Friends Go Lesbian

Friends Go Lesbian

This story is fiction, but with some of my own real experience in it! Hope you like it (:

My name is Lara. I knew Ellen since we were little. We lived in the same apartment building, our parents were friends and it seemed natural that we hang out together, too. I am 3 years older but we never really bothered, and we became really good friends. Now I'm 19 and Ellen is 16. I live in my own flat now and Ellen still lives with her parents. She comes to visit me sometimes, or I come to visit her. Here is what happened not long ago...

It was a nice autumn day. I woke up early in the morning because I knew Ellen would be coming today. So I got up, and had a nice, long shower... But it was kind of too long, because the doorbell rang and I wasn't yet dressed. But hey, it was Ellen, we were so close that I didn't care if she saw me in a towel only. So I went to open the door, wearing nothing but a small towel that only hid the most intimate places of my body.

I opened, and there was Ellen. She was wearing a short pink top showing off her nice flat belly, and a mini skirt and heels in which her legs looked even longer than usual. I smiled at her. "Hello, honey."

She hugged me and kissed my cheek. "It's great to see you Lara," she said. I could feel her boobs on mine. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra underneath that top. But she didn't need to, because her tits, they're just lovely. They' not huge, and she isn't flat either. I'd say she has a B or C cup.

We went and sat in the living room. We were quiet for a few minutes, but then, Ellen finally opened her mouth and spoke: "Lara, I need your advice. I don't know who else to ask and I need help badly."

"What is it sweetie?" I asked, still wearing nothing but a towel.

"Well, it's hard to explain really," she said. "I met this guy. And we're gonna have sex and I'm still a virgin."

"I see... Well what's the problem in that, actually?"

"I'm scared, you know..." she said quietly, like there was anyone around to hear that, but me.

"You should loose your virginity wih someone you really trust," I said, and smiled at her.

She looked at me with her lovely blue eyes. "Someone like...?"

I noticed the great opportunity. "Me," I finished the sentence.

Ellen looked confused. "But... I mean... You're a girl..."

"And? I've already had sex wih women before. And you trust me. It's easiest to get experience with someone you trust, and then, the next time with that boy, it will go easier."

She still didn't look, nor sound too sure. "I don't know..."

"Just relax. Let me lead you," I said, and at that moment, I threw off my towel. She stared at my body. I have pretty nice big tits, a nice butt, and a clean-shaven pussy.

"Now, let's get you out of these clothes..." I said. She didn't contribute and help me with undressing her, but she didn't seem to mind either. I first pulled off her mini skirt. Then, I pulled off her top. Her boobs were really perky. They were nice and round, with dark, hard nipples.

I carefully went over one of her tits with my hand. She trembled, but I could see on her face she enjoyed. Then, I put my other hand to her other tit, and started massaging both tits first softly, and then faster and harder. Ellen moaned every now and then.

After a few minutes, I went on my knees. I pulled off her panties to reveal her virgin pussy. It was a little hairy, and I'm usually not that much into hairy pussies, but this time, I didn't care at all that her blonde pubic hair was in the way. I first started massaging her labia as Ellen's moans grew louder.

Then, I went inside of the labia with my finger and massaged her clit. I leaned over with my head and gave her pussy a lick. It tasted nice.

I licked my way inside of her vagina. The hole was small, because she was a virgin, but big enaugh for my tongue to slip inside of it. I licked her insides while stil massaging her clit, and hearing her moan of pleasure.

Then, I told her to lie down on the sofa, and she obeyed me. I sat on her backwards, so she was facing my back. I told her to hold and massage my breast and she did so. In the meanwhile, I played with her labia with my fingers again.

Then, I went into her with my middle and index fingers. She let out a cry at that moment and I could see blood on my fingers. But that didn't keep me from finger-fucking her. I started gentle first. But her increasing speed of boob-massage told me to finger her faster, too.

At that point, she started to orgasm. I helped her by leaning over again and licking her labia and clitoris. I could hear moans change to screams of joy and pleasure.

After her orgasm was over, I got off of her and smiled at her.

"That was great," she said.

"I'm glad you liked it."

"Don't tell anyone about this, will you, Lara?"

"Of course not," I said. "But honey this isn't really something to be ashamed of, you know."

"My boyfriend wouldn't like it," she said, her aqua blue eyes staring at me.

I completely forgot about her boyfriend while fucking her. But in the end, he was the one we've been doing this for, anyways. If Ellen will ever want to switch back to boys, anyways...

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