all stood mesmerized by her act, and nobody moved or said anything.

Mary T, having rinsed her mouth with some cold water, again approached Alan,
looking even more determined to succeed in taking all of his manhood down her throat.
Opening her mouth wide once more, breathing hard a few times, she then sank down his cock
and began to suck him hard. After three more attempts, his dick suddenly disappeared from
view, her eyes now sparkling with pride. She managed to move back on his cock and down again,
his cock nowhere to be seen. Alan, who had watched the show without interfering, now took hold
of Mary T's head and began to facefuck my daughter more and more vigorously.

I began to worry about her jaws stretching too much, but she seemed to enjoy his administrations.
Pounding her hard one last time, Alan pumped his first batch of jizz deep into her gullet.
Moving out of her mouth, the next of his huge load landed on her tongue, her face and chest.
Lisa hurried down and managed to suck the last of his cum into her mouth, then licking the
widespread sperm off Mary T's body.

Gasping for air, my little darling looked immensely satisfied in having conquered this beast.
She tasted his cum with a grin on her face. She and Lisa now engaged in a hefty kiss, again
exchanging Alan's man juice and their own saliva. What a lovely view!

"What a wonderful way to greet Your guests!" Alan exclaimed.
I could only smile and agree completely: "This is just the beginning!" I promised him.

We all sat down by the kitchen table and I poured Alan a cup of coffee.
After having small-talked for half an hour, he excused himself, saying he needed to go for a wee.
"Stop! We do things a bit differently this weekend!" I said and turned to Mary T and ordered her
to see to Alan's predicament. She took my hint and bent down to his limp dick, letting him
inside her mouth. "Just let go!" I said. Alan was unsure what I meant, but I just nodded and
he started to pee inside her mouth. She swallowed all his dark piss, not spilling a drop.

Feeling an urge myself, I guided Lisa over and forced her head down on my cock and drained
myself inside her mouth. My piss was warm and plentiful, and she had some difficulty with
the quantity, and few drops of piss escaped her mouth, spilling down her chin and onto the floor.
Mary T, who now had finished off Alan, turned to Lisa and licked the piss off her chin,
and even bent down to lick the floor. "Do You two sluts also need a pee?" I asked.
They both nodded and I said to Alan: "Follow us upstairs and I'll show You another treat!"

I had Lisa on her back in the tub, with Mary T squatting over her face.
Lisa opened her mouth and Mary T let her piss flow out of her. Most of it landed in Lisa's mouth,
but some washed down her face and neck. Not caring, Lisa eagerly swallowed all of the piss she
could manage. When Mary T was done, they changed positions and it was Lisa's turn to urinate.
Mary T coughed a few times, but managed to swallow some of the sweet-smelling liquid.

When they both were done I hosed them down and let them out of the tub.
During all this, Alan just stood gazing at the spectacle, but turned to me and said:
"That was one hell of a show! Look:" and true enough, his manhood was now completely stiff.
My own dick was also bobbing up and down. A few strokes and it was ready for renewed action.

After drying the girls, giving special attention to their tits and groin, we headed for my bedroom.
The girls tried to suck our dicks, but Alan and I would have none of that and threw the girls on
to the bed. I took hold of Lisa's legs, bent them up and back, moving my head down to her pussy.
Almost synchronously Alan repeated my actions with Mary T, and soon the room was filled with
"AAAAHHH"s and "OOOOOHHH"s from each slut teen.

I moved to the top of Lisa's mons, sliding my tongue all the way down to her anus, then
proceeding to her cunt lips, licking the folds up and down. Now and again I thrusted my tongue
deep inside her pussy, licking the juice from her moist and delicious walls on the way out.
With my middle finger inside her cunt I traced her anterior vaginal wall in search of her G-spot.
When Lisa flinched hard, I knew I had found the spot and began to rub it in a circular motion,
constantly changing the pressure I inflicted on her. Lisa was lifting herself high during this
intense treatment, moaning louder and louder.

Her clit also got plenty of attention. I swirled my tongue around it, bit softly with my teeth
and sucked it with all the force I could muster. When I felt her orgasm begin, I bit hard on her
clit, causing her to arch her back, lifting me with her. A heavy stream of sweet pussy juice gushed
out of her cunt. I let go of her clit and dove in on her cunt, slurping as much of her nectar as I
could possibly manage. The taste was bittersweet, salty, with a hint of honey, i.e. delicious!

Her ebony ass was not neglected either. I traced her wrinkled anal rim with my tongue in circles,
licking up and down her ass cheeks, her anal muscle constantly active. By extending my tongue I
managed to penetrate her ass hole and licked her insides. The taste was quite bitter, but
nevertheless titillating. In between, I gave her ass a good spanking, causing a yelp from Lisa
and her ass to quiver and becoming visibly red on her perfect ebony skin.

The outbursts of moans and cries coming from my baby Mary T, ensured me that she also had a
good time, but mostly I was busy with my own pleasuring of Lisa.
After Lisa's second orgasm, I could no longer wait and forced her legs completely down to her head,
lifting her butt up from the bed and giving me the best aim for her amazing black cunt.

My throbbing cock went all the way inside Lisa's pussy with no resistance at all, her cunt was
tight, but not so much as Mary T's and I managed to get a steady motion going in and out of her.
I moved down to her tits and kissed them, sucking on her nipples before giving her a wet and
forceful kiss, with my tongue going wild inside her mouth, Lisa moaning and groaning hard.

I tired of this position and made Lisa move on all fours, forcing her legs wide open and resumed
fucking her cunt, this time from behind. Her tits were now bouncing wildly, as a reaction to my
speedy thrusts in her wet and steaming cunt. Lisa was pushing back hard into me, making my cock
bottom out inside her for every stroke I made. I was grunting loud and breathing hard, the fucking
wearing me out. Luckily my balls finally decided to join the war, shooting their hot and
powerful soldiers of misfortune out my canon, deep inside Lisa's battle ground, filling her
uterus to the brim, sperm leaking out of her cunt lips, down her legs and onto the bed.
I managed to continue with a few more thrusts inside her cunt, which made Lisa reach her orgasm,
cry out loud and milking my cock for every drop of it's precious sperm.

I slumped down on top of Lisa forcing her flat on the bed, almost knocking the wind out of her.
Moving beside her I gazed on Alan's performance with Mary T. She was on her back with his huge
8,5" cock pounding her cunt hard, making her tears flow slowly, but also making her moan loud.
He managed to force his complete manhood inside her, giving her a jolt of pain each time,
but she just kept on moaning loud and seemed to accept his brutal thrusts. Her legs were bent
almost 90 degrees to each side and flailing in the air, in rhythm with his heavy fucking.

Squishing sounds emanating from her cunt, reassured me of her being well lubricated.
With a look of great pleasure, Alan gave a last hard push inside Mary T and erupted inside
her welcoming cunt, copious amounts of sperm leaking out of her cunt, down on her ass.
He sank down on her chest, his cock still inside her, giving her a sloppy kiss and thanking
her for her divine love making. A satisfied smile on her face said it all.

Soon we all dozed off for a well earned nap.

A few hours later, the girls stirred and began to rise out of bed.
Still half-asleep I managed to ask them to go downstairs and make us all lunch.
Happy to be of service, they both scrambled down and soon called for Alan and me.
After an excellent meal, with fun and sensual conversation, we were all getting horny, once more.

The girls were servicing our need to empty our bladders, and we decided to repay the favour.
We took them upstairs to the bathroom, let them sit on the tub and dove in on their pussies.
I let my tongue touch Lisa's piss hole and told her to let go. Yellow, hot piss started to
stream out of her hole, and I drank as much as possible of her warm pee. It tasted bitter,
and strangely fruity, but I truly enjoyed her piss. The same can be said of Alan, who devoured
Mary T's sweet piss with a smile on his face.

All being contented, we decided to continue our weekend of fun sex and plan for some ass-fucking.
From my bathroom cabinet I fetched my anal wash equipment. The sink was filled with luke warm water
and soap, and from there the ball was pumped full. Lisa volunteered first and got her ass hole
filled to the brim with soapy water. She could not wait long before sitting down on the toilet
and a gush of brown turd filled water came flushing. After two more rounds of soapy water,
her anal hole was clean as freshly fallen snow. Then Mary T got her clean up, with much gasping
and noises from the toilet. When the girls where thru, they mockingly asked if the boys were ready?
Well, Alan and me, wanting to be good sports, agreed to let the girls clean us up the same way.
Not totally unpleasant, we went about our business, so to speak.

With a sense of readiness and horny as hell, we all went to my bedroom, eager as never before.
Again I chose Lisa as my partner, her ebony skin so goddamn appealing and sensual.
Placing her on all fours, I dove face down on her ass, licking the rim of her ass, stretching to
reach her pussy, penetrating her anal opening with my tongue and received moans and gasps in return.
Mary T got the same treatment from Alan, and I briefly worried about his thick dick entering my
precious baby's ass, but soon turned my attention back to Lisa and the pleasuring I gave her.

I found my jar of Vaseline, but Lisa told me she got some silicon lotion in her bag,
which were better suited for what we had in mind, so I went and found it.
I pumped out a decent amount and lubed her anal canal thoroughly, also applying some on
my cock, making sure it was slick and ready for the dark heaven of Lisa's behind.
She felt a little apprehensive about me entering her ass again, but I kept kissing her behind,
stroking her ass cheeks and gently penetrating her with first one finger, then two.
She gasped with each penetration, but just wiggled happily with her arse and soon begged me
to take her ass. Too much of a gentleman to deny my maiden her request, I placed my cock at
her ass entrance and pushed hard. Her sphincter tried to deny my intrusion, but relented
when I told Lisa to calm down and enjoy the experience. With a plop my cock was inside,
and I felt the warmth of her moist canal, narrow as a virgin hymen. Hallelujah!

It was no time to waste and I began a steady thrusting all the way in her ass, making Lisa
groan and moan. In no time she started to back hard against me and soon I could feel her
ass and pussy shake uncontrollably, her ass muscle choking my cock. From her loud moans
and cries I figured she really enjoyed her anal banging. A few minutes later she came again,
harder and louder than before. Her milking of my cock was too much for me to handle and I yelled
out loud when a huge load went deep into her bowels, increasing Lisa's orgasm to another level.

"Your warm cream feels sooo good inside me!" she whispered and I felt very proud of myself!

Beside us Alan had managed to force his cock inside Mary T's ass, with some pain on her part.
The hefty lubrication he had administered in her ass hole helped, but her virgin ass was narrow
as a bottle's neck, and Alan had to use great force, in order to gain any motion inside her.
He had not cum yet, but paused for a moment to move Mary T towards Lisa and let her slurp
my cum from Lisa's ass and legs.

Mary T seemed not too bothered with Alan's great boner inside her ass, although I could hear
her whimper when he pounded her hard all the way into her ass. When Mary T had her face in
Lisa's ass, Alan continued his energy-tapping fucking of my daughter's behind, keeping a good
grip on her thighs, to get maximum force when nailing her ass.

I moved in front of Lisa and she took my cock unasked into her mouth, cleaning it good.
Alan's pounding forced Mary T hard into Lisa's ass, which again forced my cock all the way
down her throat. This caused my manhood to rise once again, ready for more fun action!

I lay down on the bed, had Lisa turn around with her cunt placed just above my face.
Then I had Alan move forward still inside Mary T's ass, until her cunt was aligned with my cock.
I told Mary T to take hold of my cock and direct it inside her cunt.
Alan just fell down with her, and soon she was nicely sandwiched between us.
I managed to raise my hips slightly, forcing my cock deeper inside of Mary T.
After a few slow thrusts, Alan and I managed to keep a steady rhythm, fucking her in both holes.

Meanwhile I had to focus on servicing Lisa, licking her cunt, biting her clit and giving her
a heavenly treatment. She, on the other hand, was engaged in a deep french kissing with Mary T,
both moaning and groaning. With my hands I alternated from Mary T's large tits, pinching her
nipples to Lisa's smaller, but more firm tits, also playing with her nipples.

Alan kept on fucking Mary T hard in her ass, and I tried to keep up by fucking her cunt.
Soon Alan was ready for his great finale and I could actually feel his cock swell thru
the thin membrane dividing her ass from her cunt. I stopped my banging, not wanting to go
in her cunt and felt Alan cum deep in Mary T's bowels, yelling "FUCK! FUCK! SHIT!".
Mary T also felt his massive load deep inside her and had her own magic release,
moaning loud, milking my cock with her cunt muscles and wetting my cock with her girl juice.

Straining hard I managed to withhold my own orgasm, and let Mary T lie down on top of me,
my cock slowly disengaging from her cunt. Lisa moved away from me, still not satisfied,
and headed for Alan's monster to lick him clean. When Mary T had calmed down a little, I managed
to turn her around for a 69, and led my still hard cock into her mouth, while diving up to her ass
and licking the mix of Alan's cum and Mary T's ass juice. Mary T sucked my cock deep inside and
soon had my cock pop past the back of her throat, moving back, flicking her tongue around my cock
head, before swallowing all of my manhood. She also pushed her middle finger inside my ass hole,
making me sigh and tremble. This was more than I could sustain, and I fired huge shots of cum
deep down her throat and in her mouth, my baby swallowing it all.

I kept on by satisfying her cunt as best I could, and soon I was rewarded by a hot gush of
cunt juice, which almost made me choke. I thankfully survived and held her juice in my mouth,
enjoying the sweet taste, then swallowed and let out a happy "AAAAHHH!".

Meanwhile Alan was again ready, thanks to Lisa's expert cocksucking.
Mary T and myself were totally satisfied and could only lie in each other arms and enjoy
the sight of Alan going for a second ass attack, this time Lisa being the victim.

She seemed a bit anxious of his monster dick, but backed into him with her arse held high.
Alan made sure her ass and his cock were well lubricated, before taking the plunge.
Mary yelped when his massive cock went past her sphincter, and tears appeared in her eyes.
She still managed to keep still, his cock slowly penetrating her ass.

All the way inside, Alan paused for a moment, then started to thrust back and forth.
Keeping a steady grip on her hips, he was soon gaining speed, pounding poor Lisa's ass with gut-
wrenching force. All Lisa could do was cry and moan, raising her head every time he bottomed out.

I sensed Mary T were looking at the spectacle with eager eyes, breathing hard.
She began to play with herself by slowly stroking her mons with the palm of her hand.
Of course I enjoyed the show as well, but was too tired to participate.

Close to having a heart attack, Alan finally reached his peak and fired his first load just
inside her ass, then plopped out and shot the rest on her ass cheeks and on her back.
Mary T managed to raise herself and moved over to Lisa. Alan just slumped on the bed.
Giving Alan's dick a few wet licks, Mary T then focused on Lisa and licked all his cum from
her ass hole, her ebony cheeks and her back. She then crawled up to Lisa and they started to
kiss, once more sharing the goods between them.

Soon we all had fallen asleep, totally satisfied and exhausted.
The world could have been completely abandoned, for all we cared.

When we finally awoke, it was already dark outside and our urges were evident.
Deciding to try a new approach, Alan and myself were on our backs on the bed, the girls 69'ing us.
The girls took our limp dicks inside their mouths, while we sucked hard onto each girl's piss hole.
Then we all let go. The girls were greeted with a plentiful flow of warm piss, which they managed
to gulp down completely. Alan had the pleasure of swallowing Mary T's almost transparent piss
and I had the sight of Lisa's smooth ebony ass in my eyes, while gulping down her delicious
lukewarm light piss, not a drop spilling down to the bed. What a great way to wake up!

We decided on a quick shower before dinner, and headed for the bathroom.
Having four horny people naked in a tub together, is no picnic, I can tell You.
Despite growing erections and a lot of groping, we managed to get cleaned up and headed downstairs.

I already had a dinner planned out, and in less than an hour we could sit down and enjoy
a long awaited and well made gourmet meal, with some of my best wines as beverage.
Even the girls got some, but to avoid the calamities of last night, they were restricted
to two glasses each. This still gave them a small buzz and made them horny enough,
as it would later prove.

When the dishes were done, we all sat down on the couch in my living room, the girls snuggling
up to Alan and me, Lisa still being my favourite. I found the remote and after a few taps on it,
I had a saucy adult film playing on my huge flat-screen.
There's something to be said about watching an adult movie on a large screen and hearing the moans
and groans in full surround sound, almost more lifelike than doing the deed yourself!

The action on the screen soon had us all fired up, and the girls went down on our cocks,
causing them to go full mast in an instant. The sloppy sound of their sucking and licking,
were almost drowned by the loud action on screen, but we felt their work nevertheless.

Not being sure to have more than one load left in my balls, I made Lisa stop and told her to
kneel down on top of me on the couch, facing me. She dreamily obliged and I had no trouble
steering my manhood into her cunt. Lisa then sat down hard and my dick just disappeared inside her.
She then began to ride me like the stallion I was, eyes closed, moaning louder and louder.

Meanwhile, Alan had Mary T sit on him, but facing the screen. He had again lubricated his cock
and her ass well, and plunged into her ass with almost no resistance. She sat almost still,
while he fucked her ass, lifting himself from the couch for every stroke. Her eyes looked dreamy
on the action on the screen, her breathing going fast.

Lisa was riding my cock at full speed, but I somehow managed to find her tits and caressed
them fondly, and twisted her nipples with my fingers, stretching them softly.
She soon let out a loud cry and steadied herself on me, her cunt vibrating around my cock,
and her juice wetting my groin. Before she had overcome her orgasm, I started to thrust up
into her, lifting her, and began a forceful pounding of her cunt. She was on the brink of
yet another climax, and we managed to reach the top almost simultaneously, my cum filling
her cunt as her warm juice washed over my cock.

Alan had already cum in Mary T's ass and they both looked happy and satisfied, gazing on
Lisa and me, and our mutual culmination.

All of us now totally spent, we ended the evening cuddling on the couch, just kissing and
stroking each other with loving emotions. What a blissful end to an eventful day!

Before heading to bed, we filled the tub with warm, soapy water and all sat down for a
late-night relaxing bath. Lisa was sitting with her back to me, my legs surrounding her,
and Mary T ditto with Alan. I turned on the jacuzzi in the tub, and soon we all could enjoy
the restful feel of the jet streams on our bodies. We almost fell asleep in the tub, but
managed to exit and dry each other, before heading for bed, Lisa in my bed and Alan and Mary T
in her bed. I soon was drifting away, holding on to my ebony beauty Lisa.

(continued in part 3)

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